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Northwest 200 Images Gallery B
Images by Jon Jessop

North West 200 in review

The traditional lead-up event to the iconic Isle Of Man TT, the North West 200 is run over 200 miles in the North West of Ireland, and has (in its current format) since 1930. It has grown immensely in both competitor numbers and interested spectators, to arrive at Ireland’s biggest sporting event, and one of the world’s fastest – and most dangerous — road races.

The 2015 International North West 200, was not short of excitement, as unpredictable weather made for a challenging event for teams, riders and spectators alike.

Racing kicked off proper on the Thursday with the first Supersport race.  Alastair Seeley, who qualified on pole, took first place on his BMW.

Road racing royalty Michael Dunlop, followed by Lee Johnston.

North West 200 Supersport Results 2015

1. Alastair Seeley (Suzuki)
2. William Dunlop (Yamaha)
3. Lee Johnston  (Triumph)
4. Bruce Anstey (Honda)
5. Dean Harrison (Yamaha)

KMR Kawasaki had a superb day, taking first and second in the first Supertwin race, Jeremy McWilliams won the four-lapper, with Ryan Farquhar in second, giving them their second 1-2 result in a row. Jamie Hamilton followed, with Christian Elkin and Derek McGee just missing out on the podium.

North West 200 Vauxhall Supertwin Results 2015

1. Ryan Farquhar (Kawasaki)
2. Jeremy McWilliams (Kawasaki)
3. Jamie Hamilton (Kawasaki)
4. Christian Elkin (Kawasaki)
5. Derek McGee (Kawasaki)

There were six races scheduled for Saturday, but due to some unfortunate events, only four were completed.  Rescheduled from Thursday to Saturday due to a crash, the Superstock race was then cancelled completely when Stephen Thompson, Horst Saiger and Dean Harrison were involved in an incident between York Corner and Mill Road Roundabout. A female spectator was caught up in the crash, and was hospitalised into a critical condition along with Thompson. Luckily, both were announced stable later in the week.

Australian competitor, and North West 200 rookie, David Johnson talked about the need to compensate for the high winds, which was present for the duration, causing the feature superbike event to be cancelled. 

The Tyco BMW rider, Alastair Seeley faired strongly, dominating the majority of the day’s events. Seeley won the Bet Mclean Supersport race to tie with Robert Dunlop’s record of 15 race wins.

“I have been coming here since I was child and Robert and Joey Dunlop were heroes of mine,” said Alastair Seeley. “To be with those guys is totally awesome and to equal Robert’s record is very special to me.”

Alastair was also very close to victory in the CP Hire Limited Superstock race, but was passed in the final lap by ECR/Burdens BMW Rider, Lee Johnston.

North West 200 Bet McLean Supersport Race Resullts 2015 

1. Alastair Seeley (Suzuki)
2. Glenn Irwin (Kawasaki)
3. Lee Johnston (Triumph)
4. William Dunlop (Yamaha)
5. Keith Amor (Honda) 

Positions fluctuated throughout the next Superbike race, but Seeley was able to pull ahead on the final lap to get ahead of the field, the BMW rider managed to drop three-tenths on Ian Hutchinson who finished in second place.

North West 200 Monster Energy Superbike Results 2015 

1. Alastair Seeley (BMW)
2. Ian Hutchinson (Kawasaki)
3. Bruce Anstey (Honda)
4. Lee Johnston (BMW)
5. Michael Rutter (BMW) 

Next up was the Supertwin race, McWilliams placed at the top of the podium, beating Thursday’s winner, and KMR teammate, Ryan Farquhar. Followed by Hamilton who made the podium for the second time.

North West 200 Anchor Complex Supertwin Results 2015 

1. Jeremy McWilliams (Kawasaki)
2. Ryan Farquhar (Kawasaki)
3. Jamie Hamilton (Kawasaki)
4. Christian Elkin (Kawasaki)
5. Jamie Coward (Aprilia) 

The CP Hire Superstock race was the final battle of the day, making for another close race between Johnston and Seeley but Johnston snuck past in the final lap, winning by just .192 seconds.

North West 200 CP Hire Superstock Results 2015 

1. (BMW) Lee Johnston
2. (BMW)  Alastair Seeley
3. (Yamaha)  Ian Hutchinson
4. (Yamaha) Michael Dunlop
5. (BMW)  William Dunlop