ASBK 2018 – Round Seven – Phillip Island
Friday wrap from FP1/2/3

The third and final Superbike session got underway at 1545 this afternoon but the red flag came out only laps into the session. The infamous Cape Barren Geese decided they wanted to hang out on the Phillip Island tarmac and thus were causing a hazard to riders and they were forced to return to pitlane.

Next time around the riders had hardly got a lap in before the red flag was produced again, this time for oil at turn three. Not really the place you want to encounter a lack of adhesion, as Ted Collins found out much to his dismay. A lengthy delay then ensued that saw the time remaining in the session reduced to ten-minutes, in order to try and fit things in and save some time before the noise curfew came in to force.

By the time the riders were on track and up to speed the clock only had seven-minutes remaining, but the pace was hotting up.

Bryan Staring dropped in a 1m33.005 to top the session just before the red flag was produced yet again. This time around due to Lachlan Epis going down at turn one. The session was then declared, robbing the chances for the other riders to improve on their FP1/2 times.

Thus topping the day overall was Josh Waters courtesy of that 1m32.762 in FP2 ahead of Wayne Maxwell, the only other rider to dip into the 32s today.

Cru Halliday continued his season long domination of the Supersport category, topping all sessions and laying down a series of 1m35s lap, the best of which was a 1m35.594 in FP3.

ASBK Rnd Phillip Island RM P Cru Halliday
Cru Halliday topped Supersport practice at Phillip Island – Image Rob Mott

Curioulsy though, most of the Supersport runners recorded their best time today in the earlier FP2 session. Tom Toparis was P2, as he has been for most of the season, while Callum Spriggs showed that he has not lost much of his form since his time away from the sport by finishing the day third quickest.

Oil Bayliss ended Friday on top of the Supersport 300 charts with a 1m49.558 and Locky Taylor was the only other rider to join the youngster in the 49s today. Long distance award winner Callum O’Brien ended the day in P3 ahead of Max Stauffer and Tom Bramich.

Aaron Morris set the pace in Superbike Masters with a 1m38.084 in FP2 and failed to improve on that time in FP3, but was still clocking off 38s in the final session.  Morris remained the only rider to get in that bracket all day.

Beau Beaton was second on the back of his 1m39.502 in FP2, that time coming just before the Irving Vincent spectacularly dropped its lunch. The bespoke machine did not turn a wheel in FP3.

The final YMF R3 Cup session of the day was topped by Locky Taylor and it was the young Queenslander that also took the day overall honours with his 1m49.512 from FP2 ahead of Hunter Ford and Callum O’Brien.

Superbike Friday Combined Times

  1. Josh Waters – Suzuki 1m32.762
  2. Wayne Maxwell – Yamaha 1m32.901
  3. Bryan Staring – Kawasaki 1m33.005
  4. Troy Bayliss – Ducati 1m33.104
  5. Troy Herfoss – Honda 1m33.129
  6. Glenn Allerton – BMW 1m33.220
  7. Matt Walters – Kawasaki 1m33.556
  8. Daniel Falzon – Yamaha 1m33.634
  9. Ted Collins – BMW 1m33.781
  10. Mark Chiodo – Suzuki 1m34.013
  11. Mitch Levy – Yamaha 1m34.254
  12. Jamie Stauffer – Ducati 1m34.509
  13. Arthur Sissis – Honda 1m34.789
  14. lenn Scott – Kawasaki 1m35.022
  15. Kyle Buckley – Kawasaki 1m35.236
  16. Mason Coote – Kawasaki 1m35.280
  17. Lachlan Epis – Kawasaki 1m35.521
  18. Mitch Rees – Honda 1m35.744
  19. Alex Phillis – Suzuki 1m35.892
  20. Beau Beaton – Ducati 1m36.812
  21. Adam Senior – Yamaha 1m37.650
  22. Phil Czaj – Aprilia 1m37.911
  23. Patrick Li – Yamaha 1m37.913
  24. Yanni Shaw – Kawasaki 1m38.090
  25. Scott McGregor – Yamaha 1m38.470
  26. Matt Tooley – Yamaha 1m38.554
  27. Brendan McIntyre – Suzuki 1m38.999
  28. Evan Byles – Kawasaki 1m39.016
  29. Nathan Spiteri – Suzuki 1m39.038
  30. Heath Griffin – Ducati 1m39.923
  31. David Barker – Kawasaki 1m40.034
  32. Michael Edwards – Yamaha 1m41.233
  33. Con Kokkoris – Suzuki 1m43.517


Supersport Friday Combined Times

  1. Cru Halliday – Yamaha 1m35.594
  2. Tom Toparis – Kawasaki 1m36.320
  3. Callum Spriggs – Yamaha 1m36.733
  4. Max Croker – Suzuki 1m37.347
  5. Damon Rees – Honda 1m37.490
  6. Nic Liminton – Yamaha 1m37.934
  7. Scott Nicholson – Suzuki 1m38.128
  8. Dylan Whiteside – Yamaha 1m38.442
  9. Broc Pearson – Yamaha 1m38.463
  10. Ryan Taylor – Yamaha 1m38.773
  11. Jack Passfield – Yamaha 1m38.789
  12. Giuseppe Scarcella – Kawasaki 1m38.927
  13. Zac Johnson – Yamaha 1m39.071
  14. Rhys Belling – 1m39.105
  15. Aidan Hayes – Yamaha 1m39.717
  16. Ty Lynch – Yamaha 1m40.417
  17. Campbell Russell – Yamaha 1m40.891
  18. John Quinn – Triumph 1m41.187
  19. Dallas Skeer – Suzuki 1m41.507
  20. Marc Wilson – Kawasaki 1m41.675


Supersport 300 Friday Combined Times

  1. Oli Bayliss – Kawasaki 1m49.558
  2. Locky Taylor – Yamaha 1m49.941
  3. Callum O-Brien – Yamaha 1m50.273
  4. Max Stauffer – Yamaha 1m50.403
  5. Tom Bramich – Yamaha 1m50.544
  6. John Lytras – Yamaha 1m50.617
  7. Hunter Ford – Yamaha 1m50.675
  8. Harry Khouri – Yamaha 1m50.687
  9. Zac Levy – Yamaha 1m50.691
  10. Tayla Relph – Yamaha 1m50.968
  11. Seth Crump – KTM 1m51.319
  12. Bronson Pickett – Yamaha 1m51.774
  13. Laura Brown – Yamaha 1m51.843
  14. Mitch Kuhne  – Yamaha 1m51.993
  15. Peter Nerlich – Kawasaki 1m52.007
  16. Troy Ryan – Yamaha 1m52.044
  17. Jack Cousens – Yamaha 1m52.258
  18. Luke Power – Yamaha 1m52.282
  19. Zane Ford – Yamaha 1m52.441
  20. Dylan Whiteside – Kawasaki 1m52.522

YMF R3 Cup Friday Combined Times

  1. Locky Taylor 1m49.512
  2. Hunter Ford 1m49.908
  3. Callum O’Brien 1m50.375
  4. Tom Bramich 1m50.384
  5. Zane Ford 1m50.453
  6. Zac Levy 1m50.549
  7. Tayla Relph 1m50.862
  8. John Lytras 1m59.977
  9. Max Stauffer 1m51.034
  10. Harry Khouri 1m51.325
  11. Laura Brown 1m51.802
  12. Mitch Kuhne 1m51.891
  13. Bronson Pickett 1m52.134
  14. Jake Brett 1m52.674
  15. Luke Power 1m52.731
  16. Troy Ryan 1m52.733
  17. Stephanie Redman 1m52.878
  18. Keegan Pickering 1m53.363
  19. Jack Cousens 1m53.572
  20. Luke Johnston 1m54.218
  21. John Hazeldene 1m59.167
  22. Mark Bottomley 2m03.677


Superbike Masters Friday Combined Times

  1. Aaron Morris – Yamaha 1m38.084
  2. Beau Beaton – Irving Vincent 1m39.502
  3. Jason Cullen – Yamaha 1m40.614
  4. Scott Webster – Harris Suzuki 1m45.760
  5. Stephen Kairl – Yamaha 1m46.723
  6. Adrian DiGiandomenico – Yamaha 1m47.365
  7. Lachlan Hill – Yamaha 1m47.683
  8. John Allen – Yamaha 1m48.123
  9. Justin Mellerick – Honda 1m48.742
  10. Albert Tehennepe – Harris F1 1m48.941
  11. Denis Ackland – Kawasaki 1m49.968
  12. Bernie Leen – Harris F1 1m50.125
  13. Tyler Bradford – Suzuki 1m50.457
  14. Glenn Crutchley – Kawasaki 1m50.666
  15. Dean Castleton – Suzuki 1m50.750


Sidecar Friday Combined Times

  1. TBC