Wakefield Park ASBK Sunday Wrap Part Two

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Supersport 300 Race Two (10 laps)

An absolutely hectic second Supersport 300 bout for the weekend got underway at 1300 this afternoon and it was pocket sized dirt track dynamo Billy Van Eerde going head to head with Zac Levy and Reid Battye that provided the most entertainment at the head of the field.

Billy Van Eerde going head to head with Zac Levy and Reid Battye that provided the most entertainment at the head of the field in Supersport 300 Race Two at Wakefield Park - Image by TBG
Billy Van Eerde going head to head with Zac Levy and Reid Battye that provided the most entertainment at the head of the field in Supersport 300 Race Two at Wakefield Park – Image by TBG

Zac Levy managed to break away a little in the final laps to take the win, while Van Eerde and Battye swapped positions at almost every turn in their tussle over second. On the final lap Van Eerde got the better of Battye in traffic to claim that second place, while Battye rounded out the podium.  

Oli Bayliss got the better of Brandon Demmery to claim fifth place while Tom Bramich claimed sixth place ahead of Tom  Edwards and Yanni Shaw.  

Supersport 300 Race Two Results (10 laps)

  1. Zac Levy / Yamaha
  2. Billy Van Eerde +2.767 / KTM
  3. Reid Battye +3.033 / Kawasaki
  4. Oli Bayliss +6.377 / Kawasaki
  5. Brandon Demmery +6.438 / Yamaha
  6. Tom Bramich +8.126 / Yamaha
  7. Tom Edwards +9.914 / Yamaha
  8. Yanni Shaw +9.932 / Kawasaki
  9. Jack Mahaffy +10.419 / Yamaha
  10. Hunter Ford +13.921 / Yamaha

Motul Supersport Race Two (16 laps)

Tom Toparis rode to victory in the opening Supersport bout, much to the delight of the quite strong local Goulburn crowd that had turned out to cheer the young 17-year-old on at his home circuit. 

Supersport Race 2 start led by Mark Chiodo - Image by TBG
Supersport Race 2 start led by Mark Chiodo – Image by TBG

Conditions were much better for this second stanza, with the track almost completely dry despite the dark clouds still on the horizon threatening to dump their contents on the 2.2km Wakefield Park layout. A few spots here and there was enough to put a little apprehension in the minds of riders as they lined up for a race start at 1420 this afternoon. 

Toparis got away to a great start from pole position as Ted Collins gave chase through the first turns. Sam Muldoon put a pretty tough pass on Mark Chiodo, forcing the Victorian youngster to stand his Repsol backed Triumph up in order to avoid contact with the Kawasaki man. 

Ted Collins was determined to take the fight right up to Toparis in this one. Mark Chiodo had got the better of Muldoon, while Round One winner Mason Coote was running strongly and challenging Chiodo for third position after a few laps.

Ted Collins - Image by TBG
Ted Collins – Image by TBG

Collins took the lead from Toparis on lap five as Mark Chiodo started to close in on that leading duo.  Giueseppe Scarcella was again forcing his way through the field and was up to fifth place with ten laps to go.

Ted Collins managed to break away from Toparis, who was then further relegated to third place by Mark Chiodo, as the race approached the halfway mark.  Toparis then started to also come under attack from Mason Coote. 

Damon Rees had just got up to fifth place before high-siding his way out of the race, as the precipitation started again. The young Kiwi was clearly uncomfortable after the tumble.

Ted Collins went down in Race 2 from the lead, prior to the restart - Image by TBG
Ted Collins went down in Race 2 from the lead, prior to the restart – Image by TBG

Race leaders Collins and Chiodo then also went down, Chiodo then went down after the red flag was produced as carnage was unfolding all around the circuit, Muldoon another faller.  It was a messy sight as smashed up motorcycles limped their way back to the pits either under their own steam, or on trailers. Pit lane then became a flurry of activity as everyone rushed to get ready for a re-start, changing things on their bikes and repairing damaged machines.

Proceedings then got underway in a six-lap sprint race restart. Rule changes made after race one have seen the process of having two-part races, with combined results across the two legs, now stopped.  Thus we had a whole new race on our hands!

Ted Collins - Image by TBG
Ted Collins – Image by TBG

Ted Collins was the early leader at the re-start ahead of Nic Liminton and Mason Coote, while Mark Chiodo was four-seconds adrift in fourth place. Tom Toparis was in seventh position, ten-seconds behind the race leader as they started lap two. The local lad had been penalised for swapping positions, and was unhappy about it, as seemingly other riders may have also swapped machines but were not penalised. We will have to wait to find out more and what actually went down before making any further comment. 

Collins maintained that lead for the whole race, despite the best efforts of Liminton, who received the chequered flag 1.4-seconds behind Collins. Mason Coote rounded out the podium 10-seconds back while Tom Toparis took fourth, a further seven-seconds behind Coote.  

Mason Coote - Image by TBG
Mason Coote – Image by TBG
Mason Coote

“I can’t believe it, we took the lead in the first race and I started on pole for the restart, then it was a hole shot to the front. I’m so happy to come out with the win. I’m so stoked to have my first win.”

Toparis was originally excluded from the results but has logged a successful protest, giving Toparis the fourth place finish.

Toparis still won round, with 43-points to Collins’ 39 point haul but Collins is the new Motul Supersport Championship leader, his 86-point tally putting him ahead of Mason Coote by a single point.


Motul Supersport Race Two Results

  1. Ted Collins / Suzuki
  2. Nic Liminton +1.409 / Yamaha
  3. Mason Coote +10.198 / Yamaha
  4. Tom Toparis +16.917 / Kawasaki
  5. Lincoln Gilding +17.518 / Yamaha
  6. Jordan Carlsson +18.907 / Yamaha
  7. Sam Condon +18.914 / Yamaha
  8. Aidan Hayes +20.235 / Yamaha
  9. Cambridge Olivier +23.600 / Yamaha
  10. Jake Pruiti +26.484 / Triumph
  11. Rhys Belling +39.314 / Yamaha
  12. Mark Chiodo +40.453 / Triumph
  13. Giuseppe Scarcella +41.871 / Kawasaki

Motul Supersport Championship Standings

  1. Ted Collins 86
  2. Mason Coote 85
  3. Sam Condon 70.5
  4. Jordan Carlsson 66.5
  5. Tom Toparis 65
  6. Mark Chiodo 54.5
  7. Nic Liminton 50
  8. Lincoln Gilding 43
  9. Ben Burke 41.5
  10. Ryan Taylor 41

Yamaha Motor Finance R3 Cup Race Three (shortened to 7 laps)

Due to a few delays in the program the third and final Yamaha R3 Cup was shortened to seven laps, from the originally scheduled eight lap distance. 

Jack Mahaffy got away to an early lead from Jack Passfield and Andrew Hannan but as the race wore on Tom Edwards worked his way through to the race lead while Corey Briffa went with him to take second place ahead of Mahaffy.

Tom Edwards - Image by TBG
Tom Edwards won Race 3 from Briffa and Mahaffy – Image by TBG

The battle for the win then went down to a tussle between Edwards, Mahaffy and Briffa. At the chequered it was Edwards that took the win by a full-second despite second placed Corey Briffa putting in the fastest lap of the race on the final lap. Mahaffy took third, Passfield fourth. 


Jack Passfield wins the round with 67-points ahead of Tom Edwards on 63.

Yamaha R3 Cup podium - Image by TBG
Yamaha R3 Cup podium – Image by TBG

Yamaha Motor Finance R3 Cup Race Three Results

  1. Tom Edwards
  2. Corey Briffa +0.971
  3. Jack Mahaffy +1.087
  4. Jack Passfield +1.806
  5. Hunter Ford +1.890
  6. Ben Bramich +24.848
  7. Dan Thomas +24.896
  8. Boyd Hocking +25.197
  9. Tayla Relph +34.581
  10. Chris Dobie +46.217

Yamaha Motor Finance R3 Cup Championship Standings

  1. Jack Passfield 67
  2. Tom Edwards 63
  3. Corey Briffa 51
  4. Boyd Hocking 48
  5. Dan Thomas 43
  6. Tayla Relph 42
  7. Ben Bramich 40
  8. Jonathan Henderson 34
  9. Hunter Ford 28
  10. Jack Mahaffy 26

Yamaha Motorcycle Insurance Superbike Race Two (20 laps)

Superbike competitors always had one eye on the sky as they prepared for their second 20-lap bout at Wakefield Park this afternoon.  The opening stanza had been won from the back of the grid by Troy Herfoss. The Crankt Protein Honda man had made a last minute change to a slick shod machine, causing his pole position to be left empty. This time around the whole field were on slicks as the track was mainly dry and the rain was holding off, for now…

Superbike Race 2 Start - Image by TBG
Superbike Race 2 Start – Image by TBG

Wayne Maxwell got the jump off the line ahead of Cru Halliday and Josh Wates when the lights went out at 1525. Pole position man Troy Herfoss got a shocker of a launch and was way down in 13th position by the end of lap one, his work well and truly cut out for him from there. His Crankt Protein Honda teammate Bryan Staring was in fourth place ahead of Daniel Falzon and Beau Beaton. 

Falzon got the better of Staring late on lap two but Staring took that fourth position quickly back. That pair then gazumped Josh Waters after the Suzuki man ran wide, promoting themselves to third and fourth respectively. 

Bryan Staring leads Daniel Falzon down the straight - Image by TBG
Bryan Staring leads Daniel Falzon down the straight – Image by TBG

Up front though Wayne Maxwell had pulled the pin, his lead over Halliday out to a full-second by lap five. Falzon was the fastest man on the circuit at that juncture of the race as he tried to steal third place from Staring. The pair also started to reel in Maxwell and Halliday as the race wore on. 

Herfoss had worked his way up to sixth place with 15 laps to run and then put in a new fastest lap of the race, a 58.308, to start inching his way towards fifth placed Josh Waters, who himself had started to pick up his pace and get back into contention for a podium position. 

Wayne Maxwell - Image by TBG
Wayne Maxwell – Image by TBG

By lap nine Halliday had reeled Maxwell in somewhat, the gap separating the two Yamaha men only four-tenths of a second. Only 1.5-seconds covered the top quartet.  Herfoss then got Waters for fifth place, before Staring made a small mistake under brakes which allowed both Herfoss and Waters to slip past him, the #67 Honda pushed back to sixth place. 

As the race broached the halfway marker it was Maxwell, Halliday, Falzon and Herfoss now the top four, as Waters and Staring started to lose touch with them.  Herfoss then put in a new fastest lap, 58.061 to take third place from Falzon, next target Halliday, and the leading pack were now lapping backmarkers at various points around the circuit.

Suzuki rider Josh Waters - Image by TBG
Suzuki rider Josh Waters – Image by TBG

With five laps to run nothing separated the top trio, who had now left Falzon behind. It looked like it was only a matter of time before Herfoss found a way past Halliday then Maxwell, cheered on by the impressive local crowd who had braved a far from perfect day to come and cheer on their home road race heroes.

Herfoss got Halliday with a forceful move under brakes into the fish-hook, then quickly pulled away from the #65 Yamaha and latched on to the back of Maxwell.  Halliday then went down and walked away holding his wrist, a terrible blow for Halliday.  

Troy Herfoss - Image by TBG
Troy Herfoss – Image by TBG

Troy Herfoss took the race lead and looked to have the speed to pull away from Maxwell.  Only for the red flag to then be produced due to Halliday’s machine to be judged as left in a precarious position.

The race was then declared, thus the results were taken from the previous lap, awarding Maxwell the win. Halliday was removed from the results due to being judged the cause of the red flag, thus Daniel Falzon was promoted to a podium result, and retains the overall Championship points lead.  A bit of an anti-climax to what was a brilliant race. 

Despite having to settle for second place, Herfoss, the defending champion still claims the round win and moves up to second place in the championship standings. 

Wayne Maxwell - Image by TBG
Wayne Maxwell – Image by TBG

Wayne Maxwell – Winner

“Troy just went backwards from the start, left on the line, so I thought well here is my chance… It has been a tough weekend here and I was not sure how we were going to go over a whole race distance as the weather conditions had made it hard to get a long run in. Not sure I would have had answer for Troy there so I was somewhat lucky with that red flag giving me the win. The Yamaha worked really well on the track and we can really take away some positives from the weekend. It’s nice to come away with a race win. I can’t wait to get to Winton for Round Three!”

Troy Herfoss - Image by TBG
Troy Herfoss – Image by TBG

Troy Herfoss – P2 – Round Winner

“A great weekend, everything weather wise was thrown at us. We were fastest in all conditions, wet, dry, what ever we had the best pace. So we proved we have the speed. Phillip Island is an easy track to get towed around, and it showed, now we get to some tighter tracks and we will really start to see things shake out in regards as to who is quickest.”

Yamaha Motorcycle Insurance Superbike Race Two Results (Taken back a lap after red flag)

  1. Wayne Maxwell / Yamaha
  2. Troy Herfoss +0.527 / Honda
  3. Daniel Falzon +2.920 / Yamaha
  4. Josh Waters +5.970 / Suzuki
  5. Bryan Staring +7.596 / Honda
  6. Robert Bugden +13.332 / Kawasaki
  7. Matt Walters +17.195 / Kawasaki
  8. Kyle Buckley +17.760 / Kawasaki
  9. Beau Beaton +18.544 / Ducati
  10. Michael Blair +23.358 / Yamaha
  11. Josh Hook +23.686 / Kawasaki
  12. Troy Guenther +25.716 / BMW
  13. Corey Turner +34.716 / Yamaha
  14. Mitch Levy +35.065 / Yamaha
  15. Callum Spriggs +36.209 / Ducati

Yamaha Motorcycle Insurance Superbike Round Two Points

  1. Troy Herfoss 46
  2. Wayne Maxwell 38
  3. Robert Bugden 34
  4. Bryan Staring 33
  5. Daniel Falzon 30
  6. Josh Hook 28
  7. Josh Waters 26
  8. Beau Beaton 26
  9. Matt Walters 21
  10. Kyle Buckley 19

Yamaha Motorcycle Insurance Superbike Championship Standings

  1. Daniel Falzon 106
  2. Troy Herfoss 93
  3. Robert Bugden 89
  4. Wayne Maxwell 74
  5. Bryan Staring 69
  6. Beau Beaton 60
  7. Josh Waters 58
  8. Cru Halliday 48
  9. Kyle Buckley 47
  10. Michael Blair 44

Supersport 300 Race Three (10 laps)

Reid Battye won the final Supersport 300 race for the weekend from KTM youngster Billy Van Eerde, who was later disqualified. The reason for disqualification has not yet been given in the provisional results.  Battye is the Under 300cc category leader, while Zac Levy leads the Over 300cc class, following Round 2, a position Van Eerde would have held prior to disqualification. 

Billy Van Eerde leads the Super Sport 300 Race 3 start - Image by TBG
Billy Van Eerde leads the Super Sport 300 Race 3 start – Image by TBG

Supersport 300 Race Three Results

  1. Reid Battye / Kawasaki
  2. Zac Levy +2.011 / Yamaha
  3. Jack Mahaffy +2.470 / Yamaha
  4. Tom Edwards +3.3431 / Yamaha
  5. Ty Lynch +8.248 / Yamaha
  6. Brandon Demmery +8.777 / Yamaha
  7. Oli Bayliss +9.006 / Kawasaki
  8. Tom Bramich +9.214 / Yamaha
  9. Corey Briffa +9.219 / Yamaha
  10. Jack Passfield +9.395 / Yamaha

Supersport 300 – Over 300cc – Championship Standings

  1. Zac Levy 106
  2. Brandon Demmery 97
  3. Tom Bramich 87
  4. Jack Passfield 87
  5. Ty Lynch 86
  6. Hunter Ford 83
  7. Billy Van Eerde 83
  8. Corey Briffa 82
  9. Jack Mahaffy 80
  10. Max Croker 72

Supersport 300 – Up to 300cc – Championship Standings

  1. Reid Battye 140
  2. Scott Nicholson 103
  3. Oli Bayliss 101
  4. Yanni Shaw 92
  5. Drew Sells 89
  6. Laura Brown 79
  7. Tom Edwards 70
  8. Bronson Joel Pickett 64
  9. Grace Poutch 45
  10. Greg Farrell 41

GP Juniors Cup Race Three (6 laps)

The final race of the Wakefield Park race weekend was a very wet affair. Tom Edwards splashed his way to a clear victory but Jack Passfield takes the round win and championship lead. 

Tom Edwards

“It was a really good race. Due to the slick conditions, I thought I better not muck about in that race and I just put my head down and got on with it” 
I really enjoy racing in the GP Juniors, I just really want more people to do it too!”

GP Juniors Podium - Image by TBG
GP Juniors Podium – Image by TBG

GP Juniors Cup Race Three Results

  1. Tom Edwards
  2. John Lytras +13.892
  3. Joel Kelso +13.999
  4. Max Stauffer +14.523
  5. Harry Khouri +20.532
  6. Ben Baker +23.050
  7. Jack Cousens +23.340
  8. Luke Power +23.823

GP Juniors Cup Championship Standings

  1. Tommy Edwards 70
  2. Joel Kelso 63
  3. John Lytras 56
  4. Max Stauffer 50
  5. Ben Baker 48
  6. Luke Power 42
  7. Jack Cousens 41
  8. Harry Khouri 31