–  Exciting New Direction For AFX-SBK Series in 2014

2014 will see the AFX-SBK Series is taking a new direction and name which is aimed at attracting competitors and teams from the Australasian zone to race in this country against our best local competitors in the new Australasian Superbike Championship Series.

In addition to the thirty-four hours of national TV coverage for the AFX-SBK Series Australian Road & Track Rider Promotions (ARTRP) arranged for the FX-Superbike racing to be shown on TV throughout Asia and New Zealand.

ARTRP has also been at the forefront at introducing free Live to View webcasting. This great innovation provides the opportunity for not only people all around Australia to watch the racing live but also provides the same Live to View opportunity to motorsport fans worldwide. A similar extensive television package has been put in place for the 2014 ASC Series which bodes well for all sponsors, competitors and stakeholders alike.

Overseas competitors who enter the Australasian Superbike Championship (ASC) will receive assistance from ARTRP to help them compete in the series. This is the first step in building the new championship series and its profile with discussions having already commenced with various interested parties to explore opportunities at taking the Superbike and Supersport classes of the ASC Series off shore from possibly as early as 2015.

Where to now for the highly successful FX-Superbikes?

Apart from dropping the FX from the front of the Superbike name nothing will change for Australia’s most successful modified big bore production based class. The class rules will not lose focus on the original design mandate of delivering the most cost effective level playing field category so privateers can compete on an equal and affordable basis against factory teams.

A further shift in focus towards privateers will see both the very popular televised Formula Oz and Supersport (FX 600) classes from 2014 become the sole domain of privateer riders. ARTRP has made the decision that these two classes in particular should be focussed on providing opportunities for privateers to showcase their skills against each other without having to compete against factory riders.

One of the most exciting and important shifts in focus for 2014 will be the introduction of a very competitive small capacity single model class that will bring affordable yet exciting level playing field racing back for the masses. The new class will be open to the most popular and largest selling motorcycle in Australia today, the Kawasaki Ninja 300. The FX 300 Ninja Cup rules will allow sensible but affordable changes that will give the FX 300 Ninja Cup bikes the ability to be much quicker around the track and provide riders with a much sharper handling,  faster and fun to ride bike to hone their skills on. The launch of the Kawasaki supported and televised FX 300 Ninja Cup will take place early next week with the announcement of the class rules and other exciting FX 300 Ninja Cup news.

The 2014 ASC Series will expand to include a round in South Australia at the challenging Mallala Raceway, which has not hosted any major motorcycle race since 2009. Early off the record discussions with both South Australian riders and spectators has shown great excitement in having national level motorcycle racing back in SA.

–  2014 Australasian Superbike Championship Calendar (Draft)

  1. Wakefield Park Raceway NSW …15/17 March
  2. Mallala Raceway SA ……………….17/19 May
  3. Queensland Raceway Qld ……….26/28 June
  4. Winton Raceway Vic ……………….15/17 Aug
  5. Wakefield Park Raceway NSW…..19/21 Sept
  6. Sydney Motorsport Park NSW……21/23 Nov Round 6 / FX500

For further information on the 2014 Australasian Superbike Championship Series please contact Terry O’Neill on 02 4823 5711 or by email at toneill@aus-superbike.com.au