KTM MotoGP Test Brno

Weather conditions however did not favour KTM MotoGP development team’s planned tests at Brno.

KTM MotoGP were confined to working in the pits on the first day because air and asphalt temperatures were too low for effective track testing.

KTM MotoGP Brno 2016
KTM MotoGP Brno 2016

The second day however showed its sunny side, even if very cold conditions tended to apply the brakes slightly to the scheduled development work on the KTM RC16.

Mike Leitner (Vice President KTM Onroad)

“The team markedly increased the performance and there were no problems. Following both tests at the beginning of the year, everyone came to the circuit even better prepared and they were all very focused on their tasks. A very big compliment to both our test riders who did an excellent job despite suboptimal weather conditions. This meant we also managed to complete a good program on the technical side.”

Sebastian Risse (Technical Director KTM Onroad)

“As we have not yet arrived at the sunny side of test conditions, we still have a lot of things on our test program. This means we must listen all the more closely to what our riders demand, and set priorities. We are currently paying very close attention to the electronics and the feeling for the tires. What we need for the fine tuning is now really ideal circuit conditions to be able to find out what will make us more constant, and above all, faster.”

Mika Kallio (Test Rider KTM MotoGP)

“Yesterday aside, we can be satisfied with the progress we achieved today. We adjusted our program again for the second day and tried a few things in terms of ergonomics, as well as more work on the engine and the mapping. Unfortunately, with only a constant ten degrees air temperature it was too cold for good grip, but we have a clear plan for the next test and we know what we have to do to improve.”

KTM MotoGP Brno 2016 - Mika Kallio
KTM MotoGP Brno 2016 – Mika Kallio
Randy de Puniet (Test Rider KTM MotoGP)

“Unfortunately also the conditions today were not those we would have wished for, but despite this we still managed to do a lot of work on the traction control, the engine brake and the chassis. The team has done very good work since the last test and there was a noticeable improvement. We’re improving test for test, I feel very well in the team and I hope they feel the same about me.”

KTM MotoGP Brno 2016 - Randy De Puniet
KTM MotoGP Brno 2016 – Randy De Puniet

The KTM MotoGP Factory Racing Team made use of the final day in the pits at Brno for more preparation before directly heading south next week for the fourth test so far this year.

KTM MotoGP Brno 2016
KTM MotoGP Brno 2016