Yamaha men share MX1/MX2 Appin MX Nationals spoils

CDR Yamaha’s Kade Mosig takes top spot at Appin MX Nationals
CDR Yamaha's Kade Mosig takes top spot at Appin MX Nationals
CDR Yamaha’s Kade Mosig takes top spot at Appin MX Nationals

It was a CDR Yamaha affair at round two of the MX Nationals today, with Kade Mosig and Daniel Reardon taking a race win each, before Mosig collected his second ever overall win for his MX1 career.

On a tough and technical track, The Monster Energy MX1 class dished out a mixed bag of results over the day – the round proving to be a challenge for even the most experienced racers.

Race one for the MX1 class had barely gotten underway when defending champion Matt Moss went down in the first turn. After being carted off the track by Racesafe, the Team Motul Suzuki rider was air lifted from the track with unconfirmed injuries.

To add to the carnage, red plate holder, KTM’s Kirk Gibbs also started his day on the wrong foot. After falling hard in moto one, Gibbs went straight into points damage control. The championship leader eventually managing to put in a charge from dead last all the way to third, finishing the moto behind teammate Styke in second, and Mosig who claimed first.

In moto two, it was all about CDR Yamaha’s Daniel Reardon. Taking an early and confident race lead, Reardon took the chequered flag ahead of Gibbs and Styke, to claim his first race win since returning from retirement.

However at the conclusion of round two, it was Mosig who had real reason to celebrate. Finishing the final moto of the day in fourth, Mosig did exactly what needed to be done to earn himself his second MX1 overall for his career, sharing the podium with Gibbs in second and Styke in third respectively.

Monster MX1 Round 2 Overall Winner – Kade Mosig– CDR Yamaha (1st, 4th – 63 Points) – It feels great to get this overall win, and to get some more solid championship points on the board,” he said.

We have had really awesome preparation for this season, and I have a great team behind me in CDR Yamaha.

“Everyone is putting in one hundred per cent effort to get me on the podium and it’s definitely showing when I can give back these great results.”

GoPro SuperPole

1) Kirk Gibbs (1:48.818) – 5 points

2) Adam Monea (1:50.243) – 4 points

3) Lawson Bopping (1:50.557) – 3 points

4) Kale Makeham (1:51.272) – 2 points

5) Jesse Dobson (1:53.182) – 1 point

Monster MX1 Round 2 overall points

1) Kade Mosig – 63 points

2) Kirk Gibbs– 62 points

3) Luke Styke – 62 points

4) Daniel Reardon – 60 points

5) Jesse Dobson – 54 points

6) Lawson Bopping – 51 points

7) Adam Monea – 46 points

8) Dylan Long – 46 points

9) Kale Makeham – 45 points

10) Cody Cooper – 43 points

Monster Energy MX1 Championship points

1) Kirk Gibbs – 141 points

2) Kade Mosig – 127 points

3) Luke Styke – 120 points

4) Lawson Bopping – 113 points

5) Adam Monea – 99 points

6) Cody Cooper – 98 points

7) Jesse Dobson – 95 points

8) Dylan Long – 93 points

9) Daniel Reardon – 87 points

10) Kale Makeham – 87 point

Appin local Luke Clout cleans up at Appin MX Nationals
Appin local Luke Clout cleans up at Appin MX Nationals
Appin local Luke Clout cleans up at Appin MX Nationals

On home soil, and in front of family and friends, Serco Yamaha’s Luke Clout sealed the deal on his first overall win for 2015 at round two of the MX Nationals at Appin today.

Clout, who had a fight on his hands from the minute the gates dropped, went head to head with JCR Yamaha’s Jay Wilson over two action packed races, eventually claiming the overall round win on a count back.

Over both motos, Wilson and Clout banged bars, and provided fans and spectators with some of the most thrilling racing action that Appin has seen in years.

Wilson, with ‘4 Dee’ stitched onto his butt patch, was a man on a mission in moto one, taking line honors ahead of Clout and Husqvarna’s Nathan Crawford.

By the time the gates dropped in moto two, Wilson took the hole shot and early lead – looking ready to wrap up the overall. However a late charge from Clout saw the Yamaha mounted local snatch the lead from Wilson, and in turn the round win.

With Clout wrapping up the win in race two, JCR Yamaha’s Wilson crossed the line in second and earnt himself second overall for the round.

Veteran Kawasaki rider Takeshi Katsuya took third place respectively in moto two, however was unable to secure a podium position, with Crawford collecting third overall for the round.

Clout shared his excitement on the podium, thrilled to have reclaimed the Motul MX2 red plate, and recording his first overall victory for 2015.

Motul MX2 Overall Round 2 Winner – Luke Clout– Serco Yamaha (2nd, 1st – 67 Points) – Today was one of the best days racing I’ve had in about ten years,” he said.

Going wheel to wheel with Jay in both motos and leaving the field and having our own battles was really cool – I think the crowd definitely got their monies worth today.

“The Serco Yamaha team has stuck behind me for years now, and it’s been awesome having their support, especially at this round, being my home track.

“All of my family and friends have been here to support me too this weekend, so to get the win at this round is pretty special – I’m stoked, and hopefully now we can just keep charging forward with this championship.”

Motul MX2 Round 2 overall points

1) Luke Clout – 65 points

2) Jay Wilson – 65 points

3) Nathan Crawford – 58 points

4) Jed Beaton – 53 points

5) Takeshi Katsuya – 51 points

6) Rhys Carter – 50 points

7) Wade Hunter – 49 points

8) Dylan Wills – 47 points

9) Hamish Harwood – 46 points

10) Dylan Leary – 40 points

Motul MX2 Championship points

1) Luke Clout – 130 points

2) Jay Wilson – 127 points

3) Jed Beaton – 118 points

4) Takeshi Katsuya – 113 points

5) Nathan Crawford – 109 points

6) Wade Hunter – 95 points

7) Dylan Wills – 93 points

8)  Rhys Carter – 93 points

9)  Luke Arbon – 82 points

10) Hamish Harwood – 82 points