is pleased to welcome Greg Moss (Moss Institute) to our list of regular contributors. Greg has over 20 years of coaching experience, specialising in motocross and supercross. His twin boys, Jake and Matt, have been stars of the Australian Motocross scene for 20 years, with countless Junior and Senior National Championships under their belts. Matt is currently the reigning Australian Motocross and Supercross Champion. In his second of what is going to become a weekly Thursday column Greg interviews Meghan Rutledge after her historic double win in the opening round of the World Motocross Championship.

Meghan Rutledge has had the most successful career of any dirt bike rider I know of, she has been a student here at Moss Institute along with Luke Styke and Matt and Jake Moss since the first day she threw a leg over a peewee at age 3. After five years of coaching she progressed to the 65cc Kawasaki and took out the boys in the 7 to 9 yrs class at the NSW State Titles, it was really no big surprise to me as girls are often better students than the boys. Since then she has continued along and has even raced Super X etc against the boys at National level since she was a 13-year-old tiny girl on a 250cc four-stroke, another huge feat.

Meg was undefeated in every junior title in the girl’s class on every bike size and won the Senior Ladies National Title at the age of 16. Before her 18th Birthday she became the Queen of Geneva SX Champ, has won an AMA moto and world GPO races and after last weekend in Qatar Meghan now holds the number 1 plate heading in to round 2 of the World Women’s Motocross Championships.

This week we sat down with Meghan and asked questions that everyone is wanting the answers to.

Q:  Do you think you taking the first round of the WMX motocross world championship came as a surprise to a few people?

Meg: “Definitely, there were a few set backs in pre season especially breaking my ankle just four weeks out from the event. I’m not to sure what people where expecting of me but I knew I could do it. The biggest giveaway was that my top of the box result came as a surprise was probably as I was standing on the podium eagerly awaiting the national anthem to begin and they started playing the Italian anthem.”

Q. If  Hollywood made a movie about your life, who would you like to see play the lead role as you?

Meg:  “Jennifer Lawrence from the Hunger Games. She seems down to earth and obviously a little out there from her previous roles. After seeing her shoot a bow and arrow I’m sure we could teach her to ride a bike.

Q:  If someone wrote a biography about you, what do you think the title should be?

Meg: “Probably something obvious like Mad Meg: Born to ride.”

Q: What is a quote that describes your life?

Meg: “Aim for the stars, no matter how high, have faith in yourself and reach for the sky. Just follow your dreams, they’re waiting for you and you are the one who can make them come true.”

Q:  You have become quite the seasoned traveller what is your favourite thing about going overseas?

Meg: “Definitely coming home!

Q: Least favourite thing?

Meg: “Living out of a gear bag.”

Q: What has been your favourite place you have travelled to and why?

Meg: “California because there are so many motocross tracks nearby to train on.”

Q: Some people say imitation is a form of flattery but how do you feel about all the fake social media accounts and people pretending to be you?

Meg: “I find it frustrating as they haven’t even got the correct information. This is my only way of keeping everyone that supports me updated when I’m overseas. The only official page on facebook is Meghan Rutledge (Madmeg 222).”

Q:  Speaking of social media I recently saw a tweet stating how unfair it was that you hadn’t made the short list for FHM’s sexiest women in the world 2014. How do you feel about that and do you think this title would make you more marketable for your sponsor’s haha?

Meg: “I’m not to sure what to make of that statement haha I don’t think I ever see myself as someone who could be on that list. I’m much more comfortable on the track, covered in dirt and mud or in my trackies. it would definitely provide an opportunity for more exposure for myself and my sponsors but I’m not sure that is the title I am after. WMX World champion 2014 sounds much better to me!”

Q: What do you do when not on the bike to help you relax and unwind?

Meg: “There isn’t much time to relax with my schedule but to unwind I love to spend time with my two year old niece although it isn’t that relaxing, its great fun. I also enjoy water sports in summer and snow boarding in winter.”

Q: What is an average week’s training for you?

Meg: “I go to the gym daily, five times a week, doing both strength and cardio, I also do Yoga once a week. On the weekends I’m not racing I train on the bike, I would love more training time on the bike but due to work commitments that’s not always possible.”

Q: I have heard that you will fly over for each round, why?

Meg: “Easy answer is the cost, unfortunately I have to cover the cost of flights, accommodation, hire cars, insurance etc. It works out heaps cheaper for me to fly over for each round rather then live in France for 5 months. I will also be able to continue to work between race meetings.”

Q: Do you like to race the MXD boys here in Aus and when will be the next time?

Meg: “I really enjoy the competition of the boys racing in Australia. I won’t ever race MXD again as I have moved up to the MX2 class. My first race in MX2 will be at Broadford in a couple of weeks.”

Q: At any time on the bike do you feel like there something you can’t do?

Meg: “I have been lucky enough to grow up in a family that has always said, “There is no such word as can’t, anything is possible as long as you want it”. So no, but I must admit that having been trained by Greg Moss from the Moss Institute my whole life has definitely helped me feel extremely confident and comfortable on the bike.

Q: I presume your bike comes from Europe- how hard is it not getting to have time on the bike before you race it? How different is the Budd bike?

Meg: “Surprisingly it wasn’t as hard as I expected it to be. The BUD racing team Kawasaki is completely different to any bike I have ever ridden before. With in my first two laps on it, it was my favourite bike I have ever had the opportunity to race.”

Q: What’s your advice for young girls wanting to compete in the FIM Woman’s MX?

Meg: “Keep racing against the guys in Australia and training as hard as you can.”

Q: What do you think about MA’s decision to run WMXN on the same day but at different venues as MXN at Appin, making it impossible for any coverage or team help, also run on the same day that you’re competing at a round of World Champs?

Meg: “I was devastated, I can’t believe MA put two national events on the same weekend. We have tried our hardest to get the dates changed, contacted MA, MNSW and the club running the event, but have had no luck. It’s disappointing  to think I’m not even going to get the chance to defend my Australian Tittle after there wasn’t even an event for the women in 2013. If there was one positive to come from this decision it is, that it had made me more determined then ever to become the World Champion.

Q: Can you get any faster in the future.?

Meg: “Only with the right help and I have that with Greg, Matt and Jake Moss and my dad to help me train plus the great support from Kawasaki Australia and all my other sponsors here in Australia.

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Image by P Haudiquert / Mediacross
Image by P Haudiquert / Mediacross
Image by P Haudiquert / Mediacross
Image by P Haudiquert / Mediacross
Image by P Haudiquert / Mediacross