2019 ASBK – Round Six – Phillip Island

Saturday Support Class Round Up

Motorsports TV Australian Supersports 

ASBK TBG ASBK Round Phillip Island Tom Toparis TBG
Tom Toparis – TBG Image

Tom Toparis set a best of 1m35.613 in the morning session then backed that up with a 1m35.555s early in the second session to secure a clear pole position.

ASBK Rnd Phillip Island SatAM Toparis
Tom Toparis

Nic Liminton the closest but still more than a second outside the benchmark set by Toparis while Jack Passfield rounds out the front row ahead of Oli Bayliss and Ty Lynch with Broc Pearson rounding out that second row.

ASBK TBG ASBK Round Phillip Island Oli Bayliss TBG
Oli Bayliss – TBG Image

1Tom TOPARIS Yamaha YZF-R61m35.449
2Nic LIMINTONYamaha YZF-R61m36.474
3Jack PASSFIELDYamaha YZF-R61m37.221
4Oliver BAYLISSYamaha YZF-R61m37.308
5Ty LYNCH Yamaha YZF-R61m37.692
6Broc PEARSON Yamaha YZF-R61m38.159
7Aidan HAYES Yamaha YZF-R61m38.218
8Richie DIBBEN Suzuki GSXR1m38.400
9Jack HYDE Yamaha YZF-R61m38.965
10Rhys BELLING Yamaha YZF-R61m39.033
11Avalon BIDDLE Yamaha YZF-R61m39.446
12Dallas SKEER Suzuki GSXR 6001m39.675
13Brodie MALOUFYamaha YZF-R61m40.261
14John QUINN Triumph1m40.375
15Callum O’BRIENKawasaki ZX6R1m40.603
16Timothy DONNON Suzuki GSXR1m41.200
17Ryan SELLEN Kawasaki ZX6R1m41.494

 YMI Australian Supersport 300

Max Stauffer had been quickest in the morning session and chose not to take part in Q2 which saw him demoted to P2 on the grid by Locky Taylor after the Queenslander took pole with a 1m48.486s. Yannis Shaw rounded out the front row ahead of John Lytras.

ASBK Rnd Phillip Island RbMotoLens SS Race Start
YMI Australian Supersport 300

Max Stauffer was the early leader as the opening seven-lap bout of the weekend got underway at 1440 on Saturday afternoon and actually built up a small lead around the back of the circuit but was then slipstreamed down the chute by the chasing horde and shuffled back to sixth place as they headed in to turn one with Senna Agius the new race leader.

ASBK Rnd Phillip Island RbMotoLens SS Race Start
YMI Australian Supersport 300

The Kawasaki runners enjoying a hefty speed advantage down the main straight, Max Stauffer the slowest on the first lap at 180 km/h while Yannis Shaw on the Kawasaki clocked 204 km/h according to the Computime speed trap.

ASBK Rnd Phillip Island RbMotoLens Supersport
YMI Supersport 300 – Image by Rob Mott

Hunter Ford moved into the race lead early on lap three, then Luke Johnston took his turn before Senna Agius then moved through to the race lead and that duo went down the main straight side-by-side.

ASBK Rnd Phillip Island RbMotoLens SS Race Lap Seth Crump leads Hunter Ford Locky Taylor
YMI Supersport 300 – Image by Rob Mott

As the race broached the halfway mark still only two-seconds covered the top 14 riders which suggested that racecraft over the final lap would be absolutely crucial. Laura Brown would have been in that mix but then went down at turn ten.

At the last lap board it was Senna Agius with his nose in front of Seth Crump, Hunter Ford and Luke Johnston but only a few turns laters Yannis Shaw had come from behind to move into the race lead.

ASBK Rnd Phillip Island RbMotoLens SS Race Yanni Leads into last corner
Yannis Shaw in the lead – Rob Mott image

The order then shuffled many times through the latter half of that final lap but it was Senna Agius the victor over Yannis Shaw while Seth Crump rounded out the podium on the KTM RC390.

ASBK Rnd Phillip Island RbMotoLens SS Race Podium Seth Crump Senna AGIUS Yanni Shaw
YMI Australian Supersport 300 Race One – Senna Agius the victor over Seth Crump and Yannis Shaw – Image by Rob Mott

Locky Taylor fourth ahead of Hunter Ford and Championship leader Max Stauffer.

Agius victory saw him pull ten-points back on Stauffer but the Kurri Kurri youngster still enjoys a 29-point championship lead.

ASBK Rnd Phillip Island RbMotoLens SS Race Parc Ferme Senna AGIUS
Senna Agius the victor in YMI Australian Supersport 300 – Rob Mott Image

YMI Australian Supersport 300 Results

1Senna AGIUS Kawasaki EX 40012:57.429
2Yannis SHAW Kawasaki EX 400+0.043
3Seth CRUMP KTM RC 390+0.344
4Locky TAYLOR Yamaha R3 321+0.362
5Hunter FORDYamaha R3 321+0.408
6Max STAUFFER Yamaha R3 321+0.454
7Luke JHONSTON Kawasaki EX 400+0.722
8Brandon DEMMERYYamaha R3 321+0.740
9John LYTRAS Yamaha R3 321+0.807
10Peter NERLICH Kawasaki EX 400+0.865
11Ben BAKER Yamaha R3 321+0.979
12Ben BURKE Kawasaki EX 400+2.994
13Reece OUGHTREDYamaha R3 321+5.907
14Matthew RINDEYamaha R3 321+7.560
15Harry PARKER (NZ)Yamaha R3 321+8.353
16Ryan SMITH Yamaha R3 321+21.514
17Zylas BUNTING Kawasaki EX 400+21.517
18Stephany KAPILAWI-JAMES Kawasaki EX 400+28.630
19Jacob HATCH Yamaha R3 321+28.892
20Grace POUTCH Kawasaki EX 400+42.834
21Zak PETTENDYYamaha R3 321+51.696
22Craig WHITEKawasaki EX 400+51.931
23Ryan MOSCARDINI Yamaha R3 321+51.937
24Patrick LIYamaha R3 321+52.370
25Greg FARRELL Kawasaki EX 400+1m14.569
26David WILSON Kawasaki EX 400+1m30.825
DNFLaura BROWN Yamaha R3 3212 Laps
DNFNoel MAHONKawasaki EX 4006 Laps


1Locky TAYLORYamaha R3 3211m48.486
2Max STAUFFER (NSW)Yamaha R3 3211m48.878
3Yannis SHAW Kawasaki EX 4001m48.902
4John LYTRAS Yamaha R3 3211m48.991
5Senna AGIUS Kawasaki EX 4001m49.004
6Seth CRUMP KTM RC 3901m49.115
7Hunter FORD Yamaha R3 3211m49.226
8Laura BROWN Yamaha R3 3211m49.408
9Luke JHONSTONKawasaki EX 4001m49.451
10Ben BAKERYamaha R3 3211m49.639
11Brandon DEMMERY Yamaha R3 3211m49.756
12Reece OUGHTRED Yamaha R3 3211m49.948
13Ben BURKEKawasaki EX 4001m50.223
14Peter NERLICH Kawasaki EX 4001m50.233
15Zylas BUNTING Kawasaki EX 4001m50.699
16Matthew RINDELYamaha R3 3211m51.026
17Harry PARKER Yamaha R3 3211m52.659
18Jacob HATCHYamaha R3 3211m52.834
19Zak PETTENDY Yamaha R3 3211m53.103
20Grace POUTCH Kawasaki EX 4001m53.555
21Stephany KAPILAWI-JAMES Kawasaki EX 4001m53.769
22Ryan SMITH Yamaha R3 3211m54.094
23John QUINN Kawasaki EX 3001m55.249
24Noel MAHON Kawasaki EX 4001m55.469
25Ryan MOSCARDINI Yamaha R3 3211m56.648
26Hunter DIPLOCK Kawasaki EX 3001m57.241
27Craig WHITE Kawasaki EX 4001m57.476
28Patrick LI Yamaha R3 3211m57.751
29Greg FARRELL Kawasaki EX 4002m00.289
30David WILSON Kawasaki EX 4002m01.411

 YMF R3 Cup

Max Stauffer put in a stunning 1m48.047s lap to take pole position for the YMF R3 Cup races by a clear eight-tenths of a second over Hunter Ford while John Lytras rounded out the front row.

ASBK Rnd Phillip Island RbMotoLens R Cup R Start Max STAUFFER
YMF R3 Cup Race One – Image by Rob Mott

Locky Taylor though was victorious in the opening seven-lap R3 Cup bout for the weekend by a nose over Stauffer and Lytras. 

ASBK Rnd Phillip Island RbMotoLens R Cup R Parc Ferme John LYTRAS Locky TAYLOR Max STAUFFER
YMF R3 Cup Race One – Locky Taylor won from John Lytras and Max Stauffer – Image by Rob Mott

John Lytras is now only a single point behind Hunter Ford in the R3 Cup standings. 

ASBK Rnd Phillip Island RbMotoLens R Cup R Parc Ferme John LYTRAS
John Lytras – Image by Rob Mott

YMF R3 Cup Results

1Locky TAYLOR Yamaha YZF-R312m59.725
2Max STAUFFER Yamaha YZF-R3+0.084
3John LYTRASYamaha YZF-R3+0.119
4Laura BROWN Yamaha YZF-R3+0.156
5Ben BAKER Yamaha YZF-R3+0.161
6Brandon DEMMERY Yamaha YZF-R3+0.273
7Reece OUGHTREDYamaha YZF-R3+0.300
8Matthew RINDELYamaha YZF-R3+0.453
9Hunter FORDYamaha YZF-R3+6.991
10Archie MCDONALDYamaha YZF-R3+16.421
11Ryan SMITH Yamaha YZF-R3+16.507
12Jacob HATCH Yamaha YZF-R3+16.564
13Harry PARKER Yamaha YZF-R3+16.581
14Patrick BOGNAR Yamaha YZF-R3+25.791
15Zak PETTENDY Yamaha YZF-R3+25.800
16Stephany KAPILAWI-JAMESYamaha YZF-R3+25.906
17Ryan MOSCARDINIYamaha YZF-R3+43.459
18Jamie PORTYamaha YZF-R3+55.003
19Dominic FLETCHERYamaha YZF-R3+55.074
20Patrick LIYamaha YZF-R3+55.099
1Max STAUFFER Yamaha YZF-R31m48.047
2Hunter FORD Yamaha YZF-R31m48.860
3John LYTRASYamaha YZF-R31m48.948
4Locky TAYLOR Yamaha YZF-R31m48.956
5Luke JHONSTON Yamaha YZF-R31m49.231
6Laura BROWN Yamaha YZF-R31m49.284
7Brandon DEMMERYYamaha YZF-R31m49.570
8Ben BAKER Yamaha YZF-R31m49.669
9Matthew RINDEL Yamaha YZF-R31m49.928
10Reece OUGHTREDYamaha YZF-R31m50.231
11Archie MCDONALD Yamaha YZF-R31m50.301
12Harry PARKER Yamaha YZF-R31m50.364
13Jacob HATCH Yamaha YZF-R31m50.381
14Ryan SMITH Yamaha YZF-R31m50.488
15Zak PETTENDY Yamaha YZF-R31m53.397
16Patrick BOGNARYamaha YZF-R31m54.157
17Stephany KAPILAWI-JAMES Yamaha YZF-R31m54.250
18Hunter DIPLOCK Yamaha YZF-R31m54.271
19Jamie PORT Yamaha YZF-R31m55.801
20Patrick LI (Yamaha YZF-R31m56.323
21Ryan MOSCARDINI Yamaha YZF-R31m56.859
22Dominic FLETCHER Yamaha YZF-R31m56.861

bLU cRU Oceania Junior Cup

A strategically well-judged ride delivered victory to Max Gibbons in Race 1 of the bLU cRU Oceania Junior Cup at Phillip Island today.

Gibbons came from eighth on the grid to take the win after what was an incredible display of close racing and high-speed slipstreaming battles, the top 11 bikes separated by just six-tenths.

Carter Thompson extended his series lead with second place, while Thompson’s primary rival, Angus Grenfell, pulled off a damage-limiting ride to third place ahead of Reece Oughtred and Glenn Nelson.

Despite the close competition, there was only one major incident, which claimed the bikes of Marianos Nikolis and Patrick Bognar at Turn 10. Bognar was able to re-mount and finish the race, although Nikolis was a retirement.

Two more races for the Oceania Junior Cup will be held tomorrow, at 0915 and 1530.

ASBK Rnd Phillip Island RbMotoLens OJC R Angus GRENFELL Max GIBBONS Carter THOMPSON
bLU cRU Oceania Junior Cup Race One Podium – Max Gibbons the victor from Carter Thompson and Angus Grenfell – Image by Rob Mott

bLU cRU Oceania Junior Cup Results

1Max GIBBONS Yamaha YZF-R1513:38.238
2Carter THOMPSON Yamaha YZF-R15+0.035
3Angus GRENFELL (VIC) Yamaha YZF-R15+0.090
4Reece OUGHTRED Yamaha YZF-R15+0.140
5Glenn NELSON Yamaha YZF-R15+0.167
6Archie MCDONALD Yamaha YZF-R15+0.193
7Cormac BUCHANAN Yamaha YZF-R15+0.375
8Varis FLEMING Yamaha YZF-R15+0.447
9Tom DRANE Yamaha YZF-R15+0.472
10Jamie PORTYamaha YZF-R15+0.538
11Lucas QUINN Yamaha YZF-R15+0.624
12Jai RUSSO Yamaha YZF-R15+18.790
13Lincoln KNIGHT Yamaha YZF-R15+18.821
14Dominic FLETCHER Yamaha YZF-R15+19.797
15Jayden MARTIN Yamaha YZF-R15+25.782
16Tom CONNORS Yamaha YZF-R15+43.801
17Toby JAMES Yamaha YZF-R15+43.844
18Zak PETTENDYYamaha YZF-R15+59.854
19Jacob HATCHYamaha YZF-R15+1m16.131
20Patrick BOGNARYamaha YZF-R15+1m41.369
DNFMarianos NIKOLISYamaha YZF-R153 Laps
1Tom DRANE Yamaha YZF-R152m13.042
2Reece OUGHTRED Yamaha YZF-R152m13.192
3Jacob HATCHYamaha YZF-R152m13.260
4Jamie PORT Yamaha YZF-R152m13.607
5Archie MCDONALD Yamaha YZF-R152m13.683
6Marianos NIKOLIS Yamaha YZF-R152m13.900
7Carter THOMPSON Yamaha YZF-R152m13.906
8Max GIBBONS Yamaha YZF-R152m13.995
9Zak PETTENDY Yamaha YZF-R152m14.088
10Lincoln KNIGHTYamaha YZF-R152m14.151
11Lucas QUINN Yamaha YZF-R152m14.202
12Glenn NELSON Yamaha YZF-R152m14.223
13Patrick BOGNARYamaha YZF-R152m14.244
14Varis FLEMINGYamaha YZF-R152m14.320
15Angus GRENFELLYamaha YZF-R152m14.582
16Cormac BUCHANAN Yamaha YZF-R152m14.961
17Dominic FLETCHERYamaha YZF-R152m15.367
18Jai RUSSO Yamaha YZF-R152m15.666
19Hunter DIPLOCK Yamaha YZF-R152m15.669
20Jayden MARTINYamaha YZF-R152m17.900
21Tom CONNORS Yamaha YZF-R152m18.053
22Toby JAMES Yamaha YZF-R152m20.325


Horsell Australian Sidecar

Corey and Danyon Turner took the opening Sidecar race by a handy nine-seconds over the veteran WA pairing of Jero Joyce and Corey Blackman.

ASBK Rnd PI RbMotoLens SCars R Parc Ferme Winners F F Classes
Horsell Australian Sidecar F1 and F2 winners – F1 winners the Turner bothers while Mick Alton and Christine Clancy won the F2 category – Image by Rob Mott

Mick Alton and Christine Clancy rounded out the podium, and also took the F2 victory.

Problems struck for the JBR Suzuki outfit of the Turner boys in the second stanza and despite setting the fastest lap of the race the young Queenslanders drifted back to tenth place by the flag. 

ASBK Rnd PI RbMotoLens SCars Q Graeme EVANS Jarrod SCOTT
Graeme Evans and Jarrod Scott outfit – Image by Rob Mott

Jeremy Jocyce and Corey Blackman the victors in the second bout ahead of Graeme Evans and Jarrod Scott while the Alton/Clancy duo once again rounded out the overall podium while taking the F2 class victory. 

Horsell Australian Sidecar Results

1Corey TURNER / Danyon TURNER F114m18.763
2Jeremy JOYCE / Corey BLACKMANF1+9.781
3Mick ALTON / Christine CLANCY F2+24.371
4Howard FORD / Lee MENZIES F1+25.256
5Bruce COLLINS / Peter DEANGELIS F2+31.845
6Graeme EVANS / Jarrod SCOTTF1+32.073
7Phillip UNDERWOOD / Stephen FORD F1+33.342
8John CLANCY / Warren GRUBBF2+43.022
9Jeff BROWN / Darren SHELDRICKF1+43.258
10Damien EDIS / Melanie SCHLUTERF2+50.117
11Roy WILLIAMS / Amanda WILLIAMS F2+1 Lap
12Simon REYNOLDS / Kathryn WARNE F2+1 Lap
DNFPatrick CLANCY / Steve BONNEY F2+5 Laps
1Jeremy JOYCE / Corey BLACKMAN F112m42.491
2Graeme EVANS / Jarrod SCOTT F1+5.491
3Mick ALTON / Christine CLANCYF2+5.650
4Phillip UNDERWOOD / Stephen FORD F1+13.179
5Howard FORD / Lee MENZIESF1+15.502
6Jeff BROWN / Darren SHELDRICK F1+17.318
7Patrick CLANCY / Steve BONNEY F2+17.924
8Bruce COLLINS / Peter DEANGELISF2+18.475
9John CLANCY / Warren GRUBB F2+18.783
10Corey TURNER / Danyon TURNER F1+31.452
11Damien EDIS / Melanie SCHLUTERF2+38.426
12Simon REYNOLDS / Kathryn WARNEF2+1m23.398


1Corey TURNER / Danyon TURNER F11m44.067
2Graeme EVANS / Jarrod SCOTT F1+2.971
3Howard FORD / Lee MENZIES F1+3.758
4Jeremy JOYCE / Corey BLACKMAN F1+5.239
5Mick ALTON / Christine CLANCY F2+5.942
6Patrick CLANCY / Steve BONNEY (VIC) F2+6.839
7Bruce COLLINS / Peter DEANGELISF2+7.296
8John CLANCY / Warren GRUBB F2+7.528
9Jeff BROWN / Darren SHELDRICK F1+7.976
10Phillip UNDERWOOD / Stephen FORD F1+9.128
11Damien EDIS / Melanie SCHLUTER F2+9.506
12Roy WILLIAMS / Amanda WILLIAMS F2+20.485

Championship Points 

1Michael JONES218.5
3Bryan STARING198.5
4Troy HERFOSS196
5Wayne MAXWELL193
6Josh WATERS181
7Matt WALTERS130.5
8Daniel FALZON124
9Alex PHILLIS110
10Arthur SISSIS106.5
11Mark CHIODO93
12Glenn SCOTT90
13Damon REES84.5
14Aiden WAGNER71
15Lachlan EPIS64
16Glenn ALLERTON56
18Sloan FROST42
19Aaron MORRIS30
20Max CROKER27
2Broc PEARSON214
4Oliver BAYLISS181
5Aidan HAYES153
6Reid BATTYE142
7Dallas SKEER138
8Ty LYNCH111
9Chris QUINN109
11Avalon BIDDLE93
12Rhys BELLING92
13Callum SPRIGGS89
15Andrew EDSER64
16John QUINN55
17Jack HYDE41
21Samuel LAMBERT22
22Timothy DONNON21
23Richie DIBBEN17
24Chandler COOPER17
25Corey TURNER16
26Ben LIEBIG14
27Matt CRANMER13
28Luke SANDERS13
29Bronson PICKETT12
30Ryan SELLEN11
31Daniel LEONARD5
32Oscar DAVISON1


PosNameRace 1Total
1Max STAUFFER15298
2Senna AGIUS25269
3Hunter FORD16224
4Seth CRUMP18221
5Yannis SHAW20213
6John LYTRAS12209
7Harry KHOURI0192
8Zac LEVY0191
9Brandon DEMMERY13187
10Locky TAYLOR17176
11Ben BAKER10152
12Peter NERLICH11126
13Luke JHONSTON14117
14Travis HALL0116
15Luke POWER098
16Jacob ROULSTONE063
17Callum O’BRIEN062
18Zylas BUNTING455
19Mitch KUHNE054
20Olly SIMPSON051
21Kyle O’CONNELL049
22Tristan ADAMSON048
23Dylan WHITESIDE039
24Ben BURKE932
25Harrison VOIGHT032
26Ryan SMITH528
27Mitchell SIMPSON025
28Matt RINDEL723
29Laura BROWN021
30Reece OUGHTRED819
31Tayla RELPH014
32Harry PARKER610
33Jesse WOODS08
34Tom NEWTON07
35Josh HALL06
37Jacob HATCH25
38Grace POUTCH15
39Bronson PICKETT04
41John BLENKIN02
42Keegan PICKERING02
43Jordan SIMPSON01
PosNameRace 1Total
2Hunter FORD12181
3Max STAUFFER20173
4Brandon DEMMERY15168
5Locky TAYLOR25163
6Zac LEVY0156
7Luke JHONSTON0117
8Harry KHOURI086
9Tristan ADAMSON084
10Jacob ROULSTONE082
11Reece OUGHTRED1478
12Travis HALL076
13Ryan SMITH1072
14Ben BAKER1663
15Zylas BUNTING059
16Harrison VOIGHT146
17Mitch KUHNE046
18Kyle O’CONNELL043
19Matt RINDEL1341
21Archie McDONALD1132
22Jacob HATCH929
23Laura BROWN1723
24Stephany KAPILAWI-JAMES523
25Harry PARKER816
26Keegan PICKERING014
27Patrick BOGNAR711
28Josh NODEN011
29Josh HALL011
30Bronson PICKETT08
32Jeremy CZMOK07
33John BLENKIN06
34Cameron AGOSTINI05
35Jamie PORT33
36Dominic FLETCHER22
37Kristian AGOSTINI02


PosNameRace 1Total
1Carter THOMPSON20250
2Angus GRENFELL18239
3Jacob ROULSTONE0201
4Tom DRANE12194
5Max GIBBONS25174
6Marianos NIKOLIS0172
7Archie McDONALD15166
8Glenn NELSON16163
9Reece OUGHTRED17154
10Cros FRANCIS0147
11Zak PETTENDY3127
12Jai RUSSO9102
13Lucas QUINN1096
14Jacob HATCH292
15Cormac BUCHANAN1479
16Varis FLEMING1375
17Jamie PORT1163
19Hunter DIPLOCK057
20Lincoln KNIGHT855
21Patrick BOGNAR148
22Tom CONNORS529
23Thomas BROWN029
24Dominic FLETCHER714
25Toby JAMES411
26Jayden MARTIN66


PosNameRace 1Race 2Total
1C. TURNER / D. TURNER2515252
2J. JOYCE / C. BLACKMAN2025236
3H. FORD / L. MENZIES1817179
4P. UNDERWOOD / S. FORD1618100
7D. BEARE / N. BEARE0050
8M. ABELL / D. ALLEN0049
10G. EVANS / J. SCOTT172037
PosNameRace 1Race 2Total
1P. CLANCY / S. BONNEY020232
2J. CLANCY / W. GRUBB1817188
3M. ALTON / C. CLANCY2525167
4S. REYNOLDS / K. WARNE1515159
5D. EDIS / M. SCHLUTER1716151
7M. BROWN / N. ASTILL00101

AEST/AEDT Schedule

Sunday 6th October
9.059.10YMF R3 CupWarm Up5 mins
9.159.20bLU cRU Oceania Junior CupWarm Up5 mins
9.259.30Motorsports TV SupersportWarm Up5 mins
9.359.40YMI Supersport 300Warm Up5 mins
9.459.50Kawasaki SuperbikeWarm Up5 mins
9.5510.00Horsell SidecarsWarm Up5 mins
10.0510.25YMF R3 CupRace 27 Laps
10.3010.50bLU cRU Oceania Junior CupRace 26 Laps
10.5511.15YMI Supersport 300Race 27 Laps
11.2012.00Kawasaki Superbike ^Race 112 Laps
12.0512.35Motorsports TV Supersport ^Race 110 Laps
12.3513.05Lunch – ASBK Pitlane Walk30 mins
13.0513.30YMI Supersport 300*^Race 37 Laps
13.3514.15Kawasaki Superbike*^Race 212 Laps
14.2014.50Motorsports TV Supersport*^Race 210 Laps
15.0015.20Horsell Sidecars (inc. MA championship presentation)Race 37 Laps
15.3015.50bLU cRU Oceania Junior CupRace 36 Laps
15.5516.15YMF R3 CupRace 37 Laps
ASBK TBG Round Phillip Island SS Race Start TBG Sunday

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2019 ASBK Images Round Six Phillip Island Gallery D

2019 ASBK Images Round Six - Phillip Island - Gallery D ASBK Images by Rob Mott,...
ASBK Rnd Phillip Island SatAM Falzon

2019 ASBK Images Round Six Phillip Island Gallery C

2019 ASBK Images Round Six - Pillip Island - Gallery C ASBK Images by Rob Mott,...
ASBK Rnd Phillip Island RbMotoLens Supersport

Phillip Island ASBK Saturday Supersport & Support class wrap

2019 ASBK - Round Six - Phillip Island Saturday Support Class Round UpMotorsports TV Australian...