2017 ISDE Day 6 – France triumphant – Aussies second
Australian Women’s team dominate Women’s World Trophy – France wins Juniors

France are the 2017 FIM World Trophy team champions, putting the finishing touches to their week-long dominance of the blue-ribbon class at the 2017 FIM International Six Days Enduro (ISDE) in Brive, France.

The final day of the 2017 ISDE saw France take the World Trophy title with Australia runners up
The final day of the 2017 ISDE saw France take the World Trophy title with Australia runners up

With Jeremy Tarroux, Loic Larrieu, Christophe Nambotin and Christophe Charlier all successfully making it through the final day motocross races without problems, France claimed an eventual six-minute and fourteen-second margin of victory, helped in part by strong final moto performances from Larrieu and Charlier. Despite riding with broken bones in his right hand, Christophe Nambotin delivered one of the most hard-fought performances of the event, ensuring France won on home soil.

Not to be out done by their senior class team-mates, France’s FIM Junior World Trophy team also claimed victory, finishing on top of a thrilling two-nation fight to the very end of the final day of competition against Italy.

Collectively Jeremy Miroir, Hugo Blanjoue and Anthony Geslin placed fifteen seconds ahead of Italy with the USA rounding out the top three. In the Woman’s World Trophy competition Australia also put the finishing touches to a near faultless week to claim a fifth consecutive class win.

Matthew Phillips
The Aussie team took the Day 6 World Trophy win – Matthew Phillips

Australia were the World Trophy team winners on the sixth and final day of the 92nd running of the FIM ISDE. Finishing in a collective time of forty-three minutes and twenty-seven seconds Australia placed thirty-two seconds ahead of Finland, who were helped by solid performances by Eero Remes – TM and Matti Seistola – KTM.

Daniel Milner

“It went very well for the Australian’s today. We brought home the quickest Motocross times so it was an awesome day for us. Big thanks to KTM Australia for hooking me up with a bike over here. Next year we hope to get a step higher but we had a strong team and put in a lot of hard work. Big thanks to the team for assisting us wherever they could.”

France placed third ahead of Great Britain and Sweden. But in finishing third France did everything they needed to do to secure the World Trophy class victory ahead of Australia, Finland, Portugal, Great Britain, Sweden, The Netherlands, Brazil, Norway and Switzerland.

Christophe Nambotin

“This is such a great feeling, to win the World Trophy team competition here in France is amazing, especially after the final few days I’ve had. I knew I wouldn’t be able to do anything more than just ride around because of my injured hand, but thankfully the rest of the team rode amazingly and we did what we set out to do. For our Junior World trophy team to also win, it’s the perfect end to a great event for us.”

Christophe Nambotin
Christophe Nambotin

Serving up one of the closest ever FIM Junior World Trophy team final results, Italy went on the offensive during their final day motocross races in the hope of moving ahead of France and taking the class win. Topping the sixth day by six seconds, in finishing ahead of the USA and France they stepped closer to the top of the Junior Trophy results. But it was not enough.

Doing just enough to remain out front, France eventually topped the class by a slender fifteen seconds, much to the delight of the thousands of spectators who turned out to enjoy the final day of competition. With Italy claiming second, the USA rounded out the podium. Great Britain placed fourth with Spain, Chile, Mexico, Czech Republic, Germany and Sweden rounding out the top ten.

Bringing their ISDE participation to a close in the best possible way, team USA topped the FIM Women’s World Trophy results on the sixth and final day, placing thirteen seconds ahead of Australia with Canada, Sweden and France rounding out the top five for the day.

Team USA may have taken the Day 6 Women's win, but it was Australia who took home the titleTeam USA may have taken the Day 6 Women's win, but it was Australia who took home the title
Team USA may have taken the Day 6 Women’s win, but it was Australia who took home the title

But it was Australia, as it has been time and time again in recent years, who topped the Women’s World Trophy classification. With Jess Gardiner – Yamaha, Jemma Wilson – Yamaha and Tayla Jones – Husqvarna putting their experience to good use, they collectively claimed a six-minute and forty-six second margin of overall victory.

The USA, with all three riders competing in their first ISDE, claimed a well-deserved runner-up result with France third, ahead of Sweden, Italy, Canada, Portugal, Slovakia and Spain.

In the Club team competition Italy took a dominant win, finishing more than eight minutes ahead of Wales with SRT Offroad third.

Team KTM 2 were the eventual winners of the Manufacturer’s award as Kailub Russell – KTM, Taylor Robert – KTM and Daniel Milner – KTM placed close to three minutes ahead of KTM 1 with KTM 3, TM Racing, Beta Boano 1 and Husqvarna 2 rounding out the top 6.

Taylor Robert
Taylor Robert was part of the winning Manufacturer’s team – Team KTM 2, alongside Kailub Russel and Daniel Milner

Pavia Senior were the winners of the Motorex Challenge, placing ahead of KBS UAMK Team Unhost and Pavia Junior. Sylvain Fournier was the winner of the Michelin Challenge.

Putting in one of the stand out performances of the final motocross races, Josep Garcia – KTM worked his way to the front of the Enduro 1 class final moto in style, going on to claim victory ahead of the USA’s Ryan Sipes – Husqvarna and Eero Remes – TM.

 Josep Garcia topped the overall E1 class results
Josep Garcia topped the overall E1 class results

In addition, the Spaniard also topped the Enduro 1 class overall results, finishing ahead of Ryan Sipes – Husqvarna and Davide Guarneri – Honda. The highest Junior World Trophy team rider in the final E1 standings was Italy’s Davide Soreca – Honda. Joshua Green was seventh in the E1 class.

Josep Garcia

“That was a lot of fun, I’m so happy to have won my final motocross race. Doing so well in the ISDE last year in Spain I really wanted to do well again here in France – winning the Enduro 1 class was my goal. To have done that is amazing. As always, it’s been a long and difficult week, but generally things went well for me. The dust during the first few days wasn’t too nice, but with the new tests during the third and fourth days I was able to really get a good feeling with the grass special tests. It was disappointing that one of the Spanish trophy team had to retire from the event, after that I really pushed to try and win the overall as well as Enduro 1.”

Josh Green

“Today went really well for the Final Moto and I got a very good start. I managed to jump up into fourth which allowed me to move up spots in the outright standings. I’m very happy to see that all the Senior Australian riders finished in the top 20 outright. Can’t wait for next year!”

In the Enduro 2 class it looked for much of the final motocross race as if Loic Larrieu – Yamaha would claim a start-to-finished win, but a mistake on the final corner of the race handed victory to Nathan Watson – KTM, who for much of the race seemed destined to finish third. With Watson securing the win, Christophe Charlier – Husqvarna placed second with Alex Salvini – Honda third.

Nathan Watson

“After a bad couple of days at the start of the event I was a little frustrated, but things improved and have ended really well, winning the final E2 moto. I knew what to expect after riding my first ISDE last year and having won a couple of GPs this year I knew I would have a chance to win this. That was always the goal and then after such a bad first day I was so disappointed. It was just like last year, I was a little impatient and ended up crashing in the dust. Then of course, you start where you finish, so you’re in the dust again, stuck behind slower riders. It’s so important when conditions are dusty to have a clear track. In the end, I decided to just chill out and I ended up having a couple of good days. Things started to roll in a good direction then and I really enjoyed the final motocross race. I got a little lucky, but to end the event with a win is great. With a better start to the event who knows what might have been.”

Loic Larrieu took the E2 final top position ahead of Daniel Milner
Loic Larrieu took the E2 final top position ahead of Daniel Milner

Despite his final moto slip-up, Loic Larrieu – Yamaha topped the final E2 standings by one-and-a-half minutes from Australia’s Daniel Milner – KTM and Alex Salvini – Beta. The highest placed Junior World Trophy class rider in the final E2 standings was Albin Elowson – Husqvarna in fourth.

Loic Larrieu

“Things couldn’t have gone any better for me. It feels amazing that we managed to secure the World Trophy title in front of our home fans. As for me personally, to get the overall victory is the best reward after a tough week of racing. On day one I received a 1-minute penalty and that made things even harder for me. After that it was difficult to get going again as I was the 16th rider to start day two, with a lot of dust. I was forced to make lots of passes in the special tests so ended up day two in sixth place. Things got better afterwards and for the rest of the race. I won day three and got second on day four. After finishing day four I learned that organisers accepted our appeal and my 1-minute penalty had been removed. Winning again day five I eased back a little bit and focused on helping my team win the World Trophy. It’s been a big team effort and I’d like to thank all my teammates and especially Christophe Nambotin, who suffered two bad crashes but raced through pain to help us get the win.”

Daniel Milner
Daniel Milner took second in the E2 and was fourth in overall classifications

Leading home a KTM one-two-three at the end of the final Enduro 3 motocross race, Spain’s Jaume Betriu claimed the win ahead of the USA’s Taylor Robert with Finland’s Matti Seistola – the early pace setter – third.

But it was Taylor Robert – KTM who topped the E3 category results, placing an eventual one-minute and forty-seven seconds ahead of Betriu with Australia’s Daniel Sanders – KTM third and Matti Seistola – KTM, Matthew Phillips – Sherco and Ruy Barbosa – Husqvarna rounding out the top six. Barbosa was the highest placed E3 class Junior World Trophy rider.

Taylor Robert

“I’m really pleased with the way this year’s ISDE has panned out for me – to win the Enduro 3 class and get third overall is really cool. Of course I’d hoped to win the overall like I did last year, but, hey, it wasn’t to be this year. I had a couple of days that weren’t great, but generally things went really well. There’s still only ever been a handful of American’s who have won their class at the ISDE, so I’m really proud to be one of them. It was tough to see Thad go out on day one, but the ISDE is a crazy race some times. Today I got a terrible start for the final moto. I didn’t get a good jump from the start, then I wheelied, but I managed to weave my way through the first few turns pretty good and managed to get close to the front. I was a little crazy during those opening laps, but I kept charging. I passed about four guys in the final lap, which allowed me to get second.”

Daniel Sanders

“The ISDE is wrapped up and it’s great to finish. It was a good result considering the injury I sustained. I didn’t want to let the team down so I’m happy that the team got second. We had a bad start in the Final Moto, I caught up with Phillips later on in the race and he let me by to keep an eye on me. We just wanted to make sure that we didn’t lose any time on the Fins. The individual result wasn’t the one we wanted but with the year I’ve had, its good to finish in the top 20 and third in the E3 class. I would also like to thank Motorcycling Australia for getting us over here again and KTM.”

The Australian team took victory for Day 5 of the ISDE World Trophy
Daniel Sanders
Matthew Phillips

“It was a good day and got off to a great start, I dropped back to fifth by the end but I really enjoyed myself. It’s great to now reflect on the ISDE as a whole and thank all our supporters and fans. Second place for the team is a great result. Everyone really dug in despite a few setbacks at times. We really appreciate all the assistance from the volunteers and team members. I’m really looking forward to coming home next year and it’s great to compete with the Aussies once again. Let’s see what next year brings!”

Matthew Phillips
Matthew Phillips

With this year’s ISDE now closed, the focus now shift’s to the next edition to be hosted in Chile in October 2018.

Overall Final Provisional Classification (E1, E2, E3) 
  1. LARRIEU Loic FRA E2 1 Yamaha 3:11:45.68 3:11:45.68
  2. GARCIA Josep ESP E1 1 KTM +38.31
  3. ROBERT Taylor USA E3 1 KTM +1:19.96
  4. MILNER Daniel AUS E2 2 KTM +1:31.86
  5. SIPES Ryan USA E1 2 Husqvarna +1:41.96
  6. GUARNERI Davide ITA E1 3 Honda +1:50.14
  7. TARROUX Jeremy FRA E1 4 Sherco +2:25.60
  8. REMES Eero FIN E1 5 TM +2:25.81
  9. SALVINI Alex ITA E2 3 Beta +2:54.71
  10. ELOWSON Albin SWE E2 4 Husqvarna +3:06.16
    …16. SANDERS Daniel AUS KTM +5:29.87
    …18. GREEN Joshua AUS Yamaha +5:51.55
    …19. PHILLIPS Matthew AUS Sherco +5:56.26
    …39. SNODGRASS Lyndon AUS KTM +7:43.61
Loic Larrieu
Loic Larrieu
E1 Final Provisional Classification Top 5
  1. GARCIA Josep ESP KTM 3:12:23.99
  2. SIPES Ryan USA Husqvarna +1:03.65
  3. GUARNERI Davide ITA Honda +1:11.83
  4. TARROUX Jeremy FRA Sherco +1:47.29
  5. REMES Eero FIN TM +1:47.50
    …7. GREEN Joshua AUS Yamaha +5:13.24
E2 Final Provisional Classification Top 5
  1. LARRIEU Loic FRA Yamaha 3:11:45.68
  2. MILNER Daniel AUS KTM +1:31.86
  3. SALVINI Alex ITA Beta +2:54.71
  4. ELOWSON Albin SWE Husqvarna +3:06.16
  5. HARLIER Christophe FRA Husqvarna +3:25.96
E3 Final Provisional Classification Top 5
  1. ROBERT Taylor USA KTM 3:13:05.64
  2. BETRIU Jaume ESP KTM +1:47.14
  3. SANDERS Daniel AUS KTM +4:09.91
  4. SEISTOLA Matti FIN KTM +4:22.16
  5. PHILLIPS Matthew AUS Sherco +4:36.30
    …10. SNODGRASS Lyndon AUS KTM +6:23.65
Lyndon Snodgrass
Lyndon Snodgrass
EW Final Provisional Classification Top 5
  1. SANZ Laia ESP KTM 3:28:52.18
  2. JONES Tayla AUS Husqvarna +1:34.32
  3. RICHARDS Brandy USA KTM +6:29.50
  4. GARDINER Jessica AUS Yamaha +8:45.33
  5. MARTINEZ Kacy USA KTM +12:56.95 
    …7. WILSON Jemma AUS Yamaha +16:35.39
World Trophy Provisional Standings Top 5
  1. FRANCE 12:59:38.23
    200 TARROUX Jeremy
    201 LARRIEU Loic
    202 CHARLIER Christophe
    203 NAMBOTIN Christophe
  2. AUSTRALIA +6:14.03
    160 PHILLIPS Matthew 
    161 SANDERS Daniel 
    162 MILNER Daniel 
    163 GREEN Joshua 
  3. FINLAND +9:12.11
    190 REMES Eero
    191 STIGELL Henric
    192 HELLSTEN Antti
    193 SEISTOLA Matti
  4. PORTUGAL +25:44.60
    110 REIS Goncalo
    111 VIVAS Joao
    112 VENTURA Diogo
    113 OLIVEIRA Luis
  5. GREAT BRITAIN +29:13.68
    20 WATSON Nathan 
    21 FLOCKHART Frazer 
    22 MURRAY Kevin 
    23 SEALEY Lee 
Australia took a strong win over USA in the Women's World Trophy
Australia took a strong win over USA in the Women’s World Trophy, with France third
Women’s World Trophy Provisional Standings Top 5
  1. AUSTRALIA 7:08:04.01
    250 JONES Tayla
    251 GARDINER Jessica
    252 WILSON Jemma
  2. USA +6:46.62
    256 MARTINEZ Kacy
    257 SHEETS Rebecca 
    258 RICHARDS Brandy
  3. FRANCE +26:36.73
    271 TICHET Samantha 
    272 BERREZ Juliette 
    273 ROSSAT Audrey 
  4. SWEDEN +34:50.56
    259 BERZELIUS Hanna 
    260 ELVIN Amanda 
    261 REIMANDER Martina 
  5. ITALY +46:50.12
    274 SAPPINO Anna 
    275 RIVERDITI Paola 
    276 MARROCCO Cristina
France topped the Junior podium
France topped the Junior podium, ahead of Italy and the USA
Juniors World Trophy Provisional Standings Top 5
  1. FRANCE 9:55:04.10
    204 MIROIR Jeremy
    205 BLANJOUE Hugo
    206 GESLIN Anthony
  2. ITALY +15.53
    134 SORECA Davide 
    135 VERONA Andrea 
    136 CAVALLO Matteo 
  3. USA +2:02.90
    14 TOTH Joshua
    15 LAYNE Michael
    16 BAYLOR Grant
  4. GREAT BRITAIN +7:35.82
    24 WOOTTON Joseph 
    25 ELLWOOD Thomas 
    26 MUNDELL Daniel 
  5. SPAIN +10:51.20
    104 FRANCISCO Enric
    105 QUER Jordi
    106 SCHAREINA Tosha
    …16 AUSTRALIA +29:24:25.19
    164 DRISCOL Michael 
    165 RUPRECHT Wil 
    166 SNODGRASS Lyndon
Daniel Milner
Daniel Milner was part of the winning Manufacturer’s team (Team KTM 2)
Manufacturer’s Team Award Provisional Classification 
  1. KTM 2 9:43:20.41
    11 RUSSELL Kailub 
    13 ROBERT Taylor 
    162 MILNER Daniel 
  2. KTM 1 +2:48.97
    20 WATSON Nathan
    100 GARCIA Josep
    203 NAMBOTIN Christophe
  3. KTM 3 +8:17.21
    102 BETRIU Jaume
    161 SANDERS Daniel
    166 SNODGRASS Lyndon
  4. TM RACING +8:45.52
    135 VERONA Andrea 
    144 HERRERA Benjamin 
    190 REMES Eero 
  5. BETA BOANO 1 +8:50.01
    132 SALVINI Alex 
    136 CAVALLO Matteo 
    206 GESLIN Anthony