2019 ASBK
Round Four – Morgan Park

Images by TBG and Rob Mott

Wayne Maxwell was quickest on Friday at Morgan Park and was again atop the timesheets after Saturday mornings ‘Timed Practice’ session.

ASBK TBG ASBK Round Morgan Park Wayne Maxwell TBG
Wayne Maxwell

Under a new qualifying format for ASBK this season the Saturday morning session is dubbed ‘Timed Practice’, and it is the times from this session that decided the nine riders that automatically qualify for the Q2 session.

ASBK TBG ASBK Round Morgan Park Josh Waters TBG
Josh Waters

The riders from tenth back in the Timed Practice session had to fight it out in a Q1 session, with the top three in that session then being promoted into Q2, making for a final 12-rider tussle over the first four rows of the grid that which took place this afternoon at Morgan Park.

ASBK TBG ASBK Round Morgan Park Mark Chioto TBG
Mark Chiodo

Some of those riders that had missed the cut for guaranteed promotion through to Q2 included Mark Chiodo and Alex Phillis who just missed the cut. Arthur Sissis, Damon Rees, Lachlan Epis and Brian Houghton were the other riders that made up the six riders to battle it out in Q1 to see which three of them would then get to take part in the Q2 session. With yesterday’s accident ruling Glenn Scott out of proceedings we were down to only 15 Superbike riders.

ASBK TBG ASBK Round Morgan Park Arthur Sissis Alex Phillis TBG
Alex Phillis and Arthur Sissis

Mark Chiodo, Alex Phillis and Arthur Sissis were the trio that proved quick enough in Q1 to earn their promotion through to the Q2 session.

ASBK TBG ASBK Round Morgan Park Arthur Sissis TBG
Aaron Morris

The big surprise in the morning practice session had come via the pace of Aaron Morris. Standing in for the injured Glenn Allerton, Morris was third quickest this morning, just behind Cru Halliday and outright pace-setter Wayne Maxwell.

ASBK Rnd Morgan Park RbMotoLens SBK TP Mike JONES
Mike Jones

Mike Jones though was the first to dip into the 1m12s this weekend when he smashed out a 1m12.958s lap early in the session.

Daniel Falzon had done few laps in the morning practice session, as he saved his tyre for this Q2 session. The young South Australian’s tactics looked to have paid off as with four-minutes remaining in Q2 he was, provisionally, on the front row.

ASBK Rnd Morgan Park RbMotoLens SBK TP Cru HALLIDAY
Cru Halliday

Cru Halliday though then dropped in a 1m13.13s lap to push Falzon off the front row, and Maxwell back to P3. On the following lap Halliday then went one better on the next lap to put the YRT machine on pole.  Mike Jones had just bettered his own time down to 1m12.92 but seconds later Halliday demoted him to P2 after recording a 1m12.855s.

ASBK TBG ASBK Round Morgan Park Mike jones TBG
Mike Jones

Jones though was not to be out-done, coming straight back at Halliday with a 1m12.609s to set a new Morgan Park Superbike lap record.

ASBK Rnd Morgan Park RbMotoLens QP Trio Jones Halliday Maxwell
Morgan Park Qualifying 2019 – Mike Jones P1 – Cru Halliday P2 – Wayne Maxwell P3

Championship leader Troy Herfoss had been nowhere for much of the session but timed his run well in the end to secure P4 on the grid in the dying moments of the session. Bryan Staring and Daniel Falzon complete that second row.

ASBK Rnd Morgan Park RbMotoLens SBK FP Troy Herfoss
Troy Herfoss

Josh Waters heads row three alongside Aaron Morris and Matt Walters while Mark Chiodo rounds out the top ten.

ASBK Rnd Morgan Park RbMotoLens SBK Q MIke JONES Parc
Mike Jones the new Morgan Park Superbike lap record holder and pole-sitter for tomorrow’s fourth round of the Australian Superbike Championship

Superbike Qualifying Results

1Mike JONES (QLD) Ducati 1299 FE1m12.609
2Cru HALLIDAY (NSW) Yamaha YZF-R1M1m12.855
3Wayne MAXWELL (VIC) Suzuki GSXR-R1m13.046
4Troy HERFOSS (QLD)Honda CBR SP1m13.127
5Bryan STARING (WA) Kawasaki ZX10RR1m13.337
6Daniel FALZON (SA)Yamaha YZF-R1M1m13.390
7Josh WATERS (VIC)Suzuki GSXR-R1m13.551
8Aaron MORRIS (NSW)BMW S RR1m13.552
9Matt WALTERS (NSW)Kawasaki ZX10RR1m13.673
10Mark CHIODO (VIC) Honda CBR SP1m13.693
11Alex PHILLIS (VIC) Suzuki GSXR-R1m14.555
12Arthur SISSIS (SA)Suzuki GSXR-R1m15.057
13Damon REES (NZ) Q1Honda CBR1m14.844
14Lachlan EPIS (NSW) Q1Kawasaki ZX10RR1m15.236
15Brian HOUGHTON Q1Honda CBR RR1m17.803
ASBK Rnd Morgan Park RbMotoLens QP Trio Jones Halliday Maxwell
Morgan Park Qualifying 2019 – Mike Jones P1 – Cru Halliday P2 – Wayne Maxwell P3

Supersport Qualifying

Tom Toparis had looked unbeatable this weekend but late in the final qualifying session young South Australian Nic Liminton set fire to that theory after dropping in a 1m15.176 to steal pole positon. Still half-a-second off Cru Halliday’s stunning 1m14.609s lap record from last year, but good enough to top the time-sheets today.

ASBK TBG ASBK Round Morgan Park Nic Liminton TBG
Nic Liminton took Supersport pole

Toparis was second quickest ahead of Reid Battye, Callum Spriggs with Oli Bayliss the only other rider in the 1m15s. Bayliss crashed his #1 bike in the opening session and was forced to qualify on his spare machine.

ASBK TBG ASBK Round Morgan Park Tom Toparis TBG
Tom Toparis

Corey Turner will round out that second row while Broc Pearson heads row three ahead of Chris Quinn and Dallas Skeer.

ASBK TBG ASBK Round Morgan Park Broc Pearson TBG
Broc Pearson

ASBK TBG ASBK Round Morgan Park SS Pole Tom Toparis Nic Liminton Reid Battye TBG
Supersport Qualifying – Morgan Park 2019

Supersport Qualifying Results

1Nic LIMINTON (SA) Yamaha YZF-R61m15.176
2Tom TOPARIS (NSW)Yamaha YZF-R61m15.406
3Reid BATTYE (NSW) Suzuki GSX-R1m15.542
4Callum SPRIGGS (QLD) Yamaha YZF-R61m15.756
5Oli BAYLISS (QLD)Yamaha YZF-R61m15.800
6Corey TURNER (QLD) Honda CBR1m16.019
7Broc PEARSON (QLD)Yamaha YZF-R61m16.146
8Chris QUINN (NSW) Yamaha YZF-R61m16.309
9Dallas SKEER (SA) Suzuki GSXR 6001m17.259
10Aidan HAYES (NSW) Yamaha YZF-R61m17.716
11Ty LYNCH (SA) Yamaha YZF-R61m17.795
12Avalon BIDDLE (NZ)Yamaha YZF-R61m18.000
13Jack PASSFIELD (NSW) Yamaha YZF-R61m18.103
14Andrew EDSER (NSW)Kawasaki ZX6R1m19.336
15Jack HYDE (NSW) Yamaha YZF-R61m19.392

Supersport 300 Qualifying

Senna Agius took pole position in the YMI Australian Supersport 300 class by a country mile this afternoon at Morgan Park.

ASBK Rnd Morgan Park RbMotoLens SS Q Senna AGIUS
Senna Agius

Kawasaki 400 mounted Agius dropped in a 1m22.959 to best the field by almost a full-second ahead of Yamaha YZF-R3 pilots John Lytras and Zac Levy.

Supersport 300 Qualifying Results

1Senna AGIUS (NSW) Kawasaki EX 4001m22.959
2John LYTRAS (QLD) Yamaha R3 3211m23.818
3Zac LEVY (QLD) /Yamaha R3 3211m24.012
4Brandon DEMMERY (NSW)Yamaha R3 3211m24.033
5Hunter FORD (NSW) Yamaha R3 3211m24.061
6Max STAUFFER (NSW)Yamaha R3 3211m24.107
7Yannis SHAW (NSW) Kawasaki EX 4001m24.253
8Callum O’BRIEN (WA) Kawasaki EX 4001m24.261
9Harrison VOIGHT (QLD) Yamaha R3 3211m24.313
10Locky TAYLOR (QLD) Yamaha R3 3211m24.422
11Harry KHOURI (NSW) Yamaha R3 3211m24.443
12Peter NERLICH (VIC)Kawasaki EX 3001m24.798
13Seth CRUMP (QLD) KTM RC 3901m24.814
14Travis HALL (QLD) Yamaha R3 3211m25.106
15Ben BAKER (NSW)Yamaha R3 3211m25.147
16Luke JOHNSTON (NSW) Yamaha R3 3211m25.304
17Kyle O’CONNELL (QLD) Yamaha R3 3211m25.480
18Jacob ROULSTONE (NSW)Yamaha R3 3211m26.512
19Ryan SMITH (NSW)Yamaha YZF-R31m26.740
20Mitch KUHNE (QLD) Yamaha R3 3211m26.767
21Zylas BUNTING (NSW) Yamaha R3 3211m26.951
22Reece OUGHTRED (VIC) Yamaha R3 3211m27.485
23Tom NEWTON (NZ) Kawasaki EX 4001m27.731
24Tristan ADAMSON (QLD)Yamaha R3 3211m27.851
25John BLENKIN (NSW)Yamaha R3 3211m27.904
26Brad TRIVETT (NSW)Kawasaki EX 3001m28.081
27Josh HALL (QLD)Yamaha R3 3211m28.100
28Laura BROWN (NSW) Yamaha R3 3211m28.756
29Jacob HATCH (NSW)Yamaha R3 3211m28.983
30Ryan MOSCARDINI (QLD)Yamaha R3 3211m29.077
31Stephany KAPILAWI-JAMES (QLD)Yamaha R3 3211m29.549
32Sarah FAIRBROTHER (QLD)Yamaha R3 3211m30.495
33Jeremy CZMOK (VIC)Yamaha R3 3211m31.501
34Josh ANDREWS (NSW)Yamaha R3 3211m31.772
35Noel MAHON (VIC) Kawasaki EX 4001m31.780
36Gregory FARRELL (NSW) Kawasaki EX 3001m32.204
37Lachlan O’BRIEN (NT) Yamaha R3 3211m32.298
38Hayden STIFF (NSW) Kawasaki EX 4001m32.355
39Benjamin ANGELIDIS (ACT)Kawasaki EX 3001m39.698

Supersport 300 Race One

Senna Agius capitalised on his pole position to lead the field away with John Lytras giving chase. That pair quickly broke away from the field.

ASBK Rnd Morgan Park RbMotoLens SS R Senna AGIUS Leads John LYTRAS
Senna Agius leads John Lytras

Callum O’Brien went down at turn four on the opening lap while Harrison Voight retired to pit-lane early in the race.

ASBK Rnd Morgan Park RbMotoLens SS R Callum O’BRIEN Crash
Callum O’Brien tumbles out of the race

Agius eventually broke away from Lytras and by half-race distance the Kawasaki 400 rider had a solid buffer over the Yamaha YZF-R3 competitors that were giving chase.

ASBK Rnd Morgan Park RbMotoLens SS R Senna AGIUS Leads John LYTRAS
Senna Agius leads John Lytras

The most formidable of those in this race was Lytras, but even he had no answer for Agius this afternoon, and was left to watch the Kawasaki romp away to a convincing six-second win. Agius and Lytras now on 154-points apiece and equal third in the championship.

ASBK Rnd Morgan Park RbMotoLens SS R Senna AGIUS
Senna Agius

Hunter Ford rounded out the podium ahead of Harry Khouri.

ASBK Rnd Morgan Park RbMotoLens SS R Harry KHOURI
Harry Khouri

Championship leader Max Stauffer came home fifth after winning a battle to the line with Zac Levy and Brandon Demmery.

ASBK TBG ASBK Round Morgan Park SS Race Podium John Lytris Senna Agius Harry Kouri TBG
Supersport 300 Race One

Supersport 300 Race One Results

1Senna AGIUS (NSW) Kawasaki EX 4000.000
2John LYTRAS (QLD)Yamaha R3 321+5.714
3Harry KHOURI (NSW) Yamaha R3 321+9.273
4Hunter FORD (NSW)Yamaha R3 321+9.332
5Max STAUFFER (NSW)Yamaha R3 321+9.631
6Zac LEVY (QLD) Yamaha R3 321+9.643
7Brandon DEMMERY (NSW) Yamaha R3 321+9.744
8Seth CRUMP (QLD) KTM RC 390+11.712
9Peter NERLICH (VIC)Kawasaki EX 300+15.186
10Locky TAYLOR (QLD) Yamaha R3 321+15.236
11Luke JHONSTON (NSW) Yamaha R3 321+29.851
12Jacob ROULSTONE (NSW) Yamaha R3 321+29.979
13Travis HALL (QLD)Yamaha R3 321+30.094
14Kyle O’CONNELL (QLD)Yamaha R3 321+32.639
15Ryan SMITH (NSW)Yamaha YZF-R3+40.341
16Mitch KUHNE (QLD) Yamaha R3 321+40.426
17Zylas BUNTING (NSW) Yamaha R3 321+40.649
18Tristan ADAMSON (QLD)Yamaha R3 321+45.415
19John BLENKIN (NSW)Yamaha R3 321+55.964
20Josh HALL (QLD)Yamaha R3 321+56.140
21Jacob HATCH (NSW)Yamaha R3 321+56.268
22Laura BROWN (NSW) Yamaha R3 321+58.897
23Stephany KAPILAWI-JAMES (QLD) Yamaha R3 321+59.812
24Brad TRIVETT (NSW)Kawasaki EX 300+1:04.164
25Jeremy CZMOK (VIC) Yamaha R3 321+1:15.568
26Sarah FAIRBROTHER (QLD)Yamaha R3 321+1:15.667
27Josh ANDREWS (NSW)Yamaha R3 321+1:30.676
28Noel MAHON (VIC)Kawasaki EX 400+1 Lap
29Gregory FARRELL (NSW) Kawasaki EX 300+1 Lap
30Harrison VOIGHT (QLD) Yamaha R3 321+1 Lap
DNFYannis SHAW (NSW) Kawasaki EX 4005 Laps
DNFTom NEWTON (NZ) Kawasaki EX 4009 Laps
DNFCallum O’BRIEN (WA) Kawasaki EX 40010 Laps


Superbike Masters Qualifying

Veteran road race John Allen showed that age had not wearied his competitive bug as he piloted a TZ750 Yamaha around Morgan Park to a best of 1m20.893s.

ASBK Rnd Morgan Park RbMotoLens SBKM Q John ALLEN
John Allen

It was not quite enough for pole though as Allen was bettered in the final moments of qualifying by young Alex Pickett on an FZR1000.

ASBK Rnd Morgan Park RbMotoLens SBKM Q Alexander PICKETT
Alex Pickett

Superbike Masters Qualifying Results

1Alexander PICKETT (NSS)Yamaha FZR 10001m20.836
2John ALLEN (QLD) Yamaha TZ 7501m20.893
3Murray CLARK (QLD)Suzuki GSXR1m21.490
4Gregory JAMES (NSW)Honda CB 1100 R1m25.762
5Mark RODDA (NSW)Suzuki GS 1000 S1m26.516
6Mark McVEIGH (NSW)Yamaha FZR 10001m27.792
7Scott WEBSTER (VIC) Suzuki GSX 12001m27.819
8Richard EASTON (NSW)Suzuki GSX 11001m31.096
9Darren LARK (VIC)Suzuki GSX 11501m47.086

Superbike Masters Race One

Alex Pickett streaked away from pole position as John Allen gave chase. Darren Lark took a tumble at turn four on the opening lap, while Gregory James fell at the same corner on lap two, both riders were unhurt.

The wily old fox that is John Allen got that TZ750 well and truly wound up on lap two to get the better of Alex Pickett. Allen picked up his pace further on the next circuit with his first 1m19s lap of the weekend, a 1m19.677s.

Pickett had no answer for the speed of Allen and was left to ride a somewhat lonely race to second place while Murray Clark had a similarly solo run on his way to third.

ASBK TBG ASBK Round Morgan Park SBK Masters Race Podium Alexander Pickett John Allen Murray Clark TBG
Superbike Masters Race One Podium
1John ALLEN (QLD) Yamaha TZ 7500.000
2Alexander PICKETT (NSW)Yamaha FZR 10007.503
3Murray CLARK (QLD)Suzuki GSXR18.541
4Mark McVEIGH (NSW)Yamaha FZR 100057.666
5Scott WEBSTER (VIC)Suzuki GSX 12001:01.642
6Mark RODDA (NSW) Suzuki GS 1000 S1:08.545
7Richard EASTON (NSW)Suzuki GSX 11001:29.596
8Darren LARK (VIC)Suzuki GSX 11502 Laps
DNFGregory JAMES (NSW)Honda CB 1100 R8 Laps


YMF R3 Cup Qualifying

John Lytras topped YMF R3 Cup qualifying ahead of Hunter Ford, Max Stauffer, Harry Khouri and Brandon Demmery.

ASBK Rnd Morgan Park RbMotoLens John Lytras
John Lytras

The QP2 session saw quite a few fallers.  Ben Baker crashed heavily at turn 12, Travis Hall had a tumble at turn six and Hunter Diplock went down at turn three.

YMF R3 Cup Qualifying Results

1John LYTRAS (QLD) Yamaha YZF-R31m23.953
2Hunter FORD (NSW)Yamaha YZF-R3124.016
3Max STAUFFER (NSW)Yamaha YZF-R31m24.186
4Harry KHOURI (NSW) Yamaha YZF-R31m24.217
5Brandon DEMMERY (NSW) /Yamaha YZF-R31m24.229
6Locky TAYLOR (QLD)Yamaha YZF-R31m24.377
7Zac LEVY (QLD) Yamaha YZF-R31m24.822
8Harrison VOIGHT (QLD) Yamaha YZF-R31m25.191
9Travis HALL (QLD) Yamaha YZF-R31m25.531
10Luke JOHNSTON (NSW) Yamaha YZF-R31m25.660
11Ben BAKER (NSW)Yamaha YZF-R31m25.722
12Mitch KUHNE (QLD)Yamaha YZF-R31m25.826
13Kyle O’CONNELL (QLD) Yamaha YZF-R31m25.860
14Jacob ROULSTONE (NSW)Yamaha YZF-R31m26.354
15Zylas BUNTING (NSW)Yamaha YZF-R31m26.883
16Ryan SMITH (NSW) Yamaha YZF-R31m27.257
17Tristan ADAMSON (QLD) Yamaha YZF-R31m27.374
18John BLENKIN (NSW)Yamaha YZF-R31m27.728
19Reece OUGHTRED (VIC)Yamaha YZF-R31m27.802
20Laura BROWN (NSW)Yamaha YZF-R31m28.285
21Josh HALL (QLD) Yamaha YZF-R31m28.301
22Zak PETTENDY (NSW)Yamaha YZF-R31m28.745
23Jeremy CZMOK (VIC)Yamaha YZF-R31m28.983
24Stephany KAPILAWI-JAMES (QLD) Yamaha YZF-R31m29.103
25Ryan MOSCARDINI (QLD)Yamaha YZF-R31m29.229
26Hunter DIPLOCK (NSW) Yamaha YZF-R31m30.002
27Sarah FAIRBROTHER (QLD)Yamaha YZF-R31m31.059
28Josh ANDREWS (NSW)Yamaha YZF-R31m31.334
29Lachlan O’BRIEN (NT)Yamaha YZF-R31m32.277


YMF R3 Cup Race One

It was an exciting tussle for the lead throughout the eight-lap YMF R3 Cup bout late on Saturday afternoon at Morgan Park.

John Lytras had his nose in front for much of the race but it was only every by a nose. Hunter and Harry Khouri were withing touching distance for the first half of the race while Max Stauffer and Brandon Demmery chased them from a few bike lengths behind.

Hunter Ford took charge up front as the race entered its second half but then as they started the last lap the order was shaken up with Lytras back in front and being chased hard by Zac Levy. This pair actually managed to break away from Ford a little on the final lap and at the chequered flag it was Levy from Lytras by 0.014 of a second, with Ford rounding out the podium ahead of a fast finishing Brandon Demmery and Harry Khouri.

YMF R3 Cup Race One Results

1Zac LEVY (QLD) Yamaha YZF-R30.000
2John LYTRAS (QLD) Yamaha YZF-R3.014
3Hunter FORD (NSW)Yamaha YZF-R3.295
4Brandon DEMMERYYamaha YZF-R3.365
5Harry KHOURI (NSW) Yamaha YZF-R3.415
6Harrison VOIGHT (QLD) Yamaha YZF-R3.625
7Max STAUFFER (NSW)Yamaha YZF-R3.958
8Locky TAYLOR (QLD) Yamaha YZF-R31.530
9Luke JHONSTON (NSW) Yamaha YZF-R313.107
10Jacob ROULSTONE (NSW) Yamaha YZF-R313.155
11Kyle O’CONNELL (QLD) Yamaha YZF-R313.171
12Travis HALL (QLD)Yamaha YZF-R313.400
13Ryan SMITH (NSW) Yamaha YZF-R323.728
14Mitch KUHNE (QLD) Yamaha YZF-R323.735
15Zylas BUNTING (NSW)Yamaha YZF-R324.057
16Tristan ADAMSON (QLD)Yamaha YZF-R329.324
17Zak PETTENDY Yamaha YZF-R335.057
18Josh HALL (QLD)Yamaha YZF-R336.422
19Stephany KAPILAWI-JAMES (QLD) Yamaha YZF-R343.021
20Laura BROWN (NSW) / WNRYamaha YZF-R347.501
21Ryan MOSCARDINI (QLD) Yamaha YZF-R348.175
22Reece OUGHTRED (VIC) Yamaha YZF-R353.398
23Hunter DIPLOCK (NSW)Yamaha YZF-R31:00.705
24Josh ANDREWS (NSW)Yamaha YZF-R31:00.764
25Sarah FAIRBROTHERYamaha YZF-R31:01.082
26Jeremy CZMOK (VIC)dYamaha YZF-R31:08.943
27John BLENKIN (NSW)Yamaha YZF-R34:08.159
DNFLachlan O’BRIEN (NT)Yamaha YZF-R33 Laps


bLU cRU Oceania Junior Cup Race One Results

1Jacob ROULSTONE (NSW)Yamaha YZR-R159m58.443
2Angus GRENFELL (VIC) Yamaha YZF-R159m58.862
3Glenn NELSON (QLD)Yamaha YZF-R159m58.891
4Lucas QUINN (QLD) Yamaha YZF-R159m58.996
5Max GIBBONS (QLD) Yamaha YZF-R159m59.106
6Carter THOMPSON (NSW)Yamaha YZF-R159m59.215
7Marianos NIKOLIS (NSW) Yamaha YZF-R159m59.699
8Archie MCDONALD (VIC)Yamaha YZF-R159m59.926
9Tom DRANE (NSW)Yamaha YZF-R1510m00.108
10Cros FRANCIS (NSW)Yamaha YZF-R1510m09.725
11Zak PETTENDY (NSW)Yamaha YZF-R1510m09.752
12Jacob HATCH (NSW) Yamaha YZF-R1510m09.938
13Alex KENWORTHY-JONES (NSW)Yamaha YZF-R1510m11.996
14Thomas BROWN (QLD)Yamaha YZF-R1510m12.063
15Jai RUSSO (NSW)Yamaha YZF-R1510m12.166
16Reece OUGHTRED (VIC)Yamaha YZR-R1510m12.177
17Varis FLEMING (VIC) Yamaha YZF-R1510m12.271
18Hunter DIPLOCK (NSW)Yamaha YZR-R1510m26.690
19Patrick BOGNAR (VIC) Yamaha YZR-R1510m26.803
20Lincoln KNIGHT (NSW)Yamaha YZF-R1510m28.930
21Jamie PORT (VIC)Yamaha YZF-R1510m36.472
22Tom CONNORS (NSW) Yamaha YZF-R151036.525
23Toby JAMES (VIC) Yamaha YZR-R1511m03.095
DNFNatalie BARBATI (VIC) Yamaha YZF-R154m:46.903
DNFCormac BUCHANAN (NZ)Yamaha YZF-R151m51.775

bLU cRU Oceania Junior Cup Qualifying Results

1Angus GRENFELL (VIC)Yamaha YZF-R151m37.752
2Carter THOMPSON (NSW)Yamaha YZF-R151m38.578
3Lucas QUINN (QLD) Yamaha YZF-R151m39.070
4Jacob ROULSTONE (NSW)Yamaha YZR-R151m39.097
5Glenn NELSON (QLD) Yamaha YZF-R151m39.327
6Max GIBBONS (QLD) Yamaha YZF-R151m39.330
7Marianos NIKOLIS (NSW)Yamaha YZF-R151m39.473
8Archie MCDONALD (VIC) Yamaha YZF-R151m39.564
9Jacob HATCH (NSW)Yamaha YZF-R151m39.575
10Thomas BROWN (QLD) Yamaha YZF-R151m39.649
11Tom DRANE (NSW) Yamaha YZF-R151m39.902
12Cros FRANCIS (NSW) Yamaha YZF-R151m39.981
13Zak PETTENDY (NSW)Yamaha YZF-R151m40.123
14Varis FLEMING (VIC) Yamaha YZF-R151m40.499
15Alex KENWORTHY-JONES (NSW)Yamaha YZF-R151m40.507
16Reece OUGHTRED (VIC) Yamaha YZR-R151m40.590
17Jai RUSSO (NSW) Yamaha YZF-R151m40.787
18Cormac BUCHANAN (NZ) Yamaha YZF-R151m41.873
19Patrick BOGNAR (VIC)Yamaha YZR-R151m42.013
20Hunter DIPLOCK (NSW) Yamaha YZR-R151m42.363
21Lincoln KNIGHT (NSW) Yamaha YZF-R151m42.864
22Jamie PORT (VIC) Yamaha YZF-R151m44.008
23Tom CONNORS (NSW) Yamaha YZF-R151m44.493
24Toby JAMES (VIC)Yamaha YZR-R151m48.240
25Natalie BARBATI (VIC)Yamaha YZF-R152m08.560



Standings to be updated (TBC)

1Bryan STARING150
3Michael JONES141
4Troy HERFOSS132
5Josh WATERS126
6Wayne MAXWELL113
7Daniel FALZON95
8Glenn SCOTT90
10Mark CHIODO79
11Aiden WAGNER71
12Alex PHILLIS68
13Arthur SISSIS63
14Damon REES59
15Glenn ALLERTON56
17Sloan FROST42
18Lachlan EPIS36
19Max CROKER27
20Brendan McINTYRE26
21Philip CZAJ20
22David BARKER16
23Evan BYLES13
24Matt TOOLEY7
25Adam SENIOR5
27Ryan YANKO3
29Michael EDWARDS2
3Broc PEARSON141
4Oliver BAYLISS128
5Reid BATTYE127
6Aidan HAYES102
7Dallas SKEER87
11Ty LYNCH58
12Chris QUINN56
13John QUINN55
14Callum SPRIGGS49
15Andrew EDSER48
16Avalon BIDDLE42
20Samuel LAMBERT22
21Timothy DONNON21
22Ben LIEBIG14
23Matt CRANMER13
24Luke SANDERS13
25Bronson PICKETT12
26Daniel LEONARD5
27Oscar DAVISON0

Updated as of Race One

2Harry KHOURI164
3Senna AGIUS154
4John LYTRAS154
5Seth CRUMP131
6Ben BAKER128
7Zac LEVY120
8Locky TAYLOR113
9Hunter FORD110
10Yannis SHAW100
11Brandon DEMMERY98
12Travis HALL93
13Peter NERLICH66
14Callum O’BRIEN62
15Luke POWER55
16Olly SIMPSON51
17Mitch KUHNE50
18Zylas BUNTING44
19Kyle O’CONNELL42
23Tristan ADAMSON26
24Mitchell SIMPSON25
25Laura BROWN20
26Tayla RELPH14
27Jesse WOODS8
28Ryan SMITH6
29Bronson PICKETT4
30Grace POUTCH4
31Jacob HATCH3
33Josh HALL2
36Jordan SIMPSON1
2John LYTRAS83
3Zac LEVY70
4Hunter FORD69
5Locky TAYLOR63
6Brandon DEMMERY53
7Travis HALL51
8Harry KHOURI48
9Ben BAKER47
11Mitch KUHNE34
12Kyle O’CONNELL33
13Zylas BUNTING32
15Tristan ADAMSON26
16Ryan SMITH17
17Reece OUGHTRED17
18Harrison VOIGHT15
19Keegan PICKERING14
20Bronson PICKETT8
21Cameron AGOSTINI5
24Josh HALL3
27Kristian AGOSTINI2
28Laura BROWN1
29Jeremy CZMOK1
1Carter THOMPSON146
2Angus GRENFELL126
4Tom DRANE114
5Cros FRANCIS107
6Marianos NIKOLIS104
9Archie McDONALD73
10Glenn NELSON70
12Jai RUSSO59
13Jacob HATCH58
14Lucas QUINN55
16Cormac BUCHANAN47
17Hunter DIPLOCK39
18Lincoln KNIGHT32
19Varis FLEMING23
20Patrick BOGNAR19
21Jamie PORT19
23Thomas BROWN7
24Dominic FLETCHER6
ASBK TBG Round SMP Desmo Celebration Mike Jones TBG FinalRnd Cover

ASBK Images Gallery C | 2019 ASBK season finale

2019 ASBK Images Round 7 – SMP – Gallery C Images Rob Mott/TBG
ASBK Rnd SMP RbMotoLens DesmoSport Ducati Ben Henry FinalRnd Cover

ASBK Images Gallery B | 2019 ASBK season finale

2019 ASBK Images Round 7 – SMP – Gallery B Images Rob Mott/TBG
ASBK Rnd SMP RbMotoLens Jones Champ Sticker Ducati

Mike Jones wins 2019 ASBK Title with R2 victory at SMP

2019 Australian Superbike Championship Round 7 - SMP The ASBK Finale - Part TwoASBK Superbike Race...
ASBK TBG Round SMP SBK Race Jones Herfoss

Jones takes opening victory at SMP | Leads Herfoss by 0.5-pts…

2019 Australian Superbike Championship Round 7 - SMP The ASBK Finale - Part OneTroy Herfoss made...

Daniel Falzon takes pole at sweltering SMP | ASBK Finale

2019 Australian Superbike Championship Round 7 - Sydney Motorsports ParkSuperbike After a sensational ASBK season it...