New MA Directors elected at AGM

Last night at the Motorcycling Australia AGM in Melbourne, the current board members stood down from their positions and, along with around 30 other candidates, were then up for re-election to the board of Motorcycling Australia.

Votes were cast by a single representative from each State Controlling Body (SCB).

We believe the four persons elected to the board were elected unanimously across all the SCB members present.

Those four new members of the board, all of which are new to the positions, then appoint the remaining three positions on the board in due course.

Below is a Motorcycling Australia statement on the appointments.

New MA Directors elected at AGM


Motorcycling Australia is pleased to announce that four new Directors have been elected by the MA Council (the State Controlling Bodies’ representatives) that has also made recommendations to the new MA Board on quality candidates those new MA Directors may consider for the three remaining appointments.

The newly elected Directors are:

  • John Bolitho (VIC)
  • Leanne Knowles (VIC)
  • Tania Lawrence (WA)
  • Michael Strano (NSW)

The MA Council has also delivered a list of recommendations to the new MA Board on some matters crucial for the ongoing reform of the MA Federation:

That the new MA Board is authorised to implement the recommendations of the Whole of Sport Review Panel report subject to the comments made by each SCB on those recommendations.

That the SCB’s all support an alliance model as the basis upon which MA and SCB’s will work together in the future.

That the SCB’s and MA, in a principle-based alliance, will work towards the following:

  • Integrating the management personnel of the SCB’s and MA.
  • Developing a flexible financial model that ensures the ongoing sustainability and success of MA and every SCB.

The 2015 MA Annual General Meeting has presented the MA Federation with the most exciting opportunity for the cooperative development of motorcycle sport in the history of the federation. 

Whilst there is still much work to do, all SCB’s and the new MA Board look forward to tackling that work in a collaborative and productive way that make clubs and competitors our highest priority.

The New Directors
John Bolitho

John is an experienced lawyer who has practiced in Australia and South Africa, with expertise in personal injury compensation, compensation scheme design, insurance law and litigation. He also has a disability law and human rights law focus.

John has been passionate about motorcycles since childhood.

He has attended motorcycle race meetings all over the world. In his work as a lawyer, John has done his best to influence motorcycle road safety challenges positively for motorcyclists.

John is passionate about road safety and accident prevention. Where that is unachievable, he strives to ensure that those who are severely affected by road trauma are able to return to a dignified and independent existence supported by the best compensation systems countries can afford.

Leanne Knowles

Leanne has 25 years’ experience in business communications.

Since establishing Headswitch in January 2000, Leanne has worked with major brands such as PricewaterhouseCoopers, APCO Service Stations, Brotherhood of St Laurence, Telstra Shop, AFL EJ Whitten Legends Game, Skandia Geelong Week, Jon Dee’s Do Something!, Hawthorn Football Club, Price Attack, Priceline, Beacon Lighting, Gasmate, Playcorp and World Games.

Leanne has served as an Independent Director on Motorcycling Victoria’s Board and has spent 12 years as a recreational rider, in track days and road racing.

Tania Lawrence

Tania currently works at Woodside Energy Ltd , focusing on Business Development & Growth.

Tania has been riding for 25 years and, until recently, held her motorcycle race license competing in local competitions at Barbagallo Raceway.

She also supported her partner for 10 years with running the Western Australian chapter of the Honda Riders Club.

Tania has been an active contributor to motorcycle safety initiatives with the State Government through the Office of Road Safety.

She continues to ride on track at Eastern Creek and Phillip Island, and recreationally both on road and off-road participating in Trail and Enduro events.

Michael Strano

Michael is the Senior Producer of Motorsport, Fox Sports Australia.

He has been the producer of On Air Broadcasts for V8 Supercars, Moto GP, World Superbike Championships, Speedway GP, Speedway World Cup and the Troy Bayliss Classic over the past 5 years.

He has a total of 30 years in television production, and is an avid rider and passionate supporter of all two-wheeled racing.