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MotoGP Rnd Misano Quartararo Marquez

Marquez leaves Fabio broken-hearted | Misano MotoGP with Boris

2019 MotoGP - Round 13 - Misano 'What becomes of the broken-hearted?' Asks Boris after MisanoDid anyone else hear Fabulous’s heart break like a cheap...
MotoGP Rnd Silverstone alex rins podium

Rins Rocks Silverstone | Boris on the British GP

2019 MotoGP - Round 12 – Silverstone Boris reports on the awesome race that was the British Grand PrixI’m at the point where I know the...
MotoGP Rnd RedBullRing Race Dovizioso Marquez

The Devil in Dovi | Boris on the Austrian Grand Prix

MotoGP 2019 – Round 11 - Red Bull Ring – Austria Boris reports on the awesome race that was the Austrian Grand PrixYou know, each...
MotoGP Rnd Argentina Start

Marquez Delivers Next-Level Level in Argentina | With Boris

2019 MotoGP Round Two - Argentina With Boris MihailovicIn terms of the championship, the Argentine round can be whittled down to: “Marquez qualified on pole, led the...
MotoGP Misano Dovi GP AN

Boris on the Misano GP | Dovi bores Lorenzo into the gravel

MotoGP 2018 Round 13 – Misano With Boris Mihailovic There was an understandably sour taste in the beer-flavoured mouths of British MotoGP fans after the Silverstone Round...
MotoGP Assen Marquez GP AN

#DutchTT according to Boris | A Cathedral Full of Gods

Boris on the #AssenTT A CATHEDRAL FULL OF GODS As much as I would like to offer you a blow-by-blow and pass-by-pass dissection of Assen, I...



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