2017 ASBK Winton Test Day 1 – Yamaha dominates

Yamaha’s Cru Halliday led a Yamaha 1-2-3 as testing got underway at Winton

Helpful weather conditions assisted competitors as the first day of a two-day official ASBK Test got underway at Winton Motor Raceway today. 

Cru Halliday (Yamaha YZF-R1) took charge to post the fastest time overall for the Yamaha Motorcycle Insurance (YMI) Australian Superbike Class during day one.

Although multiple riders noted that the track was somewhat green from recent heavy rains, conditions eventually yielded some grip. As the track temperature climbed and rubber was put down, the times started to tumble.

The test allows riders and teams to prepare for the Spokes.com.au sponsored third round of the Yamaha Motor Finance sponsored Australian Superbike Championships at Winton Motor Raceway late this month.

Yamaha Motorcycle Insurance Australian Superbike

Cru Halliday went under the race lap record today with a 1m21.231 in the fourth session. Despite the impressive time, Halliday realises he has to back it up at the upcoming Round.

Cru Halliday

“We did top the timesheets but everyone is going to go quicker. It’s a different ballgame when the racing begins but we’re just trying to get our heads around the new surface. There are some fixtures out on the track with different surfaces, it’s bumpier than last year but it should make for great racing. ”

ASBK Winton Test - Day 1 - Cru Halliday
ASBK Winton Test – Day 1 – Cru Halliday

Yamaha dominated the opening day with Falzon and Maxwell second and third respectively.

Josh Waters punted the new GSX-R1000 to fourth quickest ahead of leading Kawasaki competitor Robbie Bugden.

The current outright lap record holder for the track is Troy Herfoss. The 30-year-old put down an incredible 1m20.405 during qualifying last year, thus he knows both himself and the Fireblade SP have pace at the circuit. You can watch that scorcher onboard with Herfoss below from vision we recorded at the central Victorian venue in 2016. 

[youtube id=”kgO5T1oLK8A” width=”100%” height=”400"]

Today Herfoss was not looking for lap records, but was instead evaluating changes to the Fireblade SP in conjunction with new Crankt Protein Honda Road Race Team Manager Shaun Clarke. 

ASBK Winton Test Day 1 Fastest Overall Times
  1. Cru HALLIDAY (NSW) /  1:21.132
  2. Daniel FALZON (SA) /  1:21.331
  3. Wayne MAXWELL (VIC) /  1:21.563
  4. Josh WATERS (VIC) /  1:21.622
  5. Robert BUGDEN (QLD) /  1:22.343
  6. Bryan STARING (WA) /  1:22.572
  7. Troy HERFOSS (QLD) /  1:22.874
  8. Michael BLAIR (NSW) /  1:23.102
  9. Alex PHILLIS (VIC) /  1:23.241
  10. Troy GUENTHER (QLD) /  1:23.259
  11. Kyle BUCKLEY (QLD) /  1:23.556
  12. Matt WALTERS (NSW) /  1:23.836
  13. Sloan FROST (NZ) / 1:23.859
  14. Callum SPRIGGS (QLD) /  1:24.085
  15. Mitch LEVY (NSW) /  1:25.751
  16. Brendan McINTYRE (NSW) /  1:25.934
  17. Trent GIBSON (VIC) / 1:26.187
  18. Nathan SPITERI (VIC) /  1:27.672

Motul Australian Supersport

Ted Collins (Saint Unbreakable, Suzuki GSXR-600) dominated the Motul Australian Supersport class on day one by topping all four sessions with a fastest overall lap of 1m24.644. Collins is relishing the upcoming race after displaying impressive pace.

ASBK Winton Test - Day 1 - Ted Collins
ASBK Winton Test – Day 1 – Ted Collins
Ted Collins

“We have had a really good first day here at Winton Motor Raceway. We managed to top every session, which has given me a bit of a confidence boost. The Traction Control Suspension/Next Gen Motorsports team have worked really well today, which proves as we have got a good setting on both bikes. We rode both bikes today and I have good feeling on both of them. Tomorrow we’ll make a few changes to the bikes and hopefully find a bit more time. I really can’t wait to get out here and race in a few weeks time, as today really has shown we have the overall pace to hopefully finish with a good result.”

Sam Lambert (Sam Lambert Racing, Yamaha YZF-R6) broke though with a lap time of 1m25.075 to have the second best overall time on his return to the 600cc ranks.

Mark Chiodo (Repsol Gas Racing, Triumph 675R) steadily rose though the timesheets throughout the day to attain a lap time of 1m25.450 to finish the day fourth ahead of Chris Quinn and Sam Condon.

ASBK Winton Test Day 1 Supersport Fastest Overall Times
  1. Ted COLLINS (VIC) / 1:24.644
  2. Samuel LAMBERT (NT) / 1:25.075
  3. Mark CHIODO (VIC) / 1:25.450
  4. Chris QUINN (NSW) / 1:25.507
  5. Sam CONDON (NSW) / 1:25.715
  6. Mason COOTE (VIC) / 1:26.111
  7. John HUNT (SA) / 1:26.641
  8. Nic LIMINTON (SA) / 1:26.781
  9. Tom TOPARIS (NSW) / 1:26.862
  10. Thomas BRYDEN (NSW) / 1:27.433
  11. Aidan HAYES (NSW) / 1:27.459
  12. Jimmy BROADBENT (NSW) / 1:28.857
  13. Giuseppe SCARCELLA (NSW) / 1:29.133
  14. Patrick LI (NSW) / 1:29.301
  15. Joel RHODES (NSW) / 1:29.829
  16. Brendan WILSON (VIC) / 1:30.342

Hi-Tec Batteries Australian Supersport 300 / YMF R3 Cup

Young gun Oliver Bayliss (Kawasaki Ninja 300) topped the overall timesheets for the combined Hi-Tec Batteries Supersport 300 and YMF R3 Cup classes, with a lap time of 1m34.279 in the fourth session. Bayliss had a productive day that sees him looking forward to race day at Winton later this month. 

ASBK Winton Test - Day 1 - Oli Bayliss
ASBK Winton Test – Day 1 – Oli Bayliss
Oliver Bayliss

“The test has progressed really well on day one. It has given us some new found confidence, after achieving the overall best time for the class. Even though it’s not a race, we are up against some fast competitors. I’m very happy to have the overall time and hopefully there is some improvement to come!”

All three of the best overall lap times came from the Under 300’s class. Drew Sells (Race Centre, Kawasaki Ninja 300) finished off the day with the second best overall time of 1m34.805. Scott Nicholson (G. Williams Motorcycle Engineering, Kawasaki Ninja 300) also pulled off an impressive display to finish third overall with a lap time of 1m34.853.

Supersport 300 / YMF R3 Cup Day 1 Fastest Overall Times
  1. Oliver BAYLISS (QLD) / 1:34.279
  2. Drew SELLS (VIC) / 1:34.805
  3. Scott NICHOLSON (VIC) / 1:34.853
  4. Max CROKER (NSW) / 1:35.321
  5. Yannis SHAW (NSW) / 1:36.377
  6. Boyd HOCKING (VIC) / 1:39.095
  7. Dan THOMAS (NSW) / 1:39.422
  8. Seth CRUMP / 1:40.373
  9. Gregory FARRELL (NSW) / 1:42.637
  10. John HENDERSON / 1:44.154
  11. Troy RYAN / 1:49.475

Spokes.com.au presents Round 3 Yamaha Motor Finance Australian Superbike Championship presented by Motul Pirelli at Winton Motor Raceway 28-30 April.

2017 Australian Superbike Championship Calendar
  • Round 3 Spokes.com.au Winton Motor Raceway, VIC 28-30 April
  • Round 4 Hidden Valley Raceway, NT 7-9 July
  • Round 5 Morgan Park Raceway, QLD 25-27 August
  • Round 6 SMSP Eastern Creek, NSW 8-10 September
  • Round 7 Spokes.com.au presents Phillip Island Circuit, VIC 6-8 October