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Graham Jarvis wins 5th Edition of Red Bull Sea to Sky 2014

Graham Jarvis (UK, Husqvarna) an impressive 1st place at the main event of Red Bull Sea to Sky in Kemer, Turkey: The Olympos Mountain Race. The Extreme Enduro dominator of the past years fenced off his closest opponent Jonny Walker (UK, KTM) who came in second followed by his teammate Andreas Lettenbichler (GER, KTM) in 3rd position.

Race Day #3 and the main event of Red Bull Sea to Sky started right at the beach of Kemer at the Turkish Riviera. The competitors started in rows of 10 riders each, which had been defined by the results of the Forest Race the day before. A record breaking 214 riders took on the challenge to ride all the way from Sea to Sky, from the beach to the peak of the Tahtali Mountain at 2.365m.

Compared with the fourth edition in 2013 about half of the track was stuffed with new sections that made the main event longer and harder – especially for the riders who wanted to go for the Gold Medal for reaching the finish line. Especially the 13 spectator points were gathered by thousands of people who had come to watch the world’s Extreme Enduro elite and the ambitioned amateurs from 29 countries – and enjoyed the spectacular performance in riverbeds, extreme up- and downhill sections as well as single trails in an astonishing landscape of the mountains around Kemer.

It was the 18-year-old Wade Young from South Africa on his KTM who won the holeshot of the 1st starting row. In the first riverbed 2013 Red Bull Sea to Sky winner Jonny Walker managed to pass Wade and got into his rhythm, leading a good part of the race. Graham Jarvis had a bad start, found himself in 6th position after the first corner but managed to pass Andreas Lettenbichler in the riverbed. After Paul Bolton made a mistake Graham was catching up Taylor Robert (USA, KTM) who had won the Beach Race on Race Day #1 of Red Bull Sea to Sky.

Jonny’s lead was melting away and Graham clearly showed that he was determined to win the race he had lost to Jonny a year ago. In 2013 Jonny had called the race a ‘battle of the deadest’ between himself and Graham and it all looked like 2014 would be just alike. However, Jarvis had analyzed the mistakes he made the year before and made sure to not repeat them. The 39-year-old Extreme Enduro super star Jarvis had been beaten by Jonny at the Erzbergrodeo and Red Bull Romaniacs earlier this year, so Graham clearly wanted to set a clear signal at Red Bull Sea to Sky. He caught Jonny and followed him for about 15 minutes until Jonny made a mistake so Graham could pass. He made this stick once he was passed Jonny, and came in first at the peak of the Tahtali Mountain at 2.365m.

Andreas Lettenbichler was in fourth position after the silver section and had a pretty big gap between himself and Wade Young who was going for the podium. ‘Letti’ pushed very hard and made up more and more time. It was only about 300m from the finish where Letti chose a smarter and bit more difficult line going uphill so he came in third and was more than happy to finally get a podium result at Red Bull Sea to Sky – after bad luck in Turkey for previous three years in a row.

Alfredo Gomez (ESP, Husqvarna) had bad luck at the start caused by a technical problem on his bike. He was able to fix it but had to start with the 6th row. He still made it to the finish in 10th position – a great achievement passing just about 50 riders!

Islam Yildiz (KTM) was the best Turkish rider to finish the main event of Red Bull Sea to Sky 2014 in 41st position. Ismail Özgül (KTM) came in 45th and Sinan Memnun (Husqvarna) in 46th position.

A total of 60 riders finished at the top and earned Gold, 63 riders earned the Silver Medal and 50 riders the Bronze Medal.

Graham Jarvis about his win: “I caught a bad start and found myself in 6th position at the first corner. So I had to play it cool and calm down. I passed Letti and caught up on Paul Bolton but struggled to pass him for a while. Luckily made a mistake, Wade did too so it was Taylor Robert. Wade Young caught up and I was thinking I’m not doing very well and I didn’t know how far Jonny was ahead. But at a checkpoint someone said he’s just in front which gave me a bit confidence. I just tried to focus on my own race and learn from the mistakes of last year. In the new sections I was able to catch him, passed him but I made a mistake and he passed me. That got me a bit angry because I didn’t want the same thing as last year to happen again. I must have followed him for a good 15 minutes and waited for the opportunity. He made a mistake and I  took it to the finish.

“It feels great to be back on the top step of a Hard Enduro podium. It’s been a lean couple of months for me so I’m delighted to win again. Honestly I really enjoyed myself. It’s brilliant to win again.”

Jonny Walker showed good sportsmanship in his reaction: “I got a good start, I followed Wade and he had a good pace. I passed him in the first riverbed and ran my own pace from there. I had a good 1 minute and 40 seconds lead but at the checkpoints they were saying that Graham is getting closer. He caught me in the Dark Canyon and we changed places a few times. I made a mistake, he pulled away and there was nothing I could really do about it. I tried as hard as I could and I’m certainly disappointed. I can’t take it away from him, he rode really well and massive congratulations to him.“

Making his return to competitive action following his recent foot injury, Alfredo Gomez saw his race go anything but to plan. Fouling a spark plug on the start line, the Spaniard frantically fought to fix the problem as the leaders disappeared from sight. Finally starting outside the top 60, Gomez put in a ride of heroic proportions. Charging his way through the field, the Husqvarna rider passed over 50 riders to take a well-deserved 10th position.

Alfredo Gomez: “What can I say – it’s been a difficult race. My spark plug broke on the line just as we were about to start and by the time I fixed it there were about 60 riders in front of me. I did the best I could and fought hard to recover. In one sense I’m disappointed because my speed was good enough to battle for the podium but I’m still pleased with how I rode. Overtaking 50 riders wasn’t easy!”

Olympos Mountain Race Results – Red Bull Sea to Sky – September 28, 2014 – Kemer (Antalya, Turkey)

  1. Graham Jarvis GBR 02:43:20 13 Gold
  2. Jonny Walker GBR 02:44:49 13 Gold
  3. Andreas Lettenbichler DEU 02:54:30 13 Gold
  4. Wade Young ZAF 02:54:40 13 Gold
  5. Paul Bolton GBR 02:57:21 13 Gold
  6. Taylor Robert USA 02:59:09 13 Gold
  7. Travis Teasdale ZAF 02:59:58 13 Gold
  8. Blake Gutzeit ZAF 03:10:00 13 Gold
  9. Dougie Lampkin GBR 03:10:56 13 Gold
  10. Alfredo Gomez ESP 03:11:34 13 Gold
  11. Philipp Scholz DEU 03:17:41 13 Gold
  12. Manuel Lettenbichler DEU 03:17:47 13 Gold
  13. Ben Hemingway GBR 03:18:37 13 Gold
  14. Taichi Tanaka JPN 03:18:44 13 Gold
  15. Jonathan Richardson GBR 03:28:53 13 Gold
  16. Andy Noakley GBR 03:39:18 13 Gold
  17. David Cyprin CZE 03:44:55 13 Gold
  18. Guillaume Gagnoud FRA 03:44:56 13 Gold
  19. Rienk Tuinstra NLD 03:49:57 13 Gold
  20. Matthieu Gagnoud FRA 03:50:29 13 Gold
  21. Miha Spindler SVN 03:51:54 13 Gold
  22. Edward Hubner DEU 03:56:30 13 Gold
  23. Mike Skinner NZL 04:01:16 13 Gold
  24. Andrew Reeves GBR 04:02:46 13 Gold
  25. Rudi Pschl AUT 04:05:10 13 Gold
  26. Otto Freund DEU 04:08:27 13 Gold
  27. Philipp Schneider AUT 04:09:03 13 Gold
  28. Zdenek Cyprin CZE 04:35:58 13 Gold
  29. Martin Craven GBR 04:48:55 13 Gold
  30. Martin Rathgeb AUT 05:03:47 13 Gold

Graham Jarvis takes the win at the Forest Race of Red Bull Sea to Sky 2014

On race day #2 at the fifth edition of Red Bull Sea to Sky in Kemer, Turkey: The Forest Race.  The riders faced a dream-like but definitely tiring second race day. The Forest Race has it all: Gravel roads in the mountains, slippery stones in riverbeds and some awesome single trails in the forest. The track distance was 55km and had 10 checkpoints. Thousands of users watched the live time keeping on the Red Bull Sea to Sky website to follow the riders through the 10 checkpoints to the finish.

The starting order had been determined by the results of the Beach Race yesterday. So it was Taylor Robert’s (USA, KTM) turn to open the race on a track that was a bit slippery since it had rained during the night. Graham Jarvis came with a massive will to set a signal that he’s here to win. And while the Extreme Enduro dominator of the past years is not expected to be fast on fast tracks he pushed very hard, caught Letti and Paul Bolton (UK, KTM) knowing that he had already made up some good time. In the finish he had put a gap of 16 seconds on Jonny Walker who again made some mistakes.

Andreas Lettenbichler came in 3rd and was not only very pleased with his own result but also with the 8th place for his 16 years old son Manuel. This result will make them both start in the first row at the main event, the Olympos Mountain Race tomorrow.

Burak Özdemir (Husqvarna) was the fastest Turkish rider and came in 23rd followed by Sinan Memnun (Husqvarna) on the 41st and Ismail Özgül (KTM) on 45th place. Red Bull Sea to Sky 2014 – Forest Race

Jonny Walker about his Forest Race: “It was a good race, I was riding well and then made a little mistake, lost some time and pushed hard after that. I got into my rhythm and managed to catch Taylor in the riverbed in the end. I tried to get away from him but it was hard. I’m happy with the result. As long as you are in the first starting row tomorrow, it’s ok. The track was different to last year, it wasn’t too extreme so you could save some energy for the main event.”

Graham Jarvis was happy that taking the risk paid off: „It was about time I win that thing. It was a quite fast race and the bit of rain has helped, less dust to better pass other riders. The rain made it a bit tricky on the rocks. The track itself was good to get you into the flow of things, a few rocky bits but they were welcome to test the bike in these conditions. It was good to win because it was quite fast today and usually I prefer the technical stuff.  I went flat out and gave a 100%. For tomorrow I expect good chances to go for the top of the podium. The track seems to be a bit tougher than last year and if it rains again tonight it will be good for me since – guess what – I’m used to riding in slippery conditions.“

Martin Freinademetz of XVENTURE who is responsible for the racing elements of Red Bull Sea to Sky: „It was a track at the Forest Race today that was designed to let the vast majority of the riders make it to the finish. Not too technical and quite fast for the top riders but not without sections here and there where technical skills help a lot. In comparison to the Beach Race yesterday where the guys with MotoCross background had some advantages, the Forest Race is really tailored for the riders with good Enduro skills. As a result the starting rows tomorrow will most likely make sense because at the Olympos Mountain Race it will be tougher and technically more demanding the higher you get.”

The results of the Forest Race defined the starting rows Red Bull Sea to Sky’s main event: The Olympus Mountain Race. Going all the way from the beach in Kemer to the peak of the Tahtali Mountain at 2,365m. The top riders are expected to reach the finish within approximately 2,5 hours.

Forest Race Results – Red Bull Sea to Sky – September 27, 2014 – Kemer (Antalya, Turkey)

  1. Graham Jarvis GBR Husqvarna TE 300 01:32:54
  2. Jonny Walker GBR KTM Racing 300 EXC 1:33:10
  3. Andreas Lettenbichler DEU KTM 300 EXC 1:33:48
  4. Travis Teasdale ZAF KTM 200 1:34:36
  5. Taylor Robert USA KTM 300 EXC 1:34:37
  6. Alfredo Gomez ESP Husqvarna TE 300 1:35:32
  7. Wade Young ZAF 2015 KTM 300 EXC 1:35:37
  8. Manuel Lettenbichler DEU KTM 250 EXC 1:37:17
  9. Paul Bolton GBR KTM 300 EXC 1:37:38
  10. Dougie Lampkin GBR KTM 300 EXC 1:39:40
  11. David Cyprin CZE KTM 200 EXC 1:41:08
  12. Philipp Scholz DEU KTM 300 EXC 1:41:27
  13. Blake Gutzeit ZAF Husqvarna 1:42:33
  14. Taichi Tanaka JPN KTM 1:42:46
  15. Ben Hemingway GBR Beta Factory 300RR 1:43:41
  16. Matthieu Gagnoud FRA TM 300 1:44:03
  17. Miha Spindler SVN BETA 300 RR 1:44:18
  18. Guillaume Gagnoud FRA Beta 300 1:44:59
  19. Andy Noakley GBR KTM 1:45:24
  20. Philipp Schneider AUT KTM 300 EXC 1:45:34
  21. Mike Skinner NZL Husaberg TE 300 1:48:23
  22. Jonathan Richardson GBR KTM 1:50:02
  23. Burak Ozdemir TUR HUSQVARNA 300 TE 1:50:13
  24. Bradley Cox ZAF KTM 200 1:50:30
  25. Rienk Tuinstra NLD Husaberg TE 300 1:50:55
  26. Zdenek Cyprin CZE KTM 200 EXC 1:51:05
  27. Marty Halmazna CAN Husqvarna TE300 1:51:09
  28. Emanuel Gyenes ROU Husaberg TE 300 1:52:14
  29. Otto Freund DEU KTM 300 EXC 1:52:33
  30. Andrew Reeves GBR Sandiford Beta 300 1:52:55

Taylor Robert wins the Beach Race of Red Bull Sea to Sky 2014

First winner at Red Bull Sea to Sky: KTM USA rider Taylor Robert takes an impressive win at the first of three races days in Kemer (Turkey). Second place goes to last years overall winner Jonny Walker (KTM, UK) and third to the South African Wade Young (KTM).

The fifth edition of Red Bull Sea to Sky kicked off with the 15 minutes + 1 lap “Beach Race” – a fenced, motocross-like race with a LeMans-style start along the coastline in front of the Hotels of Kemer village. The track has a lot of sand, natural jumps, manmade obstacles and a long straight at the shore that allows going flat out to the max!

Race Day #1 at Red Bull Sea to Sky started in the morning with the two qualification heats. 206 riders from 29 nations went for a battle in the sand, the dust and the heat right at the beach, closely followed by thousands of spectators.

Starting one by one the riders tried to go for a morning glory on a track that had been prepared by Andy Fazekas – who is part of the XVENTURE team and responsible for the legendary prologue at Red Bull Romaniacs.

Jonny Walker – who’s passion is racing in sand – showed an impressive performance once again by winning the qualification heat with an eight seconds gap on Taylor Robert – who came all the way from the USA to race at the Turkish Riviera. Third in qualification was Travis Teasdale from South Africa on his KTM 200 EXC. Red Bull Sea to Sky 2014 – Beach Race

The best 150 riders from the qualification made it into the finals which were split up into three heats: 1st heat with the qualifiers 150 – 101, 2nd heat with 100 – 51 and the 3rd final with the best 50 riders. All of the top riders such as Alfredo Gomez (ESP, Husqvarna), Graham Jarvis (UK, Husqvarna), Andreas Lettenbichler (GER, KTM) and Ben Hemingway (UK, Beta) gathered in the 3rd final so the spectators got a breathtaking 15 minutes + 1 lap at the very end of the race day.

It was Jonny Walker who took the holeshot: “I can’t complain, Taylor did a really good race. I rode a good one but made too many mistakes and he didn’t so I can’t take it away from him. I had the holeshot and I was leading but then I went down twice on the first lap. Wade, Taylor and Graham passed. When I caught Graham we both went down together. But I managed to catch Taylor who was leading at that time and we’ve changed positions a couple of times. But I went down again so I decided that it was not worth it, I kept crashing and we have another two days of racing. I really wanted to win but that’s racing!“

Taylor had a big smile in his face winning the first race day at his first Red Bull Sea to Sky appearance – certainly motivated as well by the €1,000 he got for his victory at the Beach Race: “It was pretty fun, the track was really cool – a great combination of sand, MotoCross and EnduroCross. I didn’t get the greatest start but I caught up on Jonny and Wade, then Jonny went down and I passed Wade. Soon after Jonny caught me and we’ve had a pretty good battle. We were both on the edge riding through the crowd. Jonny went down again and I was able to take it to the finish line. Tomorrow I gotta take off first and hope I can navigate my way through and keep 30 seconds on Jonny.“

Sinan Memnun and Burak Özdemir (both Husqvarna, TUR) were the fastest Turkish rider in the Beach Race. The local heros managed to claim a respectful 43rd and 47th position in an international field of top riders!

The result of the “Beach Race” determined the starting order for the “Forest Race” stage in the forests and rocks around Kemer on race day #2.

Beach Race Results – Red Bull Sea to Sky – September 26, 2014 – Kemer (Antalya, Turkey)

  1. Taylor Robert KTM 300 EXC 8 00:18:28
  2. Jonny Walker KTM Racing 300 EXC 8 00:18:47
  3. Wade Young 2015 KTM 300 EXC 8 00:19:17
  4. Alfredo Gomez Husqvarna TE 300 8 00:19:26
  5. Travis Teasdale KTM 200 8 00:19:29
  6. Paul Bolton KTM 300 EXC 8 00:19:38
  7. Blake Gutzeit Husqvarna 8 00:19:49
  8. Edward Hubner KTM 300 8 00:20:13
  9. Andreas Lettenbichler KTM 300 EXC 8 00:20:16
  10. Graham Jarvis Husqvarna TE 300 8 00:20:25
  11. Bradley Cox KTM 200 8 00:20:30
  12. Ben Hemingway Beta Factory 300RR 8 00:20:33
  13. Rudi Poschl Husqvarna FE 501 8 00:21:02
  14. Taichi Tanaka KTM 8 00:21:15
  15. Andy Noakley KTM 7 00:18:33
  16. Philipp Scholz KTM 300 EXC 7 00:18:37
  17. Manuel Lettenbichler KTM 250 EXC 7 00:18:52
  18. Philipp Schneider KTM 300 EXC 7 00:19:19
  19. Matthieu Gagnoud TM 300 7 00:19:31
  20. Jonathan Richardson KTM 7 00:19:32
  21. Dan Boespflug KTM 350 7 00:19:50
  22. Dougie Lampkin KTM 300 EXC 7 00:20:06
  23. Florian Reichinger Husqvarna 350FE 7 00:20:07
  24. Tonu Kallast Gas Gas EC 300 7 00:20:10
  25. Emanuel Gyenes Husaberg TE 300 7 00:20:11
  26. Marty Halmazna Husqvarna TE300 7 00:20:21
  27. Andrew Reeves Sandiford Beta 300 7 00:20:23
  28. Otto Freund KTM 300 EXC 7 00:20:24
  29. Guillaume Gagnoud Beta 300 7 00:20:26
  30. Miha Spindler BETA 300 RR 7 00:20:32