2020 E-Racer Motorcycle

Edge & Rugged Mark2

E-Racer Motorcycle have introduced two new specials, the Edge and Rugged Mark2, which are based on the Zero SR/F Café Racer and FXS models respectively, due to arrive in Spring of 2020 and offering a cafer racer and lower performance dual-sport style machine.

Both are available for 6000 Euros plus the cost of the base bikes, while in America the Zero FXS starts at $8,995 + ORC (USD), and the top spec SR/F on the other hand comes in at $19,495 RRP + ORC (USD).

Zero Motorcycles withdrew from consumer sales in Australia in 2017, citing that they were unable to build an economically sustainable retail business as the reason, partly due to exchange rates and taxes.

E-Racer Edge

The E-Racer Edge customises the SR/F offering a different headlight, side-tank and tail design, while bodywork is reversible and mounted to the SR/F with no modification, ensuring the bike can be returned to standard trim.

E Racer EDGE sx
E-Racer Edge

The Edge is also lighter than the original, with a full LED headlight, clip-on handlebars, a handmade stitched saddle and CNC machined triples.

E Racer EDGE headlight
E-Racer Edge

The minimalist headlight in particular looks like it would be a popular standalone item in the custom scene, incorporating a position light, low beam and high beam into a single headlight, and produced in Germany. Two LED daytime running lights are also featured.

E Racer EDGE back lights
E-Racer Edge

The Edge also features a special ex-military armour paint in areas, designed to ensure high levels of scratch resistance.

E Racer EDGE front
E-Racer Edge

E-Racer have also created an Audio-Forceback (E-RAF) system, which fills two roles, the first being to provide audible warning to pedestrians and other road users of the electric vehicles presence, using low frequency for high audibility, as well as trebles for closer proximity warnings that help ensure the sound created offers a clear source.

E Racer EDGE front
E-Racer Edge

The second part of the system is in providing feedback to the rider, with vibrations that vary according to speed, helping to provide that motorcycle-like feel, if perhaps not a real exhaust note.

E Racer EDGE tank open
E-Racer Edge

The Edge is due to be delivered in Spring 2020, for the first five units which are built to individual customer specifications, and are priced at 6000 Euro plus the base cost of the Zero SR/F motorcycle.

E Racer EDGE saddle
E-Racer Edge

The Edge’s claimed performance figures are quoted as being 110hp, with 190Nm of max torque, with a max speed of 200km/h. Charging time is an hour to reach 95 per cent, with a range of 259km in the city, or 132km at highway speeds of approximately 113km/h.

E Racer EDGE Airtender
E-Racer Edge

The overall weight is 220kg, with a Z-Force 75;10 permanent magnet AC motor, clutchless direct drive and 14.4kWh battery.

E-Racer Rugged Mark2

The Rugged Mark2 is based on the Zero FXS and features an auxiliary aluminium frame with side-rings designed for towing or hoisting, with the FXS originally a purpose built military motorcycle.

E Racer RUGGED front
E-Racer Rugged Mark2

On the Rugged you get full LED lights, with two polyellipsoidal micro units on the front as headlights.

E Racer RUGGED front headlight
E-Racer Rugged Mark2

Underseat storage has also been added, with double USB socket and room for a rain jacket, or a 15-metre charging cable (for the bike) that allows it to be charged where a nearby outlet is not available.

E Racer RUGGED under saddle
E-Racer Rugged Mark2

The seat is also apparently designed to allow carrying up to three people, with the Rugged intended as an option for large boats, being easily winched on board and offering increased passenger and carrying capacity.

The bike is also finished with Line X, a resistant armour paint, and features the same E-RAF system as the Edge.

E Racer RUGGED saddle open
E-Racer Rugged Mark2

The Rugged will also be available in Spring 2020 for the first few units, and is 6000 Euros plus the base cost of the Zero FXS.

E Racer RUGGED back lights
E-Racer Rugged Mark2

The Rugged also offers reduced range and power in comparison to the Edge, with 46hp and 106Nm of max torque. Top speed is still 137km/h, with a range of 161km, or 64km on the highway at 113km/h.

E Racer RUGGED back
E-Racer Rugged Mark2

Charging time is 1.3 hours to 95 per cent, and the Rugged Mark2 weighs in at 136kg, with 17in wheels front and rear.

E Racer RUGGED saddle
E-Racer Rugged Mark2

See the E-Racer Motorcycle website for more info: https://www.e-racer.it

More information on the base Zero Motorcycle models can be found at the Zero website. https://www.zeromotorcycles.com (link)

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