MA announce former AFL boss Ross Oakley to Chair ‘Whole of Sport Review’

President of Motorcycling Australia (MA) Braxton Laine today announced Ross Oakley (OAM) will Chair the ‘Whole of Sport Review’ (WoSR) of motorcycle sport in Australia.

The time is right for all the stakeholders of motorcycling in Australia to think more long-term and this needs to be reflected in our strategic planning. We need a clear business strategy and associated financial model that will enable us to capitalise on the high profile of our sport and one that will also help boost our participation base.” Laine said.

Ross Oakley is eminently qualified to lead this review having served as the Chairman of the Commission and CEO of the VFL/Australian Football League from 1986 until 1996. In his recently released book, ‘The Phoenix Rises’, he discussed his role in creating a national game and overseeing the expansion of the competition into the powerhouse it is today.

His communication skills and ability to work with all of the sports’ stakeholders will be critical in ensuring the review identifies solutions for the long term future of the sport in this country.

MA met last week in Melbourne with the Presidents and CEOs of all our State Controlling Bodies. It was heartening to see first-hand the enthusiastic support and commitment that these members have for the upcoming review.

We encourage all stakeholders across the country to participate in this review. As a sport we have taken on more staff, created departments, appointed managers, developed new databases and conducted bigger and better events. What we haven’t done for some time is to sit down and critically assess whether our business is aligning as closely as it should with the needs and expectations of our members.” Laine said.

Motorcycling, like all sports, faces many challenges including:

  • a shift in the choices people have when it comes to their leisure time and the associated flow-on impact in terms of declining registered members in some disciplines, availability of volunteers, etc;
  • fragmented and complicated governance structures across the country;
  • a lack of cohesion across the states in terms of national programs and an inability to provide high level support to the State Controlling Bodies (SCBs);
  • a funding model that leads to insufficient funds being available to take the sport to the next level in terms of facilities and national programs;
  • communicating and engaging better and more frequently with members and SCBs across Australia.


The WoSR will involve extensive consultation with all stakeholders in their own backyard. Apart from the SCBs, the review will also seek the views of riders, promoters, administrators, officials, volunteers, track owners, government (all levels) and the media.

It will consider issues such as how to:

  • create an enhanced culture of unity and common purpose across the country;
  • obtain ‘buy-in’ from all stakeholders to a revamped strategic vision and plan for the sport;
  • ensure the sport’s governance structures reflect a greater level of professionalism;
  • ensure the strategies, structure and staffing of the organisation enable the organisation to achieve its core participation and high performance objectives in the most cost-effective manner;
  • attract greater commercial and government support for the sport;
  • maximise all available resources, human and financial, at both a State and National level.


The Review Panel will include Ross Oakley as Chair, Braxton Laine (President MA), Dale Gilson (CEO MA), Brenton Matters (President, Motorcycling South Australia) and Wayne Holdsworth (CEO, Motorcycling Victoria).

Peter Phair (Director) ‘PEP- Management and Health Services Pty Ltd has been appointed to work with the Review Panel in undertaking the review.  Peter is a Brisbane based management consultant that has extensive experience in the sport industry. For more than 20 years he has been involved in similar reviews with such organisations as Surfing Australia, the Australian Commonwealth Games Association, British Swimming, Queensland Rugby League and Skate Australia among others.  His ‘Planning to Win’ publication, which he was commissioned to write for Golf Queensland, features as a key resource document in the recently launched Golf Australia national ‘Club Support’ program.

The Review Panel will report by 30 June 2015.  The Terms of Reference can be found at