F1 and MotoGP stars swap rides at Valencia

Overnight Valentino Rossi drove The Mercedes-AMG F1 W08 EQ Power+, a car that won the 2017 FIA Formula One World Championship with Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport at the hands of Lewis Hamilton, whilst Lewis rode the 2019 Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP YZR-M1 bike that only weeks earlier had been piloted by Valentino at the very same circuit.

Rossi F
Valentino Rossi drives Mercedes-AMG F1 W08 EQ Power+ car

Hamilton is no stranger to motorcycles and has been seen publicly many times participating in motorcycle track days, where by all reports, he is pretty damn handy on two wheels.

Nonetheless, there are plenty of discussion suggesting Hamilton did actually crash the MotoGP machine, with no damage to himself. Understandably, this side of proceedings are being kept a little hush-hush…  

Lewis Hamilton MotoGP
Lewis Hamilton admires the Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP machine

The significance of the occasion was not lost on either Lewis or Valentino who have made no secret of their admiration and respect for each other in recent years. Acting as a mentor for the other, the pair were able to complete multiple runs on each other‘s machinery and share insight, learn about each other‘s craft and enjoy a unique experience.

Rossi F Hamilton MotoGP
Valentino Rossi and Lewis Hamilton swapped rides at Valencia

Anecdotes escaping from various sources after the test indicate that Hamilton was about 4.5-seconds off Rossi’s pace on the bike, and Rossi around 1.5-seconds off Hamilton’s pace in the F1 car. 

Six-time Formula One World Champion – Lewis Hamilton

“It‘s so awesome to see a legend like Valentino in the car. I‘m excited for him for discovering the car for the first time. Reminds me of my first time in a F1 car. When you see all the team around you, it‘s just a different animal.”

Rossi F Hamilton MotoGP
Valentino Rossi drives Mercedes-AMG F1 W08 EQ Power+ car and Lewis Hamilton on the Yamaha MotoGP machine

Valentino Rossi 

“I was already a big fan of Lewis before, but now even more. We had a fantastic day, where the two top classes of motorsports not only met but worked together.

Rossi F
Valentino Rossi drives Mercedes-AMG F1 W08 EQ Power+ F1 car

“Trying the W08 was a spectacular opportunity for me. I have tried an F1 car before, but much has changed since then. Sincerely, I was impressed with the car and its handling, as well as with the Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport team, who were great to work with. They were very welcoming and made it easy for me to get familiar with the car.

Rossi F
Valentino Rossi drives Mercedes-AMG F1 W08 EQ Power+ F1 car

“At first you get an amazing sensation of speed. The G-forces were not so bad, but it takes some getting used to. Once I got into the rhythm I could really push. It was a great pleasure. I felt like a real F1 driver for a day. I didn‘t want the day to end!

Rossi F
Valentino Rossi drives Mercedes-AMG F1 W08 EQ Power+ F1 car

“I also rode the YZR-M1 on track with Lewis. It was a proud moment for the team to share our passion with him. Technically, Valencia is a hard track, and it was windy, so at one point I thought it could be difficult for Lewis, but he was brilliant on the bike and his position on the M1 was great. I really enjoyed sharing this experience with him, and I think he had loads of fun too, demonstrated by how reluctant he was to stop riding! I sincerely hope we will get to have many more experiences like this in the future.”

Rossi Hamilton MotoGP
Valentino Rossi and Lewis Hamilton on Yamaha MotoGP machines

Lin Jarvis – Yamaha Motor Racing

“It was an exceptional day. To have Lewis together with us and Valentino, two icons of sport at the same time and place, was really amazing. I’m really happy that I could be there to witness it and to enjoy it.

Rossi Hamilton MotoGP
Valentino Rossi and Lewis Hamilton on Yamaha MotoGP machines

“I was very impressed by Lewis’ performance because how many four-wheel champions could come here and get on an M1, go out there, and do themselves proud? It’s very difficult to ride a motorcycle fast on track and even more challenging and demanding to ride a factory MotoGP bike.

Rossi Hamilton MotoGP
Valentino Rossi and Lewis Hamilton on Yamaha MotoGP machines

“What stood out to me the most was the moment when he and Valentino were out, really close together, side by side on their M1s. Lewis has said that he’s been a fan of MotoGP and Valentino for years. It was his wish to ride on track together with Valentino and to have the experience one day to ride an M1, and he got both wishes at the same time! It was fantastic to see that even a six-time Formula 1 World Champion who has already achieved so many things, can still realise a dream at a special occasion like this.

Rossi Hamilton MotoGP
Valentino Rossi and Lewis Hamilton on Yamaha MotoGP machines

“We are also very pleased for Valentino, who had another chance to test himself in an F1 car. He clearly thoroughly enjoyed himself, and we heard very positive feedback from the Mercedes team as well. All in all, I think it was a great, unique event.”

Lewis Hamilton MotoGP
Lewis Hamilton


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