MotoGP Round 14 Aragon

With Boris Mihailovic

Well, that was a bit devastating, huh?

Not since the Inquisition has something so Spanish and so utterly terrifying walked…um, ridden upon this earth.

Marquez crushed all before him on Sunday.

MotoGP Rnd Aragon Fri Marquez
Marquez was merciless

And it all began on Friday. Weather reports said there was a good chance of rain, so Marc put on a set of fast tyres, and lapped two seconds faster than everyone else in FP1.

The other riders must have been looking at their timing screens in wide-eyed despair. Two seconds? That’s forever in this sport.

MotoGP Rnd Aragon Fri Rossi
Valentino Rossi

The rain came, but not in serious amounts and the track was only damp when FP3 finally rolled around.

Marquez did not even bother going out. He only ventured out after the chequered flag to practice his start.

Zarco was also venturing out. But not on a bike. He was wandering around the place in a KTM hat giving the odd sad interview to whoever pointed a microphone at him. Pit Beirer, his former boss, told him to take it off.

I feel for Zarco. He is a great rider, who just couldn’t make the KTM dance. If his planets align and he manages to catch Lin Jarvis, he may well do some good as a Yamaha test rider.

Lorenzo’s woes continued.

MotoGP Rnd Aragon Fri Lorenzo
Jorge Lorenzo

He was stone motherless last in practice, and finished in second-last place – two seconds behind Bradley Smith – who was replacing a broken-wristed Asparagus brother – and a bare second ahead of Syahrin, whom he just managed to pass at the end after tailing the field.

It’s an even-money bet for me that Honda may let Jorge see out the year while encouraging him to look elsewhere, or cut its losses and let him go. Lorenzo is certainly in a dark place at the moment.

Who knows, maybe someone will snap him and Zarco up – can you imagine how powerful a Suzuki satellite team with those two in it might be?

MotoGP Rnd Aragon Start
Aragon MotoGP 2019

The race itself was a script written by Marquez Productions.

He was first into Turn one, and one second ahead by the end of the first lap.

He won by almost five seconds. He could have won by more. He probably could have lapped Lorenzo.

MotoGP Rnd Aragon Marquez wins
Marquez celebrates victory

When Honda wins the championship this year, it will be all due to Marc. Without him, HRC is rubbish. With him, it is the king of the world.

It was all about second place for the rest.

MotoGP Rnd Aragon MotoGP Podium L R Dovizioso Marquez Miller
2019 Aragon MotoGP Race results:
1 – Marc Marquez (SPA – Honda) 41’57.221
2 – Andrea Dovizioso (ITA – Ducati) +4.836
3 – Jack Miller* (AUS – Ducati) +5.430

Predictably, Dovizioso brought his A-game, utilising the Ducati’s straight-line punch, and hosing Vinales down the back straight.

Miller also had a great race, belting himself into third pretty much the same way.

MotoGP Rnd Aragon Miller Vinales
Jack Miller – Aragon MotoGP

Vinales made a solid early showing, but he cooked his tyres trying to catch Marquez. Miller saw this, and did the smart thing by waiting a bit, then doing him like a dinner.

But I don’t think it would have mattered for Maverick. Cooked tyres or not, the Ducatis had him down the straights.

All except Petrucci’s Ducati. Which finished in 12th behind Iannone.

MotoGP Rnd Catalunya Presser Petrucci
Danilo Petrucci

I understand Ducati wants Petrucci to lose 15kg in the off-season. The team feels this is what is handicapping him at the moment. I’m of the view that Jack Miller is just a better rider and deserves the Factory ride more than Danilo. But then I get the whole Italian thing and understand why Ducati did what it did in this regard.

Rossi had a disastrous Sunday. He started on the second row, but then went backwards for reasons even he cannot understand.

Fabulous finished a lacklustre fifth, crueling my hopes he’d come seeking payback for what Marquez did to him the previous round.

MotoGP Rnd Aragon Iannone Rins
Rins got in some early scrapes that cost him dearly

The only other excitement was an overstimulated Rins punting Morbidelli into the rocks, but not himself.

Crutchlow excelled at Aragon by not chucking it into the vegetables at the reverse corkscrew and finished in sixth, two seconds behind Fabulous.

But Aragon was pretty much a parade. It is certainly a circuit which highlights the weaknesses of riders. And one that rewards the strengths.

And all the strength, and thus the reward, is with Marquez.

MotoGP Rnd Aragon Marquez Celebrate
Marquez celebrates victory

Barring some kind of disastrous Act of God, he will be the champion this year.

Second place is still interesting and up for grabs, of course. But no-one remembers who comes second.

The fly-away rounds now begin, with Thailand on in less than two weeks.

The heat and humidity will probably strangle the poor Yamahas again, but Fabulous will certainly try very hard because he’s young and has nothing to lose.

I’m also thinking Dovi will try and cement second place in the championship. That is all that’s left to play for.

MotoGP Rnd Aragon Miller Celebrate P
Jack Miller has had a good season thus far and let’s hope it gets even better in this latter part of the season ahead

Aragon MotoGP Race Results/Standings

1Marc MarquezHonda41m57.221
2Andrea DoviziosoDucati+4.836
3Jack MillerDucati+5.430
4Maverick ViñalesYamaha+5.811
5Fabio QuartararoYamaha+8.924
6Cal CrutchlowHonda+10.390
7Aleix EspargaroAprilia+10.441
8Valentino RossiYamaha+23.623
9Alex RinsSuzuki+27.998
10Takaaki NakagamiHonda+31.242
11Andrea IannoneAprilia+32.624
12Danilo PetrucciDucati+33.043
13Miguel OliveiraKTM+33.063
14Joan MirSuzuki+33.363
15Tito RabatDucati+36.358
16Francesco BagnaiaDucati+41.295
17Mika KallioKTM+42.983
18Karel AbrahamDucati+43.880
19Bradley SmithAprilia+44.279
20Jorge LorenzoHonda+46.087
21Hafizh SyahrinKTM+47.308


1Marc MarquezHonda300
2Andrea DoviziosoDucati202
3Alex RinsSuzuki156
4Danilo PetrucciDucati155
5Maverick ViñalesYamaha147
6Valentino RossiYamaha137
7Fabio QuartararoYamaha123
8Jack MillerDucati117
9Cal CrutchlowHonda98
10Franco MorbidelliYamaha80
11Pol EspargaroKTM77
12Takaaki NakagamiHonda68
13Joan MirSuzuki49
14Aleix EspargaroAprilia46
15Andrea IannoneAprilia32
16Francesco BagnaiaDucati29
17Miguel OliveiraKTM29
18Johann ZarcoKTM27
19Jorge LorenzoHonda23
20Tito RabatDucati18
21Stefan BradlHonda16
22Michele PirroDucati9
23Sylvain GuintoliSuzuki7
24Hafizh SyahrinKTM7
25Karel AbrahamDucati5
26Bradley SmithAprilia 
27Mika KallioKTM 
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