Moto News for Nov 11, 2014 by Darren Smart

Australasian News

Ok, here are the facts, Australian enduro riders are among the best in the world and the 2014 ISDE held in Argentina last week cemented that fact and if it wasn’t for some bad luck with injuries and mechanical failure we were a dead-set a chance at winning the Senior Trophy and Junior Trophy classes while Jessica Gardiner, Jemma Wilson and Tayla Jones won the Women’s Trophy by a country mile.

Argentina threw up bull dust, deep sand and shale rock among terrain that would have been more suited to an Erzberg type of event and despite all of this Toby Price finished first in the E3 class and second outright while Matthew Phillips ended up fourth outright with Josh Strang bouncing back from several crashed on the opening day for fifth outright. See my personal take on the ISDE and the full results below.

What is it about our Aussie dirt bike riding woman? Meghan Rutledge and Mackenzie Tricker are two of the fastest female motocrossers in the world and you have to say that Jessica Gardiner, Jemma Wilson and Tayla Jones are among the best female enduro riders in the world. Good work girls.

The CDR Yamaha Off Road team have announced that Chris Hollis will be joined by Tom McCormack for the 2015 Off-Road season.

The final round of the Penrite Australian Supercross Championships held in the Brisbane last weekend in front of a sizeable crowd and Matt Moss proved that he is in a class of his own with a come from behind ride in the main event to clean sweep the entire series. See report and results below.

Matt Moss is now off to France for the annual Bercy Supercross and if I was a betting man I would put money on at least a couple of holeshots and the Suzuki rider coming home with a trophy of some description.

Todd Waters turned up to Queensland Moto Park last Sunday and the Husqvarna rider was absolutely ripping around the natural terrain track defying the dry and slippery conditions. I have watched some of Australia’s best rider bang out laps on that track and Waters is by far the most impressive to date, his bike control while braking and accelerating on slippery terrain was gob smacking!

Euro News

Clement Desalle could be back on his Rockstar Energy Factory Racing RM-Z450 Suzuki in a matter of weeks if a check-up on his wrist turns out positively for the Belgian.

HRC announced the official signing of Evgeny Bobryshev and Gautier Paulin to compete on the CRF450R in the 2015 World Motocross Championships while long-time Honda rider and multiple World and US Champion Jean-Michel Bayle is now the Sporting Manager at Team HRC. JMB’s role is similar to the role that Stefan Everts has with KTM.

American News

One of the stars of the 2014 ISDE was American Junior Trophy rider Justin Jones who not only led the team to victory over France but the KTM rider also finished an amazing 11th outright. In case you didn’t know, Justin is the son of four-time 250 Motocross Champion Gary Jones who has reared Justin around the motocross tracks of SoCal, in particular Glen Helen’s weekly REM races where father and son often dominate their respective classes on the day. Very cool.

GEICO Honda has decided that it isn’t viable to run a semi all over America for one 450 riders so Eli Tomac will be pitted in the Factory Honda truck with Cole Seely and Trey Canard. Tomac’s bike will still sport the GEICO graphics.

America’s KTM Motorsports recently announce that Kailub Russell, Charlie Mullins, Russell Bobbitt, Taylor Robert, Ivan Ramirez and Kacy Martinez have signed with the Factory FMF/KTM Team for the 2015 AMA off-road season.

Russell, Mullins and Martinez will compete in the 2015 GNCC while Mullins will also compete in the National Enduro Series alongside Bobbitt. Ramirez will return to the AMA Hare & Hound Series where he will try to capture his first title and Robert will compete in the EnduroCross Series as well as the FIM Super Enduro Series. Kawasaki rider Josh Hansen is training hard in California for his return to Monster Energy Supercross in 2015. With his famous dad Donnie in his corner, Hansen is dropping down to the 250 Class next season so look for the 100 at the front of the field when the gate drops at Anaheim in January.

Moto News for the weekend of November 8/9

  • Rounds 5 of the Australian Supercross Championship in the Brisbane Entertainment Centre
  • Round 3 and 4 of the 2014 Canadian Arenacross Championships at Cloverdale, BC
  • Round 1 of the Arenacross Tour held in  Hyder-Burks Arena, Cookeville, TN
  • 2014 ISDE in Argentina
  • Dutch Supercross held in Zuidbroek
  • European Supercross Championship held in Milan, Italy

Australian Supercross Championship – Round 5 – Brisbane Entertainment Centre

Team Motul Suzuki’s Matt Moss claimed an emphatic come from behind victory at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre last Saturday night to clinch the 2014 Australian Supercross Championship rounding out a perfect season.

Moss made his way forward in the 20-lap Main Event from the back-half of the top-10 on the opening lap, slicing his way through to the lead on lap 14 to secure an unbeaten run of five round victories from five starts in 2014. “I was stuck back in the pack with five or so laps gone by and I wasn’t really feeling it at that point,” Moss reflected. “But the guys at the front didn’t seem to be getting away and I got going there in the middle of the race and I’m glad I did. I was able to pick them off and get the win, which made for the perfect season.”

“I’m just really thankful to everybody at Team Motul Suzuki, all of our supporters and the people that help make this happen. We go racing for a lot of reasons, but to win and reward everybody involved in that way is the best feeling. It’s been an amazing year for everybody involved and the RM-Z450 delivered everything we asked of it the whole way.”

“I couldn’t have gone any better this season. It wasn’t all smooth sailing, but we always made sire it came together in the finals. The whole Motul Suzuki team really worked hard together for this championship win. It really is a team effort at Motul Suzuki; it’s so good to know I have everyone working to back me up.”

The SX2 championship went to American Gavin Faith bounced back from a first lap crash to end the final in second place behind Taylor Potter. “I got out of shape a couple of times and went down on the first lap, but I’m super-pumped to wrap it up for Penrite Honda and for all the fans who came out tonight.”

“This is my 2nd Championship win, it was disappointing last year not to take the title, but I regrouped with the team prior to this year’s championship and focused on this year’s SX2 title. I think that the technical assistance provided by Pirelli gave us a winning edge on the Honda CRF250R. I got great starts all series,” Faith concluded

SX1 Main Event Results: 1. Matt Moss. 2. Adam Monea. 3. Sam Martin. 4. Daniel McCoy. 5. Jesse Dobson. 6. Josh Cachia. 7. Lawson Bopping. 8. Kirk Gibbs. 9. Kade Mosig. 10. Robbie Marshall.

SX1 Final Championship Standings: 1. Matt Moss – 175 Pts. 2. Adam Monea – 150 Pts. 3. Lawson Bopping – 142 Pts. 4. Kirk Gibbs – 137 Pts. 5. Jesse Dobson – 121 Pts. 6. Josh Cachia – 113 Pts. 7. Kade Mosig – 111 Pts. 8. Jay Marmont – 104 Pts. 9. Justin Carafa – 94 Pts. 10. Chris Camilleri – 81 Pts. 11. Sam Martin – 74 Pts. 12. Daniel McCoy – 70 Pts. 13. Jake Moss – 68 Pts. 14. Kieren Tisdale – 56 Pts. 15. Keith Tucker – 53 Pts. 16. Tim Vare – 49 Pts. 17. James Booth-Elliot – 43 Pts. 18. Joel Newton – 36 Pts. 19. Sam Martin – 30 Pts. 20. Robbie Marshall – 21 Pts.

SX2 Main Event Results: 1. Taylor Potter. 2. Gavin Faith. 3. Hayden Mellross. 4. Dylan Long. 5. Geran Stapleton. 6. Ryan Marmont. 7. Jackson Richardson. 8. Kyle Peters. 9. Luke Wilson. 10. Kale Makeham. DNF. Brenden Harrison. DNF. Luke Arbon

SX2 Final Championship Standings: 1. Gavin Faith – 167 Pts. 2. Taylor Potter – 144 Pts. 3. Kyle Peters – 140 Pts 4. Hayden Mellross – 137 Pts. 5. Kale Makeham – 125 Pts. 6. Ryan Marmont – 118 Pts. 7. Brendan Harrison – 112 Pts. 8. Geran Stapleton – 103 Pts. 9. Luke Wilson – 99 Pts. 10. Jackson Richardson – 96 Pts. 11. Luke Arbon – 95 Pts. 12. John Prutti – 91 Pts. 13. Boyd Hocking – 79 Pts. 14. Tristan Duncan – 75 Pts. 15. Jake Williams – 70 Pts. 16. Jake Vella – 50 Pts. 17. Dylan Long – 43 Pts. 18. Nick Sutherland – 43 Pts. 19. Dylan Long – 28 Pts. 20. Lewis Woods – 26 Pts.

SXD Round Results: 1. Dylan Wills. 2. Tomas Ravenhorst. 3. Aaron Tanti. 4. Izak Maule. 5. Jack Simpson. 6. Brock McLeary. 7. Connor Rice. 8. Miles Clissold. 9. Dylan Wilson.

SXD Final Championship Standings: 1. Dylan Wills – 475 Pts. 2. Jack Simpson – 459 Pts. 3. Brock McLeary – 436 Pts. 4. Tomas Ravenhorst – 431 Pts. 5. Aaron Tanti – 396 Pts. 6. Izak Maule – 388 Pts. 7. Trent Wheatley – 290 Pts. 8. Blake Sola – 119 Pts. 9. Tim O’Brien – 118 Pts. 10. Connor Rice – 69 Pts. 11. Miles Clissold – 68 Pts. 12. Dylan Wilson – 48 Pts.

SXJ Round Results: 1. Jordan Hill. 2. Kaleb Barham. 3. Lachlan Holroyd. 4. Anthony Regina. 5. Travis Silk. 6. Jesse Bishop. 7. Joel Cigliano. 8. Drew Cigliano. 9. Fraser Higlett. 10. Jacob Buckman

SXJ Final Championship Standings: 1. Jordan Hill – 503 Pts. 2. Lachlan Holroyd – 464 Pts. 3. Travis Silk – 431 Pts. 4. Drew Cigliano – 375 Pts. 5. Joel Cigliano – 372 Pts. 6. Dylan Dukes – 352 Pts. 7. Kaleb Grothues – 158 Pts. 8. Bradley Cain – 144 Pts. 9. Kaleb Barham – 94 Pts. 10. Jacob Buckman – 92 Pts. 11. Anthony Regina – 82 Pts. 12. Jesse Bishop – 76 Pts. 13. Jimmy Griffin – 76 Pts. 14. Fraser Higlett – 69 Pts. 15. Dylan Wakarstschuck – 69 Pts 16. Tyler Derby – 68 Pts.

Team Motul Suzuki’s Matt Moss created history at Brisbane Entertainment Centre last night, becoming the first rider to take a clean sweep of the Australian Supercross Championship SX1 class.
Team Motul Suzuki’s Matt Moss created history at Brisbane Entertainment Centre last night, becoming the first rider to take a clean sweep of the Australian Supercross Championship SX1 class.
Gavin Faith, who finished second at the final round of the series at Brisbane Entertainment Centre on Saturday night, clinching the title by 23 points ahead of Taylor Potter.
Gavin Faith, who finished second at the final round of the series at Brisbane Entertainment Centre on Saturday night, clinching the title by 23 points ahead of Taylor Potter.

Canadian Arenacross Championships – Round 3 and 4 – Cloverdale, BC

Jake Anstett and Teddy Maier have taken the overall positions in the Pro-Lites and Pro-Open classes respectively at rounds 3 and 4 of the Canadian Arenacross Championship held last weekend and in doing so have tightened the points up dramatically with just six points separating the top six riders in the Pro-Lites class and three points separates the top three in the Pro-Open class.

Pro Lites Overall: 1. Jake Anstett. 2. Todd Minnie. 3. Ross Johnson. 4. Brad Nauditt. 5. Brock Hoyer. 6. Collin Jurin. 7. Jess Pettis. 8. Greg Crater. 9. Shawn Maffenbeier. 10. Dylan Delaplace. 

Pro Lites Standings: 1. Shawn Maffenbeier – 76pts. 2. Jake Anstett – 75pts. 3. Teddy Maier – 75pts. 4. Ross Johnson – 74pts. 5. Brad Nauditt – 70pts. 6. Todd Minnie – 58pts. 7. Brock Hoyer – 58pts. 8. Jess Pettis – 48pts. 9. Dylan Schmoke – 41pts. 10. Dylan Delaplace – 29pts.

Pro Open Overall: 1. Teddy Maier. 2. Shawn Maffenbeier. 3. Noah McConahy. 4. Adam Enticknap. 5. Ross Johnson. 6. Brock Hoyer. 7. Ricky Dietrich. 8. Brad Nauditt . 9. Jake Anstett. 10. Collin Jurin. 

Pro Open Standings: 1. Ross Johnson – 81pts. 2. Teddy Maier – 78pts. 3. Adam Enticknap – 78pts. 4. Shawn Maffenbeier 70pts. 5. Noah McConahy – 63pts. 6. Brock Hoyer 62pts. 7. Ryan Lockhart – 48pts. 8. Jake Anstett – 48pts. 9. Brad Nauditt – 45pts. 10. Ricky Dietrich – 39pts. Arenacross Tour – Round 1 – Hyder-Burks Arena – Cookeville, TN

The Arenacross Tour is quickly becoming one of the largest arenacross series in America’s Southeast with a 10 round series where Pro riders compete for a total cash payout of over $70,000 and over 30 Amateurs classes race for their share of $50,000 of trophies, prizes and series awards.

The Arenacross Tour held its first round at the Hyder-Burks Arena in Cookeville last weekend and Travis Sewell was able to take the overall win in the AX Pro-Lites class with consistent starts in the heat races and main event while Luke VonLinger challenged Sewell in the main event but couldn’t lock down the lead to take the win. Josh Cartwright put in a solid effort behind VonLinger to finish third.

In the AX Pro class Travis Sewell duplicated his consistency to take the overall win in the main once again ahead of Luke Vonlinger and Josh Cartwright who was followed by Cade Clason and Josh Osby.

Josh Osby led the first few laps of the Clash for Cash as Heath Harrison worked his way up through the pack and moved into second over Sewell and VonLinger. He made the pass on Osby for the lead and held onto it for the remainder of the 20-lap sprint. Heath Harrison took the win, Osby stayed in the number two spot and his teammate Travis Sewell locked down third. Luke VonLinger and Cade Clason rounded out the top five.

AX Pro Lites Overall: 1. Travis Sewell. 2. Luke VonLinger. 3. Josh Cartwright. 4. Kyle White. 5. Donny Brown. 6. Cody Vanbuskirk. 7. Clay Elliot. 8. Randy Wooding. 9. Bradley Greer. 10. Jud Wisdom.

AX Pro Overall: 1. Travis Sewell. 2. Luke VonLinger . 3. Josh Cartwright. 4. Cade Clason. 5. Josh Osby. 6. Heath Harrison. 7. Randy Woodning . 8. Donny Brown. 9. Kyle White. 10. Scott Zont. 

Clash For Cash: 1. Heath Harrison. 2. Josh Osby. 3. Travis Sewell. 4. Luke VonLinger. 5. Cade Clason. 6. Kyle White. 7. Cody Vanbuskirk. 8. Randy Woodning. 9. Josh Cartwright. 10. Clay Elliot.

  1. Rd1: November 8th, 2014 – Cookeville, TN // Hyder-Burks Arena
  2. Rd2: November 22nd, 2014 – Bowling Green, KY // LD Brown Expo Center
  3. Rd3: December 6th, 2014 – Batesville, MS // Batesville Civic Center
  4. Rd4: December 13th, 2014 – Memphis, TN // Agricenter International
  5. Rd5: January 3rd, 2015 – Jackson, MS // Kirk Fordice Equine Center
  6. Rd6: January 10th, 2015 – Murfreesboro, TN // Tenn. Miller Coliseum
  7. Rd7: January 17th, 2015 – Hattiesburg, MS // Forrest Co. Multipurpose Center
  8. Rd8: January 24th, 2015 – Starkville, MS // Mississippi Horse Park Arena
  9. Rd9: January 31st, 2015 – Macon, GA // TBA
  10. Rd10: February 7th, 2015 – Tunica, MS // Tunica Expo Center

2014 ISDE – Argentina
The ISDE ‘From the Fence’ by Smarty

  • Argentina threw up the harshest conditions that I have seen at an ISDE ever.
  • Team France’s Senior World Trophy Team of Marc Bourgeois, Christophe Nambotin, Pierre-Alexandre Renet, Jeremy Tarroux, Anthony Boissiere and Fabien Planet completely dominated the ISDE and were the only team that had all of their riders finish the event.
  • The USA Junior World Trophy Team took home the win on the back of four gold medals for Steward Baylor, Grant Baylor, Justin Jones and Trevor Bollinger.
  • Australia’s Junior Trophy Team of Daniel Sanders, Lachlan Stanford, Scott Keegan and Tom McCormack were actually leading the standings after Day 1 but an unfortunate DNF for McCormack and a couple of mechanical issues dropped the boys back to third by the end of the six days. Look out next year.
  • Australia’s Senior Trophy Team of Toby Price, Matthew Phillips, Daniel Milner, Jarrod Bewley, Josh Strang and Josh Green was also in very good shape after the opening day despite losing Milner to a broken finger but once Green and Bewley were forced out of the event any chance of an overall win went out the window.
  • Toby Price (2nd Overall – 1st E3), Matthew Phillips (4th Overall – 3rd E2) and Josh Strang (5th Overall – 4th E2) were amazing throughout the event – don’t need to say anymore, the boys are legends.
  • Our Aussie girls Jessica Gardiner, Jemma Wilson and Tayla Jones won their class by almost 2 hours.
  • Out of all of the top riders from across the world who do you think posted the fastest time at the final motocross event on Day 6? Well it was 90 year old (just a guess) Mike Brown who’s race time of 12 minutes and 27 second was almost two seconds faster than the second fastest rider who happened to be another American rider by the name of Kailub Russell. Impressive!!

Toby Price – KTM 500 EXC “I’m stoked with my result, it’s my best finish of all the 6-days I’ve done…. It was a long week of racing and coming up 45 seconds short of the outright win is pretty good, I would love to win one now… It’s great to be a part of the team, but such a bummer we had guys drop out because we were in with a good chance of a win but it’s just the way it is, we definitely had the best riders to do it but the conditions were tough. There’s nothing like that ride home from the final moto, where we get to ride with everyone and got to light up the tires a bit!”

Matthew Phillips – KTM 350 EXC-F “It was a good week. Coming off my foot injury from the EWC I knew I was anything but prepared for this race but I was determined to give it my best shot. My plan was to take each day one at a time and see how it went. I surprised myself with my times and was competitive all week. To end the week third in E2 and fourth overall is fantastic.”

Daniel ‘Chucky’ Sanders – KTM 300 EXC “Day 1 and 2 were really good, I rode strong and consistent , but not having a good sand set up really set me back on day 3 and 4 and I dropped some valuable time. Day 5 was back in the rocky terrain and I sat in the top 10 in most tests which put us back into 3rd in Junior Trophy classification and knocked Sweden out. Our team rode really strong in the final Moto securing our Junior Team podium, and Toby and I also placed third in the Manufacturer’s teams. I was stoked with 21st in the outright standings! The team was so much fun to be around. We all get along with each other, so it made me not think about the racing scene too much and had time to relax and enjoy the trip.”

Tayla Jones – KTM 250 EXC-F. “The six day this year was a tough one. I lost 26 minutes on day 1 with a bike problem but I got it all fixed and I managed to make my way into third overall behind my two Aussie team mates which I am stoked with.  The final moto was best for me. I love motocross so getting to race on a freshly groomed and watered track after 5 days of tough desert and rock was pretty good. Team Australia was awesome to hang out with. All of our supporters that came over and helped were great too. We wouldn’t have been able to finish without those guys.”

Trophy Final Results: 1. FRANCE – 19:33:21.56. 2. USA +9:46.22. 3. SPAIN +55:25.72. 4. GERMANY +1:05:34.72. 5. ARGENTINA +8:40:58.06. 6. AUSTRALIA +19:28:00.86. 7. CHILE +19:57:32.20. 8. CANADA +22:27:57.03. 9. BELGIUM +25:21:20.71. 10. SOUTH +32:45:07.25.

Junior Trophy Final Results: 1. USA – 12:03:43.65. 2. FRANCE +1:42.07. 3. AUSTRALIA +5:37.92. 4. GERMANY +44:56.84. 5. ARGENTINA +54:34.28. 6. SWEDEN +2:53:55.71. 7. CHILE +8:01:59.71. 8. CANADA +11:52:23.62. 9. SOUTH AFRICA +21:15:58.18. 10. COLOMBIA +24:29:07.09.

Women’s Trophy Final Results: 1. AUSTRALIA – 9:14:52.68. 2. CANADA +1:58:04.24. 3. USA +10:37:57.19.

Overall Combined Results: 1. Pierre-Alexandre Renet. 2. Toby Price. 3. Kailub Russell. 4. Matthew Phillips. 5. Josh Strang. 6. Loic Larrieu. 7. Ivan Cervantes. 8. Christophe Nambinton. 9. Mike Brown. 10. Thad Duvall. 

E1 Final Results: 1. Christophe Nambotin – 3:52:35.66. 2. Marc Bourgeois +6:00.72. 3. Jeremy Tarroux +6:58.25. 4. Jaume Betriu +8:56.21. 5. Edward Hubner +10:00.93. 6. Esteban Estaban +13:05.55. 7. Josep Garcia +13:24.64. 8. Anthony Geslin +17:43.64. 9. Trevor Bolinger +25:11.87. 10. Jared Stock +27:59.23. DNF. Jarrod Bewley. 

E2 Final Results: 1 Pierre-Alexandre Renet – 3:46:30.54. 2. Kailub Russell +3:28.26. 3. Matthew Phillips +3:45.11. 4. Joshua Strang +5:20.22. 5. Loic Larrieu +5:44.69. 6. Thaddeus Duvall +7:35.57. 7. Justin Jones +8:34.14. 8. Anthony Boissiere +11:24.96. 9. Franco Caimi +13:09.99. 10. Steward Baylor +14:45.89. 17. Scott Keegan +20:47.19. DNF. Josh Green. DNF. Daniel Milner. DNF. Tom McCormack

E3 Final Results: 1. Toby Price – 3:47:15.83. 2. Ivan Cervantes +5:09.42. 3. Michael Brown +5:35.44. 4. Taylor Robert +9:16.8. 5. Dennis Schroetter +14:16.11. 6. Kevin Benvides +14:20.82. 7. Daniel Sanders +14:42.18. 8. Lachlan Stanford +14:48.36. 9. Albertus De Wet +27:33.00. 10. Pascal Springman +37:27.03.

EW Final Results: 1. Jessica Gardiner – 4:35:13.67. 2. Jemma Wilson +10:19.37. 3. Tayla Jones +30:43.21. 4. Shelby Turner +35:22.21. 5. Amanda Mastin +1:12:03.94.

Team Australia Girls ISDE 2014
Team Australia Girls ISDE 2014
Team Australia ISDE 2014 members Matt Phillips, Toby Price and Josh Strang
Team Australia ISDE 2014 members Matt Phillips, Toby Price and Josh Strang
France won the Senior Trophy ISDE 2014
France won the Senior Trophy ISDE 2014
America won the Junior Trophy at ISDE 2014
America won the Junior Trophy at ISDE 2014
Pela Renet outright individual winner ISDE 2014
Pela Renet outright individual winner ISDE 2014 – Pela Renet: “It feels fantastic to not only win the race with France but to also personally be the fastest rider in the entire event. It’s not been the easiest of ISDE races. A lot of people suffered with mechanical problems – the dust made it hard on everyone – but my bike was perfect from start to finish. Overall I didn’t have any real problems – only one or two crashes – and that was a major help in a race like this. This is my third ISDE so it’s brilliant to win the overall and cap off what’s been an incredible season of racing for me.”
Matt Phillips ISDE 2014
Matt Phillips ISDE 2014
Josh Strang was class and speed for fifth outright at 2014 ISDE
Josh Strang was class and speed for fifth outright at 2014 ISDE
Matt Phillips ISDE 2014
Matt Phillips ISDE 2014
Toby Price ISDE 2014
Toby Price ISDE 2014

Dutch Supercross – Zuidbroek

Talented Euro supercross rider Valentin Teillet has won the Dutch Supercross with 1-2 results over the two finals ahead of Filip Neugebauer (2-3) and Mika Musquin (4-1)

SX1 Overall (Day 1): 1. Valentin Teillet. 2. Filip Neugebauer. 3. Jack Brunell. 4. Mika Musquin. 5. Boris Maillard. 6. Jason Clemont. 7. Charles Lefrancois. 8. Justin Starling. 9. Paul Coates. 10. Sullivan Jaulin. 11. Jeffrey Meurs. 12. Jace Owen.

SX1 Overall (Day 2): 1. Mika Musquin. 2. Valentin Teillet. 3. Filip Neugebauer. 4. Boris Maillard. 5. Jack Brunell. 6. Sullivan Jaulin. 7. Jason Clemont. 8. Paul Coates. 9. Cole Siebler.

European Supercross Championship – Milan, Italy

The Frenchman Cedric Soubeyras has won the lone European Championship Supercross round held in Milan, Italy last weekend after winning the first final of the day then backing that up with a solid second place behind Christophe Pourcel who finished second overall after crashing in the first corner of the first final.

Pro Overall: 1. Cedric Soubeyras. 2. Christophe Pourcel. 3. Christophe Martin. 4. Angelo Pellegrini. 5. Matteo Bonini. 6. Romain Berthome. 7. Fabien Izoird. 8. Alex Rouis. 9. Marco Maddii. 10. Nicolas Bender.

Cedric Soubeyras won Supercross in Italy
Cedric Soubeyras won Supercross in Italy

Moto News for the weekend of November 15/16

  • Round 8 of the Geico Enduro Cross Championship in Boise, Idaho
  • Bercy Supercross in the Stade Pierre-Mauroy Stadium near Lille, France