Christmas Gift Ideas from Ficeda

As Christmas approaches, to-do lists lengthen and spare time is harder to come by. Thanks to Ficeda Motorcycle Accessories, you can scratch “Presents for motorbike-mad family/friends” off the list.

As far as two wheel lovers are concerned, this Christmas the greatest gift of all is not socks &  jocks, it’s not a hardware store vouchers, and it’s not offering to mow the lawn for the rest of the summer. It’s motorcycle gear – plain and simple.

Oxford Digi Tyre Gauge – RRP: $39.95
Oxford Digi Tyre Gauge - RRP: $39.95
Oxford Digi Tyre Gauge – RRP: $39.95

Oxford is the top dog when it comes to motorcycling knick-knackery, and their Digi Tyre Gauge is the perfect stocking stuffer. Your moto-maniac loved ones will be pumped up when they discover a large back-lit display for easy reading in the dark, and the wide choice of pressure scales available. Add to that a rotating dual valve system and a pressure release valve, and you’ll undoubtedly end up with the extra serve of crackling at Christmas lunch.

Velo Sport Off-Road Tool Kit – RRP: $159.95

If you can think of a tool you would need for quick roadside repairs that isn’t in the Velo Sport Off-Road Tool Kit, then you’ve just ruined Christmas. I hope you’re happy. This Kit consists of 8,10,12,13 & 14mm wrenches, a spring puller, 9piece metric hex ball end set, a pair of tyre irons, an air pressure gauge, locking pliers, an adjustable wrench, a 2-in1 Spark plug socket, 6-in1 screwdriver, 6-in1 spoke wrench, 3 way T-handle with 8,10 & 12mm sockets, a valve core remover & repair tool, a tyre repair kit (rubber cement, scuffer & patches), an assortment of metric bolts,  and some zip ties. Oh, and also a kitchen sink.

Ipone Racing Chain Lubricant – RRP: $23.95
Ipone Racing Chain Lubricant - RRP: $23.95
Ipone Racing Chain Lubricant – RRP: $23.95

In Japan, there’s no such thing as an unlubricated chain. Ipone employs ninjas to sneak into garages at night, lubricating chains before disappearing without a trace. Whether you believe that or not, you can’t question the quality if Ipone’s products. They are global leaders in motorcycle oils and lubricants. This Chain Lube will keep the recipient of this gift well lubricated at all times.

Oxford Rainex Deluxe Cover – RRP: $99.95
Oxford Rainex Deluxe Cover - RRP: $99.95
Oxford Rainex Deluxe Cover – RRP: $99.95

Oxford’s Rainex Deluxe Cover provides protection against rain, dust, sun, snow and hellfire. Handlebar air vents prevent condensation, a tough outer protects against weather and hard knocks, and a soft inner helps limit scratches. A notable safety feature is the heat resistant lining, in case the cover comes into contact with a hot exhaust.

Interphone Smart Phone Pro Case Bar Mount Holder – RRP: $89.95
Interphone Smart Phone Pro Case Bar Mount Holder - RRP: $89.95
Interphone Smart Phone Pro Case Bar Mount Holder – RRP: $89.95

Interphone are the gurus of seamless gadget/motorcycle integration. Their Smart Phone Holder, which comes in various shapes and sizes to fit models of iPhone and Samsung, provides protection from water, snow, dust, dirt and (god forbid) impact. As well as protecting your phone from the elements, the Smart Phone Holder is designed to make accessing your phone easy, even when wearing riding gloves. Whether you’re using your phone as a GPS or to shoot bar mounted video and photos, the Interphone Smart Phone Pro Case Bar Mount Holder is the solution you’ve been looking for.

Interphone Smart Phone Pro Case Bar Mount Holder - RRP: $89.95
Interphone Smart Phone Pro Case Bar Mount Holder – RRP: $89.95

All products mentioned above can be found at all good motorcycle retailers. Visit for more information.