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PA Barry Sheene Suzuki XR big

Barry Sheene’s 1979 Suzuki XR27 500 Grand Prix racer

Barry Sheene's 1979 Suzuki XR27 With Phil Aynsley Suzuki began its challenge for the 500cc World Championship with its TR500/XR05 twin in the hands of such...
PA Suzuki RGV big

1998 Suzuki RGV500 | Grand Prix 500cc Two-Stroke

1998 Suzuki RGV500 Nobuatsu Aoki's 1998 RGV500 XR88 Grand Prix motorcycle With Phil Aynsley This is the 500cc Suzuki RGV/XR88 that Nobuatsu (Nobby) Aoki raced in the...
The Massimo Tamburini designed and Suzuki engined 500GP race with power steering!

Roberto Galina HB Suzuki Team TGA1 | 500GP

A 500GP bike with power steering..... Galina HB Suzuki Team TGA1 By Phil Aynsley It’s not often you come across a bike that was designed with power...
1988 Elf5 Racer

NSR V4 powered 1988 ELF5 | With Phil Aynsley

NSR V4 powered 1988 ELF5 - With Phil Aynsley Some bikes can’t be mistaken for any other machine and that is certainly the case with...
1989 Fior 500 GP

1989 Fior 500 GP | 150hp | 127kg | With Phil Aynsley

1989 Fior 500 GP machine - 150hp, 127kg - With Phil Aynsley This one of the two 1989 Fior 500s made, and as 1989 was the...
1975 Suzuki XR14 - The very machine that Barry Sheene won his (and Suzuki’s) first 500cc GP race on - Image by Phil Aynsley

Barry Sheene Suzuki XR14 | The 500GP bike #7 first won on

Barry Sheene's Suzuki XR14 By Phil Aynsley One particularly historic bike I’ve been privileged to photograph is this Suzuki XR14 - the very machine that Barry...



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