Instrumentation design has taken a different direction in the R 1200 R. A conventional speedo sits to the left of a long horizontal TFT display, that actually works quite well. It can be switched through three modes of functionality, ‘Full’, ‘Sport’ or ‘Tourist’, which also displays the speed digitally.

The 18-litre fuel tank should return an easy 300km between fills.

BMW R 1200 R (2015)
BMW R 1200 R (2015)

An optional $600 ‘Touring Package’, adds yet more functionality to the instruments, GPS preparation, centre-stand, handy luggage grid and pannier fastenings. That’s pretty good value.

If you don’t want to go to the expense of a full pannier system, purchasing just the luggage grid and a good quality roll-bag should enable you to carry plenty of gear, while leaving you enough pennies in the bank to undertake that big trip.

A keyless ride system is a $345 option. A key with an integrated fob stays in your pocket while you ride, and can remotely activate the steering lock, or release the fuel filler cap.  Essential? No. Handy to have? Yes, certainly.

BMW R 1200 R (2015)
BMW R 1200 R (2015)

There are three versions of the 2015 BMW R 1200 R sold in Australia. The Cordoba Blue coloured machines are known simply as ‘R 1200 R’, the ‘R 1200 R Exclusive’ comes in a Thunder Grey Metallic and the ‘R 1200 R Sport’ comes in white and includes an engine spoiler along with a different windscreen.

The Exclusive and Sport version are priced at $22,350 plus on road costs.

Overall, the R 1200 R provides a relatively affordable entry ticket to best that the latest in motorcycle technology can bring, wrapped up in a comfortable and capable package.

While the staccato beat of the Boxer adds enough soul, to remind you that this is still most definitely a petrol burning motorcycle you are riding, rather than some battery powered appliance.

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