Ride 3 The Game | Lake Garda Trailer

New Ride 3 trailer released...

Ride 3 is set for release on November the 8th. A few weeks back we we took a brief look at this much anticipated game from developers Milestone. Unfortunately, we are yet to see any actual gameplay footage, though Milestone have been kind enough to answer some of the murmurings from eager and frustrated fans, by releasing their most recent trailer above.

Ducati V4 Panigale

The northern Lakes of Italy is a beautiful part of the world and it’s only natural that an Italian developer such as Milestone, would want motorcycle enthusiasts to experience the stunning scenery and challenging winding roads, if not in real life but in virtual reality at least.

Strada Della Forra, which is the stretch of tarmac that is the inspiration for the new in-game road course is situated in the north western part of Lake Garda, and winds its way through beautiful vistas.

The snaking road that is sandwiched in between a vast stretch of water and mountains, has been accurately captured using the latest laser drone scanning techniques.

KTM Duke 1290 Ride 3 Tock
Stock KTM Duke 1290 – Ride 3

Additional to the trailer, we also have some newly released images showing some of the customisation features that expand upon the options available in Ride 2.

The livery editor is now a new addition that will allow the ‘creatives’ among you to go wild with your imagination as you create your very own liveries from scratch.


KTM Duke 1290 Ride 3
Customised KTM Duke 1290 – Ride 3

From day one of release, Ride 3 will ship with 30 tracks and 230 motorcycles from 30 manufacturers and will be available on all major platforms.

Ride 3 the Game PS4
Ride 3 the Game PS4



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