NextGen Motorsport BMW Statement

NextGen Motorsport is pleased to announce our finalised and clear direction for 2014!  Albeit extraordinarily close to the start of the racing season, the team is enthusiastic and ready – despite the pressures endured.

NextGen Motorsport will contest the 2014 Australasian Superbike Championship (ASC), and present at round two of the 2014 ASBK Superbike Championship with an impressive two-rider outfit, Glenn Allerton and Ben Nicolson.

“We’re excited about the quality grids at Round 1 of the Australian Superbike Championship and intend on adding the 2014 Australasian Superbike title to our collection. In no way are we taking our opposition for granted but we have total confidence that we have the best rider and bike combination, in saying that it is racing so anything is possible”

Initially, the clashing of dates and strict bike regulations forced NextGen Motorsport to choose between the Australian Superbike Championship and the ASBK Superbike Championship.  The decision saddened our team, who always passionately and proudly competed in both championships. However, competing at the ASC was decided based on the championships stability and consistency.  It was later announced that the championship dates would not clash, the strict bike regulations had been dropped – allowing NextGen Motorsport to use the same bikes at both championships, tyres are open and entry is free. Additionally, the ASBK Superbike Championships is directing a lot of resources to get riders to Northern Territory and the event covered live on TV.

So, excitedly, we’re set to compete in Queensland Raceway Round 1 of the ASBK, where we will see if Motorcycling Australia and the InternationalEntertainment Group live up to their promises.  We hope to gain maximum exposure for our sponsors at this round and also use the track time for our benefit at the upcoming ASC rounds.

If expenses are not incurred during the transportation of our equipment to the Northern Territory and the championship is free to enter, we’re confident that the return on your investment will be worth it.  NextGen Motorsport will transport some riders and travel directly to the Queensland Raceway for the next Australian Superbike Championship.

Motorcycling Australia and the International Entertainment Group have also announced the appointment of Peter Doyle within Motorcycling Australia. This is definitely a positive step.  Having met Peter when our team raced in the United States of America, we feel he is the perfect candidate to help steer the ASBK Superbike Championship back into calmer waters.  We found Peter to be welcoming, open and helpful, taking time and going out of his way for others – all positive attributes.

To conclude, there is no longer an argument about which championship to contest in.  A typical season used to be nine rounds so both the 2014 Australian Superbike Championship & the 2014 ASBK Superbike Championship sound sweet to us!