Matt Moss complete Bathurst SX double | Faith tops SX2 | By Kendall Jennings and Trevor Hedge

Saturday night witnessed the secound bout of the Penrite Australian Supercross Championship and Matt Moss continued where he had left off in Friday’s night opening stanza to again dominate proceedings under the backdrop of cloudy skies and a warm Bathurst V8 Supercar weekend atmosphere.

The Moss brothers grew up in an era where ‘Spokes Promotions’ ran Supercross. They were renowned for there speed on 80cc machines and carried that through to seniors, with growing force on their way to the top.

The dominance of Matt Moss at the opening two Bathurst rounds of the 2014 Australian Supercross Championship asks the question, can Matt Moss be challenged this season? With the ambition of completing the series undefeated, Matt is on his way to accomplish that goal.

Adam Monea looked strong and comfortable on his Kawasaki, and was best of the rest on the night, but just not up to the speed of Moss and took second place, 4.7 seconds behind Moss.

2.7 seconds further behind was Lawson Bopping, who looked at home on the Suzuki, but struggled getting out of the gate and then through the pack.

Kirk Gibbs was somewhat in the same predicament in regard to getting out of the blocks but proved he did have speed with the second fastest lap of the night, his 48.352 on the final lap of the 20-lap encounter proving his speed and fitness but his poor start prevented him from making a podium challenge and had to settle for fourth.

The quickest lap of the main was by Matt Moss with a 48.22 on lap six. Only four riders managed to put in 48-second lap times in the main, the others second placed Monea (48.98) and third placed Bopping (48.91).

Jake Moss suffered with arm pump, considering that he broke his collarbone only two weeks ago, his results do not reflect his ability but a fifth place finish still a highly creditable result.

Jesse Dobson was strong early in the final, however a front wash out ended his hopes of a podium finish and the Queenslander took 24-points from his seventh place finish behind Sam Martin.

Matt Moss expected to be a dominating force, that is what his program is built around, not just to win a championship, to dominate a championship.

“I have been feeling good since I hopped back on the Supercross bike, obviously the first few couple of days were a little bit, weird, but I am quite at home now and my head is in the right space at the moment, and that’s where it needs to be.

“Starts are good, bike is good, my fitness is really good, so no complaints.” Said SX1 reining champion and current series leader Matt Moss after completing the perfect opening to his 2014 SX campaign.

Penrite Australian Supercross Championship 2014 – Round Two – Bathurst – SX1 Pro Open Final (20 laps)

  1. Matt Moss / Suzuki
  2. Adam Monea / Kawasaki / 4.7 secs
  3. Lawson Bopping / Suzuki / 7.4 secs
  4. Kirk Gibbs / KTM / 8.14 secs
  5. Jake Moss / Kawasaki / 21.45 secs
  6. Sam Martin / 23.19 secs
  7. Jesse Dobson / KTM / 24.74 secs
  8. Kade Mosig / Yamaha / 34.59 secs
  9. Daniel McCoy / Honda / 39.57 secs
  10. Josh Cachia / Husqvarna / 1 lap
  11. Justin Carafa / 1 lap
  12. Jay Marmont / Honda / 1 lap
  13. Kieran Tisdale / Suzuki  / 1 lap
  14. Tim Vare / Honda / 1 lap
  15. Chris Camilleri / 2 laps 

Penrite Australian Supercross Championship 2014 – Round Two – SX1 Pro Open Championship Standings

  1. Matt Moss 70
  2. Adam Monea 64
  3. Lawson Bopping 58
  4. Kirk Gibbs 58
  5. Jake Moss 50
  6. Sam Martin 50
  7. Kade Mosig 49
  8. Jesse Dobson 45
  9. Josh Cachia 43
  10. Daniel McCoy 42
  11. Jay Marmont 42
  12. Justin Carafa 39
  13. Kieren Tisdale 35

SX2 | Faith tops SX2

Taylor Potter had a fantastic start and built an early  lead but American Gavin Faith reeled him in over the closing laps of the final and eventually eased away from Potter to take a 1.59 seconds victory over the Victorian. Faith also the only rider to dip into the 48-second bracket amongst the SX2 runners, in fact his 48.77 would have also made him the third fastest rider of the night across both the SX1 and SX2 Mains and was actually quicker than the best lap of the second and third placed SX1 finishers.

Kale Makeham chased Potter hard throughout the final but never quite managed to make a successful challenge and had to settle for third place on the two-stroke KTM just ahead of Friday night victor Brenden Harrison.

Faith who has not yet secured a ride in the upcoming AMA Supercross Championships is grateful that he is racing in Australia.

“It is good to be here, the track was really good this weekend and it had a few different lines in it, made for good racing.” said the SX2 series leader, who is currently calling Melbourne home while he is here contesting the 2014 Penrite Australian Supercross Championship.

Penrite Australian Supercross Championship 2014 – Round Two – Bathurst – SX2 Pro Lite Final (15 laps)

  1. Gavin Faith / Honda
  2. Taylor Potter / 1.59 secs
  3. Kale Makeham /KTM / 2.38 secs
  4. Brenden Harrison / KTM / 2.77 secs
  5. Jackson Richardson / 738 secs
  6. Kyle Peters / 15.48 secs
  7. Hayden Mellross / 18.28 secs
  8. Luke Arbon / Husqvarna / 28.02 secs
  9. Nick Sutherland / Suzuki / 28.44 secs
  10. Ryan Marmont / Husqvarna / 45.05 secs
  11. Luke Wilson / Honda / 48.70 secs
  12. John Prutti / 51.82 secs
  13. Geran Stapleton / Suzuki / 1 lap
  14. Boyd Hocking / Yamaha / 1 lap
  15. Jake Vella / 1 lap

Penrite Australian Supercross Championship 2014 – Round Two – SX2 Pro Lite Championship Standings

  1. Gavin Faith 65
  2. Brendan Harrison 63
  3. Kyle Peters 57
  4. Taylor Potter 56
  5. Jackson Richardson 54
  6. Kale Makeham 49
  7. Hayden Mellross 49
  8. Luke Arbon 45
  9. Ryan Marmont 44
  10. Nick Sutherland 43
  11. Luke Wilson 40
  12. John Prutti 36
  13. Geran Stapleton 36
  14. Boyd Hocking 33
  15. Jake Vella 31


Craig Anderson – Husqvarna Motocross Racing Team Manager: “It was good. Both boys got better every time they went out there. It was Doggy’s first race back since Wanneroo, and the first night he lost some ground, but then settled in, and was doing the leader’s pace, so that was great. Josh’s first 20-lap Pro Open race was good. He almost holeshotted the first night, lost a few places straight away, but was able to settle behind Jay, which was good for him. On Saturday the boys looked more comfortable. Doggy had a small crash and had to come from last all the way back to 10th. When he was by himself in the middle of that race he put in the fastest lap time out of everyone, so that was very positive. Josh had some great starts on the 350, and started well in the final, but McCoy put him on the ground, and he got up with a bent front brake lever, but still got back up to 10th as well. It was a good weekend for the boys, they both put everything they had into it so it was a rewarding thing.”

Josh Cachia – Husqvarna FC 350 (9,10) “It was 90% positive. I changed a couple of things up on the bikes just trying to get used to it. I was at the front in most of my starts, but just lacked a bit of sprint speed. I’m just going to go home and work on my sprints now, and hopefully get some good starts next time, and stay at the front! Even some of my competitors told me that my bike is way gnarlier than any other bike on the track. It makes a distinctive, and really meaty sound, which is good because people know when it’s me coming up on them. That was the first Pro Open race I’ve ever done and I’m stoked, the guys in the field are all professional enough to know how to race, where in the lites class there were three or four kids who were like cut snakes. It’s really good to get back into a class that’s got good professional guys in there, and some of my best mates as well.”

Ryan “Doggy” Marmont – Husqvarna FC 250 (8,10) “All in all, our results didn’t look that great on paper, but we rode solid, things just didn’t go our way when it counted in the finals. But I had good speed, and progressed really well over the weekend so, I know what I’ve got to work on for Phillip Island and we’ll work on that this week. It felt good to be back on the racetrack again, but there was a bit of that racing intensity that I lacked, and it showed a bit in the finals. That just comes with time and racing, and I feel I’ve learnt a whole heap just in the last couple of days.”

Luke Arbon – Husqvarna TC 250 (9,8) “I felt like I had the pace to be at the front, but a few misfortunes cost me. I crashed Friday in the heat race which hurt my back and my neck pretty bad. In the Friday final I got a great start and was running second for probably half the race, but then I started to get a little fatigued and handed back a few positions. I was still in fifth on the last lap, and just had a little crash in the turn, and went back to ninth, which was pretty disappointing. Saturday I was really stiff and couldn’t really move too well, but I felt good on the bike. I qualified decent, but then off the gate I just spun really bad, and I was pretty much last into the first turn. I came through pretty decent but then went down when someone crashed in front of me and I got stuck on a bike for a while. I’m looking forward to the next round and being healthy and just coming out swinging.”

Rob Twyerould – KTM Team Manager: “Friday night went off really well, it was the first ever Supercross the Jesse, so that was pretty amazing, and to finish 10th was pretty good after quite a big get off, when he went over the bars in the stutters. Gibbsy didn’t get an amazing start; he was in the top 10 and worked his way to third but he kind of got stuck behind Jake Moss for too long because I think he could have challenged Monea in the end. It was only his second ever supercross podium so that’s really good. Third and 10th on Friday night was quite pleasing, and then last night in the main, Jesse got an unbelievable start. He was running second behind Matt Moss and looking comfortable like he owned that spot, and unfortunately just took a different line on a slick patch and slid out, which was disappointing because I do believe he would have finished top five. Gibbsy got the worst start in the world! He was second last in the first corner and then as he was charging through he got caught up in Mosig’s crash, then caught up behind Cachia and couldn’t jump a whole section, but just put his head down, used some great lines and picked off one or two riders every lap until he got right up to third and second. It was a fantastic effort.”

Kirk Gibbs – KTM 450 SX-F (3, 4) “Rob was pretty shocked when I told him this was only my second supercross podium. It’s something I’ve had to learn later in my career, I haven’t always been the greatest Supercross rider and it’s been really tough, but it’s coming to me a lot easier than it has in previous years. It was good to get on the podium and at the same time a little frustrating because I feel I could really compete for wins. I should have been on the podium again last night, but it is what it is. I feel really good on the bike and it’s just a matter of fine tuning to go that bit better at Phillip Island.”

Jesse Dobson (KTM 450 SX-F) – “My first supercross was everything I expected if not more; it’s my new favourite thing that’s for sure! It was a successful weekend and I achieved what I wanted to, which was top 10 on the first night, and then try and improve each round. Last night we came out with a seventh, so I’m pretty happy with how it all went. There were a couple of crashes and a lay down, but other than that I know the speed is there, and I know I do belong up the front of the pack battling with the top guys.”

Brenden Harrison – KTM 250 SX (1, 4) – “Not too bad a weekend. I think I rode good and I’m stoked about the win but I had a couple of little mistakes in the final last night. It felt really good to cross the finish line first on Friday night. It was a long time coming and there was a lot of hard work and dedication behind it. It was a massive relief and gave me a lot of confidence going into last night as well, but I made a few mistakes – I’ll work on those this week and hopefully put it on the top of the box both nights next weekend. And then come in to Brisbane with the points lead is the goal.”

Gavin Faith – Honda  – “I actually had a pretty solid weekend. After making a mistake on the first night it was good to come through with the win last night. My start was horrible, but I put my head down and focused on picking the guys in front off, one-by-one. I am going to head back to Melbourne and put in a solid week of training before next weekends races at MotoGP,” he continued.

Jay Marmont – “It was a bit of a tough weekend, I am still getting used to the bike but I was feeling good on Saturday and was sitting third before I went down.”

Matt Moss -  Penrite Australian Supercross Championship Round Two 2014 Bathurst
Matt Moss – Penrite Australian Supercross Championship Round Two 2014 Bathurst
Gavin Faith -  Penrite Australian Supercross Championship Round Two 2014 Bathurst
Gavin Faith – Penrite Australian Supercross Championship Round Two 2014 Bathurst
SX2 -  Penrite Australian Supercross Championship Round Two 2014 Bathurst
SX2 – Penrite Australian Supercross Championship Round Two 2014 Bathurst

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SX2 -  Penrite Australian Supercross Championship Round Two 2014 Bathurst
SX2 – Penrite Australian Supercross Championship Round Two 2014 Bathurst
Taylor Potter and  Gavin Faith -  Penrite Australian Supercross Championship Round Two 2014 Bathurst
Taylor Potter and Gavin Faith – Penrite Australian Supercross Championship Round Two 2014 Bathurst