2019 ASBK – Round Six – Phillip Island

Images by TBG and Rob Mott

Motorsports TV Supersport Race One

ASBK Rnd Phillip Island RbMotoLens SS R Start
Supersport Race One

Oli Bayliss took the lead early on in the opening Supersport bout of the weekend but the youngster had a massive tank-slapper out of turn three after nudging the ripple-strip.

ASBK TBG Round Phillip Island SS Race Start TBG Sunday
Supersport Race One

Bayliss kept it wound on and maintained his composure to lead through the back of the circuit before being swamped into turn one and shuffled from first back to fourth as Nic Liminton went through to the lead early on lap two.

ASBK Rnd Phillip Island RbMotoLens SS R Nic LIminton Leads Toparis
Nic Liminton leads Tom Toparis

Liminton kept Toparis at bay for the first half of the race but Toparis looked to be doing it easy following him, using a lot less of the circuit and seemingly keeping his powder dry. It was not perhaps that clear cut though as after Toparis did go through on lap five Liminton stayed with him and actually regain the lead with four laps to run. Toparis could wrap up the championship in this race and was risk averse with that front of mind.

Toparis took the lead again with a couple of laps to run only for Liminton to sneak back past. Officials then noted that Liminton was under investigation for making that pass under a yellow flag.

That yellow flag had been caused by an unfortunate Oli Bayliss, his stricken machine was laying prone by the side of the circuit but the young Queenslander was up and okay. He seemed to have perhaps come together with another rider at somt point and came off worse in the clash. 

ASBK TBG Round Phillip Island Tom Toparis Celebration TBG Sunday
Tom Toparis – 2019 Australian Supersport Champion

Liminton maintained the lead thorugh the back of the circuit before falling on the entry to Lukey Heights, the South Australian’s demise meaning that Toparis had the run to the flag by his lonesome, taking the chequered flag 13-seconds ahead of Aidan Hayes and with that win the 2019 Australian Supersport Championship.

ASBK Rnd Phillip Island RbMotoLens SS R Tom TOPARIS Parc Ferme with bike
Tom Toparis
2019 Australian Supersport Champion

Jack Passfield rounded out the podium ahead of Broc Pearson and Ty Lynch.

ASBK Rnd Phillip Island RbMotoLens SS R Parc Ferme Tom TOPARIS Podium
Supersport Race One Podium – Toparis the victor ahead of Aidan Hayes and Jack Passfield

Supersport Race Two

Tom Toparis fronted up for race two with the #1 proudly displayed on the front of the LandBridge Transport backed YZF-R6 and he quickly worked his way in to the race lead. From there the new champ was never headed.  Nic Liminton did his best to stay with Toparis and kept the lad from Goulburn honest.

ASBK TBG Round Phillip Island SS Race TBG Sunday
Supersport Race Two

Oli Bayliss started the race on a bike hastily repaired after his crash in race one but eventually retired to pit-lane, deeming his bike too bent to safely continue. A harsh blow for the youngster as he witnessed his chances for #3 in the championship disappear from the side-lines. 

ASBK TBG Round Phillip Island Tom Toparis TBG Sunday
Tom Toparis

The tussle over third place was a race long contest between Jack Passfield and Aidan Hayes. It was Hayes that got that final step on the podium by a nose at the flag.

Toparis eventually the winner by 5.6-seconds and Nic Liminton a clear second place.

ASBK Rnd Phillip Island RbMotoLens SS Round Champagne Celebrations Sunday
Supersport Round Podium – Top Toparis 1st – Aidan Hayes 2nd – Jack Passfield 3rd

That 20-points for Liminton moves him five-points closer to Broc Pearson in the fight for second place in the series, but the Queenslander still has a 36-point buffer over the South Australian heading to the Sydney Motorsports Park finale. 

ASBK Rnd Phillip Island RbMotoLens Supersport Podium Sunday
Supersport Round Podium – Top Toparis 1st – Aidan Hayes 2nd – Jack Passfield 3rd

Supersport Race One Results


1Tom TOPARISYamaha YZF-R616:14.742
2Nic LIMINTON Yamaha YZF-R65.684
3Aidan HAYES Yamaha YZF-R610.115
4Jack PASSFIELD Yamaha YZF-R610.143
5Richie DIBBEN Suzuki GSXR16.531
6Broc PEARSONYamaha YZF-R616.552
7Ty LYNCH Yamaha YZF-R616.994
8Jack HYDE Yamaha YZF-R621.463
9Rhys BELLINGYamaha YZF-R622.182
10Dallas SKEER Suzuki GSXR30.387
11John QUINN Triumph32.444
12Callum O’BRIENKawasaki ZX6R34.005
13Brodie MALOUF Yamaha YZF-R648.577
DNFAvalon BIDDLEYamaha YZF-R67 Laps
DNFOliver BAYLISS Yamaha YZF-R68 Laps
DNFTimothy DONNONSuzuki GSXR9 Laps
PosNamePoleRace 1Race 2Total
1Tom TOPARIS1252551
2Aidan HAYES 201838
3Jack PASSFIELD 181735
4Broc PEARSON 171532
5Richie DIBBEN 151631
6Ty LYNCH 161430
7Jack HYDE 131326
8Rhys BELLING 141226
9Dallas SKEER 121123
10John QUINN 111021
11Nic LIMINTON  2020
12Callum O’BRIEN 9918
13Brodie MALOUF 10818
14Avalon BIDDLE 8 8
15Timothy DONNON 7 7
16Ryan SELLEN 6 6
PosNameRace 1Race 2Total
1Tom TOPARIS x1 Pole2525350
2Broc PEARSON1715246
3Nic LIMINTON 20208
4Aidan HAYES2018191
5Oliver BAYLISS  181
6Dallas SKEER1211161
7Reid BATTYE  142
8Jack PASSFIELD1817141
9Ty LYNCH1614141
10Rhys BELLING1412118
11Chris QUINN  109
12Avalon BIDDLE8 101
13Callum SPRIGGS  89
14John QUINN111076
15Jack HYDE131367
16Luke MITCHELL  65
17Andrew EDSER  64
18Richie DIBBEN151648
19Zac JOHNSON  37
20Scott NICHOLSON  31
21Timothy DONNON7 28
22Dylan WHITESIDE  26
23Samuel LAMBERT  22
24Callum O’BRIEN9918
25Brodie MALOUF10818
26Ryan SELLEN6 17
27Chandler COOPER  17
28Corey TURNER  16
29Ben LIEBIG  14
30Matt CRANMER  13
31Luke SANDERS  13
32Bronson PICKETT  12
33Daniel LEONARD  5
34Oscar DAVISON  1



YMF R3 Cup Race Two

The first support class off the rank this morning at a windy Phillip Island was the second YMF R3 Cup bout of the weekend and it was another heady battle for honours in this ripper category.

ASBK Rnd Phillip Island RbMotoLens R Cup R Start Sunday
R3 Cup Race Two

The leading protagonists were Brandon Demmery, Hunter Ford, John Lytras, Locky Taylor, Max Stauffer, Laura Brown, Reece Oughtred, Ben Baker, Harry Parker and Jacob Hatch all covered by only a second two laps into the seven-lap distance.

ASBK Rnd Phillip Island RbMotoLens R Cup R Start Sunday
R3 Cup Race Two

Hunter Ford had come into this round as the series leader but John Lytras moved past him to lead the standings after race one on Saturday. Ford had led the race but started running out of fuel on the final lap and limping home to a ninth place finish.

Ford took that championship lead back with a hard fought victory on Sunday morning though as he pushed his way through to the lead around the final turns before taking the chequered flag two-tenths ahead of Max Stauffer and John Lytras.

ASBK Rnd Phillip Island RbMotoLens R Cup R Start Sunday
R3 Cup race action

Laura Brown scored an impressive fourth place by a nose over Brandon Demmery. Harry Parker had been in that conga line of R3 machines but unfortunately fell at turn 12 on the final lap.

YMF R3 Cup Race Three

Hunter Ford recaptured the YMF R3 Cup lead from John Lytras by winning both today’s races, to take the overall round win from Max Stauffer and yesterday’s race winner Locky Taylor.

ASBK Rnd Phillip Island RbMotoLens R Cup R Parc Ferme Hunter Ford Sunday
Hunter Ford back in to the YMF R3 Cup series lead

As with yesterday’s race, both today’s seven-lap encounters featured vigorous battling for the lead and numerous changes in position, but Ford established enough of a margin over the field in Race 3 that he was able to ride unchallenged to the finish line on the final lap.

ASBK Rnd Phillip Island RbMotoLens R Cup R Parc Ferme Round Winners Locy Taylor Hunter Ford Max Stauffer Sunday
R3 Cup Round Results – Hunter Ford 1st – Max Stauffer 2nd – Locky Taylor 3rd

YMF R3 Cup Results


1Hunter FORDYamaha YZF-R313:05.405
2Max STAUFFER Yamaha YZF-R3+0.250
3John LYTRASYamaha YZF-R3+0.293
4Laura BROWN Yamaha YZF-R3+0.343
5Brandon DEMMERY Yamaha YZF-R3+0.357
6Locky TAYLOR Yamaha YZF-R3+0.427
7Reece OUGHTRED (Yamaha YZF-R3+0.522
8Ben BAKER Yamaha YZF-R3+2.385
9Jacob HATCH Yamaha YZF-R3+2.471
10Archie MCDONALD Yamaha YZF-R3+10.754
11Matthew RINDELYamaha YZF-R3+10.858
12Zak PETTENDYYamaha YZF-R3+27.473
13Ryan SMITH Yamaha YZF-R3+27.497
14Stephany KAPILAWI-JAMES Yamaha YZF-R3+32.073
15Patrick BOGNAR Yamaha YZF-R3+50.379
16Ryan MOSCARDINI Yamaha YZF-R3+50.643
17Patrick LI Yamaha YZF-R3+53.863
18Dominic FLETCHERYamaha YZF-R3+54.029
19Jamie PORT Yamaha YZF-R3+1m04.984
20Harry PARKER Yamaha YZF-R3+2m27.218
DNFHunter DIPLOCKYamaha YZF-R36 Laps
1Hunter FORD Yamaha YZF-R313m00.365
2Max STAUFFER Yamaha YZF-R3+0.125
3John LYTRASYamaha YZF-R3+0.270
4Locky TAYLORYamaha YZF-R30.288
5Laura BROWNYamaha YZF-R3+0.363
6Brandon DEMMERY Yamaha YZF-R3+0.392
7Reece OUGHTRED Yamaha YZF-R3+1.217
8Jacob HATCH Yamaha YZF-R3+1.254
9Ben BAKERYamaha YZF-R3+1.271
10Matthew RINDELYamaha YZF-R3+16.718
11Archie MCDONALD Yamaha YZF-R3+18.830
12Ryan SMITH Yamaha YZF-R3+18.987
13Zak PETTENDY Yamaha YZF-R3+33.360
14Patrick BOGNARYamaha YZF-R3+33.647
15Stephany KAPILAWI-JAMESYamaha YZF-R3+33.658
16Ryan MOSCARDINI Yamaha YZF-R3+48.855
17Dominic FLETCHER Yamaha YZF-R3+1m08.120
18Hunter DIPLOCK Yamaha YZF-R3+1m08.123
PosNameRace 1Race 2Race 3Total
1Hunter FORD12252562
2Max STAUFFER20202060
3Locky TAYLOR25151757
4John LYTRAS18181854
5Laura BROWN17171650
6Brandon DEMMERY15161546
7Reece OUGHTRED14141442
8Ben BAKER16131241
9Jacob HATCH9121334
10Matt RINDEL13101134
11Archie McDONALD11111032
12Ryan SMITH108927
13Zak PETTENDY69823
14Patrick BOGNAR76720
15Stephany KAPILAWI-JAMES57618
16Ryan MOSCARDINI45514
17Dominic FLETCHER2349
18Harry PARKER81 9
19Harrison VOIGHT14 5
20Jamie PORT32 5
21Hunter DIPLOCK  33
PosNameRace 1Race 2Race 3Total
1Hunter FORD122525231
2John LYTRAS181818218
3Max STAUFFER202020213
4Brandon DEMMERY151615199
5Locky TAYLOR251517195
6Zac LEVY   156
7Luke JHONSTON   117
8Reece OUGHTRED141414106
9Ryan SMITH108989
10Ben BAKER16131288
11Harry KHOURI   86
12Tristan ADAMSON   84
13Jacob ROULSTONE   82
14Travis HALL   76
15Matt RINDEL13101162
16Zylas BUNTING   59
17Laura BROWN17171656
18Jacob HATCH9121354
19Archie McDONALD11111053
20Zak PETTENDY69850
21Harrison VOIGHT14 50
22Mitch KUHNE   46
23Kyle O’CONNELL   43
24Stephany KAPILAWI-JAMES57636
25Patrick BOGNAR76724
26Ryan MOSCARDINI45517
27Harry PARKER81 17
28Keegan PICKERING   14
29Josh NODEN   11
30Josh HALL   11
31Dominic FLETCHER2349
32Bronson PICKETT   8
33Jeremy CZMOK   7
34John BLENKIN   6
35Jamie PORT32 5
36Cameron AGOSTINI   5
37Hunter DIPLOCK  33
38Kristian AGOSTINI   2


YMI Supersport 300 Race Two

Max Stauffer was the early leader in the second Supersport 300 bout of the weekend but Locky Taylor sneaked up the inside at turn four to take the lead from the championship leader. Senna Agius then took the lead before Hayshed and maintained sway up front all the way around to the start-finish line but Yannis Shaw used the superior speed of the Kawasaki to pus his way through to the lead as they started lap two.

ASBK Rnd Phillip Island RbMotoLens SS R Start Sunday
300 Supersport Race Two

Luke Johnston took the lead at turn four with five laps to run but at this stage of the race leaders were still changing almost every turn as less than a second covered the top nine. Yannis Shaw again took the lead down the chute, the Kawasaki still enjoying up to a 10 km/h speed advantage here despite a recent move by Motorcycling Australia to restrict the RPM available to the Ninja 400 riders.

ASBK TBG Round Phillip Island SS Race Start TBG Sunday
Supersport 300 Race Two

Hunter Ford and Senna Agius just about bashed fairings through turn 12 the next time around but it was Agius that led into turn one before Ford sneaked back through to the lead at turn three.

Senna Agius led through the opening half of the final lap as Luke Johnston shadowed him through Hayshed but Agius maintained his lead over Lukey Heights and through MG Hairpin… Agius led through turns 11 and 12, Jhonston right on his pipe as they ran to the line and Jhonston pulled out of the slipstream to take victory from Agius and Shaw.

Yannis Shaw recorded the fastest lap of the race on that final lap, his 1m49.009s and 205 km/h top speed the benchmarks across that bout in what was an all-Kawasaki podium.

ASBK Rnd Phillip Island RbMotoLens SS R Parc Ferme Yanni Shaw Sunday
Yannis Shaw

YMI Supersport 300 Race Three

Max Stauffer again scored the holeshot to lead the field through turn one but was dusted up at turn four and pushed back to sixth place. Stauffer careful to keep his nose clean as he defends his 300 Supersport Championship lead.

ASBK Rnd Phillip Island RbMotoLens SS R Start Sunday
YMI Supersport 300 Race Three

Seth Crump went through to the lead late on the opening lap only to see Luke Johnston and Hunter Ford slip past him on the run towards turn one.

Still only half-a-second covered the top eight as the race approached half-distance and it was Luke Johnston with his nose in front of Senna Agius and Seth Crump while Hunter Ford, Bradnon Demmery, Yannis Shaw, Locky Taylor and Max Stauffer gave chase. John Lytras was a couple of bike lengths behind in ninth place and engaged in battle with Laura Brown.

ASBK Rnd Phillip Island RbMotoLens SS R Sunday
YMI Supersport 300 Race Three

There was a lengthy delay as the carnage was cleared before the riders regrouped on the grid for a four-lap restart, on cold tyres…

Luke Johnston scored the holeshot this time around ahead of Seth Crump. Brandon Demmery ran off on the exit of Southern Loop with what looked like some sort of problem.

Johnston held sway up front for the opening two laps before Senna Agius swept through to the race lead into turn one as they started lap three. Yannis Shaw then took his turn in the limelight as he swept from fifth to first at turn four and the battle up front stepped up to a next level crazy.

ASBK TBG Round Phillip Island SS PAck Shaw TBG Sunday
Supersport 300

Seth Crump through to the lead at Lukey Heights and led the field through turn 12 towards the last lap board only to be passed by a number of riders before they even got to the line. Through turn three it was Shaw from Ford, Johnston and Crump.

Shaw led a tightly packed bunch of five over Lukey Heights and maintained the lead through MG Hairpin. Agius took the lead at turn 12 and crossed the line side-by-side with Luke Johnston, less than a single tenth separated the top five and official put the result down to a video review before declaring the winner… . Senna Agius eventually declared the winner by two-thousandth of a second over Luke Johnston with Yannis Shaw almost as close in third. 

ASBK Rnd Phillip Island RbMotoLens SS R Senna AGIUS Sunday
Senna Agius

Championship leader Max Stauffer finished sixth for the round while Agius won the round and made a 23-point gain in the championship to now be only 16-points adrift of Stauffer heading to the Sydney Motorsports Park finale next month. 

ASBK TBG Round Phillip Island SS Round Podium TBG Sunday
Supersport 300 Round Podium – Senna Agius P1 – Luke Jhonston P2 – Yannis Shaw P3

YMI Supersport 300 Results


1Luke JHONSTON Kawasaki EX 40013m01.711
2Senna AGIUS Kawasaki EX 400+0.022
3Yannis SHAWKawasaki EX 400+0.134
4Hunter FORD Yamaha R3 321+0.215
5Locky TAYLORYamaha R3 321+0.284
6Max STAUFFER Yamaha R3 321+0.309
7Seth CRUMPKTM RC 390+0.357
8Laura BROWN Yamaha R3 321+0.486
9Brandon DEMMERYYamaha R3 321+0.580
10Ben BURKE Kawasaki EX 400+8.281
11John LYTRASYamaha R3 321+8.407
12Ben BAKER Yamaha R3 321+8.440
13Zylas BUNTING Kawasaki EX 400+19.157
14Ryan SMITH Yamaha R3 321+19.251
15Matthew RINDELYamaha R3 321+19.270
16Stephany KAPILAWI-JAMES Kawasaki EX 400+26.481
17Noel MAHON Kawasaki EX 400+26.553
18Grace POUTCHKawasaki EX 400+30.859
19Ryan MOSCARDINI Yamaha R3 321+51.468
20Patrick LI Yamaha R3 321+53.232
21Craig WHITE Kawasaki EX 400+1m08.286
22David WILSONKawasaki EX 400+1m20.185
23Greg FARRELL Kawasaki EX 400+1m22.584
DNFPeter NERLICH Kawasaki EX 4007 Laps

Race Three Restart

1Senna AGIUSKawasaki EX 4007m28.151
2Luke JHONSTONKawasaki EX 400+0.002
3Yannis SHAWKawasaki EX 400+0.092
4Max STAUFFERYamaha R3 321+0.098
5Seth CRUMPKTM RC 390+0.099
6Hunter FORDYamaha R3 321+0.194
7John LYTRAS Yamaha R3 321+0.471
8Laura BROWN Yamaha R3 321+0.592
9Ben BAKER Yamaha R3 321+3.617
10Locky TAYLORYamaha R3 321+8.421
11Brandon DEMMERY Yamaha R3 321+10.850
12Peter NERLICHKawasaki EX 400+10.853
13Reece OUGHTRED Yamaha R3 321+11.167
14Zylas BUNTING Kawasaki EX 400+11.957
15Matthew RINDELYamaha R3 321+12.042
16Stephany KAPILAWI-JAMESKawasaki EX 400+12.392
17Jacob HATCH Yamaha R3 321+12.880
18Ryan SMITH Yamaha R3 321+13.006
19Noel MAHON Kawasaki EX 400+19.931
20Grace POUTCH Kawasaki EX 400+24.511
21Zak PETTENDYYamaha R3 321+27.974
22Craig WHITE Kawasaki EX 400+41.967
23David WILSONKawasaki EX 400+44.425
24Hunter DIPLOCKYamaha YZF-R3+52.372
25Greg FARRELLKawasaki EX 400+53.981
DNFBen BURKE Kawasaki EX 4001 Lap


Red Flagged

1Luke JHONSTON Kawasaki EX 4005m39.656
2Senna AGIUSKawasaki EX 400+0.144
3Seth CRUMPKTM RC 390+0.212
4Hunter FORD Yamaha R3 321+0.262
5Brandon DEMMERYYamaha R3 321+0.294
6Yannis SHAW Kawasaki EX 400+0.330
7Locky TAYLOR Yamaha R3 321+0.445
8Max STAUFFER Yamaha R3 321+0.534
9John LYTRAS Yamaha R3 321+1.062
10Laura BROWN Yamaha R3 321+1.811
11Ben BURKE Kawasaki EX 400+2.323
12Ben BAKER Yamaha R3 321+5.985
13Peter NERLICHKawasaki EX 400+7.294
14Matthew RINDELYamaha R3 321+7.376
15Jacob HATCH Yamaha R3 321+7.421
16Reece OUGHTRED Yamaha R3 321+7.542
17Zylas BUNTING .Kawasaki EX 400+7.931
18Stephany KAPILAWI-JAMES Kawasaki EX 400+11.551
19Ryan SMITH Yamaha R3 321+12.284
20Noel MAHONKawasaki EX 400+12.312
21Grace POUTCH Kawasaki EX 400+20.498
22Zak PETTENDY Yamaha R3 321+23.962
23Ryan MOSCARDINI Yamaha R3 321+26.259
24David WILSONKawasaki EX 400+35.571
25Greg FARRELL Kawasaki EX 400+35.761
DNFCraig WHITE Kawasaki EX 4001 Lap
DNFHunter DIPLOCK Yamaha YZF-R31 Lap
DSQPatrick LI Yamaha R3 3211 Lap





PosNamePoleRace 1Race 2Race 3Total
1Senna AGIUS 25202570
2Luke JHONSTON 14252059
3Yannis SHAW 20181856
4Seth CRUMP 18141648
5Hunter FORD 16171548
6Max STAUFFER 15151747
7Locky TAYLOR117161145
8John LYTRAS 12101436
9Brandon DEMMERY 13121035
10Ben BAKER 1091231
11Laura BROWN  131326
12Peter NERLICH 11 920
13Ben BURKE 911 20
14Zylas BUNTING 48719
15Matt RINDEL 76619
16Reece OUGHTRED 8 816
17Ryan SMITH 57315
18Stephany KAPILAWI-JAMES 35513
19Jacob HATCH 2 46
20Noel MAHON  426
21Harry PARKER 6  6
22Grace POUTCH 1315
23Ryan MOSCARDINI  2 2
24Harrison VOIGHT  1 1
PosRiderRace 1Race 2Race 3Total
1Max STAUFFER151517330
2Senna AGIUS252025314
3Hunter FORD161715256
4Seth CRUMP181416251
5Yannis SHAW201818249
6John LYTRAS121014233
7Brandon DEMMERY131210209
8Locky TAYLOR x1 Pole171611203
9Harry KHOURI   192
10Zac LEVY   191
11Ben BAKER10912173
12Luke JHONSTON142520162
13Peter NERLICH11 9135
14Travis HALL   116
15Luke POWER   98
16Zylas BUNTING48770
17Jacob ROULSTONE   63
18Callum O’BRIEN   62
19Mitch KUHNE   54
20Olly SIMPSON   51
21Kyle O’CONNELL   49
22Tristan ADAMSON   48
23Laura BROWN 131347
24Ben BURKE911 43
25Dylan WHITESIDE   39
26Ryan SMITH57338
27Matt RINDEL76635
28Harrison VOIGHT 1 33
29Reece OUGHTRED8 827
30Mitchell SIMPSON   25
31Stephany KAPILAWI-JAMES35515
32Tayla RELPH   14
33Harry PARKER6  10
34Jacob HATCH2 49
35Grace POUTCH1319
36Jesse WOODS   8
37Tom NEWTON   7
38Noel MAHON 426
39Josh HALL   6
40Bronson PICKETT   4
41Zak PETTENDY   3
43John BLENKIN   2
44Keegan PICKERING   2
45Jordan SIMPSON   1

bLU cRU Oceania Junior Cup Race Two

Archie McDonald led most of the opening lap but when the diminutive muddle of maniacs hit the main straight he went from first to eighth while Angus Grenfell swept through to the lead as they started lap two.

ASBK TBG Round Phillip Island OJC Pack TBG Sunday
bLU cRU Oceania Junior Cup

Jacob Hatch took his turn at the front as they started lap three but Max Gibbons then worked his way past at turn two and actually managed to stretch away from the pursuing horde through the remainder of the lap. Angus Grenfell too the lead as they entered turn 12 only to then be swamped as half a dozen riders slipstreamed past him down the chute.

ASBK TBG Round Phillip Island OJC Pack TBG Sunday
bLU cRU Oceania Junior Cup

On the final lap Max Gibbons held sway around the back of the circuit and held on through MG Hairpin but then a red flag was produced for RaceSafe to attend to fallen riders at Siberia. Jamie Port had come into contact with another rider which then set-off a chain reaction skittling riders off into the kitty litter.

ASBK Rnd Phillip Island RbMotoLens OJC RedFlag Sunday
bLU cRU Oceania Junior Cup

With results taken back to the end of the previous lap it was Archie McDonald named the victor ahead of Angus Grenfell and Carter Thompson.

ASBK Rnd Phillip Island RbMotoLens OJC R Start Sunday
bLU cRU Oceania Junior Cup

bLU cRU Oceania Junior Cup Race Three

There may have been tiny margins separating huge packs of motorcycles in all three races, but the cream ultimately rose to the top in the Oceania Junior Cup, points leader Carter Thompson taking the final race win and overall round victory ahead of his main title rival Angus Grenfell, with Max Gibbons finishing third for the weekend.

ASBK Rnd Phillip Island RbMotoLens OJC R Parc Ferme Carter THOMPSON Sunday
bLU cRU Oceania Junior Cup – Carter Thompson

bLU cRU Oceania Junior Cup Results


1Archie MCDONALD Yamaha YZF-R1511m28.357
2Angus GRENFELLYamaha YZF-R15+0.027
3Carter THOMPSONYamaha YZF-R15+0.073
4Jacob HATCHYamaha YZF-R15+0.167
5Zak PETTENDYYamaha YZF-R15+0.208
6Cormac BUCHANAN Yamaha YZF-R15+0.272
7Max GIBBONS Yamaha YZF-R15+0.272
8Reece OUGHTRED Yamaha YZF-R15+0.678
9Tom DRANEYamaha YZF-R15+0.804
10Lucas QUINNYamaha YZF-R15+8.892
11Marianos NIKOLISYamaha YZF-R15+10.504
12Lincoln KNIGHT Yamaha YZF-R15+19.743
13Jayden MARTIN Yamaha YZF-R15+19.790
14Jai RUSSO Yamaha YZF-R15+20.695
15Hunter DIPLOCKYamaha YZF-R15+23.541
16Varis FLEMING Yamaha YZF-R15+27.130
17Patrick BOGNAR Yamaha YZF-R15+33.211
18Dominic FLETCHER Yamaha YZF-R15+33.273
19Toby JAMES Yamaha YZF-R15+35.650
20Tom CONNORS Yamaha YZF-R15+36.055
DSQJamie PORT Yamaha YZF-R15+0.373
DSQGlenn NELSON Yamaha YZF-R15+0.409
1Carter THOMPSON Yamaha YZF-R1513m49.272
2Angus GRENFELL Yamaha YZF-R15+0.015
3Max GIBBONSYamaha YZF-R15+0.074
4Tom DRANE Yamaha YZF-R15+0.176
5Archie MCDONALD Yamaha YZF-R15+0.227
6Cormac BUCHANAN Yamaha YZF-R15+0.255
7Jacob HATCH Yamaha YZF-R15+0.267
8Patrick BOGNARYamaha YZF-R15+0.338
9Reece OUGHTREDYamaha YZF-R15+6.814
10Lucas QUINN Yamaha YZF-R15+7.607
11Varis FLEMING Yamaha YZF-R15+7.715
12Zak PETTENDY Yamaha YZF-R15+11.847
13Lincoln KNIGHT Yamaha YZF-R15+19.886
14Jayden MARTINYamaha YZF-R15+19.929
15Jai RUSSO Yamaha YZF-R15+19.954
16Dominic FLETCHERYamaha YZF-R15+36.621
17Toby JAMES Yamaha YZF-R15+45.049
18Tom CONNORS Yamaha YZF-R15+46.549
DNFHunter DIPLOCK Yamaha YZF-R152 Laps
DNFMarianos NIKOLIS Yamaha YZF-R156 Laps
PosNameRace 1Race 2Race 3Total
1Carter THOMPSON20182563
2Angus GRENFELL18202058
3Max GIBBONS25141857
4Archie McDONALD15251656
5Cormac BUCHANAN14151544
6Reece OUGHTRED17131242
7Tom DRANE12121741
8Jacob HATCH2171433
9Lucas QUINN10111132
10Varis FLEMING1351028
11Zak PETTENDY316928
12Lincoln KNIGHT89825
13Jai RUSSO97622
14Jayden MARTIN68721
15Patrick BOGNAR141318
16Glenn NELSON16  16
17Dominic FLETCHER73515
18Jamie PORT11  11
19Toby JAMES42410
20Marianos NIKOLIS 10 10
21Tom CONNORS5139
22Hunter DIPLOCK 6 6
PosRiderRace 1Race 2Race 3Total
1Carter THOMPSON201825293
2Angus GRENFELL182020279
3Tom DRANE121217223
4Archie McDONALD152516207
5Max GIBBONS251418206
6Jacob ROULSTONE   201
7Marianos NIKOLIS 10 182
8Reece OUGHTRED171312179
9Glenn NELSON16  163
10Zak PETTENDY3169152
11Cros FRANCIS   147
12Jacob HATCH21714123
13Lucas QUINN101111118
14Jai RUSSO976115
15Cormac BUCHANAN141515109
16Varis FLEMING1351090
17Lincoln KNIGHT89872
18Patrick BOGNAR141365
19Hunter DIPLOCK 6 63
20Jamie PORT11  63
22Tom CONNORS51333
23Thomas BROWN   29
24Dominic FLETCHER73522
25Jayden MARTIN68721
26Toby JAMES42417

Horsell Sidecars

Brothers Corey and Danyon Turner have claimed the Horsell Counsulting Australian Sidecar Championship (F1 Class) title with a safe ride to second place in Race 3 this afternoon, behind Graeme Evans/Jarrod Scott.

ASBK TBG Round Phillip Island F Sidecars Champions TBG Sunday
F1 Sidecar Champions

“We didn’t even plan on racing sidecars this year, dad bought it last year for him to race.

“I didn’t really have anything to race; we went to Round 1 at Wakefield Park and I’d never ridden one before. We came away leading the championship, and we knew we had to keep going. To be standing here as number one at the end of the year is unbelievable.

“This is Danyon’s first season on a sidecar as well, and he’s done an unbelievable job as my passenger.”

Evans/Scott took the overall round win by just a single point from the Turners, while Mick Alton and Chrissy Clancy completed a clean sweep of the F2 Class, with the F2 title already claimed by Pat Clancy/Stephen Bonney after Saturday’s two races.

ASBK TBG Round Phillip Island F Sidecars Champions TBG Sunday
F2 Sidecar Champions

Horsell Sidecars Results

1Graeme EVANS / Jarrod SCOTT F112m40.350
2Corey TURNER / Danyon TURNER F1+3.468
3Howard FORD / Lee MENZIES F1+9.826
4Mick ALTON / Christine CLANCY F2+12.995
5Bruce COLLINS / Peter DEANGELISF2+21.839
6Phillip UNDERWOOD / Stephen FORDF1+22.437
7Jeff BROWN / Darren SHELDRICK F1+25.352
8Patrick CLANCY / Steve BONNEY F2+25.623
9John CLANCY / Warren GRUBB F2+35.240
10Jeremy JOYCE / Corey BLACKMANF1+40.850
11Damien EDIS / Melanie SCHLUTER F2+56.682
12Simon REYNOLDS / Kathryn WARNE F2+1m21.798
13Roy WILLIAMS / Amanda WILLIAMS F2+1m39.243
PosNamePoleRace 1Race 2Race 3Total
1G. EVANS / J. SCOTT 17202562
2C. TURNER / D. TURNER125152061
3J. JOYCE / C. BLACKMAN 20251560
4H. FORD / L. MENZIES 18171853
5P. UNDERWOOD / S. FORD 16181751
6J. BROWN / D. SHELDRICK 15161647
PosNamePoleRace 1Race 2Race 3Total
1M. ALTON / C. CLANCY125252576
3J. CLANCY / W. GRUBB 18171752
4D. EDIS / M. SCHLUTER 17161649
5S. REYNOLDS / K. WARNE 15151545
6P. CLANCY / S. BONNEY  201838
PosNameRace 1Race 2Race 3Total
1C. TURNER / D. TURNER251520272
2J. JOYCE / C. BLACKMAN202515251
3H. FORD / L. MENZIES181718197
4P. UNDERWOOD / S. FORD161817117
5J. BROWN / D. SHELDRICK15161696
7G. EVANS / J. SCOTT17202562
8D. BEARE / N. BEARE   50
9M. ABELL / D. ALLEN   49
PosNamePoleRace 1Race 2Race 3Total
1P. CLANCY / S. BONNEY  2018250
2J. CLANCY / W. GRUBB 181717205
3M. ALTON / C. CLANCY1252525192
4S. REYNOLDS / K. WARNE 151515174
5D. EDIS / M. SCHLUTER 171616167
6B. COLLINS / P. DEANGELIS 201820147
7M. BROWN / N. ASTILL    101


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