–  Motorcycle tolling on CityLink

CityLink announced today that from 1 January 2014 it will begin tolling motorcycles driving on CityLink.

CityLink is currently the only toll road in Australia that does not toll motorcycles.

Under CityLink’s contract with the Victorian Government, it was always expected that motorcycles – like all other vehicles using the road – would be charged for travel. In line with that contract, the toll for motorcycles will be half the rate for cars.

Recently, CityLink adopted new technology as part of a major upgrade of the road’s tolling and customer management system – and this technology incorporates video imaging that will accurately toll motorcycles.

CityLink will be running an extensive public education campaign to ensure motorcyclists are prepared for this change.

This campaign will outline the options for motorcyclists choosing to travel on CityLink:

• If they have a CityLink account for other vehicles, the motorcycle registration number needs to be added to this existing account prior to travel.

• They can set up a new CityLink account if they expect to be a regular user of the toll road.

• If their motorcycle is already registered on an EastLink account then they are automatically covered for travel on CityLink.

• They can purchase a casual user product such as a CityLink Pass for CityLink only or a Melbourne Pass for both CityLink and EastLink.

Motorcyclists do not have to carry an e-TAG. CityLink will use video technology for tolling purposes and will not charge any image processing fees

After 1 January 2014, motorcyclists who use CityLink but have not made arrangements – like all other travellers – will receive late toll invoices.