Dana Assenheim joins Whole of Sport Motorcycling Australia Review Panel

Motorcycling Australia (MA) is pleased to announce the addition of Dana Assenheim to the panel of the Whole of Sport Motorcycling Australia Review.

Assenheim joins the review panel chaired by Ross Oakley (OAM), which also includes Braxton Laine (President of MA), Dale Gilson (CEO of MA), Brenton Matters (President of Motorcycling South Australia) and Wayne Holdsworth (CEO of Motorcycling Victoria).

The Whole of Sport Review was announced by MA in July 2014 to look at the commercial, operational and financial aspects of the sport.

Assenheim currently holds a position in the Sports Governance and Business Capability Branch of the Australian Sports Commission, and specialises in governance reform and commercialisation projects across all recognised National Sporting Organisations.

Speaking about her appointment to the panel, Assenheim said she was looking forward to providing resources and tools to help motorcycling through this period of change.

“I’m looking forward to working with the panel to identify the best future pathway for motorcycling as a sport,” Assenheim said.

“This WoSR will address the governance practices of the national office and also look to align the practices of the State Controlling Bodies so there is alignment for the sport as a whole.”

Assenheim added that it was crucial that the Whole of Sport Review be supported by all those involved in sustaining the sport’s future in Australia.

“From an Australian Sports Commission perspective, a key focus of ours is ensuring there are good governance practices in place to help increase the performance of the organisation and sport as a whole,” Assenheim said.

“I encourage all stakeholders invited to participate in the review to do so with an open mind and willingness to embrace change in the best interests of the sport.”


THE Whole of Sport Review (WoSR), which was initiated by Motorcycling Australia (MA) to look at the commercial, financial and operational aspects of the sport of motorcycling in July 2014, has been busy reviewing the sport from all angles over the Christmas/New Year period.

Mr Ross Oakley, who has been appointed Chair to manage the WoSR, would like to update key stakeholders on the considerable progress made since December with a WoSR Stakeholder Communique.

The Communique outlines eight specific actions that have taken place during the Christmas/New Year period:

1. A detailed ‘Consultation Plan’ was developed to ensure that all key stakeholders are consulted during the review. The draft plan was developed by 10 December 2014 and formally approved on 10 January 2015.  It includes a number of questions that are being used to guide and inform the consultation process.

2. The following is the arranged schedule of ‘meetings/interviews with State Controlling Bodies (SCBs)’ and their key stakeholders:

  • Motorcycling Queensland (MQ) – conducted on 8/9 January 2015
  • Motorcycling Victoria (MVIC) – conducted on 27/28 January 2015
  • Motorcycling NSW (MNSW) – conducted on 2/3 February 2015
  • Motorcycling SA (MSA) – conducted on 5/6 February 2015
  • Motorcycling WA (MWA) – 10/11 February 2015
  • Motorcycling Tasmania (MTAS) – 16/17 February 2015
  • Motorcycling NT (MANT) – 2/3 March 2015

3. A comprehensive ‘Staff Review’ involving all MA staff was conducted by the management consultant employed by MA to assist with the review. Peter Phair (Director), PEP-Management and Health Services Pty Ltd, conducted one-on-one interviews with staff members to ascertain their views on how MA could improve its service offering to stakeholders.

4. A ‘Financial Review’ involving a thorough analysis of all MA income and expenditure over the past five years was ordered by the Review Panel. Negotiations are currently taking place with a number of large accounting firms.

5. A full ‘Review of Motorcycling Australia Insurance Limited (MAIL)’ has also been commissioned. The Presidents of the various SCBs have encouraged the Review Panel to look at the overall governance and management of MAIL.  Specific matters that will be addressed include costs to operate MAIL, risks and claims management processes and whether the current scheme is competitive with other available insurance products.  Discussions are currently taking place with a number of specialist firms that are skilled and experienced in conducting such audits. An appointment should be made soon.

6. A ‘Member Survey’ is being developed to enable all members, officials, clubs, riders, coaches etc. to have input into the WoSR.  A draft survey was tabled at the Review Panel meeting on 28 January 2015 for input and feedback.  A number of modifications were suggested to make it more ‘user friendly’ and once finalised, will be advertised on the MA and SCB websites.

7. ‘Benchmarking MA against other National Sporting Organisations’ is occurring as a component of the WoSR.  Ross Oakley (Chair) and Peter Phair (Management Consultant) met with Steve Pitt, the CEO of Golf Australia, on Thursday 29 January 2015.  Similar meetings are being arranged with Netball Australia and Surfing Australia.

8. Further Meetings: The MA Board is scheduled to meet with the Chair of the Review Panel (Ross Oakley) and the Management Consultant (Peter Phair) on Wednesday 18 February 2015 to discuss review progress and any additional matters that might need to be addressed. The Review Panel has not set a date as yet for its next meeting but it will most likely occur in mid-March at the conclusion of the consultation sessions/process.

Mr Oakley has so far been optimistic about the progress of the WoSR and is excited for what the future could bring.

“Change is imperative in the structure and processes at MA and we are encouraged by the positive responses we are receiving from stakeholders across the country,” Mr Oakley said.

Mr Dale Gilson, CEO of Motorcycling Australia and member of the WoSR Committee, has also been encouraged by the progress of the WoSR.

“A comprehensive review into motorcycling in this country has been required for some time, and it is great that the process of providing a sustainable future for the sport is well and truly underway,” Mr Gilson said.