2019 Ulster Grand Prix

Thursday Race Reports

Thursday afternoon saw the start of race action at the 2019 fonaCAB Ulster Grand Prix with a feast of high speed action that saw Dundrod reclaim it’s title as the world’s fastest road race.

Ulster GP SBK Peter Hickman
Peter Hickman

Peter Hickman set a new outright lap record of 136.415mph on his way to victory in the Superbike race aboard the Smith’s S1000RR BMW. The new record is 2.6 seconds faster than the old mark and almost 1 mph quicker than his TT record of 135.452mph,

Peter Hickman

“I was struggling to pass Dean in the early stages as he was really fast in a straight line and we’re down a bit on top speed.  I got a really good run out of the last corner and used the slipstream perfectly along the Flying Kilo so I knew if I could get to Deer’s Leap in front, I’d have a good chance of getting away. Once I got the clear track, I could ride my own lines, rather than Dean’s, and I hit all my markers so was able to pull away.” We don’t have the fastest bike out there but we do have a very good package so it’s great to get the win and get the outright lap record back for myself, the team and BMW.”

Ulster GP SBK Peter Hickman Record
Peter Hickman

Conor Cummins posted the highest speed ever recorded at Dundrod when he broke the beam on the speed trap on the Flying Kilo at 202.8mph on the Milenco Padgett’s Honda Fireblade. Cummins finished third in the race with Dean Harrison taking the runner-up slot on the Silicone Kawasaki.

Ulster GP SBK Conor Cummins
Conor Cummins

South Australian David Johnson crossed the line in sixth place ahead of Derek Sheils and Jamie Coward.

Ulster GP SBK David Johnson
David Johnson

The race was red flagged on the final lap when Sam West crashed without injury at Quarry Bends and his BMW burst into flames.

Ulster GP STK Dean Harrison
Dean Harrison

Tyco BMW’s Michael Dunlop had earlier withdrawn from the Thursday evening Superbike race but the 30-year-old intends to race in Saturday’s Superbike and Superstock

UIster GP Michael Dunlop
Michael Dunlop

SBK Race Results

Pos Rider Time Ave Speed
1 Peter Hickman 13m16.104  133.307 mph
2 Dean Harrison 13m21.785 132.363mph
3 Conor Cummins 13m24.942 131.844mph
4 Lee Johnston 13m28.129 131.324mph
5 Davey Todd 13m38.385 129.678mph
6 David Johnson 13m40.132 129.402mph
7 Derek Sheils 13m43.876 128.814mph
8 Jamie Coward 13m44.725 128.681mph
9 Michael Sweeney 13m45.146 128.615mph
10 Brian Mccormack 13m47.050 128.319mph
11 Phillip Crowe 13m50.818 127.737mph
12 David Jackson 13m58.059 126.634mph
13 Mike Booth 10m33.207 125.524mph
14 Ryan Kneen 10m33.370 125.492mph
15 Xavier Denis 10m33.682 125.430mph
16 Shaun Anderson 10m33.831 125.400mph
17 Mark Parrett 10m45.386 123.155mph
18 Forest Dunn 10m5.639 123.107mph
19 Darren Cooper 10m52.119 121.884mph
20 James Chawke 10m52.926 121.733mph
21 Tom Weeden 10m53.670 121.594mph
22 Josh Daley 10m54.415 121.456mph
23 Laurent Hoffmann 10m15.572 121.242mph
24 Davy Morgan 10m57.772 120.836mph
25 Richard Charlton 10m59.423 120.534mph
26 Barry Furber 10m59.637 120.494mph
27 Gareth Keys 11m00.187 120.394mph
28 George Spence 11m07.973 118.991mph
29 Kamil Holan 11m08.087 118.970mph
30 Stephen Mcknight 11m10.976 118.458mph
31 Raul Torras 11m11.067 118.442mph
32 Marty Lennon 11m13.137 118.078mph
33 Paul Gartland 11m16.986 117.407mph
34 Donald Macfadyen 11m17.265 117.358mph
35 Paul Cranston 11m18.633 117.122mph
36 Patricia Fernandez 11m20.807 116.748mph



Peter Hickman topped the opening Superstock qualifying session at 130.871mph, 1.883 mph seconds ahead of Dean Harrison (Silcone Kawasaki). Lee Johnston was third quickest on the Ashcourt Racing BMW.

Ulster GP SBK Dean Harrison
Dean Harrison

Jamie Coward continued to impress on the Prez Yamaha, posting 4th fastest time with Davey Todd (Wepol/Penz13.com BMW) 5th.

Paul Jordan’s second lap 126.572mph was quick enough to give him 6th place on the grid for Saturday’s race before the Magherafelt rider slid off his RC Express/Dafabet Devitt’s Kawasaki at Leathemstown. He was uninjured in the crash.

Michael Sweeney (MJR BMW), David Johnson (Honda Racing), Derek Sheils (RK Racing/Burrows Suzuki) and Shaun Anderson (NW Racing BMW) completed the top ten.

Ulster GP STK Lee Johnston
Lee Johnston

Conor Cummins could only manage a lap of 125.090mph on the Milenco Padgett’s Honda for 14th place. Michael Dunlop was even further down the order in 29th place on the MD Racing BMW after completing just two laps.

Superstock Qualifying Results

Pos Rider Lap Ave Speed
1 Peter Hickman 3m23.589 130.871mph
2 Dean Harrison 3m25.472 129.672mph
3 Lee Johnston 3m26.436 129.066mph
4 Jamie Coward 3m29.325 127.285mph
5 Davey Todd 3m29.710 127.051mph
6 Paul Jordan 3m30.505 126.572mph
7 Michael Sweeney 3m31.089 126.221mph
8 David Johnson 3m31.177 126.169mph
9 Derek Sheils 3m31.318 126.085mph
10 Shaun Anderson 3m31.459 126.001mph
11 Brian Mccormack 3m31.927 125.722mph
12 Phillip Crowe 3m32.143 125.594mph
13 Ryan Kneen 3m32.420 125.431mph
14 Conor Cummins 3m32.999 125.090mph
15 Josh Daley 3m33.211 124.965mph
16 Dominic Herbertson 3m33.427 124.839mph
17 Mike Booth 3m33.447 124.827mph
18 David Jackson 3m33.642 124.713mph
19 David Mcconnaghy 3m36.339 123.158mph
20 Mark Parrett 3m37.473 122.516mph
21 Sam West 3m7.546 122.475mph
22 Xavier Denis 3m38.034 122.201mph
23 Darren Cooper 3m38.617 121.875mph
24 Davy Morgan 3m38.707 121.825mph
25 Forest Dunn 3m38.782 121.783mph
26 Laurent Hoffmann 3m39.033 121.644mph
27 Kris Duncan 3m39.220 121.540mph
28 Neil Kernohan 3m39.529 121.369mph
29 Michael Dunlop 3m39.810 121.214mph
30 Tom Weeden 3m39.853 121.190mph
31 Kamil Holan 3m40.946 120.590mph
32 Alan Connor 3m41.307 120.394mph
33 James Chawke 3m41.672 120.195mph
34 Barry Furber 3m42.333 119.838mph
35 Richard Charlton 3m43.764 119.072mph
36 Stephen Mcknight 3m45.757 118.021mph
37 Patricia Fernandez 3m46.172 117.804mph
38 Donald Macfadyen 3m46.554 117.605mph
39 George Spence 3m47.274 117.233mph
40 Marty Lennon 3m49.171 116.262mph
41 Paul Gartland 3m50.227 115.729mph
42 Andy Sellars 3m54.957 113.399mph
43 Paul Cranston 3m59.141 111.415mph


Supersport Race

Peter Hickman was victorious in the Supersport race later in the evening on his Trooper Beer Triumph, winning the bout after a huge tussle with Lee Johnston on the Ashcourt Racing Yamaha. 

David Johnson finished eighth ahead of Xavier Denis and Dominic Herbertson. 

Ulster GP SS David Johnson
David Johnson

Supersport Race Results

Pos Rider Time Ave Speed
1 Peter Hickman 17m28.621 126.614mph
2 Lee Johnston 17m28.978 126.571mph
3 Dean Harrison 17m37.353 125.569mph
4 Jamie Coward 17m49.575 124.134mph
5 Conor Cummins 17m49.663 124.124mph
6 Paul Jordan 17m50.429 124.035mph
7 Michael Sweeney 17m50.491 124.028mph
8 David Johnson 18m17.675 120.956mph
9 Xavier Denis 18m18.242 120.894mph
10 Dominic Herbertson 18m18.480 120.867mph
11 David Jackson 18m19.609 120.743mph
12 Raymond Casey 18m28.762 119.747mph
13 Tom Weeden 18m28.974 119.724mph
14 Forest Dunn 18m35.680 119.004mph
15 Joseph Loughlin 18m35.783 118.993mph
16 Laurent Hoffmann 18m36.094 118.960mph
17 Josh Daley 18m37.937 118.764mph
18 Mike Booth 18m38.324 118.723mph
19 James Chawke 18m48.665 117.635mph
20 Mike Norbury 18m48.760 117.625mph
21 Davy Morgan 18m49.373 117.561mph
22 Mark Parrett 18m49.645 117.533mph
23 Richard Charlton 18m50.034 117.493mph
24 David Mcconnaghy 18m50.127 117.483mph
25 Kris Duncan 19m03.513 116.108mph
26 Patricia Fernandez 19m07.987 115.655mph
27 Kamil Holan 19m13.103 115.142mph
28 Ryan Gibson 19m24.411 114.024mph
29 Don Gilbert 19m24.837 113.982mph
30 Paul Cassidy 19m31.964 113.289mph
31 Lloyd Collins 19m32.552 113.232mph



Paul Jordan took his first international race win in the Supertwins race on the RC Express, Dafabet Devitts Kawasaki, finishing just 0.092 seconds ahead of Joe Loughlin on a Team ILR/ Coverdale Paton. Jamie Coward was third on the KTS Racing Kawasaki.

Super Twin Race Results

Pos Rider Time Ave Speed
1 Paul Jordan 15m01.130 117.771mph
2 Joseph Loughlin 15m01.222 117.759mph
3 Jamie Coward 15m01.385 117.737mph
4 Christian Elkin 15m03.969 117.401mph
5 Ian Lougher 15m30.667 114.033mph
6 Xavier Denis 15m30.733 114.025mph
7 Jonathan Perry 15m30.815 114.015mph
8 James Chawke 15m31.106 113.979mph
9 Neil Kernohan 15m50.676 111.633mph
10 Maria Costello 15m59.310 110.628mph
11 Stephen Mcknight 16m05.201 109.953mph
12 Ryan Gibson 16m05.945 109.868mph
13 Marty Lennon 16m06.279 109.830mph
14 Veronika Hankocyova 16m15.824 108.756mph
15 James Tadman 16m18.514 108.457mph
16 Kamil Holan 16m34.653 106.697mph
17 Eoin O’siochru 16m37.329 106.411mph
18 Sandy Berwick 16m58.730 104.175mph
19 Paul Gartland 17m06.033 103.434mph
20 John Byrne 17m16.404 102.399mph
21 Naoki Matsumoto 18m03.663 97.933mph
22 15  Nigel Mcauley 18m25.761 95.976mph



The Lightweight race was won by Neil Kernohan on the Logan Yamaha just 0.06 seconds ahead of Davy Morgan (Honda) with Paul Williams (Yamaha) in third.

Lightweight Race Results

Pos Rider Time Ave Speed
1  Neil Kernohan 11m52.178 111.605mph
2 Davy Morgan 11m52.240 111.595mph
3 Paul Williams 12m15.750 108.029mph
4 Shaun Anderson 12m15.791 108.023mph
5 Kris Duncan 12m16.779 107.878mph
6 Peter Fletcher 12m54.208 102.663mph
7 Stephen Mckeown 12m59.815 101.925mph
8 Bryan Harding 13m12.203 100.331mph
9 Gillian Mcgaw 13m32.739 97.796mph
10 Yvonne Montgomery 13m42.397 96.647mph
11 Johnny Mccay 13m42.720 96.610mph
12 Paul Daley 13m43.112 96.564mph
13 Stephen Carr 14m13.858 93.086mph
Not Classified
DNF Gareth Keys 12m15.350 108.088mph
DNF Dave Walsh 13m38.053 97.161mph
DNF Darren Duncan 9m21.991 94.020mph
DNF Darryl Tweed 4m31.556 96.461mph


Ultra Lightweight

Czech racer Michal Dokoupil repeated his 2018 victory in the Ultra Lightweight race aboard his Ariane machine with Christian Elkin 1.5 seconds back on the Wylie Honda. Melissa Kennedy was the only female rostrum finisher of the day aboard her KNR Honda in third.

Ultra Lightweight Race Results

Pos Rider Time Ave Speed
1 44  Michal DOKOUPIL 12m19.868 107.428mph
2 17  Christian ELKIN 12m21.407 107.205mph
3 5 Melissa KENNEDY 12m55.470 102.496mph
4 2 Nigel MOORE 12m55.745 102.460mph
5 11  Wayne KENNEDY 13m21.846 99.125mph
6 23  Chris MEYER 13m22.229 99.077mph
7 3 Gary DUNLOP 13m22.323 99.066mph
8 18  Sarah BOYES 13m32.175 97.864mph




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