Alvaro Bautista tops again

Marco Melandri makes progress

WorldSBK 2019 Phillip Island Test
Day 2 – AM Report

Cape Barren Geese put a temporary halt to proceedings with an hour remaining in the sessions, as so often happens when these big 4-kilogram birds start waddling around the track. The red flag then had to come out a few more times to clear the birds in the final hour of the morning session, frustrating riders and teams no end.

One thing riders did not have to contend with this morning was the blustery wind that plagued them on Monday afternoon. As a result we had four riders under the previous race lap record, and on four different brands of machinery. The outright qualifying record has not yet been broached though, the 1m29.573 set by Jonathan Rea here two years ago not yet threatened.

WSBK Test PI Day GeeBee Jonathan Rea
Jonathan Rea – GeeBee Image

Again it was Alvaro Bautista on the Ducati Panigale V4 R setting the pace, a 1m30.303 to the Spaniard, but the big improver this morning was Marco Melandri on the satellite GRT Yamaha. The hugely experienced Italian picked up seven-tenths to finish the morning session with a best of 1m30.760, besting Jonathan Rea by a thousandth-of-a-second.

Marco Melandri – TBG Image

Fourth quickest was Tom Sykes on the new BMW S 1000 RR. The German machine obviously to the Briton’s liking as he adapts to a new motorcycle after many years on the dominant ZX-10RR machines with KRT. BMW have neven been known to be short of horsepower, but curiously both Sykes and his team-mate Reiterberger are amongst the slowest bikes in the field through the speed trap. One would imagine that lack of top end speed would stem from poor drive off turn 12, and thus a deficit of rear grip from their current set-up with the new bike.

Tom Sykes – TBG Image

Michael Van der Mark and Leon Haslam were also under the 1m31s barrier.

Alex Lowes did not make much progress this morning, presumably working on new developments after his great showing yesterday. The Pata Yamaha man eighth ahead of BMW’s Markus Reiterberger while Althea Moriwaki Honda recruit Leon Camier rounded out the top ten.

Leon Camier – TBG Image

Wildcard entrant Troy Herfoss made some progress after major problems yesterday fail to make any impact. A busy session in the garage overnight from the Penrite Honda squad has obviously started to allow them to find the right direction with their times now starting to drop, but are yet to match what Herfoss did here a few months ago on his lesser spec’ ASBK Superbike.

Troy Herfoss – Penrite Honda – TBG Image

In World Supersport this morning it was a Yamaha 1-2-3 headed by Randy Krummenacher.  Tom Toparis lost some time this morning after a big slide off at the hayshed that went long enough to burn through his leathers and give him a very warm bum! Toparis might actually sit out, well stand out, from the final session this afternoon as the team suspect that his machine may have bent the frame in the tumble.

WorldSBK – Tuesday AM – Times / Speeds

  1. Alvaro Bautista – Ducati 1m30.303 – 316.7 km/h
  2. Marco Melandri – Yamaha 1m30.760 – 306.8 km/h
  3. Jonathan Rea – Kawasaki 1m30.761 – 310.3 km/h
  4. Tom Sykes – BMW 1m30.777 – 302.5 km/h
  5. Michael Van der Mark – Yamaha 1m30.911 – 312.1 km/h
  6. Leon Haslam – Kawasaki 1m30.947 – 309.5 km/h
  7. Sandro Cortese – Yamaha 1m31.077 – 308.6 km/h
  8. Alex Lowes – Yamaha 1m31.272 – 310.3 km/h
  9. Markus Reiterberger – BMW 1m31.376 – 301.7 km/h
  10. Leon Camier – Honda 1m31.443 – 309.5 km/h
  11. Toprak Razgatlioglu – Kawasaki 1m31.445 – 306.8 km/h
  12. Chaz Davies- Ducati 1m31.796 – 314.0 km/h
  13. Jordi Torres – Kawasaki 1m31.808 – 300.0 km/h
  14. Ryuichi Kiyonari – Honda 1m31.860 – 306.8 km/h
  15. Leandro Mercado – Kawasaki 1m31.942 – 303.4 km/h
  16. Eugene Laverty – Ducati 1m31.986 – 303.4 km/h
  17. Michael Rinaldi – Ducati 1m32.428 – 314 km/h
  18. Alessandreo Delbianco – Honda 1m32.979 – 294.3 km/h
  19. Troy Herfoss – Honda 1m33.130 – 300.8 km/h

World Supersport – Tuesday AM – Times

  1. Krummenacher – Yamaha 1m33.111
  2. Caricasulo – Yamaha 1m33.417
  3. Cluzel – Yamaha 1m33.791
  4. Mahias – Kawasaki 1m33.872
  5. De Rosa – MV Agusta 1m33.935
  6. Gradinger – Yamaha 1m34.184
  7. Barbera – Yamaha 1m34.282
  8. Soomer – Honda 1m34.340
  9. Perolari – Yamaha 1m34.361
  10. Okubo – Kawasaki 1m34.374
  11. Vinales – Yamaha 1m34.491
  12. Sebestyen – Honda 1m34.784
  13. Fuligni – MV Agusta 1m34.864
  14. Van Sikkelerus – Honda 1m34.872
  15. Cresson – Yamaha 1m34.918
  16. Danilo – Honda 1m35.008
  17. Toparis – Yamaha 1m35.165
  18. Herrera – Yamaha 1m35.282
  19. Badovini – Kawasaki 1m35.437
  20. Ruiu – Honda 1m35.506
  21. Hartog – Kawasaki 1m35.783
  22. Calero – Kawasaki 1m35.855
  23. Coppola – Honda 1m35.909
  24. Van Straalen – Kawasaki 1m36.765

WorldSBK Australia Promo

WorldSBK RPM Limits

Dorna has released updated RPM limits for the 2019 WorldSBK season that will be in place for the start of the season. If a single type of machine looks to have much of an advantage these limits will be reduced further during the season.  The new BMW will start season 2019 with a 14,900 rpm limit while the Kawasaki will be pegged to 14,600 rpm.

The new Ducati Panigale V4 R will start with a 16,350 rpm limit, but with both Bautista and Davies clocking by far the fastest speeds during this Phillip Island test, one would expect that the Ducati rev limit to be reduced in due course…

WorldSBK  Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit

Event Schedule, 22 – 24 February 2019
Thursday 21 February 2019
9:0010:001:00World SSPRiders Briefing
10:00FIM Track Safety Inspection
10:0011:301:30All RidersRiders Track Familiarization
12:0013:001:00Safety Car TestTrack closed
13:5014:200:30Aus SS 300Free Practice 1
14:2514:550:30Aus SSFree Practice 1
15:0015:300:30Australian SupFree Practice 1
15:4015:500:10Parade LapsBlack Dog Ride
14:3015:301:00WorldSBKRiders Briefing
16:0017:001:00WorldSBKOfficial PhotoStart/Finish Straight
16:0017:001:00WorldSSPTechnical/Sporting ChecksPit Garages
17:0018:001:00WorldSSPOfficial PhotoStart/Finish Straight
17:0018:001:00WorldSBKTechnical/Sporting ChecksPit Garages
18:00All 1st Time RidersRiders Briefing
TBCAll ClassesTyre Stickers DistributionTechnical Bay
Friday 22 February 2019
8:308:400:10TimekeepingRacing Track System Test
9:109:250:15Aus SSFree Practice 2
9:309:450:15Aus SBKFree Practice 2
9:50FIM Medical Inspection
10:00FIM Track Inspection
10:3011:200:50WorldSBKFree Practice 1
11:3012:150:45WorldSSPFree Practice 1
12:2512:550:30Pit Walk 1
13:1513:300:15Aus SS 300Free Practice 2
13:3513:500:15Aus SBKQualifying
13:5514:100:15Aus SSQualifying
14:1514:300:15Aus SS300Qualifying
15:0015:500:50WorldSBKFree Practice 2
16:0016:450:45WorldSSPFree Practice 2
Saturday 23 February 2019
8:158:250:10TimekeepingRacing Track System Test
8:459:150:30Australian SSPRace 110 Laps 
9:20FIM Medical Inspection
9:30FIM Track Inspection
10:0010:200:20WorldSBKFree Practice 3
10:3510:550:20WorldSSPFree Practice 3
11:0511:250:20Aus SS 300Race 18 Laps –
11:3012:000:30Aus SBKRace 112 Laps 
12:1512:400:25WorldSBKTissot Superpole
12:5513:200:25WorldSSPTissot Superpole
13:4014:100:30Pit Walk 2 & Safety Car Laps
15:00WorldSBKRACE 122 LapsPit Opens: 14:40
16:1516:450:30Aus SBKRace 212 Laps 
16:5017:100:20Aus SS 300Race 28 Laps 
17:1517:450:30Aus SSPRace 210 Laps 
Sunday 24 February 2019
7:457:550:10TimekeepingRacing Track System Test
8:158:450:30Aus SSPRace 310 Laps
8:50FIM Medical Inspection
9:00FIM Track Inspection
09:3009:450:15WorldSBKWarm Up
09:5510:100:15WorldSSPWarm Up
10:3011:000:30Aus SBKRace 312 Laps
11:0511:350:30Pit Walk 3 & Safety Car Laps
12:00WorldSBKS-pole Race10 LapsPit Opens: 11:45
13:15WorldSSPRace18 LapsPit Opens: 13:00
15:00WorldSBKRace 222 LapsPit Opens: 14:40
16:1516:350:20Aus SS 300Race 38 laps


1 Lap 4,445 kmIssued: 28 November 2018 13:00h


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