Penrite Broadford Bike Bonanza set to be a Rickman Metisse extravaganza

Rickman Metisse guru John Mathews says he is expecting the biggest turnout of Rickman Brothers handiwork ever seen in Australia at the upcoming Penrite Broadford Bike Bonanza.

Mathews, who has taken on the task of coordinating and organising the interstate Rickman Metisse crew for the event, said he was looking forward to perusing the expansive display of Broadford Bike Bonanza machinery on Easter weekend.

I’m hoping for around 60 or more Rickman Metisses to feature at the Broadford Bike Bonanza event,” Mathews said.

I’m not sure of the split between dirt and road range examples we will have, but it will probably be around 50/50.

There looks to be quite a few Matchless Metisses coming, as well as a few Eso Metisses.

I know there will also be some Honda Rickmans and Kawasaki Rickmans and some of the smaller trail bike Rickman Montesas from the seventies there as well, so they are pretty well represented.”

Mathews said a large portion of those attending the Bonanza with Rickman Metisse bikes would be doing so for the first time, and would be travelling from far and wide in the process.

I’m based in Newtown in New South Wales, and I know we’ve got a few coming from up here. We are not sure about South Australia or Western Australia, but there is also a few coming from Queensland,” Mathews said.

People coming from interstate are mostly coming down individually. Some will share, and I think 10-12 people are coming from Sydney.

“Some will come with a mate at Easter, share the costs and put a couple bikes on the trailer, while others will come by themselves.

They’ll probably trailer them there and do perhaps some parade laps on the Motocross and the road racing track or the short circuit.”

Mathews said he himself would be adding his own Rickman flavour to the event.

I’ve got a Rickman Royal Enfield Interceptor and the Aermacchi Metisse,” Mathews said.

I’ve owned the Aermacchi Metisse for about six months and it’s been about two years for the Interceptor.”

Mathews said this year’s Bonanza would be his third, and urged everyone with Rickman Metisse bikes to make the trek and experience the atmosphere at Broadford.

Don’t dismiss the camaraderie of every motorcyclist that goes there,” Mathews said.

We’ve done a couple of dummy runs up here and we’ve attracted some real interest not just from motorcyclists but passers by, and I think we’ve done a good job.

But we’re only as good as the blokes who bring their bikes along.

I encourage those who are thinking about coming to the event to get in contact with me so we can get as many Rickman Metisses there as possible.”

The 2015 Penrite Broadford Bike Bonanza will be stated at the Victorian State Motorcycle Complex, Broadford, over the Easter Weekend, Saturday April 4 through Sunday April 5.

The event celebrates historic (pre-1990) motorcycles of all types; road racing, speedway, scramblers, road bike, trail bikes, enduro, motocross, dirt trackers and sidecars.  Competition and non-competition.

A Saturday evening Speedway Spectacular includes sidecars, two-stroke screamers head to head with Supercharged Vincents, and slider from 1600-1800.

A 50 Years of Bathurst feature will shocase road race motorcycles and riders from the Golden Era of Bathurst motorcycle competition.

Spectator admission is $30 for one-day or $50 for the weekend. Camping is available from $10 per head.

For more information contact Peter Drakeford on 0422 299 003 or at

Ray Fisher and John Mathews
Ray Fisher, the first man to bring a Rickman Metisse into the country, and John Mathews (RHS) .
Broadford Bike Bonanza 2015
Broadford Bike Bonanza 2015