Jett Lawrence reflects on A2

Aussie Supercross fans were shouting at their computers and TV sets on the weekend as they witnessed a 16-year-old Aussie kid ‘almost’ win the 250 Main in the third round of the 2020 Monster Energy Supercross Championship at Anaheim.

AMA MX Rnd Jett Lawrence Pits JK MX Unadilla
Jett Lawrence already has a huge following and is incredibly popular with SX fans

Such is his incredible popularity that it was not just Aussies cheering for this kid, but thousands of Americans and fans of Supercross from around the world were willing him on.

AMA SX Rnd Anaheim LawrenceJ SX A Kardy
Jett Lawrence

The teenager hit the front after slipping past his vastly more experienced team-mate Christian Craig and then led for the majority of the 250 Main only to be closed down in the final stages by defending champion Dylan Ferrandis.

AMA SX Rnd Anaheim LawrenceJ SX A Kardy
Jett Lawrence

With three-minutes remaining Jett went down! The Aussie teenager had an 11-second lead over Ferrandis before going down in the whoops! He was quickly up and going again while still in the lead but the Frenchman had a sniff now…. Jett made a couple more small mistakes which allowed the defending champion to close within a few lengths of the youngster’s back wheel…

AMA SX Rnd Anaheim LawrenceJ SX A Kardy
Jett Lawrence – Image by Hoppenworld

The 25-year-old Frenchman piled the pressure on his young challenger, who started to make a few more small mistakes, his biggest error coming only metres from the chequered flag as he tried desperately to hold on to his chance at victory. 

AMA SX Rnd Anaheim LawrenceJ SX A Kardy CoverB
Jett Lawrence broke his collarbone at Anaheim II

Jett was briefly rendered unconscious and broke his collarbone in the crash, the stands at Anaheim held their collective breath before Jett got medical help and regained consciousness.  There were tears in his eyes as he realised what had happened. He was not the only one with tears in his eyes….

In this video Jett explains what was going through his mind during those final moments of the race and talks about his injury and the expected recovery time.