This quad was privately imported from the USA
before being heavily modified in Australia

The base quad was the hot two-stroke 250
sports quad that Honda sell in America

Front suspension is very high-spec

The 250cc two-stoke now displaces 425cc
It is also now power-valved, Vortex Ignition etc.

Nice polishing everywhere

At the front too, even the nudge bars are polished


Feeding the daunting big-bore engine is a PSI ‘Big-Air’ carburettor. Completely unlike most induction systems found on vehicles, the PSI system utilises a venturi style system rather than the normal float/needle/jet assembly in conventional applications. I didn’t ask how the fuel economy was…

A special ‘Hinson’ clutch basket helps to ensure the significant drive reaches the rear wheels. The makers of the components fitted to Nick’s engine claim that the modifications yield a total of 75hp from the manic two-stroke weapon.