2019 BSB

Round Two – Oulton Park – Free Practice

Images by David Yeomans Photography

Josh Brookes topped free practice at Oulton Park, with the 2015 champion claiming the fastest times at each of the opening two Bennetts British Superbike Championship free practice sessions at the Cheshire circuit, upping his pace in the afternoon to end the day with the edge over Danny Buchan by 0.723.

BSB Rnd Oulton Park FP Josh Brookes AROA
Josh Brookes – Oulton Park BSB 2019

The opening session had been interrupted with red flags, but Brookes was unfazed and continued to improve his pace, despite Danny Buchan moving ahead several times during the opening free practice before the FS-3 Racing Kawasaki rider ended the session third fastest.

BSB Rnd Oulton Park FP Danny Buchan AROA
Danny Buchan – Oulton Park BSB 2019

The 45 minute afternoon session saw all the positions change in the closing minutes with Brookes heading back to the top, positing a time on his final one that would cement his position at the top as he became the only rider to lap in the 1m:34s barrier, 0.723s ahead of Buchan.

Josh Brookes – P1

“It has been a good day. I am not surprised with the lap time because I’ve been there before, or close to that. The fastest I’ve been here before was actually in a race and I did 34.4, which is a lap record, so to do 34.3 is a PB, which is great. But Jake Dixon did 33.7 last year so there’s still areas to gain and still room to improve. Without Jake being here on his bike from last year and showing what the gauge is, I don’t know if that’s even achievable. Maybe a 33.8 is possible, a 33.7 isn’t, I don’t know. At the moment I know that the bike’s not perfect, there’s definitely more edge grip to be found because I had it in this morning but we’ve gained a load of drive grip so I’ve got to decide which way is better – to go in search of more edge grip or ride with the bike as it is and work on other little details and see if that helps, so that’s where we’re at.”

BSB Rnd Oulton Park FP Josh Brookes AROA
Josh Brookes – Oulton Park BSB 2019

It has been a strong session for the FS-3 Racing Kawasaki team with Buchan building on his experience at the recent test to maintain his position inside the top five with Peter Hickman again repeating his impressive performance on the Smiths Racing BMW to hold third place, having also had a stint at the top of the times in the earlier stages of the session.

Luke Mossey was again the fastest of the OMG Racing Suzuki riders, holding off Tommy Bridewell and Christian Iddon in the closing stages as he improved his pace on the final run of the second free practice session.

BSB Rnd Oulton Park FP Peter Hickman AROA
Peter Hickman – Oulton Park BSB 2019

Earlier in the day Jason O’Halloran bounced back from his crash at last week’s test to finish fourth fastest in the opening session for McAMS Yamaha, holding off Tommy Bridewell who continued to move up the order for the Oxford Racing Ducati team.

Jason O’Halloran had to settle for seventh fastest in FP2 however, as the leading McAMS Yamaha as he bids to make amends this weekend after a double non-points score last time out at Silverstone, while Ryan Vickers continued to build momentum in his rookie campaign with the RAF Regular & Reserve Kawasaki team in eighth place.

Jason O’Halloran – P7

“It was nice to get back on the bike after the test last week. I feel good and my body is good. We’re just working through chassis settings and trying different things with the bike as I’m still learning about the Yamaha and looking to find the sweet spot around here. We learned a lot today and I expect to make a step forward in the morning, so I’m not too stressed.”

BSB Rnd Oulton Park FP Jason OHalloran AROA
Jason O’Halloran – Oulton Park BSB 2019

Tarran Mackenzie was back inside the top ten in this afternoon’s session holding off Keith Farmer who completed the top ten, edging out joint championship leader Josh Elliott, Bradley Ray on the leading Buildbase Suzuki and Scott Redding on the second Be Wiser Ducatis.

Ben Currie took P13 in FP1 , but while having a good session crashed at Shell and sustained a fracture to his left leg, and is currently undergoing checks on his leg and foot in Stoke Hospital.

BSB Rnd Ben Currie watching the timing ImageDaveYeomans
Ben Currie fractured his leg, ending his weekend at Oulton Park

Fraser Rogers also crashed during the opening session at Water Tower, sustaining a fracture to his right arm.

BSB Superbikes FP1/FP2 Results

1Josh BROOKES1:35.6240.00
2Peter HICKMAN1:35.6740.050
3Danny BUCHAN1:35.9820.358
4Jason O’HALLORAN1:36.0970.473
5Tommy BRIDEWELL1:36.5200.896
6Scott REDDING1:36.6511.027
7Glenn IRWIN1:36.6781.054
8Luke MOSSEY1:36.6901.066
9Christian IDDON1:36.8521.228
10Josh ELLIOTT1:36.9281.304
11Tarran MACKENZIE1:37.0041.380
12Keith FARMER1:37.3141.690
13Ben CURRIE1:37.4581.834
14Dan LINFOOT1:37.5031.879
15Ryan VICKERS1:37.6532.029
16Sylvain BARRIER1:37.6792.055
17Luke STAPLEFORD1:37.7002.076
18Andrew IRWIN1:37.7692.145
19Matt TRUELOVE1:38.0662.442
20Dean HARRISON1:38.0972.473
21David ALLINGHAM1:38.1842.560
22Joe FRANCIS1:38.2752.651
23Xavi FORÉS1:38.4442.820
24Shaun WINFIELD1:38.4552.831
25Claudio CORTI1:38.7023.078
26Bradley RAY1:38.8263.202
27Sam COVENTRY1:38.8953.271
28Fraser ROGERS1:39.2053.581
29James ELLISON1:39.4583.834
30James HILLIER1:40.6305.006
1Josh BROOKES01:34.30.00
2Danny BUCHAN01:35.00.723
3Peter HICKMAN01:35.51.178
4Luke MOSSEY01:35.61.31
5Tommy BRIDEWELL01:35.81.492
6Christian IDDON01:35.91.556
7Jason O’HALLORAN01:35.91.619
8Ryan VICKERS01:36.01.72
9Tarran MACKENZIE01:36.31.971
10Keith FARMER01:36.52.217
11Josh ELLIOTT01:36.62.239
12Bradley RAY01:36.62.316
13Scott REDDING01:36.62.319
14Andrew IRWIN01:36.82.441
15Luke STAPLEFORD01:36.82.523
16Dan LINFOOT01:36.92.544
17Glenn IRWIN01:36.92.579
18David ALLINGHAM01:37.22.839
19Xavi FORÉS01:37.43.042
20Sylvain BARRIER01:37.43.053
21Dean HARRISON01:37.43.114
22Joe FRANCIS01:37.53.136
23Matt TRUELOVE01:37.63.323
24Claudio CORTI01:37.93.565
25James ELLISON01:38.23.891
26Shaun WINFIELD01:38.44.078
27Sam COVENTRY01:39.04.723
28Dean HIPWELL01:39.85.433

Dickies British Supersport

Jack Kennedy claimed the fastest times in both Supersport FP sessions, with a 0.653 lead over Alastair Seeley in FP2, and 1.142s gap to third fastest Brad Jones, while knocking 1.5s off his FP1 time, as the only Supersport rider to dip into the 1:37s.

BSB Rnd Oulton Park FP Jack Kennedy AROA
Jack Kennedy – Oulton Park BSB 2019

Only Seeley and Jones clocked in the 1:38s in FP2, with Kyle Ryde next fastest in fourth, slipping from his FP1 result where he was second fastest overall, narrowly claiming the position from Jones.

Jack Kennedy

“Great day one here at Oulton topping both sessions everything went to plan and we are ready for Qualifying and sprint race tomorrow.”

BSB Rnd Oulton Park FP Jack Kennedy AROA
Jack Kennedy – Oulton Park BSB 2019

Dickies British Supersport FP1/FP2 Results

1Jack KENNEDY1:39.3200.00
2Kyle RYDE1:40.4231.103
3Brad JONES1:40.4841.164
4Alastair SEELEY1:41.1471.827
5Tom OLIVER1:41.2251.905
6Lee JOHNSTON1:41.5962.276
7Charlie NESBITT1:41.6662.346
8Josh OWENS1:42.1362.816
9Eugene McMANUS1:42.3393.019
10Sam WILFORD1:43.1453.825
11Kurt WIGLEY1:43.4494.129
12Richard KERR1:43.5904.270
13Ross TWYMAN1:43.6214.301
14Rory SKINNER1:43.7974.477
15Ben WILSON1:44.0444.724
16Ian HUTCHINSON1:44.1394.819
17Paul JORDAN1:44.3945.074
18Bradley PERIE1:44.4365.116
19Tatsuya YAMAGUCHI1:44.7875.467
20Ross PATTERSON1:45.2215.901
21Matt WIGLEY1:45.8756.555
22Phil WAKEFIELD1:46.2116.891
23Harry TRUELOVE1:46.2286.908
24Thomas STRUDWICK1:46.2716.951
25Jake ARCHER1:48.0558.735
QUALIFYING LAP TIME (110.0% of 1:39.320) = 1:49.252
26Ben TOLLIDAY1:49.51610.196
27Alan NAYLOR1:49.86710.547
28Jorel BOERBOOM1:50.02510.705
29Grant McINTOSH1:53.27613.956
30Tomás DE VRIES1:54.57215.252
1Jack KENNEDY1:37.7360.00
2Alastair SEELEY1:38.3890.653
3Brad JONES1:38.8781.142
4Kyle RYDE1:39.0971.361
5Tom OLIVER1:39.6841.948
6Lee JOHNSTON1:39.7241.988
7Eugene McMANUS1:40.1282.392
8Josh OWENS1:40.3902.654
9Kurt WIGLEY1:40.6762.940
10Charlie NESBITT1:40.8223.086
11Bradley PERIE1:41.1113.375
12Richard KERR1:41.1283.392
13Rory SKINNER1:41.2133.477
14Jamie PERRIN1:41.3233.587
15Harry TRUELOVE1:41.3363.600
16Sam WILFORD1:41.3583.622
17Ian HUTCHINSON1:41.3603.624
18Tatsuya YAMAGUCHI1:41.4313.695
19Ben WILSON1:41.6283.892
20Ross TWYMAN1:42.1284.392
21Paul JORDAN1:42.4364.700
22Thomas STRUDWICK1:42.4394.703
23Matt WIGLEY1:42.6034.867
24Ross PATTERSON1:42.8335.097
25Phil WAKEFIELD1:43.7225.986
26Jake ARCHER1:43.7996.063
27Ben TOLLIDAY1:45.3137.577
QUALIFYING LAP TIME (110.0% of 1:37.736) = 1:47.509
28Alan NAYLOR1:47.5169.780
29Tomás DE VRIES1:47.6509.914
30Grant McINTOSH1:50.59312.857

Pirelli National Superstock 1000

Billy McConnell lead the Australian effort in the Pirelli National Superstock 1000 class at Oulton Park, claiming the fifth fastest time in FP2 with a 1:37.716, 0.840 seconds off Richard Cooper who topped the session, and was the only rider to dip into the 1:36s.

BSB Rnd Oulton Park FP Billy McConnell AROA
Billy McConnell – Oulton Park BSB 2019

Taylor Mackenzie was next fastest in FP2, with Alex Olsen completing the top three.

Aussie Levi day was 10th fastest in FP2, 1.882s off Cooper, while fellow Australian Brayden Elliott was 34th with a 1:41.914.

BSB Rnd Oulton Park FP Levi Day AROA
Levi Day – Oulton Park BSB 2019

Billy McConnell led the timesheets earlier in the day in FP1, setting a 1:37.366 as the fastest time, over half a second faster than Richard Cooper in P2.

Levi Day also started the day off faster, finish eighth on the timesheets, as did Brayden Elliot, in 28th after FP1.

BSB Rnd Oulton Park FP Brayden Elliott AROA
Brayden Elliott – Oulton Park BSB 2019

Pirelli National Superstock 1000 FP1/FP2 Results

1Billy McCONNELL1:37.3660.000
2Richard COOPER1:37.8960.530
3Alex OLSEN1:38.6471.281
4Taylor MACKENZIE1:38.8221.456
5Lee JACKSON1:39.1731.807
6Andrew REID1:39.4492.083
7Luke HEDGER1:39.5732.207
8Levi DAY1:39.6292.263
9Lewis ROLLO1:39.7412.375
10Leon JEACOCK1:39.9352.569
11Michael RUTTER1:40.1562.790
12Chrissy ROUSE1:40.2962.930
13Luke JONES1:40.5623.196
14Tom NEAVE1:40.7863.420
15Lee WILLIAMS1:40.8583.492
16Sam WEST1:40.9023.536
17Tom WARD1:41.0663.700
18Tom TUNSTALL1:41.0793.713
19Joe COLLIER1:41.0853.719
20Gary JOHNSON1:41.1083.742
21Jordan WEAVING1:41.1763.810
22Eemeli LAHTI1:41.3313.965
23George STANLEY1:41.9154.549
24James WHITE1:41.9784.612
25Rob McNEALY1:42.0624.696
26Graeme IRWIN1:42.2474.881
27Michael EVANS1:42.3424.976
28Brayden ELLIOTT1:42.5355.169
29Craig NEVE1:42.6985.332
30Benjamin GODFREY1:42.9335.567
31Josh DALEY1:43.0255.659
32Max ALEXANDER1:43.1635.797
33Jordan RUSHBY1:43.4566.090
34Joe SHELDON-SHAW1:43.8696.503
35Dan STAMPER1:43.8946.528
36Davey TODD1:43.9576.591
37Tim NEAVE1:44.0136.647
38Aaron CLARKE1:44.0156.649
39Daniel COOPER1:44.0166.650
40Jamie TIBBLE1:44.7277.361
41Richard WHITE1:45.1277.761
42Nico CIPRIANO1:45.5998.233
43Milo WARD1:45.8918.525
44Richard WILSON1:46.1538.787
45Sam COX1:46.1978.831
46Christopher GREEN1:47.0049.638
QUALIFYING LAP TIME (110.0% of 1:37.366) = 1:47.102
47James HENRY1:47.44810.082
48Jim WALKER1:48.52711.161
49Bjorn ESTMENT//
1Richard COOPER01:36.90.00
2Taylor MACKENZIE01:37.30.400
3Alex OLSEN01:37.40.545
4Lee JACKSON01:37.60.767
5Billy McCONNELL01:37.70.84
6Andrew REID01:38.21.349
7Luke JONES01:38.61.682
8Luke HEDGER01:38.61.739
9Chrissy ROUSE01:38.71.802
10Levi DAY01:38.81.882
11Joe COLLIER01:38.81.959
12Leon JEACOCK01:38.92.038
13Lewis ROLLO01:39.02.107
14Lee WILLIAMS01:39.92.996
15Tom NEAVE01:40.03.075
16Tom WARD01:40.13.199
17Eemeli LAHTI01:40.33.403
18Tom TUNSTALL01:40.33.459
19Benjamin GODFREY01:40.43.479
20Rob McNEALY01:40.53.6
21George STANLEY01:40.53.621
22Graeme IRWIN01:40.63.695
23Aaron CLARKE01:40.63.746
24Josh DALEY01:41.04.092
25Craig NEVE01:41.14.23
26James WHITE01:41.24.298
27Davey TODD01:41.24.331
28Michael EVANS01:41.44.535
29Daniel COOPER01:41.54.635
30Jamie TIBBLE01:41.84.879
31Sam WEST01:41.84.888
32Dan STAMPER01:41.84.899
33Max ALEXANDER01:41.94.99
34Brayden ELLIOTT01:41.95.038
35Tim NEAVE01:42.05.168
36Joe SHELDON-SHAW01:42.15.205
37Sam COX01:42.35.396
38Jordan RUSHBY01:42.75.801
39Richard WHITE01:43.76.792
40Nico CIPRIANO01:44.07.167
41Richard WILSON01:44.17.208
42Milo WARD01:44.27.277
43James HENRY01:44.37.409
44Christopher GREEN01:45.38.378
45Jim WALKER01:46.39.471