2020 Australian Senior Solo Speedway Championship
Max Fricke takes the title

Max Fricke has taken out the 2020 Australian Senior Solo Speedway Championships in front of a packed South Australian crowd at Gillman Speedway overnight.

Fans were treated to the best racing this season with the Gillman Speedway track in fantastic shape. Riders diced all night in tight lines early in the heats before finding significant speed out wide later in the evening.

Despite Fricke securing the championship earlier in the night on points, it was Jack Holder who blitzed the field in the final race, with Fricke second, Rohan Tungate third, and Josh Pickering fourth.

Holder’s Final win backed up his performance earlier in the night where he picked better lines and demonstrated superior speed.

Fricke played it safe at the finale to wrap up his second national title in succession and looks in fine form for his European campaign later this year.

Max Fricke Champion
Max Fricke

Max Fricke

“It’s nice to know that it’s all wrapped up now and I can relax a bit,” Max said before the night’s finals. “It’s really nice to know that I’ve come away with it (the championship) now. It’s nice to be able to put myself as a back to back champion with all the names on the trophy. I’m over the moon and can’t thank everyone enough.”

Australian Senior Solo Speedway Championship Podium
Final Championship positions were Max Fricke (1st), Jack Holder (2nd), Rohan Tungate (3rd) and Chris Holder (4th)
2020 Australian Senior Solo Speedway Championship
Final Points
  1. Max Fricke 71
  2. Jack Holder 62
  3. Rohan Tungate 59
  4. Chris Holder 57
  5. Jaimon Lidsey 55
  6. Brady Kurtz 47
  7. Josh Pickering 38
  8. Sam Masters 37
  9. Ryan Douglas 26
  10. Zach Cook 20
  11. Rob Medson 20
  12. Justin Sedgmen 19
  13. Ben Cook 17
  14. Jordan Stewart 16
  15. Jack Morrison 6
  16. Patrick Hamilton 1
2020 Australian Senior Solo Speedway Championship
Round Five – Gillman Points
  1. Jack Holder 20
  2. Max Fricke 16
  3. Rohan Tungate 16
  4. Chris Holder 13
  5. Josh Pickering 13
  6. Jaimon Lidsey 12
  7. Brady Kurtz 10
  8. Sam Masters 8
  9. Ben Cook 7
  10. Rob Medson 6
  11. Justin Sedgmen 5
  12. Zach Cook 5
  13. Ryan Douglas 4
  14. Jack Morrison 1
  15. Jordan Stewart 1