2019 Australian Superbike Championship

Round 7 – Sydney Motorsports Park


After a sensational ASBK season it now all comes down to one last slugfest at Sydney Motorsports Park to decide who will be king.

A full year’s worth of fitness training and racing by the riders, endless hours spent in workshops by mechanics and team members, more changes of shock internals than they can count, and a frightening amount of discarded tyres.

ASBK TBG Round SMP Wayne Maxwell TBG
All the effort all year is going to come down to one single day and 2 x 13 lap races…. – TBG Image

They all want to win. They all hate losing with a mind-bending angst and frustration at levels that normal people will never experience or understand. This is how they are wired. You don’t get to this level without an all-consuming competitive inferno in the belly.  Most of these boys are older now, so that level of frustration and desire is, publicly at least, kept in check and under control, most of the time…

The tension in the air though is still palpable… There are more nerves than normal, among not just the riders but everyone involved in their campaign within the pits, and their loved ones outside the pits.

ASBK TBG Round SMP Maxwell Monson TBG
Warren Monson has been Wayne Maxwell’s trusted crew chief for years – TBG Image

The pressure on the mechanics to get everything right is enormous. Imagine the tiniest mistake in preparing the bike costing your rider the championship after you have sweated blood for them all year and given your all… 

In respect to the main championship contenders, probably a couple of hundred grand has been spent on each of the factory boys in the quest for the ultimate prize in Australian Road Racing, the 2019 Motul Pirelli Australian Superbike Championship #1 plate.

ASBK Rnd SMP RbMotoLens SBK FP Honda Troy Herfoss
Will Herfoss get to keep that #1 plate for season 2020…? – Image by Rob Mott

Only 4.5-points separate Troy Herfoss, Wayne Maxwell and Mike Jones heading into the finale, but they are not the only contenders in what has been the closest-fought Australian Superbike Championship ever.

Despite a costly Phillip Island tumble, Cru Halliday is most definitely still in with a shot at the title and with storms expected to arrive at Sydney Motorsports Park on Sunday afternoon anything could happen, and probably will. Josh Waters and Bryan Staring are also still mathematical chances.   

ASBK TBG Round SMP BC Performnace TBG
Could the Dunlop shod BCperformance Kawasaki’s spring a surprise last charge towards the front come Sunday…? – TBG Image

While not in the championship chase, the likes of Daniel Falzon, Mark Chiodo, Matt Walters and Glenn Allerton could play a part in how those cards falls on Sunday. Jamie Stauffer is out of retirement and on a new Ducati V4 R, while short on set-up time, if the heavens open on Sunday he will be in the mix.

ASBK TBG Round SMP Glenn Allerton TBG
Glenn Allerton is adapting to the new BMW S 1000 RR model this weekend along with his NextGen Team – TBG Image

Kiwi Damon Rees might come to the fore and shake up the established pecking order in the wet, while the always fast-starting Arthur Sissis is capable of mixing it up front.  Alex Phillis might also surprise with an extra burst of pace.

ASBK TBG Round SMP Mitch Rees TBG
Damon Rees could spring a surprise on some of the more fancied competitors should the expected rain come down heavily tomorrow – TBG Image

ASBK season 2019 has been the tightest motorcycle road-racing competition this year the world over and has been thoroughly action-packed. I expect no less from the final pair of 13-lap bouts that take place tomorrow.

Mike Jones has been in peerless qualifying form this season and has taken pole position at the previous four rounds, The Bend, Morgan Park, Winton and Phillip Island has all seen the DesmoSport Ducati rider on pole.  With things so tight at the top the single point for pole position today takes on even more importance.  Jones might not have topped the time-sheets on Friday, and in fact was only fifth quickest, but he did put in the largest number of genuinely fast laps across the sessions which suggests they have a good race set-up.

Cru Halliday was also strong all day, topping both FP1 and FP2.  Wayne Maxwell ended Friday second quickest ahead of Daniel Falzon and Troy Herfoss.

ASBK Rnd SMP RbMotoLens SBK FP Cru Halliday
Cru Halliday – Image by Rob Mott

The temperature was rising as Superbike competitors readied for their 35-minute timed practice session on Saturday morning.  Track temperates were heading towards 40-degrees but were still much cooler than what riders experienced here on Friday afternoon. The conditions were more conducive to fast times and Maxwell dropped in 1m30.524 on his first lap. Falzon was also quickly into 1m30s. A few minutes later Herfoss was also in the 30s and was then joined by Mark Chiodo who dropped into the 30s for his first time ever.

ASBK Rnd SMP RbMotoLens SBK TP Mark Chiodo
Mark Chiodo – Image by Rob Mott

Cru Halliday then went out halfway through the session and dropped in the fastest lap of the weekend thus far, a 1m30.187s on his first lap of the session around the 3.93 kilometre regular Sydney Motorsports Park Circuit. This traditional lay-out termed as the Gardner Circuit, while the new extended track is dubbed Brabham Circuit.

With 13-minutes remaining Mike Jones crossed the stripe for the first time and became the first rider to dip under the magic 1m30s mark. A 1m29.893s on his first lap out and he was happy to head back to the pits.

Mike Jones – Image by Rob Mott

That time by Jones was good enough to stand all the way to the chequered flag.  Halliday second, Maxwell third, Herfoss fourth, Chiodo fifth and Falzon the last man in the 1m30s in sixth.

Josh Waters was seventh fastest but only by the narrowest of margins over Matt Walters, despite the Cessnock Kawasaki rider having an off at turn nine during the session. 

Matt Walters went down at turn nine on Saturday morning – Image by Rob Mott

Bryan Staring the final automatic Q2 qualifier in ninth. 

The riders from 10th back in the Timed Practice session have to fight it out in a Q1 session, with the top three in that session then promoted into Q2, making for a final 12-rider tussle over the first four rows of the grid. A little like we see in MotoGP these days.


The temperature was considerably hotter by the time the Q1 session got underway, track temperatures above 50-degrees and the ambient nudging 33-degrees. 

Q1 kicked off on schedule at 1440 as competitors did battle to secure a top three position and earn their promotion through to Q2.

South Australian speedway supremo Arthur Sissis was the early pace-setter before Jamie Stauffer overhauled him halfway through the session. Three minutes before the end Damon Rees shot to the top of the charts with a 1m31.671s, an impressive time considering the very hot track temperatures.

Lachlan Epis then leaped up the timing monitors with a 1m32.284s to take second place with 90-seconds remaining in the session. Allerton then crossed the stripe with 45-seconds remaining after putting in a 1m31.988s to push Epis back to third and Stauffer out of the top three.

In the dying seconds Allerton then went top by less than a tenth-of-a-second over Rees. Sissis improved to move back up to third momentarily before Epis then improved his marker to 1m31.958s, ruling Sissis out of promotion to Q2. 

Thus Allerton topped Q1 from Rees and Epis and it is that trio that earned promotion through to the final 15-minute qualifying battle. Allerton had swapped back to the previous model S 1000 RR for qualifying after using the practice sessions to work on a set-up with the new model but then felt they needed more development time before continuing with the new model. 

Superbike Q1 Results

1Glenn ALLERTONBMW S RR1m31.602
2Damon REESHonda CBR SP1m31.671
3Lachlan EPISKawasaki ZX-10R1m31.958
4Arthur SISSISSuzuki GSX-R1m32.114
5Jamie STAUFFERDucati V4 R1m32.309
6Alex PHILLISSuzuki GSX-R1m32.754
7Ben BURKEKawasaki ZX-10R1m32.931
8Brendan MCINTYRESuzuki GSX-R1m33.721
9Sloan FROSTSuzuki GSX-R1m34.024
10Dominic DE LEONKawasaki ZX-10R1m35.116
11Matthew TOOLEYYamaha YZF-R11m35.158
12Heath GRIFFINSuzuki GSX-R1m36.054
13Nathan SPITERISuzuki GSX-R1m37.763
14Michael EDWARDSYamaha YZF-R11m37.915


Cru Halliday, Mark Chiodo and Troy Herfoss all put in quick laps in the first five-minutes of Q2 to go 1-2-3 before returning to pit-lane. 

Troy Herfoss in Q2 – Image by Rob Mott

At the halfway point of the session the top seven riders were all in the pits… Halliday on top from Chiodo and Herfoss, Maxwell fourth ahead of Jones and Falzon while Allerton was seventh. Eighth placed Damon Rees was the final rider in the 1m31s at that half-way point of proceedings.

ASBK Rnd SMP RbMotoLens Halliday
Cru Halliday in Q2 – Image by Rob Mott

With six-minutes left in the session all 12 riders were in pit-lane. A minute later there was an exodus from the pits as they all headed out for their final charge.

Daniel Falzon in Q2 – Image by Rob Mott

Falzon was under at the first split and on a flyer, then orange sector times started filling the timing monitors as Chiodo, Herfoss, Jones, Staring all set first sectors quicker than Halliday’s earlier benchmark.

ASBK Rnd SMP RbMotoLens Jones
Mike Jones in Q2 – Image by Rob Mott

Falzon went top with 2min-30s remaining on a 1m30.039s, Herfoss went second on 1m30.070s.

Daniel Falzon in Q2 – Image by Rob Mott

Halliday then put in a 1m30.298s to go third, Chiodo was fourth and then went under at the first split before hitting the deck, his pole challenge done.

That’s it.  Falzon takes that vital championship point for pole and denies the championship challengers their chance to take another point. That’s the South Australian’s first pole in two years. 

ASBK Rnd SMP RbMotoLens SBK Q Daniel FALZON Pole Cheque
Daniel Falzon with the $500 cheque from Elite Roads for taking pole position – Image by Rob Mott

With rain forecast from midday tomorrow we are extremely likely to have at least one wet race. Quite possibly the final 13-lap battle that decides the championship will be staged in wet conditions.

ASBK Rnd SMP Sunday Weather
The yellow trace is the forecast temperature range tomorrow, while the light blue shaded area relates to the percentage likelihood of rain, with the times across the bottom. If this turns out correct, we will have at least one wet Superbike race tomorrow.

After the heat of the past few days this circuit will, initially at least, turn into an ice skating rink when the rain first falls. If it does rain, will organisers then stage a quick-fire wet practice session ahead of a wet race if the forecast precipitation levels hit the circuit tomorrow afternoon…?  The tension and nerves just went up another notch….

Superbike Q2 Results

1Daniel FALZONYamaha YZF-R11m30.039
2Troy HERFOSS Honda CBR SP1m30.070
3Cru HALLIDAY Yamaha YZF-R11m30.298
4Wayne MAXWELL Suzuki GSX-R1m30.407
5Mark CHIODOHonda CBR SP1m30.470
6Bryan STARING Kawasaki ZX-10R1m30.480
7Mike JONES Ducati FE1m30.482
8Josh WATERS Suzuki GSX-R1m31.253
9Glenn ALLERTONBMW S RR1m31.255
10Matt WALTERSKawasaki ZX-10R1m31.300
11Damon REES Honda CBR SP1m31.861
12Lachlan EPIS Kawasaki ZX-10R1m32.935

Superbike Qualifying / Grid / Standings



1Daniel FALZON Yamaha YZF-R11m30.039
2Troy HERFOSSHonda CBR SP1m30.070
3Cru HALLIDAY Yamaha YZF-R11m30.298
4Wayne MAXWELLSuzuki GSXR1m30.407
5Mark CHIODO Honda CBR SP1m30.470
6Bryan STARING Kawasaki ZX10R1m30.480
7Mike JONESDucati FE1m30.482
8Josh WATERSSuzuki GSXR1m31.253
9Glenn ALLERTON BMW S RR1m31.255
10Matt WALTERSKawasaki ZX10R1m31.300
11Damon REES Honda CBR SP1m31.671
12Lachlan EPIS Kawasaki ZX10R1m31.958
13Arthur SISSISSuzuki GSXR1m32.114
14Jamie STAUFFER Ducati V4R1m32.309
15Alex PHILLISSuzuki GSXR1m32.754
16Ben BURKE Kawasaki ZX10R1m32.931
17Brendan MCINTYRESuzuki GSXR1m33.721
18Sloan FROST Suzuki GSXR1m34.024
19Dominic DE LEON Kawasaki ZX10R1m35.116
20Matthew TOOLEYYamaha YZF-R11m35.158
21Heath GRIFFIN Suzuki GSXR1m36.054
22Nathan SPITERI Suzuki GSXR1m37.763
23Michael EDWARDS Yamaha YZF-R11m37.915
1Mike JONESDucati FE1m29.893
2Cru HALLIDAY Yamaha YZF-R1+0.294
3Wayne MAXWELLSuzuki GSXR+0.631
4Troy HERFOSS Honda CBR SP+0.828
5Mark CHIODO Honda CBR SP+0.864
6Daniel FALZON Yamaha YZF-R1+0.975
7Josh WATERSSuzuki GSXR+1.425
8Matt WALTERS Kawasaki ZX10R+1.435
9Bryan STARING Kawasaki ZX10R+1.463
10Lachlan EPIS Kawasaki ZX10R+1.655
11Jamie STAUFFER Ducati V4R+1.825
12Arthur SISSIS Suzuki GSXR+1.972
13Glenn ALLERTON BMW S RR+2.396
14Alex PHILLIS Suzuki GSXR+2.497
15Damon REES Honda CBR SP+2.654
16Ben BURKE Kawasaki ZX10R+3.265
17Sloan FROST Suzuki GSXR+3.466
18Brendan MCINTYRE Suzuki GSXR+4.001
19Dominic DE LEON Kawasaki ZX10R+4.747
20Matthew TOOLEY Yamaha YZF-R1+5.028
21Heath GRIFFIN Suzuki GSXR+5.534
22Michael EDWARDSYamaha YZF-R1+6.489
23Nathan SPITERI Suzuki GSXR+6.859

Australian Superbike Standings

1Troy HERFOSS241
2Wayne MAXWELL238
3Michael JONES 236.5
5Josh WATERS216
6Bryan STARING211.5
7Matt WALTERS160.5
8Daniel FALZON157
9Alex PHILLIS131
10Arthur SISSIS106.5
11Mark CHIODO105
12Damon REES98.5
13Glenn SCOTT90
14Lachlan EPIS85
15Glenn ALLERTON82
16Aiden WAGNER71
17Sloan FROST60
19Aaron MORRIS40
20Brendan McINTYRE32
21Philip CZAJ31
22David BARKER27
23Max CROKER27
24Dean HASLER15
25Matt TOOLEY15
26Evan BYLES13
27Jamie STAUFFER10
28Brian HOUGHTON10
30Nathan SPITERI8
31Michael EDWARDS5
32Adam SENIOR5
34Trent GIBSON3
35Ryan YANKO3



Tom Toparis may have wrapped up the Motorsports TV sponsored Supersport Championship at the penultimate Phillip Island round. It is fair to say that the Goulburn teenager was clearly a class above the competition in the category this season. 

Tom Toparis – Image by Rob Mott

This weekend though there is a new challenger. Tom Edwards is back from European adventures in the Supersport 300 World Championship and has stepped up to a 600 for his return to the domestic ranks.  A BikeBiz backed YZF-R6 his mount and today Edwards showed just how competitive he is by finishing QP1 second to Toparis. A 1m33.054s not far off the 1m32.739s of Toparis and suggests that Edwards might take the fight up to him on Sunday.

Tom Edwards on the BikeBiz YZF-R6 – Image by Rob Mott

Broc Pearson is currently second in the Supersport Championship with a significant 28-point buffer over South Australian Nic Liminton. One trip up from the Queenslander though will be enough for Liminton to perhaps steal that #2 plate at the final juncture…

Due to much higher track temperatures in the second qualifying session most of the front runners were nowhere near the times they had set in QP1, thus the grid was largely decided on Q1 times. 

ASBK TBG Round SMP SS Pole Podium Toparis Edwards Passfield TBG
Toparis took pole position in Supersport based on his QP1 time set in the cooler conditions of the morning – TBG Image

Supersport Qualifying/Standings

1Tom TOPARISYamaha YZF-R61m32.739
2Tom EDWARDSYamaha YZF-R61m33.054
3Jack PASSFIELDYamaha YZF-R61m33.548
4Callum SPRIGGSYamaha YZF-R61m33.743
5Aidan HAYESYamaha YZF-R61m33.776
6Broc PEARSONYamaha YZF-R61m34.219
7Nic LIMINTON Yamaha YZF-R61m34.390
8Oli BAYLISSYamaha YZF-R61m34.514
9Jack HYDE Yamaha YZF-R61m34.544
10Rhys BELLING Yamaha YZF-R61m34.864
11Richie DIBBEN Suzuki GSXR1m35.114
12Ty LYNCH Yamaha YZF-R61m35.544
13Dallas SKEERSuzuki GSXR1m35.695
14Brodie MALOUF Yamaha YZF-R61m36.039
15Andrew EDSERKawasaki ZX6R1m36.039
16Luke MITCHELL Yamaha YZF-R61m36.077
17Chris QUINN Yamaha YZF-R61m36.595
18Avalon BIDDLE Yamaha YZF-R61m36.678
19Callum O’BRIENKawasaki ZX6R1m37.029

Australian Supersport Standings

1Tom TOPARIS 350
2Broc PEARSON246
4Aidan HAYES191
5Oliver BAYLISS181
6Dallas SKEER161
7Reid BATTYE142
9Ty LYNCH141
10Rhys BELLING118
11Chris QUINN109
12Avalon BIDDLE101
13Callum SPRIGGS89
14John QUINN76
15Jack HYDE67
17Andrew EDSER64
18Richie DIBBEN48
21Timothy DONNON28
23Samuel LAMBERT22
24Callum O’BRIEN18
25Brodie MALOUF18
26Ryan SELLEN17
27Chandler COOPER17
28Corey TURNER16
29Ben LIEBIG14
30Matt CRANMER13
31Luke SANDERS13
32Bronson PICKETT12
33Daniel LEONARD5
34Oscar DAVISON1

Supersport 300

Hunter Ford topped Supersport 300 Qualifying ahead of Max Stauffer and Senna Agius. Stauffer had been quickest in QP1 but Ford pipped him out of top spot in Q2. 

ASBK Rnd SMP RbMotoLens SS Q Podium Hunter Ford Max Stauffer Senna Agius
Supersport 300 Qualifying – Image by Rob Mott

Hunter Ford capitalised on his pole position to lead Levy and Stauffer on the opening lap of the eight-lap opening race of the weekend which was staged in sweaty 34-degree ambient temperatures at 1420 on Saturday afternoon.

ASBK Rnd SMP RbMotoLens SS Sart
Supersport 300 Race One – Image by Rob Mott

By the end of lap two Senna Agius had worked his way to the front of what was now a five-rider battle at the front of the field with Luke Jhonston in the mix.

ASBK Rnd SMP RbMotoLens SS R Senna AGIUS Hunter Ford Max STAUFFER
Supersport 300 Race One – Image by Rob Mott

Agius then managed to ease away from his pursuers over the next few laps and by half race distance led by a full second.  Max Stauffer was left to tussle over second place with Ford, Levy, Jhonston and a fast finishing Brandon Demmery.

ASBK Rnd SMP RbMotoLens SS R Senna AGIUS Hunter Ford Zac Levy
Supersport 300 Race One – Image by Rob Mott

Stauffer did enough to claim the second place but with that clear victory Agius has trimmed Stauffer’s championship lead down to 11-points with two races still to go.

ASBK Rnd SMP RbMotoLens SS Race Podium
Supersport 300 Race One Podium – 1. Agius – 2. Stauffer – 3. Ford – Image by Rob Mott

Supersport 300 Results/Standings

1Senna AGIUS Kawasaki EX 40013m59.431
2Max STAUFFER Yamaha R3 321+1.172
3Hunter FORD Yamaha R3 321+1.326
4Zac LEVY Yamaha R3 321+3.088
5Brandon DEMMERYYamaha R3 321+3.105
6Luke JHONSTONKawasaki EX 400+4.543
7John LYTRAS Yamaha R3 321+7.044
8Ben BAKER Yamaha R3 321+12.579
9Yannis SHAWKawasaki EX 400+12.766
10Seth CRUMP KTM RC 390+12.812
11Kyle O’CONNELL Yamaha R3 321+21.368
12Ryan SMITH Yamaha R3 321+21.411
13Caleb GILMOREYamaha R3 321+22.371
14Laura BROWN Yamaha R3 321+22.390
15Zylas BUNTINGKawasaki EX 400+22.785
16Peter NERLICHKawasaki EX 400+32.540
17James JACOBSKawasaki EX 400+41.881
18Jimmy BROADBENTKawasaki EX 400+42.660
19Noel MAHONKawasaki EX 400+42.749
20Patrick LI Yamaha R3 321+53.787
21Craig WHITE Kawasaki EX 400+1m18.017
DNFMatt RINDELYamaha R3 3212 Laps
1Hunter FORD Yamaha R3 3211m43.065
2Max STAUFFER Yamaha R3 3211m43.145
3Senna AGIUS Kawasaki EX 4001m43.598
4Zac LEVY Yamaha R3 3211m44.004
5Brandon DEMMERYYamaha R3 3211m44.200
6John LYTRASYamaha R3 3211m44.200
7Yannis SHAW Kawasaki EX 4001m44.217
8Luke JHONSTONKawasaki EX 4001m44.281
9Ben BAKER Yamaha R3 3211m44.335
10Seth CRUMP KTM RC 3901m44.797
11Ryan SMITH Yamaha R3 3211m44.855
12Caleb GILMORE Yamaha R3 3211m45.437
13Laura BROWN Yamaha R3 3211m45.535
14Kyle O’CONNELL Yamaha R3 3211m45.683
15Zylas BUNTINGKawasaki EX 4001m46.037
16Matt RINDEL Yamaha R3 3211m46.081
17Noel MAHON Kawasaki EX 4001m46.291
18Reece OUGHTRED Yamaha R3 3211m46.344
19Peter NERLICH Kawasaki EX 4001m46.495
20Jimmy BROADBENTKawasaki EX 4001m46.550
21Harry PARKERYamaha R3 3211m47.253
22Zak PETTENDY Yamaha R3 3211m47.807
23James JACOBS Kawasaki EX 4001m48.904
24Patrick LI Yamaha R3 3211m50.094
25Craig WHITE Kawasaki EX 4001m52.272
PosNamePoleRace 1Total
1Max STAUFFER020350
2Senna AGIUS025339
3Hunter FORD118275
4Seth CRUMP011262
5Yannis SHAW012261
6John LYTRAS014247
7Brandon DEMMERY016225
8Zac LEVY017208
9Locky TAYLOR00203
10Harry KHOURI00192
11Ben BAKER013186
12Luke JHONSTON015177
13Peter NERLICH05140
14Travis HALL00116
15Luke POWER0098
16Zylas BUNTING0676
17Jacob ROULSTONE0063
18Callum O’BRIEN0062
19Kyle O’CONNELL01059
20Laura BROWN0754
21Mitch KUHNE0054
22Olly SIMPSON0051
23Tristan ADAMSON0048
24Ryan SMITH0947
25Ben BURKE0043
26Dylan WHITESIDE0039
27Matt RINDEL0035
28Harrison VOIGHT0134
29Reece OUGHTRED0027
30Mitchell SIMPSON0025
31Stephany KAPILAWI-JAMES0015
32Tayla RELPH0014
33Harry PARKER0010
34Jacob HATCH009
35Grace POUTCH009
36Caleb GILMORE088
37Noel MAHON028
38Jesse WOODS008
39Tom NEWTON007
40Josh HALL006
41James JACOBS044
42Bronson PICKETT004
43Jimmy BROADBENT033
46John BLENKIN002
47Keegan PICKERING002
48Jordan SIMPSON001

YMF R3 Cup

Hunter Ford took pole for the YMF R3 Cup ahead of Max Stauffer and Zac Levy despite Ford not turning a wheel in Q2.  His Q1 time of 1m43.315s held steady at the top while fellow front row qualifiers Max Stauffer and Zac Levy also secured their spots on their Q1 time set in the cooler morning conditions. 

Max Stauffer scored the holeshot on lap one but there was some consternation about possible jump-starts as race direction immediately indicated that the start was under investigation. 

Zac Levy took the lead from Stauffer and Hunter Ford then demoted Max further to third place.  Stauffer was not done though and was back in the lead on lap three as officials then informed us that Zac Levy had been penalised for a jump-start. 

Ford moved back through to the lead with four laps to go with Levy then again pushing Stauffer back to third. John Lytras, Brandon Demmery and Ben Baker were also in that leading pack and in podium contention. Reece Oughtred then joined that party with two laps to go, then at the last lap board only half-a-second covered that entire top seven.

At the flag it was Hunter Ford with his nose in front of Brandon Demmery and John Lytras in third.  Max Stauffer fourth ahead of Zac Levy, but Levy will be relegated down the order in the results after the jump-start penalty is applied. 

With that victory Ford extended his championship points lead over John Lytras to 20-points. 

YMF R3 Cup Results/Standings

1Hunter FORD Yamaha YZF-R3+12m19.812
2Brandon DEMMERY Yamaha YZF-R3+0.094
3John LYTRAS Yamaha YZF-R3+0.121
4Max STAUFFERYamaha YZF-R3+0.150
5Ben BAKERYamaha YZF-R3+0.491
6Reece OUGHTRED Yamaha YZF-R3+0.629
7Ryan SMITH Yamaha YZF-R3+5.563
8Zac LEVYYamaha YZF-R3+10.155
9Jacob HATCH Yamaha YZF-R3+14.903
10Kyle O’CONNELL Yamaha YZF-R3+14.974
11Laura BROWN Yamaha YZF-R3+17.786
12Matt RINDELYamaha YZF-R3+18.935
13Archie MCDONALD Yamaha YZF-R3+23.144
14Zak PETTENDY Yamaha YZF-R3+27.243
15Caleb GILMORE Yamaha YZF-R3+27.377
16Patrick BOGNAR Yamaha YZF-R3+29.764
17Harry PARKERYamaha YZF-R3+33.850
18Hunter DIPLOCK Yamaha YZF-R3+51.526
19Patrick LI Yamaha YZF-R3+51.551
20Tony SIMS Yamaha YZF-R3+57.051
DNFDominic FLETCHER Yamaha YZF-R36 Laps
1Hunter FORD Yamaha YZF-R31m43.315
2Max STAUFFER Yamaha YZF-R31m43.425
3Zac LEVYYamaha YZF-R31m43.704
4Brandon DEMMERYYamaha YZF-R31m43.925
5Reece OUGHTRED Yamaha YZF-R31m43.977
6Ben BAKER Yamaha YZF-R31m44.063
7John LYTRAS Yamaha YZF-R31m44.331
8Ryan SMITH Yamaha YZF-R31m44.693
9Kyle O’CONNELL Yamaha YZF-R31m45.527
10Jacob HATCH Yamaha YZF-R31m46.080
11Matt RINDELYamaha YZF-R31m46.175
12Caleb GILMORE Yamaha YZF-R31m46.181
13Laura BROWNYamaha YZF-R31m46.191
14Harry PARKER (NZ)Yamaha YZF-R31m46.353
15Archie MCDONALD Yamaha YZF-R31m47.356
16Patrick BOGNAR Yamaha YZF-R31m48.041
17Zak PETTENDY Yamaha YZF-R31m48.066
18Dominic FLETCHER Yamaha YZF-R31m50.533
19Tony SIMSYamaha YZF-R31m51.530
20Hunter DIPLOCKYamaha YZF-R31m52.413
21Patrick LI Yamaha YZF-R3/
PosNameRace 1Total
1Hunter FORD25256
2John LYTRAS18236
3Max STAUFFER17230
4Brandon DEMMERY20219
5Locky TAYLOR0195
6Zac LEVY13169
7Reece OUGHTRED15121
8Luke JHONSTON0117
9Ben BAKER16104
10Ryan SMITH14103
11Harry KHOURI086
12Tristan ADAMSON084
13Jacob ROULSTONE082
14Travis HALL076
15Matt RINDEL971
16Jacob HATCH1266
17Laura BROWN1066
18Archie McDONALD861
19Zylas BUNTING059
21Kyle O’CONNELL1154
22Harrison VOIGHT252
23Mitch KUHNE046
24Stephany KAPILAWI-JAMES036
25Patrick BOGNAR529
26Harry PARKER421
28Keegan PICKERING014
29Josh NODEN011
30Josh HALL011
31Dominic FLETCHER09
32Bronson PICKETT08
33Jeremy CZMOK07
34Caleb GILMORE66
35Hunter DIPLOCK36
36John BLENKIN06
37Jamie PORT05
38Cameron AGOSTINI05
39Kristian AGOSTINI02
40Tony SIMS11

bLUcRU Oceania Junior Cup

The bLU cRU Oceania Junior Cup qualifying sessions looked like they were racing as they all tried to slip-stream each other. 

At the end of Q2 though still nobody had beaten the 2m01.026s set by Marianos Nikolis in Q1 thus the young Sydneysider was on pole for the late afternoon race with Cormac Buchanan and Archie McDonald rounding out the front row. 

Come Saturday afternoon though it was Tom Drane that won an exciting battle to take victory over Nikolis with McDonald rounding out the podium. 

Thompson may have finished fourth but that was enough to extend his championship lead over Angus Grenfell to 31-points after Grenfell suffered a DNF.

bLUcRU Oceania Junior Cup/Results Standings


1Tom DRANEYamaha YZF-R1512m23.147
2Marianos NIKOLISYamaha YZF-R15+0.017
3Archie MCDONALDYamaha YZF-R15+0.258
4Carter THOMPSON Yamaha YZF-R15+0.377
5Max GIBBONS Yamaha YZF-R15+1.287
6Jacob HATCHYamaha YZF-R15+1.715
7Reece OUGHTREDYamaha YZF-R15+5.902
8Cameron DUNKER Yamaha YZF-R15+10.480
9Cros FRANCIS Yamaha YZF-R15+10.549
10Lincoln KNIGHTYamaha YZF-R15+14.863
11Zak PETTENDYYamaha YZF-R15+15.053
12Patrick BOGNAR Yamaha YZF-R15+15.170
13Jai RUSSO Yamaha YZF-R15+15.341
14Hunter DIPLOCK Yamaha YZF-R15+20.148
15Lucas QUINN Yamaha YZF-R15+20.562
16Tom CONNORSYamaha YZF-R15+20.610
17Jamie PORTYamaha YZF-R15+27.822
18Clay CLEGGYamaha YZF-R15+27.948
19Varis FLEMING Yamaha YZF-R15+28.148
20Dominic FLETCHER Yamaha YZF-R15+29.090
21Toby JAMES Yamaha YZF-R15+46.379
DNFCormac BUCHANAN Yamaha YZF-R152 Laps
DNFAngus GRENFELL Yamaha YZF-R152 Laps


1Marianos NIKOLIS Yamaha YZF-R152m01.026
2Cormac BUCHANANYamaha YZF-R152m01.055
3Archie MCDONALDYamaha YZF-R152m01.255
4Tom DRANEYamaha YZF-R152m01.361
5Carter THOMPSONYamaha YZF-R152m01.592
6Jacob HATCH Yamaha YZF-R152m01.638
7Reece OUGHTRED Yamaha YZF-R152m01.692
8Patrick BOGNARYamaha YZF-R152m02.042
9Cros FRANCIS Yamaha YZF-R152m02.190
10Cameron DUNKER Yamaha YZF-R152m02.238
11Lincoln KNIGHT Yamaha YZF-R152m02.323
12Hunter DIPLOCKYamaha YZF-R152m02.387
13Angus GRENFELL Yamaha YZF-R152m02.390
14Max GIBBONS Yamaha YZF-R152m02.413
15Zak PETTENDYYamaha YZF-R152m02.861
16Jai RUSSO Yamaha YZF-R152m03.832
17Tom CONNORS Yamaha YZF-R152m03.931
18Clay CLEGG Yamaha YZF-R152m04.599
19Jamie PORT Yamaha YZF-R152m04.630
20Lucas QUINNYamaha YZF-R152m05.199
21Dominic FLETCHER Yamaha YZF-R152m05.200
22Varis FLEMINGYamaha YZF-R152m05.304
23Toby JAMES Yamaha YZF-R152m09.828
1Carter THOMPSON310
2Angus GRENFELL279
3Tom DRANE248
4Archie McDONALD225
5Max GIBBONS222.5
6Marianos NIKOLIS202
8Reece OUGHTRED193
9Glenn NELSON163
11Cros FRANCIS159
12Jacob HATCH138
13Lucas QUINN124
14Jai RUSSO123
15Cormac BUCHANAN108.5
16Varis FLEMING92
17Lincoln KNIGHT83
18Patrick BOGNAR74
19Hunter DIPLOCK70
20Jamie PORT67
23Thomas BROWN29
24Dominic FLETCHER23
25Jayden MARTIN21
26Toby JAMES17
27Cameron DUNKER13
28Clay CLEGG3

Superbike Masters

Aaron Morris blitzed the Superbike Masters field in qualifying with a stunning 1m34.293s to take pole position ahead of John Allen and Stephen Kairl. 

Morris led by five-seconds at the end of the first lap of the six-lap Saturday afternoon race. That gap was just under ten-seconds by the end of lap two and it was clear Morris and the C&M Motorcycles FZR1000 Yamaha were in their own race.

The best of the rest was John Allen on a TZ 750 who ultimately maintained a significant advantage over Stephen Kairl to take second place. 

Superbike Masters Results/Standings

1Aaron MORRIS Yamaha FZR 10439m41.896
2John ALLEN Yamaha OW31 750+20.092
3Stephen KAIRL Yamaha FZR 1040+26.590
4Mark McVEIGH Yamaha FZR 1000+43.314
5Stephen CRAIG Suzuki GSXR 750+45.097
6Scott WEBSTER Harris Suzuki 1200+49.279
7Stephen WARD Yamaha FZR 1000+49.329
8Stuart WOODBURY Ducati SP 851+56.938
9Mick JOHNSTON Ducati TTF1 985+57.595
10Phillip BURKE Honda RC30 750+57.706
11Anthony BANN Kawasaki ZXR 750+1m10.828
12Steven HARLEY Yamaha FZN 750+1m26.235
13Gregory JAMES Honda CB R 1100+1m26.544
14Roger GUNN Harris F1 1170+1:34.529
15Denis ACKLAND Kawasaki Z 1260+1m35.945
16Patrick POVOLNY Suzuki GSX 1100+1m48.778
17Mark RODDA Suzuki GS S 1100+1m50.973
18Gary NAYSMITHKawasaki Z J 1166+1m51.158
19Karen WEBBSuzuki GSXR 749+1m54.190
20Paul RIGNEYHarris Kawasaki 11701 Lap
21Darren LARK Suzuki GSX 11501 Lap
DNFAndrew GARRETT Suzuki GSXR 7504 Laps
1Aaron MORRIS Yamaha FZR 10431m34.293
2John ALLEN Yamaha OW31 7501m38.413
3Stephen KAIRL Yamaha FZR 10401m39.614
4Stephen CRAIG Suzuki GSXR 7501m42.579
5Mark McVEIGHYamaha FZR 10001m43.154
6Scott WEBSTER Harris Suzuki 12001m43.643
7Stephen WARD Yamaha FZR 10001m44.022
8Stuart WOODBURY Ducati SP 8511m44.089
9Phillip BURKE Honda RC30 7501m45.211
10Mick JOHNSTONDucati TTF1 9851m45.503
11Roger GUNNHarris F1 11701m46.209
12Anthony BANN Kawasaki ZXR 7501m46.531
13Gregory JAMESHonda CB R 11001m47.467
14Greg DAL SANTODucati SS 7001m49.491
15Andrew GARRETT Suzuki GSXR 7501m49.596
16Steven HARLEY Yamaha FZN 7501m49.674
17Denis ACKLANDKawasaki Z 12601m50.937
18Patrick POVOLNY Suzuki GSX 11001m52.450
19Mark RODDASuzuki GS S 11001m53.496
20Karen WEBB Suzuki GSXR 7491m53.504
21Gary NAYSMITH Kawasaki Z J 11661m53.790
22Paul RIGNEYHarris Kawasaki 11701m55.873
23Darren LARKSuzuki GSX 11502m04.600
PosNameRace 1Total
1John ALLEN2095
2Mark McVEIGH1768
3Scott WEBSTER1563
4Alexander PICKETT060
5Murray CLARK054
6Mark RODDA448
7Gregory JAMES837
8Darren LARK026
9Aaron MORRIS2525
10Stephen KAIRL1818
11Stephen CRAIG1616
12Stephen WARD1414
13Richard EASTON014
14Stuart WOODBURY1313
15Mick JOHNSTON1212
16Phillip BURKE1111
17Anthony BANN1010
18Steven HARLEY99
19Roger GUNN77
20Denis ACKLAND66
21Patrick POVOLNY55
23Karen WEBB22
24Paul RIGNEY11


ASBK Schedule

Sunday Schedule
08.30YMF R3 CupWUP
08.40bLU cRU Oceania Junior CupWUP
08.50Motorsport TV SupersportWUP
09.00YMI Supersport 300WUP
09.10Kawasaki SuperbikeWUP
09.25Superbike MastersWUP
09.40YMF R3 CupR2
10.05bLU cRU Oceania Junior CupR2
10.25Motorsport TV SupersportR1
11.00YMI Supersport 300R2
11.25Kawasaki SuperbikeR1
12.10Superbike MastersR2
12.25Lunch – Pit Lane Walk
13.05YMI Supersport 300*R3
13.35Motorsport TV Supersport*R2
14.10Kawasaki Superbike*R2
15.05bLU cRU Oceania Junior CupR3
15.30YMF R3 CupR3
15.55Superbike MastersR3