2019 British Superbike Championship
Round Seven – Thruxton – Friday

Peter Hickman topped the times after the opening Bennetts British Superbike Championship free practice sessions at Thruxton today, launching the Smiths Racing BMW to the fastest time in the Hampshire heat as he bids for a place in the Showdown.

Hickman had topped the opening session and with the times improving in the afternoon, the Smiths Racing BMW rider stayed at the top with an edge of just 0.273s from FS-3 Racing Kawasaki’s Danny Buchan who surged up the order in the closing stages.

Peter Hickman – P1

“We have had our usual day one really but it has been a good one! I felt really strong and happy with how it has gone today. We took an educated guess with the setup and we went straight out and did a 20-lap race run and the lap times were pretty good even at the end. The first session here is usually harder on tyres here as the track starts the weekend a bit green, but it didn’t seem to be like that today. We are in a good position at the moment but we have some tweaks we know we now need to make for tomorrow because qualifying is crucial and we really paid for that when I crashed at Snetterton at the last round. We have learnt a lot today and we finish the day happy and ready to try and make some more improvements tomorrow.”

BSB Rnd Thruxton Peter Hickman Fri
Peter Hickman – Image by Dave Yeomans

Multiple Thruxton race winner Josh Brookes moved up into third to lead the Be Wiser Ducati charge, narrowly ahead of Jason O’Halloran on the McAMS Yamaha as four different manufacturers featured in the leading positions.

Championship leader Scott Redding was fifth fastest on his first visit to Thruxton with Glenn Irwin clocking a time to end the opening day in sixth place on his debut with Tyco BMW, and narrowly ahead of his brother Andrew.

Rookie Ryan Vickers climbed inside the top ten in the afternoon session; the RAF Regular & Reserve Kawasaki rider edged out Ben Currie on the leading Quattro Plant JG Speedfit Kawasaki. His team-mate Hector Barbera had a crash in the second session; the Spanish rider sustained a fracture to his right fibula and is having physio. He will be reviewed for fitness tomorrow before free practice three.

BSB Practice Times


Pos Rider Times
1 Peter HICKMAN 1m15.234
2 Jason O’HALLORAN 1m15.999
3 Christian IDDON 1m16.100
4 Dan LINFOOT 1m16.258
5 Josh BROOKES 1m16.298
6 Luke MOSSEY 1m16.420
7 James ELLISON 1m16.495
8 Tommy BRIDEWELL 1m16.546
9 Luke STAPLEFORD 1m16.569
10 Tarran MACKENZIE 1m16.661
11 Andrew IRWIN 1m16.687
12 Ryan VICKERS 1m16.727
13 Bradley RAY 1m16.883
14 Scott REDDING 1m16.948
15 Glenn IRWIN 1m16.987
16 Joe FRANCIS 1m17.042
17 Danny BUCHAN 1m17.188
18 Ben CURRIE 1m17.234
19 Josh ELLIOTT 1m17.365
20 Xavi FORÉS 1m17.621
21 Fraser ROGERS 1m17.783
22 Matt TRUELOVE 1m17.879
23 Shaun WINFIELD 1m17.997
24 Dean HIPWELL 1m18.422
25 David ALLINGHAM 1m18.441
26 Claudio CORTI 1m18.886
27 Danny KENT 1m19.164
28 Sam COVENTRY 1m19.182
Pos Rider Times
1 Peter Hickman 1m15.140
2 Danny Buchan 1m15.413
3 Josh Brookes 1m15.579
4 Jason O’halloran 1m15.607
5 Scott Redding 1m15.724
6 Glenn Irwin 1m15.763
7 Andrew Irwin 1m15.782
8 Ryan Vickers 1m15.795
9 Ben Currie 1m15.842
10 Tommy Bridewell 1m15.856
11 Luke Mossey 1m15.921
12 Dan Linfoot 1m15.932
13 Tarran Mackenzie 1m15.935
14 James Ellison 1m16.071
15 Luke Stapleford 1m16.099
16 Christian Iddon 1m16.115
17 Joe Francis 1m16.158
18 Matt Truelove 1m16.338
19 Josh Elliott 1m16.407
20 Xavi Forés 1m16.409
21 David Allingham 1m16.529
22 Danny Kent 1m16.627
23 Bradley Ray 1m16.790
24 Fraser Rogers 1m16.893
25 Shaun Winfield 1m16.909
26 Claudio Corti 1m16.972
27 Dean Hipwell 1m17.449
28 Héctor Barberá 1m18.113
29 Sam Coventry 1m18.654


British Supersport

Jack Kennedy heads the Dickies British Supersport Championship standings into Thruxton this weekend with the defending champion holding a 22-point lead ahead of the two races this weekend in Hampshire.

Kennedy completed the double win at Snetterton last time out and the Colin Appleyard Macadam Yamaha rider is looking ahead to trying to extend his advantage this weekend and started strongly by topping Friday practice. 

Alastair Seeley was back on the podium at Snetterton, but he needs to be back on the top step of the podium this weekend in a bid to close the deficit with the second Colin Appleyard Macadam Yamaha of Brad Jones also gaining ground on the EHA Racing Yamaha rider.

Harry Truelove had another fourth place at Snetterton as he bids for his first podium finish of the season as he bids to extend the advantage over Ben Wilson and Gearlink Kawasaki.

British Supersport Times


Pos Rider Times
1 Jack Kennedy 1m17.632
2 Kyle Ryde 1m18.030
3 Alastair Seeley 1m18.045
4 Brad Jones 1m18.374
5 Tom Oliver 1m18.434
6 Mason Law 1m18.558
7 Lee Johnston 1m18.619
8 Richard Kerr 1m18.770
9 Jamie Perrin 1m18.970
10 Harry Truelove 1m18.975
11 Charlie Nesbitt 1m19.061
12 Bradley Perie 1m19.212
13 Josh Owens 1m19.623
14 Sam Wilford 1m19.661
15 Ben Wilson 1m19.735
16 Thomas Strudwick 1m19.790
17 Phil Wakefield 1m19.812
18 Rory Skinner 1m19.835
19 Kurt Wigley 1m19.976
20 Jake Archer 1m20.295
21 Jack Scott 1m20.332
22 Ross Twyman 1m20.436
23 Jorel Boerboom 1m20.653
24 Aaron Ridewood 1m21.799
25 Ross Patterson 1m21.947
26 Tomás De Vries 1m22.192
27 Sam Munro 1m22.341
Pos Rider Times
1 Jack Kennedy 1m16.615
2 Kyle Ryde 1m17.020
3 Alastair Seeley 1m17.227
4 Brad Jones 1m17.574
5 Harry Truelove 1m17.751
6 Richard Kerr 1m17.951
7 Tom Oliver 1m17.975
8 Lee Johnston 1m18.159
9 Bradley Perie 1m18.250
10 Charlie Nesbitt 1m18.296
11 Mason Law 1m18.370
12 Sam Wilford 1m18.746
13 Josh Owens 1m18.791
14 Rory Skinner 1m18.932
15 Jamie Perrin 1m19.005
16 Jack Scott 1m19.152
17 Kurt Wigley 1m19.155
18 Ben Wilson 1m19.433
19 Phil Wakefield 1m19.444
20 Ross Twyman 1m19.530
21 Thomas Strudwick 1m19.564
22 Jake Archer 1m19.580
23 Jorel Boerboom 1m19.930
24 Ross Patterson 1m19.992
25 Tomás De Vries 1m20.637
26 Aaron Ridewood 1m20.971
27 Sam Munro 1m21.980


British Superstock 1000 Times


Pos Rider Times
1 Richard Cooper 1m16.472
2 Lee Jackson 1m16.881
3 Alex Olsen 1m17.308
4 Andrew Reid 1m17.397
5 Chrissy Rouse 1m17.464
6 Billy Mcconnell 1m17.579
7 Taylor Mackenzie 1m17.584
8 Levi Day 1m17.596
9 Luke Jones 1m18.021
10 Tom Neave 1m18.031
11 Benjamin Godfrey 1m18.073
12 Leon Jeacock 1m18.082
13 Michael Rutter 1m18.139
14 Barry Teasdale 1m18.248
15 Lewis Rollo 1m18.249
16 Luke Hedger 1m18.427
17 Ashley Beech 1m18.687
18 Eemeli Lahti 1m18.771
19 Tim Neave 1m18.778
20 Rob Mcnealy 1m18.797
21 Joe Collier 1m18.870
22 Graeme Irwin 1m18.945
23 Tom Ward 1m18.982
24 Paul Mcclung 1m19.115
25 George Stanley 1m19.214
26 Brayden Elliott 1m19.271
27 Milo Ward 1m19.604
28 Jordan Weaving 1m19.662
29 Bjorn Estment 1m19.834
30 Daniel Cooper 1m20.185
31 James White 1m20.487
32 Jamie Tibble 1m20.602
33 Max Alexander 1m21.146
34 Joe Sheldon-Shaw 1m21.608
35 Sam Cox 1m21.692
36 Jim Walker 1m22.043
37 Paul Westerdale 1m22.822
38 Allister Haynes 1m23.500
39 Michael Austin 1m23.762
Pos Rider Times
1 Richard Cooper 1m16.331
2 Lee Jackson 1m16.364
3 Andrew Reid 1m16.642
4 Taylor Mackenzie 1m16.663
5 Levi Day 1m17.157
6 Luke Jones 1m17.296
7 Benjamin Godfrey 1m17.324
8 Alex Olsen 1m17.355
9 Lewis Rollo 1m17.379
10 Billy Mcconnell 1m17.427
11 Michael Rutter 1m17.534
12 Chrissy Rouse 1m17.559
13 Milo Ward 1m17.568
14 Leon Jeacock 1m17.662
15 Rob Mcnealy 1m17.662
16 Barry Teasdale 1m17.724
17 Tom Neave 1m17.773
18 Eemeli Lahti 1m17.823
19 Luke Hedger 1m17.976
20 Bjorn Estment 1m18.020
21 Ashley Beech 1m18.139
22 Paul Mcclung 1m18.243
23 Graeme Irwin 1m18.285
24 Tim Neave 1m18.290
25 Tom Ward 1m18.301
26 Joe Collier 1m18.432
27 George Stanley 1m18.448
28 Daniel Cooper 1m18.826
29 Brayden Elliott 1m18.907
30 Jordan Weaving 1m18.917
31 Max Alexander 1m19.430
32 James White 1m19.927
33 Jamie Tibble 1m20.056
34 Sam Cox 1m20.380
35 Joe Sheldon-Shaw 1m20.388
36 Allister Haynes 1m21.370
37 Jim Walker 1m21.470
38 Michael Austin 1m22.661
39 Paul Westerdale 1m22.735


British Superstock 600 Times


Pos Rider Times
1 Shane Richardson 1m19.840
2 Ben Luxton 1m20.346
3 Liam Delves 1m20.391
4 Cameron Fraser 1m0.578
5 Tj Toms 1m0.845
6 Caolan Irwin 1m20.983
7 Taylor Moreton 1m21.080
8 Korie Mcgreevy 1m21.133
9 Adam Hartgrove 1m21.271
10 Storm Stacey 1m21.370
11 James Alderson 1m21.502
12 Ewan Potter 1m21.527
13 Kevin Keyes 1m21.615
14 Aaron Silvester 1m21.753
15 Louis Valleley 1m21.916
16 Eunan Mcglinchey 1m22.065
17 Sam Holme 1m22.153
18 Connor Thomson 1m22.281
19 Simon Reid 1m22.684
20 Conor Wheeler 1m22.799
21 Max Symonds 1m22.812
22 Mark Piper 1m22.983
23 Daniel Brooks 1m23.103
24 Sam Laffins 1m23.119
25 Brent Harran 1m23.222
26 Harry Rowlings 1m23.382
27 Jordan Mccord 1m23.559
28 Josh Coward 1m23.838
29 Nathan Drury 1m27.088
Pos Rider Times
1 Korie Mcgreevy 1m19.294
2 Cameron Fraser 1m19.738
3 Shane Richardson 1m19.850
4 Tj Toms 1m20.024
5 Ben Luxton 1m20.038
6 Caolan Irwin 1m20.269
7 Liam Delves 1m20.472
8 Storm Stacey 1m20.500
9 Adam Hartgrove 1m20.660
10 Louis Valleley 1m20.662
11 Taylor Moreton 1m20.755
12 James Alderson 1m20.793
13 Brent Harran 1m20.827
14 Kevin Keyes 1m20.880
15 Mark Piper 1m20.924
16 Connor Thomson 1m21.094
17 Simon Reid 1m21.159
18 Sam Holme 1m21.199
19 Aaron Silvester 1m21.237
20 Eunan Mcglinchey 1m21.293
21 Sam Laffins 1m21.579
22 Harry Rowlings 1m21.745
23 Max Symonds 1m22.171
24 Daniel Brooks 1m22.256
25 Conor Wheeler 1m22.307
26 Ewan Potter 1m22.846
27 Josh Coward 1m23.002
28 Jordan Mccord 1m23.092
29 Nathan Drury 1m24.567
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