Australian MotoGP 2018

Massive delays frustrated everyone at Phillip Island this morning after the KTM of Stefano Nepa steadily dropped its guts in a slow stuttering fashion all the way around the 4.445 kilometre circuit.

Red flags were eventually produced and the session stopped with 33-minutes still remaining. It seemed that some in the MotoGP paddock had instead pointed the finger for the oil down on the circuit at the Australian Superbike competitors that had been out for their practice session earlier.

Either way, it caused massive delays and it was three hours later when pit lane opened again and Moto3 FP1 got underway for the final 30-minutes of their session.

ASBK did get laps in

Luckily, the Australian Superbikes had actually got out on the circuit for FP1 at the ridiculously early time of 0755… An hour later they then got out for their single 20-minute qualifying session on a track temperature registering a cool 16.7-degrees celsius, and an ambient of 13-degrees.

It was the NextGen BMW of Glenn Allerton that set the pace by lapping fractionally faster than the DesmoSport Ducati Panigale of Troy Bayliss.

2018 Australian Superbike Champion Troy Herfoss was around half-a-second slower while young Mark Chiodo was the fastest Suzuki.

The actual Suzuki team are not here this weekend and thus Chiodo is just riding his private machine. Likewise Yamaha Racing Team are not taking part this weekend, nor is the BCperformance Kawasaki squad.

The aforementioned delays caused by the oil-down in the Moto3 session would suggest that we are quite unlikely to see the two Superbike races that were scheduled to take place today. The first 10-lap bout was slated to go down at 1330, and the second 8-lap contest at 1705. If we get one of those, and at what time, at this stage is anyone’s guess.

Why we don’t have ASBK championship races at MotoGP

This is why ASBK can not schedule championship races at the MotoGP event. We are nothing more than card fillers, and there are never any guarantees of our events going ahead. We can get away with it at WorldSBK events, as they are generally at the beginning of the season, thus the championship connotations can never be quite so important, but here it would be madness to have championship points on the line.

ASBK Superbike Qualifying

Pos Rider Team Time/Diff
1 Glenn Allerton BMW 1m33.284
2 Troy Bayliss Ducati 1m33.327
3 Troy Herfoss Honda 1m33.918
4 Mark Chiodo Suzuki 1m34.221
5 Alex Phillis Suzuki 1m35.155
6 Max Croker Suzuki 1m35.887
7 Phil Czaj Aprilia 1m37.831
8 Yannis Shaw Kawasaki 1m38.754
9 Brian Kozan BMW 1m39.615
10 Corey Forde Honda 1m40.009
11 Jake Drew Yamaha 1m40.186
12 Travis Hardy Kawasaki 1m40.277
13 Regan Yates Yamaha 1m40.860
14 Con Kokkoris Ducati 1m40.874
15 Richard Hewson Yamaha 1m41.009
16 Dennis Bech Yamaha 1m41.962
17 Aleksander Savin BMW 1m42.199
18 Hamish McMurray Kawasaki 1m42.377
19 Luke Stephens Kawasaki 1m42.523
20 Stephen Rossini Ducati 1m43.316


ASBK Supersport 300

Zac Levy topped the morning Supersport 300 sesssion which started at 0825 this morning under cool and cloudy skies. Oli Bayliss was second quickest ahead of fellow son of a legend, Seth Crump.

ASBK Supersport 300 Free Practice

Pos Rider Team Time/Diff
1 Zac Levy Yamaha 1m51.433
2 Oli Bayliss Kawasaki 1m51.503
3 Seth Crump KTM 1m51.540
4 Luke Power Yamaha 1m51.572
5 Lachy Taylor Yamaha 1m51.786
6 Hunter Ford Yamaha 1m51.815
7 Dylan Whiteside Kawasaki 1m51.843
8 Mitch Kuhne Yamaha 1m51.858
9 Zane Ford Yamaha 1m51.908
10 Ben Bramich Yamaha 1m53.385



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