2015 Yamaha YZF-R1M Special Edition

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Yamaha will produce a limited 2015 Yamaha YZF-R1 R1 Speical Edition aimed at professional teams and highly experienced riders who demand the ultimate track and race performance. Featuring a range of highly sophisticated equipment – including Electronic Racing Suspension (ERS), carbon bodywork, a Communication Control Unit (CCU) and high-specification Bridgestone tyres – the YZF-R1M will be produced in limited quantities.

Öhlins Electronic Racing Suspension (ERS)

The YZF-R1M is equipped with an Öhlins Electronic Racing Suspension (ERS) system that is designed to further bring out the machine’s high level of performance on the race circuit.

This highly sophisticated new electronic front and rear suspension takes data from the 6-axis IMU and various sensors, and – based on the running conditions – the system’s Suspension Control Unit (SCU) makes integrated adjustments to the front and rear suspension. The chief advantages of the ERS include additional stability and control during braking by reducing fork diving, as well as improved cornering control and increased traction when exiting corners.

The key to the effectiveness of the ERS is the 6-axis IMU that is constantly monitoring the force and speed of every movement made by the YZF-R1M in

3 dimensions. By instantly analyzing the data from the IMU, the ERS assesses the running conditions, and at the same time the SCU calculates the ideal compression and rebound damping forces required for the front and rear suspension systems. Signals are sent to step motors that make instantaneous adjustments to the front and rear damping, enabling the YZF-R1M rider to benefit from a suspension system that is constantly being fine-tuned to work at its most effective setting.

This new Electronic Racing Suspension (ERS) offers a choice of ‘Automatic’ and ‘Manual’ modes, and within each of these two modes there is a selection of three different settings, giving the rider a choice of six unique settings to suit a wide range of preferences and different surfaces. When the ‘Automatic’ mode is selected, two of the running modes have a function that allows the rider to make fine adjustments to the damping to suit specific circuits or conditions.

For stable damping characteristics and more efficient adjustment, the front forks have separated damping functions, with the compression damping handled by the left fork, and the rebound damping handled by the right fork. The design of the ERS also permits the independent adjustment of the compression and rebound damping functions on the front and  rear suspension systems, with initial adjustment being made by means of a hand operated knob.

2015 Yamaha YZF-R1M Special Edition
2015 Yamaha YZF-R1M Special Edition

Carbon bodywork

As a genuine ‘factory racer’, the YZF-R1M is equipped with a full carbon fairing, carbon front fender and carbon seat cover. The lightweight carbon cowling is coated in a clear finish and features upper, central and lower sections painted in a new specially developed metallic-look silver paint with racing blue accents that match the blue YZR-M1 style wheels.

2015 Yamaha YZF-R1M Special Edition
2015 Yamaha YZF-R1M Special Edition

Communication Control Unit (CCU) with GPS*

Fitted as standard equipment on the YZF-R1M, the Communication Control Unit (CCU) is a user-friendly interface with a comprehensive data logging function that allows riders to record a wide range of running data, including lap times, speed, throttle position, GPS tracking, lean angle and more. Data can be viewed, compared and shared on a tablet using a wireless connection with the R1′s CCU, enabling riders to analyze the previous race or track session and make any necessary adjustments.

Riders can also use the CCU as a means of communicating with the Yamaha Ride Control (YRC) system and viewing, downloading or changing the running mode settings. By using a downloadable Android (4.2 on) app, the YRC settings can be amended wirelessly, allowing R1M riders to make quick and easy from a menu of factory or custom settings.

Exclusive design

Another exclusive feature on the YZF-R1M is the use of a highly polished aluminium fuel tank that features a clear finish to bring out the qualities of the material. To complement the aluminium tank and silver coloured fairing sections, the R1M’s upward-truss type swinging arm has also a highly polished aluminium finish in contrast to the standard R1’s black coating.

More exclusive design features can be seen with the gold-coloured front radial mount calipers, while the Öhlins Electronic Racing Suspension (ERS) use specially finished 43mm gold inner tubes on the front forks.

High specification tyres

The R1M’s specially developed tyres are the result of a joint collaboration between Yamaha and Bridgestone, the current MotoGP supplier. The 200/55- ZR17 rear tyre and 120/70-ZR17 front tyre use a special compound that has been formulated to optimize the performance characteristics of the R1 on the circuit.

Limited availability

Teams and individuals are asked to apply online via their national distributor for an offer of a machine, via the dedicated YZF-R1M application system that opens on December 1st 2014. Once the distributor has received online applications they will establish contact between selected Yamaha dealers and potential customers to make an appointment to discuss the availability of the limited supply of machinery. It is anticipated that demand will exceed supply, and Yamaha distributors will use their discretion in managing the allocation of YZF-R1M units

The Yamaha Racing Experience – YRE (MCNews.com.au is not sure if will be applicable to Australian customers)

All  new  YZF-R1M  owners  will  receive  an  invitation  to  participate  in  the exclusive YRE Yamaha Racing Experience with their own machine.

The YRE will take place at 4 key European race circuits in July 2015, and during the one and a half days experience, participants will get the opportunity to meet special Yamaha V.I.P. guests and will take part in track sessions on their own R1M with top-level trainers. Yamaha technicians will also be on site to give professional race set-up advice.

YZF-R1M –  Silver Blu Carbon

Availability – March 2015

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