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Dunlop Geomax MX3S

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2017 Monster Energy Cup – Sam Boyd Stadium, Las Vegas

Marvin Musquin - Image by Rich Shepherd
Marvin Musquin – Image by Rich Shepherd

Marvin Musquin has convincingly won the 2017 Monster Energy Cup on the back of three emphatic moto won in front of a capacity crowd at Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas last weekend and in doing so the French KTM rider picked up a cool $1,000,000.00.

Marvin Musquin

“It’s pretty unreal to go out and win all three. To see that someone is winning $1 million in one night at a Supercross race is so unique… it’s like being at the casino and just winning the jackpot. I wasn’t even thinking about winning all three motos. It’s unreal to go out and win all three. We had such a long break between the second and third moto – which made it more stressful. The key was to get a good holeshot and try to go fast. To be honest, in my head I was thinking I would get a start around the top-three and then wasn’t sure what I would do.

Marvin Musquin - Image by Rich ShepherdI knew it was going to be so hard to pass, so getting the holeshot was the best way to go out for the third moto. I think this is great for the sport – a lot of people are watching on TV. To see that someone is winning one million dollars in one night at a motocross race is unique. I think we got a lot of views, and people will be talking about it, that’s for sure. We were all in disbelief when I crossed the finish line. It’s super cool- this doesn’t happen often. I had so much fun.”

Jason Anderson went 2-2-2 for second overall and third overall was Dean Wilson with 3-5-3 finishes while Broc Tickel went 4-3-4 in his first ride on the KTM.

Jason Anderson - Image by Simon Cudby
Jason Anderson – Image by Simon Cudby
Jason Anderson

“Marvin was riding great and for me to ride at that pace I was pushing so hard that I would make a little mistake here and there but all in all I am happy, I am coming back from an injury so I haven’t been back on the bike for long, I am happy with the results and can’t thank the team enough.”

Dean Wilson - Image by Simon Cudby
Dean Wilson – Image by Simon Cudby
Dean Wilson

“It’s amazing how things can change, it’s been an amazing year, this time last year I was sitting on the couch and I didn’t know what my future plan were, it was a low point in my life but I did the best I could and it has all paid off, this is really rewarding to be on the podium here.”

Young Jordon Smith impressed many with solid and consistent speed to end the night with 5-4-6 finishes for fifth overall on the night while hot favourite Eli Tomac crashed out of the opening moto after being passed by Musquin and it was a night to forget for Tim Gajser with the two-time world champion crashing out of the opening moto after being as high as third earlier in the race – neither Eli or Tim took part in the second or third races.

After a heavy crash during practice, Justin Barcia was able to get better as the night wore on with the privateer Honda rider going 10-6-5 for 6th overall.

Five years ago if you said that the top four positions in a major supercross race was going to end with two KTMs and two Husqvarna’s in the top four you would have been deemed a lunatic.

Monster Cup Main Event #1 (10 Laps)

  1. Marvin Musquin
  2. Jason Anderson
  3. Dean Wilson
  4. Broc Tickle
  5. Jordon Smith
  6. Joshua Grant
  7. Benny Bloss
  8. Vince Friese
  9. Christian Craig
  10. Justin Barcia
  11. Justin Hoeft
  12. Tyler Bowers
  13. Jacob Hayes
  14. Alex Ray
  15. Chase Marquier
  16. Cyrille Coulon
  17. Chris Blose
  18. Fredrik Noren
  19. Tim Gajser
  20. Cole Martinez
  21. Eli Tomac
  22. Justin Bogle
  23. Justin Starling

Monster Cup Main Event #2 (10 Laps)

  1. Marvin Musquin
  2. Jason Anderson
  3. Broc Tickle
  4. Jordon Smith
  5. Dean Wilson
  6. Justin Barcia
  7. Joshua Grant
  8. Benny Bloss
  9. Tyler Bowers
  10. Vince Friese
  11. Justin Hoeft
  12. Fredrik Noren
  13. Cole Martinez
  14. Alex Ray
  15. Chris Blose
  16. Chase Marquier
  17. Cyrille Coulon
  18. Christian Craig
  19. Jacob Hayes

Monster Cup Main Event #3 (10 Laps)

  1. Marvin Musquin
  2. Jason Anderson
  3. Dean Wilson
  4. Broc Tickle
  5. Justin Barcia
  6. Jordon Smith
  7. Benny Bloss
  8. Joshua Grant
  9. Tyler Bowers
  10. Vince Friese
  11. Cole Martinez
  12. Justin Hoeft
  13. Chris Blose
  14. Alex Ray
  15. Cyrille Coulon
  16. Chase Marquier
  17. Fredrik Noren
  18. Christian Craig
Monster Energy Cup 2017 Podium - Sam Boyd Stadium - Image by Simon Cudby
Monster Energy Cup 2017 Podium – Sam Boyd Stadium – Image by Simon Cudby

Monster Energy Cup – Overall

  1. Marvin Musquin (KTM – France) 1-1-1
  2. Jason Anderson (Husqvarna – USA) 2-2-2
  3. Dean Wilson (Husqvarna – Scotland) 3-5-3
  4. Broc Tickle (KTM – USA) 4-3-4
  5. Jordon Smith (Honda – USA) 5-4-6
  6. Justin Barcia (Honda – USA) 10-6-5
  7. Josh Grant Josh Grant (Kawasaki – USA) 6-7-8
  8. Benny Bloss (KTM – USA) 7-8-7
  9. Vince Friese (Honda – USA) 8-10-10
  10. Tyler Bowers (Kawasaki – USA) 12-9-9

Monster Energy Cup – All-Stars Top Ten

  1. Seth Hammaker 1 – 1
  2. Pierce Brown 3 – 2
  3. Jo Shimoda 2 – 4
  4. Tanner Stack 9 – 3
  5. Dylan Greer 6 – 6
  6. Ramyller Alves 5 – 10
  7. Carter Halpain 7 – 9
  8. Jordan Bailey 10 – 8
  9. Mitchell Falk 12 – 7
  10. Garrett Marchbanks 16 – 5

Monster Energy Cup – Supermini Top 10:

  1. Jett Reynolds 1 – 2
  2. Kaeden Amerine 4 – 5
  3. Jeremy Ryan 6 – 4
  4. Alexander Vestal 9 – 3
  5. Jace Kessler 12 – 1
  6. Matthew Leblanc 2 – 11
  7. Nate Thrasher 11 – 6
  8. Hunter Cross 10 – 7
  9. Jack Rogers 5 – 13
  10. Preston Kilroy 3 – 18
Dunlop Geomax MX3S
Dunlop Geomax MX3S

Australian Supercross Championships – Round 2 – Bacchus Marsh, Vic

Justin Brayton and Gavin Faith have won the SX1 and SX2 classes respectively at round two of the Australian Supercross Championships which was held in Bachcus Marsh, Victoria last weekend.

SX2 Start - ASX Round 2 - Bacchus Marsh
SX2 Start – ASX Round 2 – Bacchus Marsh

SX1 Report

Dylan Long

Dylan Long took the opening heat win over Kade Mosig, Nick Schmidt, Jesse Dobson and Luke Clout, while Dean Ferris drew first blood in his battle with Brayton to take the second heat win over Brayton, Todd Waters, Nathan Crawford and Dan Reardon.

Justin Brayton took the overall SX1 win
Justin Brayton

Brayton and Ferris battled for the lead at the start of the main event and although Ferris was awarded the holeshot Brayton was able to make a pass for the lead immediately and over the next few laps Ferris looked to challenge the American but the experienced Brayton was able to jump rhythm sections in a quicker fashion than his rivals and this allowed the defending champ to gap the field and give himself some breathing space back to Ferris.

Dean Ferris
Dean Ferris

When the chequered flag flew Brayton had etched out an eight-second lead over Ferris who in turn had a sizeable lead over third place finisher Todd Waters while Dylan Long recorded his best finish in the premier class with a solid fourth place.

Justin Brayton
Justin Brayton
Justin Brayton – P1

“It was a great night. I qualified 1st and was lapping faster than the competition all   night. The track was really slick in some areas but my Dunlops were amazing in these conditions. Things are going well, testing has proved valuable and my Honda feels like it is on rails, I can’t wait to get to Adelaide for round 3.”

Todd Waters
Todd Waters
Todd Waters – P3

“I’m stoked, this was one of the hardest days of racing for me. Unfortunately I hurt my knee during the week, I came in after qualifying and I was beside myself. Basically I was just over riding injured, but dad said to just go out there and ride my laps, and that’s really what I did. With the result, for what the day was, I’m stoked, but I’m not really impressed with my riding overall. But we’ll go back, get make sure we’re healthy and I’m looking forward to round three in Adelaide now where we can go in with a good position in the championship.”

Dan Reardon
Dan Reardon

Daniel Reardon struggled all night but salvaged points in fifth while Schmidt bounced back from his disastrous opening round to finish in sixth.

Nick Schmidt
Nick Schmidt
Nick Schmidt – P6

“We had two weekends off after the first round, and we put in a lot of work with the team and with the suspension. My suspension guy did an amazing job and we made some big improvements. I had a bit of bad luck in the heat race here, I tipped it over again but it is part of racing and the main event was good. We made a couple of changes during the day and they paid off. I got into about fourth at the half way point, but I just got a little tight and made some mistakes. We know we have the pace to run with the top guys, and we finished sixth tonight so it was good. Hopefully we can get on the podium at round three.”

Unfortunately a pair of crashes would see Luke Clout fall out of the top spot in his heat race and out of podium contention in the 20-lap main event, where he would eventually cross the line in seventh and now sits tied for fifth in the standings.

Luke Clout
Luke Clout
Luke Clout – P7

“We had a really good day going and I was second fastest. We had some really good speed going and I was second behind Justin [Brayton] in qualifying. I was leading my heat race and that was really good to get out front, but I went down in the whoops and we finished fifth in that one. In the main event I got a good start and I was running in third before I put it down again. I think my speed and everything is there, but we’ve just got to fine-tune some little things and I think we’ll be on the podium in the coming rounds.”

Kade Mosig was making a run at the podium when the Yamaha pilot crashed his way back to ninth.

Kade Mosig
Kade Mosig
Kade Mosig – P9

“Feeling good after the heat race. I had an ok start and began working my way forward and by mid race I’d gotten past Reardon and into a podium position, but a mistake in the whoops put me off the track and on the ground. Once I got going again, it was tough to find my rhythm again and battled my way back to 9th. It’s not the night I had planned, but my speed was there, I just need to nail my starts and stay consistent, and I can achieve my goal.”

SX1 Podium - ASX Round 2 - Bacchus Marsh -
SX1 Podium – ASX Round 2 – Bacchus Marsh –

SX1 Main Event Final Results

  1. Justin Brayton
  2. Dean Ferris
  3. Todd Waters
  4. Dylan Long
  5. Daniel Reardon
  6. Nick Schmidt
  7. Luke Clout
  8. Nathan Crawford
  9. Kade Mosig
  10. Cheyne Boyd
  11. Daniel Herrlein
  12. Luke Wilson
  13. Joel Whightman
  14. Robbie Marshall
  15. Geran Stapleton
  16. Jamie Harvey
    … DNF. Jesse Dobson

SX1 Championship Standings after 2 of 6 Rounds

  1. Justin Brayton – 50 Pts
  2. Dean Ferris – 44 Pts
  3. Todd Waters – 36 Pts
  4. Daniel Reardon – 36 Pts
  5. Dylan Long – 32 Pts
  6. Luke Clout – 32 Pts
  7. Nathan Crawford – 28 Pts
  8. Cheyne Boyd – 24 Pts
  9. Kade Mosig – 23 Pts
  10. Nick Schmidt – 22 Pts

SX2 Report

The drama in the SX2 class began with championship contender Gavin Faith going over the bars in a rhythm section while leading his heat race forcing the Honda rider to retire from the race, opening up the door for defending champion Jackson Richardson to inherit the lead, and eventually the heat win over Aaron Tanti and Geran Stapleton.

Faith leading the SX2 Start
Faith leading the SX2 Start

The second heat went to Hayden Mellross over Kyle Webster and Mitch Evans but Dylan Wills and Wilson Todd both crashed and were forced to line up in the LCQ along with Gavin Faith.

Faith won the LCQ over Todd, and Wills while rookie Morgan Fogarty claimed the last spot for the final.

Hayden Mellross was knocked out of the main event following going over the bars
Hayden Mellross was knocked out of the main event following going over the bars

In the final Mellross jumped out of the gates to lead the field through the first corner while Faith managed to find his way into second place ahead of Richardson.

Mellross pulled away from Faith and looked unstoppable out front and just as the race seemed to be wrapped up, Mellross hit a hay bale at the end of a rhythm section sending him over the bars and out of the race.

Mellross posted this on Instagram

“Well yesterday didn’t end the way I planned it to. I was riding well all day and comfortably winning my main event. A hay bale rolled off the top of a berm and was laying on the inside of the corner. Unfortunately I didn’t see the hay bail and there was no yellow flag out to warn me. I jumped into the corner and clipped it with my foot peg causing me to crash hard. There is still 4 rounds left, a lot of points up for grabs and as I experienced last year anything can happen. I’ll try my best and keep fighting till the end. Thanks to everyone who supports me and we will be ready to roll in two weeks’ time.”

Faith inherited the lead but the Honda pilot had Richardson to contend with but the experience Honda rider rode flawlessly to earn his first win of the year, also taking home the red plate while Richardson made up valuable points in the series finishing second ahead of Wilson Todd.

Gavin Faith
Gavin Faith

Dylan Wills finished in fourth ahead of Jay Wilson, Connor Tierney, Egan Mastin, Cooper Pozniak, Jesse Madden and Taylor Potter.

Gavin Faith – P1

“Honestly I was worried I wasn’t going to race, I jarred my wrist really badly in the heat race and had to go the LCQ (Last chance qualifier). The team and I spoke and we decided that I would race to the best of my ability in the main and focus on earning points towards the championship. “I felt I had his speed and was quicker in some areas, the pain wasn’t affecting my riding. After a rough start to the night following my crash, I am pleased to walk away leading the championship. Thanks to the team for the efforts they went to with my bike and testing following round 1.  It was a different bike tonight.”

Wilson Todd
Wilson Todd’s bike on display
Wilson Todd – P3

“I’m really happy to come away with a podium. I was one of the last gate picks since I had to go via the LCQ, and it put me a little further back in the pack, but I just concentrated on my own race, working my way past people. I feel like I deserve to be up here, so hopefully I can get a good start next round and move further up the podium.”

Jay Wilson
Jay Wilson
Jay Wilson – P5

“Today could have turned out very differently, so to finish in fifth in the main event and with solid points, we’re happy. Before the weekend I actually came down with a stomach bug and we were battling that all day, so to salvage a fifth on a bad day is positive – on a track like that you needed to be on you’re A-game, and we weren’t able to bring that this weekend so to get through safe and healthy and with a consistent result is an achievement. For me, it’s about the bigger picture – you can’t win a championship at Round 2 but you can definitely lose it. We rode smart and calculated tonight, we did what we needed to. We are only 13 points off the lead and three points off second with a lot of races to go, so we will keep working.”

Egan Mastin
Egan Mastin
Egan Mastin – P7

“I got tangled with a few riders at turn one and almost crashed, so we got off to a literally dead-last start, but I came through to seventh and I felt solid – so I was happy. It was my first time getting a supercross main under my belt, and it was a challenging track. There were some pretty big sections and the whoops were difficult and caught a few riders out, but we got around it. I’m happy with the overall result.”

Morgan Fogarty
Morgan Fogarty
Morgan Fogarty – P12

“My night was surprisingly good. I am happy with how it ended, I’m in one piece and I achieved what I set out to. I got into the main event, and I got through the whole race – I made some passes, but I didn’t get the best start so that’s what I’ll be working on. The track was pretty crazy, and that first race out there was a bit nerve racking but we all have to do it at some point, and it’s good that we were able to achieve a lot of our goals tonight.”

The series now takes a weekend off before returning to Virginia, north of Adelaide on October 28.

SX2 Podium - ASX Round 2 - Bacchus Marsh -
SX2 Podium – ASX Round 2 – Bacchus Marsh – Todd, Faith, Richardson

SX2 Main Event Results

  1. Gavin Faith
  2. Jackson Richardson
  3. Wilson Todd
  4. Dylan Wills
  5. Jay Wilson
  6. Connor Tierney
  7. Egan Mastin
  8. Cooper Pozniak
  9. Jesse Madden
  10. Taylor Potter
  11. Callum Norton
  12. Morgan Fogarty
  13. Nick Sutherland
  14. Ricky Latimer
  15. Geran Stepleton
  16. John Prutti
  17. Aaron Tanti
    …DNF. Hayden Mellross
    …DNF. Kyle Webster
    …DNF. Mitchell Evans

SX2 Championship Standings after 2 of 6 Rounds

  1. Gavin Faith – 47 Pts
  2. Jackson Richardson – 37 Pts
  3. Wilson Todd – 36 Pts
  4. Jay Wilson – 34 Pts
  5. Dylan WILLS – 32 Pts
  6. Hayden Mellross – 25 Pts
  7. Cooper Pozniak – 22 Pts
  8. Connor Tierney – 21 Pts
  9. Callum Norton – 21 Pts
  10. Mitchell Evans – 20 Pts

Junior Lites Overall Round 2 Results

  1. Bailey MALKIEWICZ – 72 Pts
  2. Joshua ZORBAS – 69 Pts
  3. Tyler DARBY – 60 Pts
  4. Joel CIGLIANO – 54 Pts
  5. Royce ANELL – 43 Pts
  6. Ezrah DEMELLWEEK-DODDS – 43 Pts
  7. Rylee GOETSCH – 41 Pts
  8. Jake CUKA – 41 Pts
  9. Zackariah WRIGHT – 39 Pts
  10. Riley ARABIN – 31 Pts

Junior Lites Championship Standings after 2 of 6 Rounds

  1. Tyler DARBY – 126 Pts
  2. Joshua ZORBAS – 123 Pts
  3. Jake CUKA – 106 Pts
  4. Ezrah DEMELLWEEK-DODDS – 100 Pts
  5. Joel CIGLIANO – 98 Pts
  6. Rylee GOETSCH – 90 Pts
  7. Zackariah WRIGHT – 83 Pts
  8. Bailey MALKIEWICZ – 72 Pts
  9. Ezra CARTER – 44 Pts

Junior 85/150 Round 2 Results

  1. Blake FOX – 75 pts
  2. Brodie CONNOLLY – 66 pts
  3. Jake KOWAL – 60 pts
  4. Zachary WATSON – 54 pts
  5. Lachlan WINCHESTER – 46 pts
  6. Connor MCLAUGHLIN – 45 pts
  7. Zane MACKINTOSH – 44 pts

Junior 85/150cc Championship Standings after 2 of 6 Rounds

  1. Blake FOX – 144 Pts
  2. Brodie CONNOLLY – 126 Pts
  3. Jake KOWAL – 112 Pts
  4. Zane MACKINTOSH – 89 Pts
  5. Lachlan WINCHESTER – 88 Pts
  6. Tyler DARBY – 72 Pts
  7. Zachary WATSON – 54 Pts
  8. Brandon STEEL – 50 Pts
  9. Connor MCLAUGHLIN – 45 Pts
Dunlop Geomax MX3S
Dunlop Geomax MX3S