2017 Aprilia Shiver 900 appears at EICMA

Aprilia Shiver grows to 900cc with Euro4 compliant powerplant punching 95hp
2017 Aprilia Shiver 900
2017 Aprilia Shiver 900

The new Aprilia Shiver 900 evolves from a bike that was the first factory bike fitted with Ride-by-wire technology to manage engine throttle valve electronics. A technological first from Aprilia derived directly from the racing world, the Aprilia Cube was the first MotoGP bike to use this technology in 2002.

The Aprilia Shiver 900 increases in performance, thanks to a new 900 V-twin engine punching out 95hp and 90Nm of torque.

2017 Aprilia Shiver 900
2017 Aprilia Shiver 900

The new bodywork – side covers on the fuel tank, side panels, tail fairing, front mudguard – revamp the aesthetics to make the new naked sport bike from Noale stand out at a glance.

The new v-twin also stands out for its wheel rims, frame, shock absorber spring and cylinder head covers, which are now painted red.

The instrument cluster is completely new and is now made up of an ultra-modern TFT technology display to ensure that the information is perfectly legible.

2017 Aprilia Shiver 900
2017 Aprilia Shiver 900

The large, 4.3” screen (the same one used on the new Aprilia RSV4 and Aprilia Tuono 1100 V4 versions) allows all the on board information to be clear and highly legible at all times, thanks in part to its capacity of adapting the background and font colours based on the conditions detected by the light sensor.

For the first time, the Aprilia Shiver 900 also now has an advanced traction control system that increases safety.

2017 Aprilia Shiver 900
2017 Aprilia Shiver 900
The Shiver 900 powerplant

The new Euro 4 engine grows to 900 cc from the 750 cc on the first version. This increase was achieved thanks to the increased stroke that means the power at the shaft exceeds 95hp and, more importantly, significantly increases torque at medium rpms, all to the advantage of pick up power during acceleration and coming out of corners. The 90Nm of torque at 6500rpm that are obtained guarantee fun in the saddle.

The new powerplant maintains the 90-degree angle between the two cylinders, as well as a timing system with four valves per cylinder, dual overhead cam and liquid cooling. On the other hand, it now has a more efficient lubrication circuit and the new Marelli 7SM ECU.

The new Shiver 900 receives the full benefits of Aprilia’s extensive experience in electronic control systems and riding support, now featuring an advanced traction control system that guarantees maximum safety.

2017 Aprilia Shiver 900
2017 Aprilia Shiver 900

The Ride-by-wire feature, that made its début as standard equipment for a factory bike on none other than the first Shiver version, also changes and evolves. On this latest version, the system becomes lighter thanks to a reduction in weight of more than half a kilo.

The exhaust pipes, one of the characterizing aesthetic elements of the Aprilia Shiver with their placement under the saddle, have been redesigned. They maintain the original position, but the end of the silencer is shorter and directed upward. The exhaust flow is now directed downward and to the side in order to prevent interference with the passenger and to guarantee greater comfort.

2017 Aprilia Shiver 900 & Dorsoduro 900
2017 Aprilia Shiver 900 & Dorsoduro 900
Shiver 900 chassis

The performance provided by the new engine is perfectly matched to the chassis architecture – easy to ride and intuitive, but at the same time high performance that, in the best Aprilia tradition.

In fact, the mixed steel trellis/aluminium plates frame provides standard-setting stiffness, defines an extremely compact bike and ensures that it is capable of catering to fledgling riders with no problem, as well as enhancing the riding skills of more expert and discerning bikers.

The trellis upper part in steel tubing is connected to wide spread aluminium lateral plates using special, high-resistance bolts. The combination formed by these elements forms an extremely stiff and lightweight frame, an extremely rational and excellent solution for reining in all the horses of the new Aprilia V90.

The contained longitudinal development of the engine has led to obtaining an agile bike, a feature that also benefits from the choice to position the shock absorber laterally. Thanks to this solution, space was created for the exhaust manifolds that have a shape and volume calibrated to perfection in order to get the best performance from the engine.

2017 Aprilia Shiver 900 & Dorsoduro 900
2017 Aprilia Shiver 900 & Dorsoduro 900

This has allowed for an optimum exhaust manifold layout, without having a significant impact on the length of the bike and without thermally stressing a fundamental riding element like the shock absorber.

The aluminium alloy swingarm with stiffening truss,  is sized to withstand the asymmetrical stress due to the lateral positioning of the shock absorber.

Aprilia Shiver 900 adopts a new 41 mm stanchions Kayaba fork, almost a half kilo lighter than the one mounted on the first version, adjustable in hydraulic rebound damping and spring preload, with chill cast feet to support the radial callipers. The 120 mm travel lets you smoothly tackle urban and mountain routes. The two steering yoke plates are made of forged aluminium.

2017 Aprilia Shiver 900
2017 Aprilia Shiver 900

The rear shock absorber, mounted on the side, is pivoted directly to the swingarm, following the cantilever layout and it is adjustable in spring preload and hydraulic rebound. Rear wheel travel is 130 mm.

The sporty, three-spoked wheel rims are also new, inspired by the standard Aprilia Tuono V4 wheels and contributors to containing the weight, reducing the front by 0.9 kg and the rear by 1.3 kg.

This leads to a drastic reduction of the gyroscopic effect and therefore greater agility for the bike, improved suspension functionality thanks to the reduction of unsprung masses and quicker acceleration. The new wheel rims are shod with 120/70 tyres on the front and 180/55 on the rear.

2017 Aprilia Shiver 900 & Dorsoduro 900
2017 Aprilia Shiver 900 & Dorsoduro 900

The braking system, equipped with two-channel ABS, implements radial callipers to highlight the sportiness of the project and 320 mm discs on the front. On the rear, a 240 mm disc is gripped by a single-piston calliper.

Both the front and rear systems have metal braided brake lines derived from the aeronautic sector, which eliminate the annoying buffering effect of conventional lines and guarantee maximum braking precision.

A wide range of accessories dedicated to sport and touring is available for the Shiver 900 as well. As with the other Aprilia motorcycles, the Aprilia Multimedia Platform is also available.

2017 Aprilia Shiver 900 Specifications
  • Engine – Longitudinal 90° V-twin engine, 4-stroke, liquid cooled, double overhead camshaft with mixed gear/chain timing system, four valves per cylinder, 92 x 56.4mm bore x stroke, 896.1cc, 11 : 1 compression
  • Power – 70kW (95.2HP) at 8,750rpm
  • Torque – 90Nm (9.17kgm) at 6,500rpm
  • Fuel system – Integrated engine management system with Ride-by-Wire.
  • Ignition – Digital electronic, integrated with the injection.
  • Exhaust – 100% stainless steel 2-in-1 exhaust system with three-way catalytic converter and oxygen sensor
  • Gearbox – 6 speeds, drive ratio:
  • Clutch – Multiplate wet clutch, hydraulically operated
  • Frame – Modular tubular steel frame fastened to aluminium side plates by high strength bolts. Dismountable rear frame.
  • Front suspension – Upside-down fork, stanchions  41, with adjustable hydraulic rebound damping and spring preload. Wheel travel 120 mm.
  • Rear suspension – Aluminium alloy swingarm with stiffening truss. Hydraulic shock absorber with adjustable extension and spring preload Wheel travel 130 mm.
  • Brakes – Front: Dual 320 mm stainless steel floating discs. Radial, four-piston callipers. Metal braided brake hose. Continental two-channel ABS system
    Rear – 240 mm stainless steel disc. Single piston calliper. Metal braided brake hose.
  • Wheel – Aluminium alloy, 3.50 X 17″, 6.00 X 17″
  • Tyres – Radial tubeless tyres; 120/70 ZR 17, 180/55 ZR 17
  • Fuel capacity – 15L