2019 AMA Pro Motocross

Round Eight – Spring Creek

Images by Hoppenworld

The Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship held its eighth round of the 2019 season at Spring Creek MX Park for the 37th running of the Frescados Tortillas Spring Creek National on Saturday.

AMA MX SpringCreek Wet
2019 AMA Pro Motocross – Round Eight – Spring Creek

Heavy rainfall provided riders with challenging track conditions throughout the afternoon, where the 450 Class saw Red Bull KTM’s Cooper Webb sweep both motos for his first career victory in the premier class.

AMA MX SpringCreek Webb Smoky
2019 AMA Pro Motocross – Round Eight – Spring Creek – Cooper Webb

450 Championship leader Eli Tomac took 2-5 results but that was still enough to edge away further from Marvin Musquin in the championship chase as the Frenchman carded a 3-7. 

Young Australian Hunter Lawrence raced to victory in the opening 250 moto for an overall Spring Creek podium and in doing so moved up to fourth in the championship standings.

AMA MX SpringCreek Hunter Lawrence Spray
2019 AMA Pro Motocross – Round Eight – Spring Creek – Hunter Lawrence

Kawasaki’s Adam Cianciarulo prevailed to take his sixth victory of the season in the second bout to extend his lead in the championship standings to 36-points over Dylan Ferrandis. 

450 Moto One Report

As the gate dropped on the opening 450 Class moto, JGRMX Suzuki support rider Isaac Teasdale emerged with the first MotoSport.com Holeshot of his career over local hero Henry Miller.

AMA MX SpringCreek
2019 AMA Pro Motocross – Round Eight – Spring Creek

As the 40-rider field charged out of the first turn, Webb blasted by Teasdale to take over the top spot and lead the opening lap. Miller was credited in second, while TPJ Racing rider John Short moved into third, just ahead of Teasdale.

Webb immediately took advantage of a clear track and quickly opened a gap over his competition, while Miller maintained his hold of second. Teasdale managed to get back around Short for third, however, it would be short lived as Monster Energy Kawasaki’s Eli Tomac was on the move and wasted no time overtaking both riders.

Tomac’s march to the front continued as he tracked down Miller and took over the second position with an aggressive move around the outside of the first turn. Shortly after, Miller had company from Red Bull KTM’s Marvin Musquin, who made the pass for third, shuffling Miller to fourth.

Over the ensuing laps Tomac used every inch of the racetrack to close in on Webb, and as the moto neared its completion Tomac found himself searching for a way past the race leader. However, Webb withstood the challenge and responded by picking up his pace, which kept Tomac at bay. When the checkered flag waved, it was Webb who held on to take the first 450 Class moto victory of his career by 11.8 seconds over Tomac. Musquin remained unchallenged en route to third. Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing’s Zach Osborne was fourth, while Miller finished an impressive fifth in front of the home crowd.

450 Moto Two Report

Moto 2 saw Webb carry the momentum from his first moto win to take his class-leading sixth MotoSport.com Holeshot over Team Honda HRC’s Ken Roczen and Short. As Webb and Roczen set the pace out front, several riders found themselves collected in a first turn pileup, including championship contender Musquin. Tomac was mired deep in the field as well, and fought to put himself inside the top-10 at the end of the opening lap.

AMA MX SpringCreek Start
2019 AMA Pro Motocross – Round Eight – Spring Creek

Behind the lead duo, the battle for third began to heat up as Osborne closed in on Short, and eventually made the pass stick for third. Despite Webb’s strong riding out front, Roczen started bridging the gap and was able to make a successful pass attempt for the lead. Just a few corners later, Webb aggressively dove to the inside of Roczen to retake the lead.

While pushing the pace up front, Webb came up short on the landing of one of the uphill jumps, which forced him to the ground and allowed Roczen to inherit the lead. Webb was able to remount in second with Osborne just behind. As the race entered its final stages, Webb was relentless and chipped away at Roczen’s advantage. He soon found himself once again contending for the moto win and set his sights on the lead. With just two laps remaining, Webb made the pass stick on Roczen navigating the sand rollers. He quickly distanced himself, but Roczen laid it all on the line on the final lap to close to within less than a bike length as they navigated the final few corners.

Webb pushed all the way until the checkered flag, and was able to narrowly edge out Roczen by 0.3 of a second. Osborne finished in a distant third. Tomac, who endured through a tip over of his own, only managed to fight his way up to fifth in the conditions.

The 1-1 moto scores by Webb netted him both the first overall podium and overall victory of his career. He becomes the 69th different 450 Class winner in Pro Motocross history, and just the second to do so at Spring Creek MX Park.

AMA MX SpringCreek Webb Crowd
2019 AMA Pro Motocross – Round Eight – Spring Creek – Cooper Webb

Cooper Webb

“I really wanted that second moto win,” explained Webb. “I definitely put on a hard charge in Moto 2, but it was really nice to get the job done with a 1-1 and take both motos. With the success I had earlier this year [in AMA Supercross], it definitely elevated my expectations. There was a lot of stuff to figure out at the beginning of the outdoor season with setup, but I feel like we’re in a good position with where we’re at now. The break allowed me to get the bike in a good spot and kind of get myself mentally recharged.”

AMA MX SpringCreek Webb
2019 AMA Pro Motocross – Round Eight – Spring Creek – Cooper Webb

Osborne (4-3) and Tomac (2-5) ended up in a tie for the runner-up spot. However, Osborne’s better second moto finish of third gave him the tiebreaker, dropping Tomac to third.

Zach Osborne

“It was a good comeback weekend,” Osborne said. “I still have a lot of pain in my shoulder and just to be able to grind through it and go 4-3 for second overall is a really solid day for me and the team.”

Tomac’s unblemished podium streak in 2019 was good enough to extend his lead in the 450 Class standings to 38-points.

AMA MX SpringCreek Tomac
2019 AMA Pro Motocross – Round Eight – Spring Creek – Eli Tomac extended his championship lead over Musquin

Marvin Musquin, who finished fourth overall (3-7), remains second.

Marvin Musquin

“I’m definitely not happy because the riding today was pretty good but the result is not what I wanted. I was looking forward to a good battle for the lead and to make up some points but that didn’t happen. Next week is Washougal and we’ll spend the week in California working with the team, so it will be good.”

Ken Roczen, who finished fifth (14-2), continues to hold onto third and trails Musquin by 11 points.

AMA MX SpringCreek Podium Webb Osborne Tomac
2019 AMA Pro Motocross – Round Eight – Spring Creek

AMA Motocross 450 Results – Spring Creek 2019


1Cooper Webb15 Laps
2Eli Tomac+11.848
3Marvin Musquin+1:16.751
4Zachary Osborne+1:38.784
5Henry Miller+1:46.834
6John Short+1:47.694
7Fredrik Noren+1:50.162
8Joseph Savatgy+1:53.276
9Aaron Plessinger+1:55.049
10Justin Bogle+2:03.152
11Justin Barcia+2:07.772
12Jason Anderson14 Laps
13Isaac Teasdale+00.797
14Ken Roczen+09.576
15Dean Wilson+22.891
16Benny Bloss+47.609
17Blake Baggett+51.747
18James Weeks+52.361
19Taiki Koga+58.860
20Ben Lamay+1:13.772
21Lorenzo Locurcio+1:21.543
22Tyler Bowers+1:38.765
23Aaron Lampi+2:18.570
24Jeremy Hand+2:34.041
25Jacob Runkles13 Laps
26Felix Lopez+00.687
27Bryson Gardner+1:07.546
28Coty Schock+1:23.259
29Matthew Toth+1:55.714
30Deven Raper+2:05.156
31Vann Martin+2:18.897
32Chris Howell12 Laps
33Dustin Winter+25.040
34Ryder Hanninen+48.712
35Matthew Hubert+1:30.454
36Gavin Wilkins7 Laps
37Robert Piazza6 Laps
38Derek Kelley3 Laps
39Kyle Cunningham2 Laps
40Dylan MerriamDNF
1Cooper Webb16 Laps
2Ken Roczen+00.343
3Zachary Osborne+31.755
4Justin Barcia+36.141
5Eli Tomac+55.659
6Benny Bloss+58.755
7Marvin Musquin+1:00.942
8John Short+1:26.411
9Blake Baggett+1:33.138
10Jason Anderson+1:43.419
11Fredrik Noren+1:43.924
12Dean Wilson+2:09.583
13Kyle Cunningham+2:13.750
14Henry Miller+2:17.906
15Lorenzo Locurcio+2:19.142
16Justin Bogle15 Laps
17Tyler Bowers+18.542
18Coty Schock+26.303
19Felix Lopez+46.860
20Isaac Teasdale+1:21.554
21Bryson Gardner+1:41.340
22Jeremy Hand+1:41.694
23Jacob Runkles+1:54.697
24Vann Martin+2:03.548
25Matthew Hubert14 Laps
26Aaron Lampi+32.630
27Chris Howell13 Laps
28Gavin Wilkins11 Laps
29Nicholas Jackson+24.658
30Dylan Merriam9 Laps
31Josef DeBower+7:23.828
32Ryder Hanninen+12:32.615
33James Weeks8 Laps
34Taiki Koga7 Laps
35Joseph Savatgy+35.649
36Dustin Winter+2:48.588
37Ben Lamay6 Laps
38Deven Raper5 Laps
39Matthew Toth4 Laps
40Aaron Plessinger+2:33.690
41Robert Piazza15 Laps
1Cooper Webb1150
2Zachary Osborne4338
3Eli Tomac2538
4Marvin Musquin3734
5Ken Roczen14229
6Justin Barcia11428
7John Short6828
8Fredrik Noren71124
9Henry Miller51423
10Benny Bloss16620
11Jason Anderson121020
12Blake Baggett17916
13Justin Bogle101616
14Dean Wilson151215
15Joseph Savatgy83513
16Aaron Plessinger94012
17Isaac Teasdale13209
18Kyle Cunningham39138
19Lorenzo Locurcio21156
20Tyler Bowers22174
21Coty Schock28183
22James Weeks18333
23Felix Lopez26192
24Taiki Koga19342
25Ben Lamay20371
26Jeremy Hand24220
27Bryson Gardner27210
28Jacob Runkles25230
29Aaron Lampi23260
30Vann Martin31240
31Chris Howell32270
32Matthew Hubert35250
33Gavin Wilkins36280
34Ryder Hanninen34320
35Deven Raper30380
36Matthew Toth29390
37Dustin Winter33360
38Dylan Merriam40300
39Nicholas Jackson/290
40Josef DeBower/310
41Robert Piazza37/0
42Derek Kelley38/0
1Eli Tomac342
2Marvin Musquin304
3Ken Roczen293
4Cooper Webb288
5Jason Anderson272
6Zachary Osborne265
7Justin Barcia198
8Blake Baggett175
9Justin Bogle166
10Fredrik Noren156
11Dean Ferris136
12Benny Bloss84
13Henry Miller77
14Lorenzo Locurcio77
15John Short70
16Joseph Savatgy67
17Ben Lamay60
18Cole Seely59
19Tyler Bowers55
20Justin Hill51
21Todd Waters46
22Aaron Plessinger40
23Dean Wilson38
24Jake Masterpool35
25Coty Schock25
26Toshiki Tomita21
27Dylan Merriam18
28Taiki Koga18
29James Weeks17
30Kyle Cunningham16
31Kyle Chisholm13
32Isaac Teasdale12
33Tristan Lane6
34Cody Cooper6
35Matthew Hubert5
36Ryan Dowd5
37Erki Kahro5
38Dustin Winter3
39Felix Lopez3
40Mathias Jorgensen3
41Chris Canning2
42Dare Demartile2
43Brandan Leith1
44Heath Harrison1

250 Moto One Report

The first 250 Class moto saw Cianciarulo prevail with his third MotoSport.com Holeshot while battling alongside GEICO Honda’s Hunter Lawrence, and just ahead of Yamaha’s Justin Cooper.

Lawrence was able to edge out into the lead, where he and Cianciarulo quickly set the pace out front. Behind them, Yoshimura Suzuki’s Alex Martin began to apply pressure on Cooper for third, taking control of the position in front of his hometown crowd before the end of the opening lap.

As Lawrence continued to ride strong and attack the muddy conditions, Cianciarulo gave chase and matched the leaders pace for the first half of the 30-minute-plus-two-lap moto.

Martin started to find his pace and slowly began closing the gap to Cianciarulo, but every time he would look to make a move, Cianciarulo responded and pulled back away. With just four minutes remaining, Cianciarulo lost the front end and found himself on the ground, allowing Martin to take over second. Cianciarulo was able to quickly remount in third.

AMA MX SpringCreek Alex Martin
2019 AMA Pro Motocross – Round Eight – Spring Creek – Alex Martin

Out front, Lawrence remained consistent to take his second moto win of the season. He crossed the line 13.4 seconds ahead of Martin, who matched a season-best moto finish. Cianciarulo rebounded from his late-race dismount to complete the podium in third.

AMA MX SpringCreek Hunter Lawrence
2019 AMA Pro Motocross – Round Eight – Spring Creek – Hunter Lawrence

Troy Lee Design KTM’s Shane McElrath was fourth, while Monster Energy Yamaha’s Dylan Ferrandis rounded out the top five.

250 Moto Two Report

Cooper launched out of the gate to take his class-leading fifth MotoSport.com Holeshot to start Moto 2, followed by Cianciarulo and Yoshimura Suzuki’s Kyle Peters. Lawrence, who won the opening moto, was 10th at the end of the opening lap, while Martin started just outside of the top five after running off of the track in the first turn.

AMA MX SpringCreek Alves Hampshire Peters
2019 AMA Pro Motocross – Round Eight – Spring Creek

A clear track allowed Cianciarulo to go on the attack early. He made an assertive pass on Cooper to grab the lead and proceeded to break away from the riders behind him, opening a comfortable lead in the early part of the moto. While Cooper continued in second, Martin began to pick riders off one-by-one and soon moved into third. The Millville native then set his sights on Cooper for second, latching onto the Yamaha rider as he looked for a way around.

With eight minutes remaining, Martin and Cooper came together, which sent Cooper to the ground and caused him to lose several positions. Martin continued on in second, while Colt Nichols moved up to third. Just moments later, a miscue by Martin allowed Nichols to take over second, but a persistent Martin struck back to retake the position with just three laps to go.

Cianciarulo carried on to take his sixth moto win of the season by 11.7 seconds over Martin, while Nichols finished in a strong third. At the completion of the moto, race officials announced that Martin would get a one-position penalty for his off-track excursion in the first turn at the start of the race, which moved Nichols into season-best finish of second and dropped Martin to third.

AMA MX SpringCreek Hunter Lawrence Geico Honda
2019 AMA Pro Motocross – Round Eight – Spring Creek- Hunter Lawrence was sixth in the second moto

Cianciarulo’s 3-1 scores gave him the seventh overall victory of his career, and his sixth in eight rounds this season. It’s the fifth time this summer that Cianciarulo has used a second-moto win to carry him to the overall victory.

Adam Cianciarulo

“I’m not really an angry person, but after that first moto I was mad,” exclaimed Cianciarulo. “I just put my music on and focused on coming back for redemption in Moto 2. The second moto went much better and I just put my head down and kept focused the entire moto. It’s incredible to get a sixth overall win of the season, and I’m just looking forward to keeping the momentum rolling as we finish off the summer.”

AMA MX SpringCreek Adam Cianciarulo
2019 AMA Pro Motocross – Round Eight – Spring Creek – Adam Cianciarulo

Martin earned his first overall podium result of the season at his home track in second (2-3), edging out Lawrence in third (1-6).

Cianciarulo continues to lead the 250 Class standings and extended his lead to 36 points over Ferrandis, who finished fourth (5-4). Cooper, who finished seventh (7-10), sits third, 46 points out of the championship lead.

AMA MX SpringCreek Podium Cianciarulo Martin Lawrence
2019 AMA Pro Motocross – Round Eight – Spring Creek – 250 Podium

AMA Motocross 250 Results – Spring Creek 2019



The 2019 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship will continue next weekend on Saturday, July 27, from the Pacific Northwest’s Washougal MX Park in Washington.

1Hunter Lawrence15 Laps
2Alex Martin+13.429
3Adam Cianciarulo+47.028
4Shane McElrath+1:16.416
5Dylan Ferrandis+1:23.530
6RJ Hampshire+1:54.344
7Justin Cooper+2:44.962
8Mitchell Falk14 Laps
9Cameron Mcadoo+11.318
10Garrett Marchbanks+13.782
11Ty Masterpool+17.544
12Kevin Moranz+33.466
13Zane Merrett+42.956
14Colt Nichols+1:04.129
15Ramyller Alves+1:28.129
16Nick Gaines+1:33.264
17Kyle Peters+1:34.612
18Derek  Drake+1:49.181
19Jordan Bailey+2:04.775
20Sean Cantrell+2:17.384
21Michael Mosiman13 Laps
22Jerry Robin+11.816
23Jacob Hayes+14.386
24Nathen LaPorte+39.312
25Zack Williams+1:17.591
26Yusuke Watanabe+2:29.078
27Chase Sexton12 Laps
28Adrian Galamba+7:16.333
29Mitchell Oldenburg+7:58.808
30Daniel Lippman11 Laps
31Joshua Philbrick10 Laps
32Christian Craig9 Laps
33Jeffrey Walker+3:14.201
34Alexander Nagy7 Laps
35Brandon Hartranft6 Laps
36Carter Gordon3 Laps
37Philip Maus+53.981
38Matthew Klann+5:10.041
39Scott Meshey2 Laps
40Curren ThurmanDNF
1Adam Cianciarulo16 Laps
2Colt Nichols+14.280
3Alex Martin+14.789
4Dylan Ferrandis+16.853
5Shane McElrath+40.099
6Hunter Lawrence+41.200
7Chase Sexton+49.918
8Michael Mosiman+52.648
9Garrett Marchbanks+1:09.724
10Justin Cooper+1:12.976
11RJ Hampshire+1:15.882
12Brandon Hartranft+1:22.443
13Ty Masterpool+1:27.226
14Mitchell Oldenburg+1:40.828
15Kyle Peters+1:51.568
16Jordan Bailey+1:55.227
17Derek  Drake+2:04.350
18Jacob Hayes+2:07.303
19Mitchell Falk+2:24.899
20Christian Craig15 Laps
21Kevin Moranz+57.582
22Jeffrey Walker+1:46.115
23Alexander Nagy+1:53.160
24Scott Meshey+1:59.111
25Zack Williams+2:10.758
26Yusuke Watanabe+2:12.300
27Curren Thurman+2:27.179
28Tylor Skodras14 Laps
29Joshua Philbrick+00.978
30Blake Taylor+1:06.334
31Adrian Galamba13 Laps
32Nathen LaPorte11 Laps
33Justin Wolf+15.565
34Carter Gordon6 Laps
35Matthew Klann4 Laps
36Sean Cantrell3 Laps
37Cameron Mcadoo2 Laps
38Daniel Lippman+1:12.530
39Ramyller AlvesDNF
40Zane MerrettDNS
1Adam Cianciarulo3145
2Alex Martin2342
3Hunter Lawrence1640
4Dylan Ferrandis5434
5Shane McElrath4534
6Colt Nichols14229
7Justin Cooper71025
8RJ Hampshire61125
9Garrett Marchbanks10923
10Ty Masterpool111318
11Mitchell Falk81915
12Chase Sexton27714
13Michael Mosiman21813
14Cameron Mcadoo93712
15Kyle Peters171510
16Brandon Hartranft35129
17Kevin Moranz12219
18Zane Merrett13408
19Mitchell Oldenburg29147
20Jordan Bailey19167
21Derek  Drake18177
22Ramyller Alves15396
23Nick Gaines16 5
24Jacob Hayes23183
25Christian Craig32201
26Zack Williams25250
27Sean Cantrell20361
28Yusuke Watanabe26260
29Jeffrey Walker33220
30Nathen LaPorte24320
31Alexander Nagy34230
32Adrian Galamba28310
33Joshua Philbrick31290
34Scott Meshey39240
35Curren Thurman40270
36Daniel Lippman30380
37Carter Gordon36340
38Matthew Klann38350
39Jerry Robin22/0
40Tylor Skodras/280
41Blake Taylor/300
42Justin Wolf/330
43Philip Maus37/0
1Adam Cianciarulo352
2Dylan Ferrandis316
3Justin Cooper306
4Hunter Lawrence233
5Colt Nichols233
6RJ Hampshire225
7Alex Martin207
8Michael Mosiman186
9Chase Sexton181
10Shane McElrath163
11Ty Masterpool129
12Brandon Hartranft106
13Cameron Mcadoo93
14Garrett Marchbanks86
15Jacob Hayes82
16Jordan Bailey62
17Kyle Peters61
18Derek  Drake57
19Wilson Todd56
20Martin Davalos54
21Mitchell Oldenburg52
22Christian Craig49
23Nick Gaines46
24Jordon Smith38
25Ramyller Alves25
26Kevin Moranz25
27Jerry Robin20
28Pierce Brown18
29Mitchell Falk15
30Zane Merrett12
31Thomas Covington10
32Parker Mashburn9
33Killian Auberson6
34Justin Thompson5
35Joseph Crown4
36Challen Tennant4
37Martin Castelo4
38Yusuke Watanabe2
39Hayden Halstead2
40Benjamin Nelko1
41Sean Cantrell1
99Colton Camp0
100Philip Maus0
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