BMW Motorrad is excited to announce that the race-bred S 1000 RR and naked S 1000 R will become the official motorcycle of the California Superbike School, Australia’s leading advanced motorcycle training organisation.

Commencing at Phillip Island in September, the S 1000 RR and the newly released naked S 1000 R will be the chosen mount for the California Superbike School on-track coaches while a fleet of S 1000 RR’s will be available for students to hire.

“This is an exciting development for California Superbike School.

“The BMW S 1000 RR is a fantastic motorcycle that our students will really enjoy. While it is blessed with immense power it is also a comfortable and easy motorcycle to ride. It is the perfect training bike. With its industry leading electronic aids, we will be able to select the appropriate level of aid for each and every student to further hone their skills. These aids will allow the student to focus more on improving their riding and less on the potentially negative outcome of some of their existing riding choices, making our training even safer and more effective.

“It is the start of a new phase for California Superbike School in our ongoing aim of providing the very best in rider training” said Steve Brouggy, Managing Director California Superbike School Australia.

BMW Motorrad General Manager, Tony Sesto, is delighted that the S 1000 RR and S 1000 R has been chosen by the guys from California Superbike School.

“Since its launch, the class leading S 1000 RR has been lauded by racers and road-riders alike. I am very pleased that California Superbike School has selected the RR (and its S 1000 R sibling) to be the official motorcycle of the school. The RR’s qualities of power, dynamic handling and world leading electronics will give California Superbike School students a distinct advantage as they strive to increase their riding ability” said Tony.

Steve Brouggy and Tony Sesto
Steve Brouggy and Tony Sesto