Jack Holder wins Gillman Finale but Tungate wins Championship

Rohan Tungate is the 2018 Australian Senior Solo Speedway Champion after finishing in second position at the final round of the championship, Gillman Speedway South Australia on January 14.

Heading into the final round of the championship, Tungate and Brady Kurtz were tied at 45 points apiece, meaning it was basically winner takes all at Gillman.

The pair couldn’t be split after the heats, both finishing on 14 points, leaving the championship to be decided in the A-Final.

In the A-Final, all eyes were on the battle between Tungate and Kurtz, but it was Mildura winner, Jack Holder who went under the radar to claim the win.

Tungate managed second, but that was enough with Kurtz finishing fourth and that handed Tungate a two point overall championship lead.

The newest Australian Champion, Tungate was stoked and couldn’t quite believe it just yet.

Rohan Tungate

“I feel awesome, I don’t think it has actually sunk in yet but we will have a party tonight to celebrate,” said the 2018 Australian Senior Solo Speedway Champion Tungate.

Runner-up, Brady Kurtz scored heavily in the heats throughout the championship but will rue three fourth place A-Final finishes.

Brady Kurtz

“We nearly took the championship, and Tungate just got the better of me in the final and was a deserving winner, making all A-Finals throughout the championship. For me after finishing 6th or 7th last season, almost being the champion was a great turn around.”

Race winner, Jack Holder finished the championship with a wet sail, claiming the last two A-Final wins to add to his third place at Undera in round two.

Jack Holder

“Its a good feeling winning two on the bounce, but I was probably a bit unlucky after the first round where I probably let my nerves get the better of me. It probably cost me a placing, but it was good to win at both Mildura and Gillman.”

2017 Champion Sam Masters had a fall in practice and had to withdraw himself from racing at Gillman Speedway.

  • A-Final Results: Holder, Tungate, Fricke and Kurtz
  • B-Final Results: Holder, Stewart, Lidsey and Campton
2018 Australian Senior Solo Speedway Championship Ooints (Final)
  1. Rohan Tungate 62
  2. Brady Kurtz 60
  3. Max Fricke 53
  4. Jack Holder 51
  5. Mason Campton 39
  6. Sam Masters 37
  7. Josh Pickering 37
  8. Jordan Stewart 35
  9. Jaimon Lidsey 31
  10. Jye Etheridge 28
  11. Matthew Gilmore 21
  12. Cooper Riordan 20
  13. Robert Medson 16
  14. Joel Coyne 10
  15. Declan Knowles 9
  16. James Davies 4
  17. Josh Coyne 3
  18. Brandon McGuinness 2