New Kid On The Block – Greg Moss talks to Luke Clout is pleased to welcome Greg Moss (Moss Institute) to our list of regular contributors. Greg has over 20 years of coaching experience, specialising in motocross and supercross. His twin boys, Jake and Matt, have been stars of the Australian Motocross scene for 20 years, with countless Junior and Senior National Championships under their belts. Matt is currently the reigning Australian Motocross and Supercross Champion. This is his fifth weekly Thursday column. Previously Greg has interviewed Meghan Rutledge, and previewed the World MX season.

Just thought I’d grab a word with up and coming factory Serco Yamaha rider Luke Clout and see how he feels heading into the first round of the MX 2 Nationals this weekend at Broadford.

Q. It’s your second factory year with Serco, hows the bike this year, anything you have noticed over last years bike?

A. The new bikes are awesome; it’s definitely a huge step from what we had last year. We have done a lot of testing and got it to where I’m really happy, the bike is a night and day difference to the 2013 bike, we had a really competitive bike last year and now we have some thing even more competitive which is going to be a huge advantage for me and the team.

Q. Do you have the same mechanic and how does the team operate?

A. I have a new mechanic this year he was Luke Stykes mechanic last year Peter Rabjones. I think we work really well together, we get on really well and he puts 100% into it. The team operates really well, it’s a professionally run team. Everything is always organised and everything is done on time, they do their job 110% and always make sure everything is fine and comfortable for the riders to work in. All in an amazing team.

Q. You started last year with podiums and then some moto wins before an injury put you out. Any plans or strategies this year

A. I started off last year awesomely, I had a bunch of podiums and even a round win and then I got hurt which was a real bummer but I’ve come back stronger and I’m ready and hungrier than I’ve ever been. My strategy is to keep consistent and go for as many wins and podiums as I can get. I really want to stamp my authority and show everyone what I can do, I know I have the speed and fitness to dominate.

Q. You have a new team mate with Jay Wilson this season, he just came second in the U19s development class , how is he as a team mate and how do you think he will go in the pro class?

A. Yeah Jay signed with Serco and it was well deserved, he proved to everyone last year he has what it takes to get on a big factory team. Jay and I are good friends and it’s awesome to have him as a team mate. He’s doing the right things to make it as a top guy and I think he will show people what he is capable of. I think he will do well; he just needs to not worry about the pressure and ride.

Q. Who do you think will be up front fighting with you for wins and podiums this season?

A. I think there will be a lot of guys up the top, everyone is hyping me Makeham and Cachia up and obviously we were all in the championship hunt last year and we are all favourites this year. But you can’t count out the other guys because they are all riding awesome and everyone will be right there.

Q. Ryan Marmont is the only rider in the MX2 Nats to have ever won an Aussie Title and that was back in 2006, every other Australian Title holder has headed overseas or moved to the MX1 class. So its open slather for the new kid on the block – thoughts?

A. Ryan is always there; he is super consistent and is riding really well. I raced him at Appin two weeks ago and he surprised me with his pace, he is definitely going to be right up there an show everyone why he has got that championship and a lot of podiums overall. 

Good luck Luke and I’m sure everyone will be watching to see who’s the new Kid On The Block

Luke Clout
Luke Clout
Luke Clout
Luke Clout