Motorcycling Australia President Braxton Laine

To put the recommendations into perspective, I would like to provide some insight from the survey findings that was completed by over 3000 respondents.

One of the survey questions asked respondents to rank from 1 (most) to 4 (least) how licence fees were currently being allocated. Analysis of the question revealed that:

49% of people believe the majority of licence fees goes towards insurance;

33% believe most goes to MA;

10% believe most goes to the SCB; and

7% believe most goes to their club.

This was an important question, as 33% of you answered that MA took the largest amount of money out of the licence monies, however the actual allocation of licence monies is as follows:

The cost of a Senior National licence is around $300.

Motorcycling Australia Insurance Limited (MAIL) takes a flat fee of $100 off the top of that National licence which covers you in case of injury. (This money is put into a trust)

Your State Controlling Body (MNSW, MV, MQ, MANT, MSA, MWA, MT) receive 61.56% of the remaining share as they are the delivery arm of the organisation; and

The Governing Body, Motorcycling Australia, receives the remaining 38.44% of the remaining funds.

I believe it is important that you have an understanding of where the money currently goes, because in most cases, people have the incorrect perception of how we are funded.

The survey also provided an opportunity for clubs to list infrastructure and equipment requirements needed to improve facilities and safety for members (a copy of these items can be found here).

As you will note, the list is extensive and highlights the need for MA to assist with capital funding at the grass roots level. By investing in capital projects such as a canteen, this provides a revenue stream which the club can then use to fund other things such as track works to improve safety, and improved facilities that members, officials and families can utilise.

In order to provide this level of assistance, the Review has highlighted the need to introduce a new funding model which will enable us to secure increased grant funding and provide adequate resources that encourage re-investment to achieve growth and financial sustainability into the future.

Once again, thank you for your ongoing contribution and support. I look forward to working with you all to implement the recommendations of the Review in a timely and efficient manner for the benefit of all our members and our broader stakeholder base.

Braxton Laine

Motorcycling Australia President

The Whole of Sport Review recommendations can be found here Motorcycling-Australia-Whole-Of-Sport-Review.