Enduro 1 – Who will succeed to MEO?

April, 4th, the Maxxis FIM Enduro World Championship will be back with the Grand Prix AMV of Cataluña that will take place in Solsona. With only two weeks before the kick-off, we propose you to take a look to the different categories. Today, let’s start with the Enduro 1 class composed mainly by 250cc 4 stroke and that knows a renewal with the arrival of the two times World Champ’ Christophe NAMBOTIN (F – KTM) and the departure of the 2013 Top 3: Antoine MEO (Enduro 2), Juha SALMINEN (retirement) and Matti SEISTOLA (Enduro 3)…

The favorites

– Christophe NAMBOTIN (F – KTM): After two domination years in Enduro 3, the KTM rider is changing of category and will ride on the 250 EXC-F. Indeed, the French needed new challenge for 2014. But the question everybody has in mind is to know if NAMBOT’ will quickly arrive to adapt to his bike and if he will continue his nice streak…

– Eero REMES (SF – TM): After a good adaption on his TM last year, the small Finn is back on the E1 class with the entire hopes of a country behind him. Indeed, with the departures (for different reasons) of his compatriots SALMINEN and SEISTOLA, the TM rider remains as the last World title chance for Finland. Moreover, it’s been over four years that REMES is running after the title and maybe this season is the good one!

– Cristobal GUERRERO (E – KTM): After a season and a half of bad luck after his shoulder injury contracted during the 2012 ISDE in Germany, the very first Junior World Champion in EWC history will have the opportunity to start a season to 100%. With 30 years old, the Spanish has imposed himself as a serious contender to the World crown and seems really determined stopping to be the “eternal second”! 


The outsiders

– Nicolas DEPARROIS (F – Honda): After a nice season on the Yamaha, the French will ride a Honda still with Yannis KOLIGLIATIS and the Greek team Ina TV Racing. Very close from the best, he is just missing some podiums in Grand Prix… What he can do this year when we take look to his end of season in 2013, in condition to adapt quickly to the Honda!

–  Thomas OLDRATI (I – HVA): After a 2013 season punctuated by injuries, the 2008 Junior World Champion is looking to do better in 2014. If he finds his level of 2012 and after a good start in the Assoluti d’Italia, the Italian could maybe have his word to say in the final podium race

– Jérémy TARROUX (F – Sherco): Often unfortunate, the Sherco rider has finished 2013 strongly, signing his first GP win in St Flour (France). This season, if he has no injuries, the French could be the big surprise of the category when we take a look to his speed…

– Anthony BOISSIERE (F – Sherco): Named “2013 Rookie of the Year”, it’s time to confirm for the former MXGP… Last year, the Sherco rider has proved he has the speed and consistency as evidenced his podium in Portugal but he will have now to prove that he can fight regularly for a place among the five best of the class, in condition to progress in the Xtreme tests!

– Jaume BETRIU (E – HVA): Big surprise of last season, the Spanish joins definitely the HVA supported team for 2014. At home in Solsona (his parents have a hotel at 10 kms), BETRIU will continue to learn and can pretend to the Top 5 in Grand Prix if he adapts to the small HVA…

– Maurizio MICHELUZ (I – Suzuki): Last season, the Italian proved he still has the speed to fight with the best, clinching, for the first time since 2008, a podium (Greece)… MICHELUZ will wear the Suzuki colors in 2014. Will he arrive once again to bring the only “yellow” of the paddock on the podium?

We can’t forget them…

– Marc BOURGEOIS (F – Yamaha) who didn’t made the entire 2013 season and who will have to find back his madness while avoiding injuries to fight with the best of the category…

– Kevin ROHMER (F – Yamaha) and Rudi MORONI (I – KTM) that are coming from the Junior class and that will made a first learning season… Top 10 goal!

– Jakob MORHED (S – Honda) who is back in E1 after a season in the Enduro 2 class. Leader of the sympathetic Johansson MPE team, MORHED will look to make shine the Swedish colors…

This 2014 season will be much more intense and rich in suspense than in 2013 where Antoine MEO flew over the category. With the arrival of Christophe NAMBOTIN and the departures of MEO, SALMINEN and SEISTOLA, the race for the title of 2014 E1 World Champion will be very uncertain and really open and some surprises must not be excluded.

The E1 World Champion since 2004

  • 2013 : MEO (KTM – France)
  • 2012 : MEO (KTM – France)
  • 2011: SALMINEN (HVA – Finland)
  • 2010: MEO (HVA – France)
  • 2009: AHOLA (Honda – Finland)
  • 2008: AHOLA (Honda – Finland)
  • 2007: SALMINEN (KTM – Finland)
  • 2006: CERVANTES (KTM – Spain)
  • 2005: CERVANTES (KTM – Spain)
  • 2004: MERRIMAN (Yamaha – Australia)

 Enduro 2 – MEO challenges SALVINI!

Many changes this year in the medium sized engine category (250cc 2T and 450cc 4T). With the departure of Ivan CERVANTES (E – KTM) in Enduro 3, the “retirement” of David KNIGHT (GB – Sherco) and the arrival of Antoine MEO (F – KTM) plus some new young guns. Once again, the Enduro 2 class should be quite unpredictable between four tough riders: Alex SALVINI (I – Honda) and the French trio Antoine MEO, Pierre-Alexandre RENET (F – HVA) and Johnny AUBERT (F – Beta)…

The favorites

– Alex SALVINI (I – Honda): The reigning World Champion puts his title on the line in the category he likes. But the Italian will have to deal with a pack of challengers in order to win his second title of Enduro World Champion. The Honda rider will be the great favourite and of course, the man to beat.

– Antoine MEO (F – KTM): Crowned with a fourth title of World Champion in a row, the KTM rider challenges SALVINI, with who the relationships aren’t so great. Already feeling good with the 350 EXC-F, the French will have to step up more than past years if he wants to match the five consecutive title record hold by the late Mika AHOLA (SF)…

– Pierre-Alexandre RENET (F – HVA): The 2012 E2 World Champ’ wants to recover his property and clearly confessed it during the offseason. Hungry for victory and better prepared, the HVA rider will have to make the perfect season in order to steal the title to the duo SALVINI – MEO. But “Pela” has what it takes to do it!

– Johnny AUBERT (F – Beta): Change of team for Johnny AU’. After five years spend under the KTM truck, the two times World Champion has decided to join Beta and his friend Fabrizio DINI. 2014 is somehow the last chance of the French to grab a third World title… Already good and fast on the Beta, AUBERT will have to be at his best level to play the title!


The outsiders

– Oriol MENA (E – Beta): Awaited on Gas Gas, the 2009 Junior World Champion has finally joined Beta Spain last week and continues his adventure in a category he was racing last year… The Top 5 seems once again affordable for the Spanish provided to not make so many mistakes…

– Lorenzo SANTOLINO (E – Sherco): The 2010 Junior World Champion has decided to follow Fabrizio AZZALIN and the CH Racing team in their new adventure with Sherco. Now totally uninhibited after his nice 2013 season, the obstinate rider from Madrid is decided to become the best Spanish rider behind the fantastic four…

– Victor GUERRERO (E – KTM): Surprising last year with a nice 6th rank for his first season in Senior, the brother of Cristobal will have to confirm those nice promises in 2014. He can have the ambition to target the last spot of the Top 5…

– Jean-François GOBLET (B – HVA): After a difficult season with Gas Gas (14th), the best Belgium rider of the EWC joins the HVA supported team and has, by the occasion, the possibility to find the place that was his two years ago…

We can’t forget them…

– Romain DUMONTIER (F – Yamaha) who after a truncated season by the injuries seems to be decided to prove finally his value to the official teams…

– Mirko GRITTI (I – KTM) who’s making his come back on the EWC after five years of absence and who has shown nice capacity during the opening round of the Italian Championship…

– Loïc MINAUDIER (F – Gas Gas) who’s arriving in the paddocks after a test during the GP of France last year and who will bring his madness and his enthusiasm…

2013 has been rich in emotion and suspense in this Enduro 2 class and 2014 will be for sure the same. With riders like Alex SALVINI, Antoine MEO, Johnny AUBERT or also Pierre-Alexandre RENET, the race for the title should be thrilling for the thousands of spectators awaited on each Grand Prix.

The E2 World Champion since 2004

  • 2013 : SALVINI (Honda – Italie)
  • 2012 : RENET (Husaberg – France)
  • 2011: MEO (HVA – France)
  • 2010: AHOLA (Honda – Finland)
  • 2009: AUBERT (KTM – France)
  • 2008: AUBERT (Yamaha – France)
  • 2007: AHOLA (Honda – Finland)
  • 2006: ARO (KTM – Finland)
  • 2005: ARO (KTM – Finland)
  • 2004: SALMINEN (KTM – Finland)

Enduro 3 CERVANTES on his way to a 5th title?

After the Enduro 1 and Enduro 2 categories, now it’s time to take a look to the “big bike” class (more than 250cc 2 strokes and 450cc 4 strokes). Last year, Christophe NAMBOTIN (F – KTM) has dominated the class; but he chose a new challenge (E1) for 2014. 

The favorites

– Ivan CERVANTES (E – KTM): “Torito” is back on the “big”! After three seasons without titles, the KTM rider is over-motivated for 2014. The “fifth title goal” is his watchword. A longtime awaited on the 500cc 4 strokes, the Spanish has finally opted for the 300cc 2 strokes that his teammates NAMBOTIN loves… Will he arrive to make shine the orange bike as the French did? For sure, he will be the man to beat this year, and an entire country is dreaming to see once again its idol on the highest step of the podium!

– Aigar LEOK (EST – TM): After a big improvement in 2012, the TM rider has confirmed in 2013, glorified by a World vice-champion place. Sometimes injured last year, will the most facetious rider of the paddock arrive to make a consistent high level season to target a first crown? First elements of the answer in Solsona (Spain).

– Joakim LJUNGGREN (S – HVA): The two times Junior World Champion (2006 – 2007) continues his improvements and has now only in mind to feel again the taste to be titled, this time in Senior class. Stopped in his ascension by LEOK, the HVA rider ensures “I’ll resume my walk forward in April”! From there to be the rival of CERVANTES for the 2014 crown? Hard to say as the concurrence in E3 is getting tougher this year!

– Mathias BELLINO (F – HVA): Never a Junior World Champion rubbed the Senior podiums during his first year as he did… Combining effective and no frills riding style with spectacle, the HVA rider is already designated as one of the favorite for the title at only 23 years old and for his second season with the “big guys”. On the handlebar of the new 501 TE of HVA and with a moral boosted by his brilliant results in SuperEnduro, the “flying redhead” has teeth that line the floor and could ogle his first title in E3… 

The outsiders

– Luis CORREIA (P – Beta): 4th last year, the sympathetic Portuguese surprised for his second season… With an excellent speed, the former MXGP rider showed a great capacity to learn and read quickly the trajectory. That permits him to sign a fourth podium in 2013. This year, CORREIA can think seriously to the Top 3!

– Matthew PHILLIPS (AUS – KTM): 2013 Junior World Champ’, PHILLIPS will discover this season the tough law of the Senior categories. In good fit during the opening round of the Italian Championship in Alassio where he won the “Foreigners” class, the “Minotaur”, as his former mentor Fabrizio AZZALIN nicknamed him, seems very comfortable with the KTM 300cc 2 strokes and could create the surprise.

– Matti SEISTOLA (SF – Sherco): After a nice 2013 season and a 3rd place in E1, it seems legitimate that the Finn has great ambitions with his passage in Enduro 3. But his late transfer to Sherco and his arrival in an unknown category will maybe handicap AZZA protected rider who will need a good adaptation time on a 2 strokes bike that he is discovering… First elements of answer during the Grand Prix AMV of Cataluña…

– Fabien PLANET (F – Sherco): The figurehead of Sherco Factory team stays with the big bikes on the handlebar of the 300cc 2 strokes despite the arrival of SEISTOLA. No doubt, “PLANET’HOLLYWOOD” has the talent and the experience to fight with the favorites.

– Manuel MONNI (I – HVA): People talked a lot about the “2012 Rookie of the Year” during the start of last season when his signed two nice podiums in Argentina and Spain before slowing down due to a knee injury. With two years of experience, the Italian can target higher. He is for sure in an upswing and will roam about the podium in each Grand Prix!

– Simone ALBERGONI (I – KTM): After a difficult 2013 season with HM Honda in E1 where he finished 10th, the older rider of the Italian Enduro attempts to revive with the Bordone Ferrari team… Recent winner of the E3 class in the Assoluti d’Italia, the KTM rider seems to have recovery his desire to win and could create the surprise as he did in 2012…

– Jérémy JOLY (F – KTM): Another nice shot from Eric BERNARD who managed to enroll the 2011 Junior World Champion with KTM France. But the task will not be easy when we see the rider set… 5th in E1 in 2013, he must do the same or better if he doesn’t want to be slowing down in his improvements…

– Deny PHILLIPAERTS (I – Beta): 2013 Most Improved Rider, the Italian is never stopping to astonish… But with around fifteen high level riders, the places will be hard to get in E3 and the Beta rider will have to have a big strength of mind to confirm.

Enduro 3
Enduro 3

We can’t forget them

– Antoine BASSET (F – Gas Gas): Former protected rider of Fred WEILL with the French Army has decided to change and will substitute Rodrig THAIN in the Spanish brand. After some solid season in E2, crowned by a first podium during the final in St Flour, he will have to excel to repeat such performances…

– Johan EDLUND (S – HVA) and Jonathan MANZI (I – Gas Gas) that are coming from the Junior and will have a lot to learn…

– Oscar BALLETTI (I – KTM) who will have to prove to the Farioli team that he is worth than this poor 9th rank in E2 last year…

– Tommy SJOSTROM (S – Gas Gas) who arrives in the EWC for a first learning season..

But the main question is to know who can upset Ivan CERVANTES in his quest to a fifth World title. Third in E2 last year, the KTM rider can reasonably target the E3 title but LJUNGGREN, LEOK and BELLINO will not let him reach his goal so easily and MONNI, SEISTOLA, PLANET, CORREIA, PHILLIPS… could shuffle the cards in a category “rejuvenated ” with much more variety than in the past where every mistake will be fatal. See you on Friday, April 4th in the evening in Solsona (Cataluña) for some answers!

The E3 World Champions since 2004

  • 2013: NAMBOTIN (KTM – France)
  • 2012: NAMBOTIN (KTM – France)
  • 2011: AHOLA (Honda – Finland)
  • 2010: KNIGHT (KTM – Great Britain)
  • 2009: CERVANTES (KTM – Spain)
  • 2008: ARO (KTM – Finland)
  • 2007: CERVANTES (KTM – Spain)
  • 2006: KNIGHT (KTM – Great Britain)
  • 2005: KNIGHT (KTM – Great Britain)
  • 2004: ARO (KTM – Finland)
Will Ivan CERVANTES grab his 5th World title? (Photo: KTM)
Will Ivan CERVANTES grab his 5th World title? (Photo: KTM)

Enduro Junior

Penultimate category to make its debuts during the Grand Prix AMV of Cataluña, the Junior class will take on a major renewal of riders with the departure of previous riders into senior categories. Among them, the outgoing World Champion Matthew PHILLIPS (AUS – KTM) or also Kevin ROHMER (F – Yamaha), Rudi MORONI (I – KTM), Jonathan MANZI (I – Gas Gas) and Johan EDLUND (S – HVA) to mention just a few! Everything has changed for this season even if four riders seem to stand out and a brand, Beta, which relied heavily on the Juniors.

The favorites – With the departure of Matthew PHILLIPS to E3 with his Junior title from 2013, the group seems more open now…but Giacomo REDONDI (I – Beta), Danny MCCANNEY (GB – Beta), Loïc LARRIEU (F – HVA) and Jamie MCCANNEY (GB – HVA) still seem to stand out…

– Giacomo REDONDI (I – Beta): The Italian leaves a nice 2013 year with the Vice-Champion position in Junior where he was the only one being able to fight for the title with PHILLIPS. Moreover, he has perfectly begun the season with a Junior World Champion title in SuperEnduro, dominating one of his future rivals in the EWC: Jamie MCCANNEY. However, the next step is higher due to an increased opposition but the new Beta rider is uninhibited and full of talent. In condition to control this passion which sometimes played tricks on him last season…

– Danny MCCANNEY (GB – Beta): The Manxman knows it; it is his last chance to with the Junior title. For all observers, the new Beta racer, along with his brother, is the bright future of the British Enduro. A worker and more methodical than his rivals, “Danny Mac” appears to have all he needs to be crowned at the end of the season but the opposition are hungry for victory and the Jarno BOANO rider will have a lot to do with REDONDI, LARRIEU or also is own brother…

– Loïc LARRIEU (F – HVA): The route of the former Crossman strangely looks like the one of his fellow Junior World Champion in 2012 Mathias BELLINO. In fact, after an initial learning season ends with a bang with two wins and three podiums that allowed the HVA racer to snatch a place in the Top 5, LARRIEU is now hungry for title and could dominate the entire Junior category as the Southerner progresses very fast. Will he follow the footsteps of flying redhead fetching the title in his second EWC season? Initial response during the Grand Prix AMV of Catalonia.

– Jamie MCCANNEY (GB – HVA): The Manxman has realized an impressive 2013 season, winning the FIM Youth Cup 125cc in the 6th Grand Prix of the season in Romania. Then he went to check his level in the under 23 years old class during the final in St Flour (France) and the HVA rider impressed, signing a second place on the Day 2… It’s clear that the younger MCCANNEY brother has the speed and the talent to fight for the title but a big injury (four broken ribs and a fractured wrist) made during the SuperEnduro final could stop him in his preparation. Will he be ready for the opening round in Solsona in beginning of April?

Thirsty For Victory…

– Nicolo MORI (I – Beta): A change of team for the Italian passing from Beta Boano to KTM Farioli supported team. The number 80 should continue his high level of improvement and can look for the podium…

– Arnau SOLA (E – Gas Gas): He will begin his third full season in the World Championship and should be able to climb to at least the top 10 in this category… 

– Eloi SALSENCH (E – KTM): The Spanish is just out from a nice SuperEnduro end of season where he finished 8th. We are now waiting that he raises his level in the EWC to grab, just like SOLA, a place in the Top 10.

– Jonathan ZECCHIN (I – KTM): Second entire season for the Italian of the GP Motosport team who will continue his high level discovery and progress in order to target a spot in the Top 5 in one or two season.

– Jérémy CARPENTIER (F – HM Honda): After a first season with injury (scaphoid), one of the big French Enduro prospect is coming back to fight with the bests with the ambition to continue to improve!

– Martin LARSSON (S – KTM): The Swedish is capable of the best and the worst and will have to prove that he became more consistent in order to look for a place in the ten best rider of the class…

These riders will make their debut in the special test of the EWC…

– Pawel SZYMKOWSKI (PL – KTM): Major actor of the Junior class in SuperEnduro, the Polish arrives in the EWC and could surprise a lot of people. With a safe riding, the big question will be his speed but, no doubt, “Pawka” could fight for a place in the Top 5.

– Dawid CIUCCI (I – TM): Big attraction of the FIM Youth Cup 125cc in 2013, the Italian is now with TM this season and the hopes of his manager Luca CHERUBINI are high.

– Rannar UUSNA (EST – KTM): The surprise from Fabio FARIOLI in 2014. European Vice-Champion in Junior E1 class, the Estonian is coming in the EWC and will have as goal improve with the bests and to walk in the footsteps of his compatriot Aigar LEOK.

– Mika BARNES (F – KTM), Guido CONFORTI (I – KTM), Lars LOFGREN (S – KTM), Kirian MIRABET (E – KTM), Carles SALSENCH (E – KTM), Oliver NELSON (S – KTM) and Diogo VENTURA (P – Gas Gas) are coming from the FIM Youth Cup 125cc and will look to continue their learning in order to play the title in few seasons…

– The newcomers Maelig BRON-FONTANNAZ (F – Yamaha), François DE GREEF (ZAF – KTM), Swan SERVAJEAN (F – Suzuki) and Aleksi JUKOLA (S – Beta) will discover the EWC and will be able to gauge themselves relative to the World bests…

An ELOWSON – HERRERA duel in the FIM Youth Cup 125cc?

After Jamie MCCANNEY’s title last year and his passage to Junior, the FIM Youth Cup 125cc seems to be much more open and some riders seem to stand out…

Indeed, Albin ELOWSON (S – HVA) and Benjamin HERRERA (CL – TM) are favourites who could succeed MCCANNEY. They will however, have to watch out for Chilean Italian Matteo BRESOLIN (KTM), who will be back after a difficult 2013 season or Jesper BORJESSON (S – HVA), Davide SORECA (I – Yam) and Jérémy MIROIR (F – Yamaha)…

Finally, Luca GARELLO (F – HM Honda), Esteban LANZ (CL – Gas Gas), Anthony GESLIN (F – Yamaha), Andrea MANARIN (I – Suzuki), Nicholas TRAININI (I – Husaberg), Adam TOMICZEK (PL – KTM), Nicolas PELLEGRINELLI (I – KTM), Michele MARCHELLI (I – KTM) are classified as possible outsiders… 

With an average of nearly 50 riders committed in every race the Junior category promises a thrilling spectacle throughout the season and brings freshness and new talent to the EWC… However, whoever identifies the person who will be able to succeed to Matthew PHILLIPS is clever indeed, although several riders (REDONDI, LARRIEU, the MCCANNEY brothers…) seem better equipped to succeed in C. GUERRERO, LJUNGGREN, OLDRATI, MENA, SANTOLINO, JOLY, BELLINO… that preceded the charts and became “senior” riders and members of official teams are now fighting for major titles in E1, E2 and E3.

It is the dream of the Juniors, all aged under 23 who are struggling with impatience for battle.


The Juniors Champion since 2005

  • 2013: PHILLIPS (Husqvarna – Australia)
  • 2012: BELLINO (Husaberg – France)
  • 2011: JOLY (Honda – France)
  • 2010: SANTOLINO (KTM – Spain)
  • 2009: MENA (Husaberg – Spain)
  • 2008: OLDRATI (KTM – Italy)
  • 2007: LJUNGGREN (Husaberg – Sweden)
  • 2006: LJUNGGREN (Husaberg – Sweden)
  • 2005: GUERRERO (GAS GAS – Spain)

The FIM Youth Cup 125cc Winners since 2009

  • 2013: J. MCCANNEY (Husaberg – Great Britain)
  • 2012: REDONDI (KTM – Italy)
  • 2011: MANZI (KTM – Italy)
  • 2010: ROMAN (KTM – Spain)
  • 2009: DUMONTIER (Husqvarna – France)

Enduro Women – Who can stop Laïa?

Five years have now passed since the Maxxis FIM Enduro World Championship welcomed a women’s class. This season, the world’s elite female enduro riders will get the opportunity to race four of the series’ eight Grand Prix. Starting in Spain, then heading to Finland, Sweden and finishing in France at the championship’s final event, the women enduro riders, who have shown themselves to be every bit as courageous as the men, will participate in an intense and furious season.

The Enduro Women championship kicks off on April 5th and 6th in Solsona (Cataluña). So, with only one week to go before the Grand Prix, it is time for us to take a closer look at the class… 

The favourite..

– Laïa SANZ (E – Honda): With a second World title in 2013, we’re wondering who will stop the Honda rider in his quest to a third title in a row… After a 2013 year full of competition (Dakar, Trial and Enduro World Championship and now X-Games) the Spanish wants to stop the trial and to be 100% concentrate on the EWC to avoid the injuries that can stop her in her way to the title… No doubt, Laïa is the rider to beat in 2014!

The outsiders

– Jane DANIELS (GB – HVA): 2013 Vice-Champion, the young Brit still has a big room of improvement. She has just finished second of the SuperEnduro Women Cup. With only 19 years old, the HVA rider could fight with Laïa this season, like during the 2013 Final in St Flour (France)…

– Jessica GARDINER (AUS – Sherco): Brilliant third last season, the Australian is never stopping to progress and to astonish everybody. Training regularly with her companion Mathias BELLINO, the Sherco rider must be the most redoubtable rival of Laïa SANZ!

– Juliette BERREZ (F – Yamaha): Best French rider on the World Series in 2013 (4th), BERREZ is back this season on the handlebar of her Yamaha, but this time in his own structure. Many responsibilities for the French Vice-Champion who will have to find the good recipe between her numerous hats.

– Geraldine FOURNEL (F – Sherco): The 2013 French Champion continues her improvement and is getting closer and closer from a final podium in the World Championship. The nice blond, who has joined the Sherco Academy this season, has a strong character and an iron will…

– Jemma WILSON (AUS – Yamaha): After a season without any injuries, the Australian has made an encouraging year. Just like her compatriot GARDINER, “Jemm” is young (25 years old) and her room of improvement is important. A serious client for the podium…

– Jessica JONSSON (S – Kawasaki): After a sabbatical year, the Swedes is back on the EWC and wants to take back her place between the five best riders in the World… But the opposition is bigger than before since last year and the Kawasaki rider will have to give everything to achieve her goals!



We can’t forget them…

– Samantha TICHET (F – KTM): The French is back on the World Series after one year out and wants to show that she represents the future of the French Women Enduro.

– Marion GIMBERT (F – TM) is also back on the EWC (after three years) and can make some noise from the first round…

– Toni JARDINE (ZAF – KTM) will participate to her third EWC season and she will give a bit more of exoticism to this Women class.

– The Scandinavian Amanda ELVIN (S – HVA) and Marita NYQVIST (SF – Yamaha) which are arriving and could change the face of the class, moreover during their National rounds.

But the main question is which of those talented women can stop Laïa SANZ in her quest for a third world title? Author of an intense duel with “Lulu” two years ago, the 13 times Trial World Champion has dominate the 2013 season and can aim for a perfect season but undoubtedly DANIELS and GARDINER will not let him reach his goal so easily and BERREZ, WILSON, FOURNEL, GIMBERT, JONSSON… could shuffle the cards in a category that bring freshness and charm to the EWC.  See you on Friday, April 4th in the evening in Solona (Cataluña) for some answers.

The Enduro Women World Champions since 2010

  • 2013 : SANZ (Honda – Spain)
  • 2012 : SANZ (Gas Gas – Spain)
  • 2011 : PUY (Gas Gas – France)
  • 2010 : PUY (Gas Gas – France)