Tour For Longer On Honda’s VFR1200F With A Free Fuel Card

Purchase a Honda VFR1200F (manual) or VFR1200FD (automatic) between now and June 30 and tour for longer with a FREE $500 Fuel Card*.

Winner of Two Wheels ‘Bike of the Year’ in 2010, the VFR1200’s design has been driven by extensive understanding of customer needs and the adoption of state-of-the-art technologies.

With the key design criteria being mass centralisation, consummate rider control and aerodynamic efficiency, Honda has created a motorcycle true to their reputation, delivering once again on innovation and performance.

The VFR1200F/FD’s state-of-the-art V4 engine has been designed to provide its rider with high speed, quick acceleration and a strong, engaging feeling. Its linear torque curve is focused in the low and mid range, making it possible for the rider to simply roll on and off the throttle while powering through bends. This effortless control makes for a sports bike with real-world usable power.

Hailed as the ultimate road-sports machine, the VFR1200F/FD boasts a single overhead camshaft cylinder head design as well as a sealed crankcase system that reduces the pumping loss created through piston movement and air density. This system has never been used on a road machine before but the gains for the rider are identical; electrifying throttle response and improved fuel consumption.

To aid control under intense deceleration a slipper clutch is fitted, similar to the system on the CBR1000RR Fireblade. Even under the most excessive downshifting the clutch is designed to slip, thus preventing the rear wheel from inadvertently locking up, allowing the rider to stay firmly in control.

Equipped with highly developed brake technology the VFR1200F/FD is designed for all-round sports bike use. Powerful six-piston callipers for the front and two piston callipers for the rear act on large discs, and a Combined Braking System creates the optimal balance of front and rear braking forces.

The addition of a standard-fit compact and lightweight ABS supports both the motorcycle’s sports riding potential and its touring proficiency.

The VFR1200F/FD frame, suspension and drive components are brought together in a unique configuration that facilitates both sports bike power and smooth stability. Its strong aluminium twin-spar diamond configuration frame is both lightweight and rigid, whilst the long swingarm contributes to balanced, confident manoeuvring and exceptional high-speed stability.

It’s a Honda and in true Honda form comes road-ready with a top-box and fitted panniers, with the addition of the FREE $500 fuel card the VFR1200F or VFR1200FD is ready to take to the road.

Offer available from April 01 until June 30, 2011.

Dealer Locator: 1 300 1 HONDA


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