Troy Herfoss tops Superbike Qualifying ahead of Superpole

The 20-minute Superbike QP2 got underway just before 1430 this afternoon under cloudy skies at Winton Motor Raceway. Hardly any precipitation had falled in the few hours before the QP2 session thus the track was mainly dry when riders took to the track this afternoon.

Troy Herfoss took to the track five minutes into the session and from thereon in was never headed. The Crankt Protein Honda rider recorded a 1m21.798 to end the session at the top of the charts.

Troy Herfoss
Troy Herfoss

Josh Waters impressed to provisionally qualify second ahead of Cru Halliday, Daniel Falzon and Mike Jones.

The massive news from the session though was the failure of title contenders Wayne Maxwell and Glenn Allerton to make the top six cut-off for Superpole.

Maxwell unable to put in a competitive lap-time due to set-up issues with the Yamaha. He said they knew they were in trouble after their private two-day test, which is a massive turnaround in fortunes since his dominant performance here last year on the same machine. Last year, however, it was Maxwell v Herfoss here in the rival Swann Superbike Championship, on a Dunlop control tyre. Maxwell dominated that event, much to the frustration of Herfoss. This time around Maxwell is on Dunlop, and Herfoss on Pirelli.

The top six qualifiers now go through to the Pirelli Superpole ten-minute session scheduled for 1520 this afternoon. The single point awarded to the pole position getter might eventually decide the championship result come Sunday, and only one of the title contenders now has the opportunity to score that point, Troy Herfoss. If the Goulburn 28-year-old can take that point this afternoon the gap between himself and series leader Maxwell comes down to only six points…

Superbike Qualifying Results
  1. Troy Herfoss 1m21.798
  2. Josh Waters 1m22.069
  3. Cru Halliday 1m22.103
  4. Daniel Falzon 1m22.206
  5. Mike Jones 1m22.251
  6. Jamie Stauffer 1m22.270
  7. Glenn Allerton 1m22.464
  8. Brayden Elliott 1m22.558
  9. Wayne Maxwell 1m22.699
  10. Beau Beaton 1m24.227
  11. Sloan Frost 1m24.398
  12. Adam Senior 1m25.475
  13. Brendan Schmidt 1m26.930
  14. Ryan Hampton 1m27.108
  15. Peter Berry 1m27.775
  16. Nathan Spiteri 1m29.083
2016 Yamaha Motor Finance Australian Superbike Championship
  1. Wayne Maxwell 216
  2. Troy Herfoss 209
  3. Glenn Allerton  205
  4. Daniel Falzon 137
  5. Mike Jones 137
  6. Cru Halliday 124
  7. Brayden Elliott 120
  8. Jamie Stauffer 115
  9. Ben Burke 114
  10. Sloan Frost 98
Supersport Qualifying

Callum Spriggs took pole position on a mainly dry track ahead of Luke Mitchell, Nic Liminton and Troy Guenther.

Callum Spriggs

“An awesome start to the final round so far. I have been alright in the wet and in the drying track managed to get a few good laps in. I was really happy the Pirelli tyres worked well with the set up XXX Rated Race Suspension had on my Kawasaki Zx-6r. After the disappointing round at my home track in Queensland I definitely want to come back strong and hopefully get my first Round Win for year. It looks like we are in the right direction for it. I can’t wait for tomorrow . It looks like it will be some good close racing as always.”

Callum Spriggs
Callum Spriggs

Mark Chiodo and his team had packed up early yesterday to head back to Geoff Winzer’s Wangaratta workshop to do some work on the Triumph after they suffered a setback this morning. The team thought they may have expired an engine after it was left to rev on its side after a crash, as oil and smoke started pouring out of the machines exhaust. After getting it back to Winzer’s workshop for further investigation, Garry House removed the plugs and tried to turn the machine over, when he and the workshop got sprayed violenty with oil out of the plug holes, as the combustion chambers and inlet tracts had filled with oil when the machine was on its side. Luckily the oil had cooled down by the time they got back to the workshop! Apparently oil was everywhere, all over House and his face, and all over the workshop! The boys could have a laugh about it later but I don’t think they found it quite so funny at the time! Chiodo qualified 11th today.

Supersport Qualifying Results
  1. Callum Spriggs 1m25.940
  2. Luke Mitchell 1m26.163
  3. Nic Liminton 1m26.310
  4. Troy Guenther 1m26.633
  5. Robbie Menzies 1m26.970
  6. Sam Clarke 1m27.521
  7. Ted Collins 1m27.861
  8. Ryan Taylor 1m27.887
  9. Brad Shaw 1m28.147
  10. Thomas Bryden 1m28.251
  11. Mark Chiodo 1m28.559
  12. Cambridge Olivier 1m29.182
  13. Jake Pruiti 1m31.882
  14. Rhys Belling 1m31.889
  15. Michael Conway 1m33.910
ASBK 2016 - Winton - Schedule
ASBK 2016 – Winton – Schedule