2018 Classic TT

2018 Superbike Classic TT Results

  1. Dean Harrison – Kawasaki 01:13:24.404  (126.041 mph best lap)
  2. Horst Saiger – Kawasaki 01:14:27.498
  3. Conor Cummins – Yamaha 01:14:36.642
  4. Andrew Dudgeon – Kawasaki 01:15:07.912
  5. Jamie Coward – Kawasaki 01:16:47.750
  6. Michael Evans – Kawasaki 01:17:26.916
  7. Forest Dunn – Kawasaki 01:18:49.535
  8. Sam West – Suzuki 01:19:02.746
  9. Ben Rea- Suzuki 01:19:32.898
  10. Allan Brodie – Suzuki 01:20:23.709
  11. Brian McCormack – Suzuki 01:20:56.077
  12. Josh Daley – Kawasaki 01:20:56.872
  13. Michael Russell – Honda 01:21:04.285
  14. Dennis Booth – Suzuki 01:21:05.840
  15. David Hewson – Kawasaki 01:21:08.634
  16. Michael Hand – Yamaha 01:21:26.832
  17. Morgan Govignon – Kawasaki 01:21:27.340
  18. Tom Weeden – Suzuki 01:21:55.639
  19. Daniel Ingham – Suzuki 01:22:28.957
  20. Oliver Linsdell – Yamaha 01:22:37.208
  21. Jay Lawrence – Suzuki 01:22:51.531

2018 Superbike Classic TT

Dean Harrison, riding a Silicone Engineering Kawasaki, dominated the RST Superbike Classic TT Race to win the final race of the 2018 Classic TT by over a minute.

Dean Harrison

“I felt like I had a bad start to be honest. I didn’t feel a hundred per cent on the opening lap – I felt a bit wooden. I did feel that if I needed to go faster I could do but it’s an old bike so I wanted to bring it home for the lads.

Classic TT Superbike Dean Harrison
Dean Harrison

“The conditions were surprisingly good – the odd damp patches but because there was cloud cover there was no sunlight which can cause problems. Thanks to all the crowd, and the marshals who were out there throughout the week, for making it such a great event and atmosphere.”

Classic TT Superbike Dean Harrison Forest
Dean Harrison

2018 Superbike Classic TT Race Report

Greenall Racing’s Horst Saiger had the honour of carrying the number 1 plate and was first away followed by Harrison, who had only qualified for the race as third fastest but had set his fastest qualifying lap on the opening night.

Classic TT Superbike Horst Saiger
Horst Saiger

James Hillier, due to start fifth on the Oxford Products/ Louigi Moto Ducati, pulled off the grid after his bike was overheating and eventually got going about eight minutes behind the leading riders while Josh Brookes, on the Wiz Racing Norton, was also reported to have problems on the grid in 11th place and eventually started six-minutes after the first rider got away.

Harrison established a lead of just over two seconds over Gary Johnson on the Team York Suzuki by the first timing point – Glen Helen – with Michael Rutter on the Team Winfield Yamaha third a further two seconds back.

Classic TT Superbike Dean harrison Kawasaki
Dean Harrison

Kawasaki mounted Paul Jordan (Mistral Racing) and Derek Shiels (Greenall Racing Kawasaki) completed the top five, just under and over a second back from third place, on the Mistral Racing Kawasaki and Greenall Racing Kawasaki’s respectively.

Harrison’s opening lap of 125.471 gave him a lead of over nineteen seconds from Michael Rutter (123.309) with Gary Johnson (122.980) in third almost three seconds behind Rutter. Conor Cummins, riding the two stroke Yamaha YZR500 had moved into fourth place, less than half a second behind Johnson, with his opening lap of 122.929 with Saiger (122.247) completing the top five. Josh Brookes (121.380) had moved through the field to eighth place, half-a-minute behind the race leader, at the end of the opening lap.

Classic TT Superbike Horst Saiger Kawasaki
Horst Saiger

Cummins edged ahead of Johnson at Glen Helen on the second lap and with Rutter retiring at Ballacrye, Cummins moved into second place at Ramsey, over thirty seconds behind Harrison with Johnson holding third, one and a half seconds down on the Manx rider.

Classic TT Superbike Gary Johnson Conor Cummins Pits
Gary Johnson and Conor Cummins in the pits

Coming in to the pits at the end of the second lap, Harrison’s 126.041 gave him a lead of 37 seconds from Cummins but with Cummins (1:15.912) and Johnson (1:14.834) both experiencing lengthy pit stops – and Johnson’s subsequent retirement at Quarterbridge – Saiger moved into second place at Glen Helen on the third lap. Paul Jordan and Andrew Dudgeon completed the top five, eighteen and twenty-three seconds down on Cummins respectively.

Classic TT Superbike Horst Saiger Kawasaki
Horst Saiger

Josh Brookes, having worked his way through the field up to seventh, lost time before Cronk Ny Mona and was reported as a retirement in the pits. A similar fate had already befell his countryman David Johnson, the South Australian had been seventh quickest on the opening lap with a 121.436 mph lap of the mountain onboard the York Suzuki but eventually succumbed to problems and could not finish the race.

Classic TT Superbike Dean Harrison Front
Dean Harrison

Harrison’s extended his lead over Saiger to almost a minute with a third lap of 118.013 with Cummins over ten seconds behind Saiger. Jordan and Dudgeon completing the top five with third laps of 115.499 and 116.034 respectively.

Classic TT Superbike Conor Cummins YZR Gooseneck
Conor Cummins at the Gooseneck on the Padgetts Yamaha YZR500

Harrison duly secured the race win with a last lap of 124.238mph from Saiger (123.560) with Cummins clinching the final podium place with his last lap of 123.832 – almost 10-seconds behind Saiger.

Dudgeon moved ahead of Jordan on the last lap with Jordan experiencing problems and – with Jordan reported to have retired at Handley’s – Jamie Coward moved into fifth place.

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